What to Do With a Holy Spirit Faith Bomb

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Have you ever experienced the other-worldly feeling of SEEING something in the Spirit realm, all of a sudden, and KNOWING that the thing you saw is DONE? Maybe you’ve never even seen this thing happen in the natural–but suddenly, as soon as you see it, you know it’s done?

I have … four times. All this year. Before this year, I had never had this happen. It’s so new to me that I’m still marveling at it, in awe of God, and figuring out what to do with this experience. But I want to share with you today at least what I’ve learned so far. 🙂

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I call this experience a “faith bomb”–a Holy Spirit faith bomb.

The comparison to a bomb explosion is the only thing I can think of that comes close to describing this supernatural occurrence.

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The first time this happened to me, I had just heard from a local youth pastor.

This youth pastor was planning ahead to take a group of 40 middle-school and high-school kids to evangelistic youth camp this summer. The problem was, their youth group had 15 kids who couldn’t afford to go. They also had no way to get these 40 kids or their chaperones to the camp, which was several hours away.

So, this pastor had an immediate need. She needed sponsorships for 15 kids to get them to camp; PLUS, they needed a charter bus to transport all 40 kids AND their chaperones there and back. She had priced it out, and the cost for the scholarships plus the charter bus, driver, fuel, etc was going to total $4,675.00.

When I heard about this need, I was instantly moved. But then, something happened.

At first, I was just thinking that our ministry could sponsor one or two kids. That was really all I felt compelled about at first. But suddenly, as I looked at that $4,675 need–enough to pay for 15 kids’ scholarships plus a bus–I SAW something.

In my spirit, I saw the whole thing paid for. 

And it was tangible. 

For a brief moment–a flash, like a moment’s explosion–I saw that $4,675 so clearly that it was like that charter bus had pulled up in my driveway and was waiting outside. I could see it. I could touch it. I could see those kids loading their stuff. It was tangible; it was real … just as real as the chair I was sitting in. 

I’m not kidding you. I wish I had better words to describe what I saw. (Lord, help!)

All I can say is that it felt like a bomb went off in my spirit. One moment, no bomb. Next moment, total explosion. Instantaneously. Lightning fast: one flash of vision from the Lord.

And in that one flash, everything in my perception changed.

It was a Holy Spirit faith bomb–the first faith bomb I ever had.

The same way a literal bomb explosion changes everything in the landscape, that faith bomb went off in my spirit and changed everything in my spiritual landscape:

  • It changed my idea of what was possible financially. Without ever intending to, I went from thinking our ministry could sponsor a kid or two ($185 apiece) to believing we could raise the whole thing.
  • It changed my idea of what was possible regarding our ministry’s level of impact. Before the faith bomb, I would have been happy to sponsor a kid and then say, “I’ll pray for you!” Truly, that would have thrilled me to even help that much. But suddenly, when this flash of light from the Holy Spirit went off in my spirit, I suddenly felt like it would be EASY to just raise the whole amount and take care of the need, {snap fingers} JUST. LIKE. THAT.
  • It totally changed the level of what I expected to receive from God. Not only did I suddenly see that the Lord could use us to raise the funds, but at the same time I saw that He would do it THAT WEEKEND. 

That faith bomb happened on a Friday evening. I suddenly saw that the Lord would raise the money through us, and that He would and could do it THAT WEEKEND so I could take that pastor the money that Sunday.

So I emailed you, our community of Presence seekers, and invited you to give. 

People generously responded, and by Sunday morning, over $3,000 of the $4,675 that they needed had come in. I knew we had the whole thing in the Spirit realm, though, so I went ahead and took that pastor a check from our ministry for the whole thing (taking the rest out of our general budget). It was all $4,675 that they needed to pay for 15 kids’ scholarships plus a charter bus to transport 40+ people to youth camp.

That pastor cried. I was in awe of the Lord. He did that miracle, and He used you to do it.

Amazing things happened for that youth group at camp. Check out this harvest:

While they were at camp, their group from this one church had:

  • 1 first-time salvation;
  • 13 people rededicate their life to the Lord;
  • 5 first-time Holy Spirit baptisms;
  • 7 healings;
  • 6 people called into various occupations;
  • 9 people refilled with the Spirit; and
  • 9 people who expressed that Holy Spirit had called them into ministry.

Crazy, huh? I know it all started with that church’s leadership deciding to believe God and get those kids to camp; but from our end, our part in this community started with one Holy Spirit faith bomb. That was the first time I have had a faith bomb like that happen to me.

I thought that faith bomb was a one-and-done thing. But wait … no.

About three or four weeks later, I had a supernatural faith bomb happen to me again.

Again, it was totally out of nowhere. I was sitting on the floor of my baby’s nursery, reading my Bible early in the morning. When suddenly, the Lord put it on my heart to pray for a student pastor who needed a car. Hers had died beyond repair, and she needed a car so she could minister to the kids in her church. But, she didn’t have the money to buy one. 

I prayed in the Spirit for her and her car situation for a few minutes. But then, SUDDENLY again …

I SAW her car in the Spirit.

I really mean that. I’m not exaggerating. I SAW IT. That car was so tangible to me that, suddenly, all of my senses felt like I was actually touching it. Literally, I could feel the fiberglass panels under my hands. I could see that car coming to her …

… and I SAW, all in that one big faith bomb, the Lord using US in this community to pay for it.

This faith bomb was such a strange experience for me.

It was only the second faith bomb I have ever had, and this second one was as unexpected as the first one! And it was weird because I had zero thought before of raising the money for that car.

I had mentioned the pastor’s need the day before, on a Facebook Live video I did, but only because I thought someone may have a spare car sitting around they didn’t want or need. You never know, right? But I had zero intention of getting involved beyond praying for this lady and mentioning her need that one time. 

However, when that faith bomb happened early that morning while I was sitting on my floor, I suddenly saw BOTH:

  • the car, so tangibly that my fingertips could feel it and my eyes could see it; it had gravity and weight in my vision. AND
  • the money to pay for the car. I SAW the money to pay for the car coming in; I just suddenly knew that the Lord had anointed OUR community to provide that pastor with a car.

The faith bomb freaked me out, but I felt a holy thrill too.

It felt like joy, exultation, shock, awe, and excitement all at the same time. There was zero questioning or doubting. A bomb of faith had dropped from the Holy Spirit, and BOOM! That car was manifested in my spiritual vision. 

The experience was as real as anything physical I had ever seen. So immediately, I grabbed my computer and emailed you all. I invited anyone to give to the Lord for this project if their heart moved them and their spirit stirred them to do so. 

And you know what? Within just a few days, we had the money for the car.

A few weeks after that, the Lord took that youth pastor and I to a 2009 Toyota RAV4 in perfect condition, low miles, clean everything, with all the options she wanted. It passed inspection; we got a fabulous deal; and she drove away with a PAID-FOR, CASH CAR that will last her for many years.

No debt. No struggle. Just supernatural provision.

On her end, it started with her praying and sowing seeds of obedience to the Lord. Those things happened before the Lord ever spoke to us about that lady’s need. But on our end, it all started with prayers–which resulted in a FAITH BOMB.

And the faith bomb is what moved me forward to even contact you.

Well, just last week, I had another faith bomb–and the Lord worked ANOTHER miracle.

My church needed video cameras and equipment to broadcast their services online. The Lord has been releasing a major move there, and they really wanted equipment that would help them broadcast those services around the world.

Well, their sound man had found the equipment they needed for $10,000. It was $50,000 worth of equipment, but there is a Church of God denominational office across the street (not affiliated with the church I attend) that was selling their equipment so they could upgrade. So the price of the equipment that my church needed was a STEAL.

I talked with my pastor about it, thinking to sow a personal seed into that equipment (which I did do). But while talking with him about it, suddenly … 

… you got it …

Another faith bomb happened. 

And I was just as freaked out by this faith bomb as I had been by the prior two. 🙂

I suddenly saw that equipment being paid for. I saw us getting involved personally (my husband and I), and I saw me inviting anyone in this community to sow who wished to do so. And I SAW all of that equipment in the Spirit–manifest and paid for.

Again, it was just as real to my senses as if the cameras had been sitting on the floor in front of me.

My fingers could feel them. I could see them with my eyes in the Spirit realm. And I could feel the money coming in to pay for them.

I put up one Facebook post on our Presence Seekers Soaring Facebook mentoring group. My husband and I decided to sow $1,000 from this ministry toward that equipment. I sent you all an email as well; and you began to give. And within a few hours, we had over $10,500. 

The Lord met that need for the church’s cameras, and He did it in a supernatural way.

And again, our involvement started with a FAITH BOMB: a momentary explosion of faith inside me (and, I believe, inside you all too) that was ACTUALLY TANGIBLE.

These four experiences have given me a whole new perspective on Hebrews 11:1-3, which says:

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good testimony.

By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible” (Hebrews 11:1-3).

“Now faith.”

You hear that preached a lot, but I don’t think I’ve ever understood it before like I am SEEING it happen in the last few months. In each of the stories mentioned above, I experienced a sudden flash of faith, guidance, and direction from the Lord–a flash in a space where no inkling of these ideas had been there before.

Each of these faith bombs was “now faith.”

It was faith that, looking back, I could see NOW. And it was so tangible that I knew the manifested miracle already was done:

  • In faith bomb #1, I knew we had the $4,675 to send those kids to camp. (Even though we did NOT have the $4,675 in the bank at the time AT ALL.)
  • In faith bomb #2, I suddenly KNEW that pastor’s car was DONE and that we were supposed to buy it. I knew it was already done.
  • In faith bomb #3, it was slightly different. I knew this ministry was supposed to sow; I knew my husband and I were supposed to sow personally; and I knew it was already done for the Lord to send the whole $10,000 that was needed. I also knew I needed to invite you to sow, but I didn’t know if the full miracle was coming from our community or from somewhere else.

But in all three faith bombs, the Lord did provide. He provided miraculously and nearly instantaneously.

And in all three faith bombs, He used YOU and me in this community to do it. 

If you look at these three stories, you can see more easily what the Lord means about faith being “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” In all three stories, watch the progression:

  • The Lord sent a faith bomb into my spirit;
  • I suddenly knew (by the Holy Spirit) that the thing was done, and that He was using US to manifest the miracle through; 
  • So I followed through by inviting you to sow into an ALREADY FINISHED MIRACLE …
  • And you did.

And in every case, the miracle was manifested on the earth. That quickly.

Because FAITH is the actual, tangible substance of things hoped for. And when you’ve got faith, that’s the physical evidence that you HAVE, in the Spirit realm, whatever you’re believing for. But furthermore, it’s the tangible evidence that you are about to SEE, in the natural realm, the thing you believe for … manifested.

Does that make sense?

Words are so inadequate to describe these faith bombs.

If you’ve ever experienced one of these faith bombs, you’ll know what I mean. And if you haven’t had one of these flashes go off in your spirit yet, I believe God is about to give you one.

So what do you do with a Holy Spirit faith bomb when you get one?

Three things:

1. First, act immediately.

Do not hesitate. These faith bombs are tied to a TIME, a miracle moment. If you delay, I have felt very strongly that you can miss your miracle.

2. Second, act fearlessly.

There is no reason to fear because the thing is already done. The fact that you can see it by faith in the Spirit realm is only possible because God has already finished the thing, and He’s showing it to you. Your action is the “midwife” He will use to deliver the miracle to you in the natural realm.

3. Third, follow up and follow through until you see the miracle completed.

The faith bomb has been given to you for a reason … but the miracle may not finish without effort. Stick with your faith and follow it through until it manifests in totality; in its completion.

I believe that Holy Spirit is going to be delivering more and more of His faith bombs to His people.

He is going to be giving His faith bombs to:

  • people who expect miracles;
  • people who are willing to go forth boldly; and 
  • people who carry His heart on the earth, even if they totally don’t expect to have anything to do with a particular situation.

Be on the lookout for faith bombs in your life!

When they come, notice them. Believe them. Act on them. Always submit to the Word, to accountability, and to wise counsel–of course. Don’t do anything unwise. But DO remember that “wise” and “normal” are not necessarily the same thing. 🙂

Have you ever experienced a faith bomb from the Lord?

If so, I would love to hear about it in the comments! If not, ask the Lord for one and get ready. But no matter what, recognize that the Lion of Judah is on the loose and He’s visiting you with unpredictable, but awesome, works of faith. Let Him manifest His mighty works through you!

Is the Lord speaking to you about something with a faith bomb right now? If so, leave a comment below and tell me more about your faith bomb! I’d love to hear how He is moving in your life!


  1. Hi. Do these faith bombs work with healing? My sis sees things when she is praying for your healing that way. And for me I hear avoice telling me what to expect when praying for a situation. From the way you are explaining it sounds like we get the faith bombs too, a lot when we pray for situations.

    1. Hi Liz, a faith bomb could definitely be for anything that requires faith–which is everything, in the Kingdom! So yes, healing! Miracles! Signs and wonders! Provision! Solutions! Salvations! and on and on!

  2. I’m not sure it’s a faith bomber but, I had a dream I was returning to my current job the following Monday I sent an e-mail and with In minutes I was on the phone with the supervisor and a little over a month later I was going orientation. I had another dream in which I was told that Cherokee’s were good cars and that Saturday I had one. It wasn’t fully paid for but I believed enough to go after them. Is that a faith bomb?

    1. I don’t know since I didn’t experience it, but it sure sounds like it may be! I would suggest asking the Lord to show you another faith bomb, and then compare the experiences! 🙂 Just for fun … a Holy Spirit-led experiment. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Praying for a Holy Spirit Faith bomb in this season to be a blessing to those in need and a faith bomb to position me and my family in a church where we can worship and serve as we transition from one city to another.Pray with me

  4. Gelenda Norman says:

    The end of April, my adult daughter and I were forced to move. We are currently at a an extended stay hotel. Heading into our 2nd week, we became seriously concerned if we would have money to stay here longer. We didnt see how we could afford to get an apt. While my daughter was studying the Word early one morning, GOD told her to tell our story on her social media page. She asked me if I was ok with that. I said if GOD SAID, THAT’S IT. So she did. She posted @ 9 am. By 12 noon we had $1600. By 5am the following morning we had $5000. FAITH BOMB EXPLOSION!!! We are still at the hotel and we are in prayer and trusting GOD for our next move. Despite all the attacks the enemy attempted to fire at us…they DID NOT…they WILL NOT succeed in JESUS’ NAME. I know GOD IS SPEAKING THROUGH YUPYOU JAMIE TO HIS PEOPLE! THE MORE YOU POUR OUT, THE MORE GOD POURS IN. I PRAY GOD TO CONTINUE TO BLESS YOUR MINISTRY WITH MULTIPLICATION. EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR HIS PEOPLE BE MULTIPLIED. I BELIEVE GOD TO MULTIPLY YOUR RESOURCES. MULTIPLICATION UPON YOUR DAUGHTER! MULTIPLICATION IN JESUS’ NAME. AMEN.

  5. Bronwynne says:

    Hi Jamie,

    The last week of June holidays this year (1-5 July) , I had a faith bomb within a space of a month and 2 weeks, I had this desire to take my children away for a holiday but I didn’t plan it ,so no finances for it. This place costs between R4000 to R6000 for the week.One morning I woke up to the Lord saying that he wants us to go on a holiday and that we are going to go , it felt so real in my heart and spirit , even though I shared it with others , they felt it wasn’t meant for me to go as I didn’t have the money. God orchestrated the whole thing even a contact that rents our their accommodation at the place that we wanted to go, I took leave by faith even though I didn’t have the money yet. The money was then given to me through another person and we even paid a r1000 less due to a mix up of dates , but it allowed me to have more money for groceries. This happened a few days before I went on leave .I must be honest , there was fear and doubt that crept in BUT GOD kept me and wow , even today when I think about it , I am in awe. Now I am believing for greater as I need my own place and two children that need their own rooms. This word just boosted me again to have faith for great things.

    Thank you for sharing
    Warm Regards

    1. Ruth Wilson says:

      Wow! This really encouraged me! I’m in a shelter and Gods using me here. I do ministry and I had to move quickly while praying for a young man who had been trafficked. I was invited to stay with his Mom and pray for him. The Lord revealed she was the one who trafficked him so due to a safety factor I had to leave quickly which put me in a hotel with no finances and no car. I’m asking God for a Faith Bomb for whatever he needs me to do here at this shelter. Maybe it’s for finances for me or only to help the ones here? Who knows? Thanks for sharing! He’s SO good and never fails! Bless you !

  6. Joseph sunny says:

    Jamie!! I dont explain what had done by your mail
    I just want say that
    “God bless you for future things that God has for you”
    From this moment you are going to see Gods mighty hand of providing and showing up himself very broadly.
    This is not for something I have to say
    This is what I feel to comment sake of thanks to you.

  7. Lisa McClain says:

    God told me to sell my house of 15 years. This was to free up my finances so I could give more to the Kingdom. I actually told Papa God that I would sell but that I wanted a place near the lake for my husband… who was raised in an orphanage in the sixties and seventies…it was near a lake and he learned to fish there and that is his happy place. I received an email on a place that just came on market by lake that week. We were the first to see it. I offered asking price on the spot and had no money…but I did have a faith bomb. I wrote an earnest money check for $1,000 and the offer was accepted. Then God gave me strategy for down payment using equity in house I was getting ready to sell. currently… House is on market…lakehouse is ready to move into and God is faithful!!!

  8. Yes,but totally different it would take awhile to explane .The experience I had help my grandmother to get right with GOD before she died!!!

  9. We needed to have a steel roof installed on our church -and- with us leaving our church, my husband the Pastor, didn’t want to leave them with this hanging over their heads. 80% of our people are over 80 years old, on fixed incomes. The cost $54,000! In THREE months the Lord provided ALL the money and more to cover incidentals that came up. THE ENTIRE AMOUNT – PLUS – ALL our regular expenses, bills and wages were also PAID IN FULL! HALLELUJAH! Now we’re praying that we will still be here to see it installed as there has been delays due to the excessive heat. THAT’S OUR GOD!

  10. Francie Robertson says:

    Hi Jamie!
    Just want to add that on the 30th JULY 19, I was in fellowship with our God first thing in morning. Quietly and without conscious intention Pastor Jamie Tuttle just popped into my mind and I began to pray God’s blessing upon his life. From there I then went to check my email’s and I saw the number 12961 (to be mobilised). The number was very familiar to me. I saw that I had 10% of that amount (1295.95 – it was close enough for me) in bank (that amount is miraculous provision for me as I usually have very little). I had also for the first time in a long long time put $100 in a savings account. Your email plus all these “coincidences” (as you know – not really) left me in no doubt as what to do immediately. I withdrew the savings and should be on its way when bank finishes processing. Don’t we just love it when God is SO SO clear!!! Oh the wonder of our God! All I know and trust and believe we are on the DOMINION MANDATE PATHWAY! PRAISE HIM, PRAISE FATHER PRAISE LORD JESUS PRAISE PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT!!!

    1. Dearest Francie, thank you for sharing this and for your precious heart. I sent my Pastors your testimony and they were overwhelmed. Thank you. <3

  11. Henrietta says:

    AMEN!!! Yes I am believing and expecting miracles!

    Thank you Jamie!

  12. While I believe I’ve experienced a surge of faith – when my prayers are aligning with Holy Spirit and God’s will, I’m not sure if they were a Holy Spirit Faith Bomb. I have faith I’ll experience one soon – whether it’s monetary or not, our Lord knows 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  13. Yes! This happened to me when praying for a dog, we had been praying for over a year for a female red Merle with 2 blue eyes solid brown nose full AKC papers with breeding right for 1000 dollars. I saw her in the spirit when I was praying and I knew it was her , I gave that image to God not knowing what it was and said if that’s from you lord I take it , it that was me I surrender it to you! And we now have her!!!! God is good!

  14. This is a powerful message and testimony. Glory and honor to God.
    Thank you for sharing it.
    God bless you

  15. Gladys Mutungu says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I need to walk more by faith. So much I am believing the Lord for. Not all for personal needs. I am expectant. Thank You Father God.

    Love and blessings. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️

  16. Thank-you,Jamie! we need this bad neighbor removed forever we are not the only family that would love for them to be removed forever.

  17. Hi Jamie, this was a very exciting and informative Word. I have never experienced a faith bomb, but will certainly be asking Father God for one. I will also with faith wait expectantly. Thank you for dedication to Father God, this ministry, and us. Thanks again. God Bless

  18. My faith bombs come in form of dreams, it’s like God gives me these dreams that most of the time come true. I have been fasting to God over 4 things I.e. getting more children, giving me a partner chosen by Him, starting a new business and for my son to perform so well in his forthcoming exams. Everything I have been fasting and praying for I have seen in my dreams, God showed me on 2 different days 2 kids, a boy and a gal, I saw my sons report card with 70’s, God showed me a school in my neighborhood and told me I could get a loan to pay for it (please note that a year back, God had shown me a school and kids but I kept wondering how I could afford to buy land and start a school considering I didn’t have money.) It has however always been a dream of mine to do something that could make me help those in need. So I kept praying to God to show me the kind of business I would do and the location, and in my dream, this school was neighboring my home, to make this interesting, He even showed me the road on which the school is located.

    Currently, there are 2 schools neighboring eachother, one is not in a good state and one is perfect for me. So I have pushed my fast 1 more week so God could show me exactly which one of the two schools he wants me to get. I have contacts of proprietors for both schools and I know God will respond and I will contact the right school owner next week.

    Even though I haven’t received any of the things I prayed for, I have no doubt in my mind that they will not happen. I am confident I am receiving them all.

    During this same fast, God disclosed a number of things and they have all come true, dreamt when my boss had got a car and he did, upon returning to work from my Christmas holiday, God showed me how a colleague who doesn’t like me would treat me and it happened the exact way. I had been praying for Him to show me my enemies.

    There’s quite alot God tells me and speaks to me through dreams and it’s why I am confident that my God will fulfill everything He had promised me.

    Am just 2 days old here and I am loving everything so far.

    May God increase and expand your ministry and territory. Amen

  19. Bantshang Karesaza says:

    I receive faith bomb by grace.

  20. Raegan Zieske says:

    Yes!!! Literally a few minutes before reading this I saw my husband walking into a place of business, shaking hands, etc. and coming out with a new job! A job so needed and so prayed for. To make an incredibly long story short, this job will literally be what God uses to save our lives. Honestly. So as much as my flesh wants to give into doubt and fear, I prayed and sent my husband on his way right then! Sat down and read this!! So I’m praying and believing while he’s out being obedient to the Lord. Will update as soon as I hear back!

  21. A particular time I was out fishing. I started a conversation with someone new and found out they had back pain. I said, “If you don’t get healed in under a minute, I’m wrong [you don’t have to listen to anything I say].” I commanded healing and laid hands in the name of Jesus and needless to say they got healed in seconds. They actually had a Pentecostal background which I would have never guessed as they were tattooed up. But whatever I said they listened.

  22. Irma Nortje says:

    AMEN thankU, I trust and receive my Faith Bombs lined up for me and my family blessings to heal, provide and support each other in Family and Community so hearts can turn to God in Holy Reverence and Thanksgiving.
    Thanku our beloved Ps Jamie for your bold faith, courage and sharing.

  23. Stephanie says:

    Thank you Jamie for sharing this incredible testimony. It has enriched my faith to believe God for bigger and more of Him.

    I am asking and believing God to drop a faith bomb on me today. In Jesus name.

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