The Lord Says: I Am Sending You Signs

Prophetic word from Jamie RohrbaughAre you waiting for the manifestation of your promise? I heard the Lord say today that He is sending you signs!

Here’s what the Lord told me to tell you:

“I am sending you several different kinds of signs.

First, I am sending you faith signs. Remember that your faith in Me is the tangible evidence that you have what you’re asking for. Stand firm in faith!

Next, I am sending you confirming signs that will re-state the promises and assurances I gave you yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that. These signs are needed because you might talk yourself out of believing for the promise if I didn’t send confirming signs. The pressure coming against you from the other side—the enemy’s side—is so strong and he wants you to give up.

But, NEVER FEAR … and do not give up.

I am with you always, even to the end of the world. And if you look back, I have sent you signs each day for the past three days to confirm to you the promise that I made you four days ago.

I am also sending you seed signs.

You have NO IDEA how much your faith seeds the heavenlies. Your faith moves Me and it compels Me to move. I give seed to the sower, and sometimes the seed I give you is a faith seed! When you sow your faith seed into Me, it produces results! Then, those results become seed on the earth for you to use and cooperate with to do even greater things!

Beware and do not look down upon the seed signs! Go ahead and stir things up in the heavenlies!

You are making great headway. You are forcing My hand and I wanted you to do that! Don’t be like the apostles, when they were young in their faith and they could not cast the demons out because of the littleness of their faith. Be like Joshua, who tarried in My presence and then was able to do great and mighty things at My command, with only his faith to go on!

You have surrounded the heavenly city with your faith!

And as things are in Heaven, so I also let them be on the earth. Your faith has surrounded my throne. You know there on the earth that I have surrounded you, but you never knew that you have also surrounded me, did you? It’s true!

The sweet aroma of YOUR FAITH is rising up before My throne right now. It is moving Me. I can’t stand to sit still when I smell this level of faith! It is like gasoline to My fire—and I am already a consuming fire moving on your behalf! Can you imagine, then, what your faith does to Me? How it impacts Me?

Your faith is moving Me right now.

Your faith is making Me clap My hands, shout with joy, and dance. Oh yes, I dance over you right now! You have given Me GREAT joy, and I am not waiting to move on your behalf!

My child, your faith has made you whole. Go in peace into your day and rejoice. REJOICE, knowing that I have done what you set out to get Me to do. REJOICE knowing that I am with you, to keep you. Rejoice knowing that not ONE tear you have shed has fallen to the ground; I have caught every one and I hold them in My bottle, in My hand.

Everything you need is Mine and I am giving it to you. Open up your spirit to receive it, and thank Me; for it is My good pleasure to give YOU the Kingdom.

Speedily I come. I tell you again that I am coming speedily.

Prepare for My miracle. You will see My miracles manifest. You will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Taste and see that I AM GOOD; you are blessed, for you trust in Me.”

Thank You, Papa. 

Beloved, is this word for you today? If you receive this word, go ahead and state your confession in the comments! Respond to the word and tell the Lord and the world that you believe His word of hope for you!

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  1. I just want to be closer to God and get back on the right path some where down the line I went down the wrong road

    1. Hi Jamie, thank you for the blog which is very interesting.

      I’m the sole bread winner and currently unemployed for a very long time with a family to take care of. I’ve been praying a few times a day with fasting for more than a year, hoping that God will answer my prayers. To-date, we’re still struggling in life. I’m still out of employment.

      I went for a few rounds of interviews for a suitable career opportunity, and I prayed to God every time before the interview. A day after my final interview, I saw a sign board which is the name of the hiring company in a totally unexpected location. Is there any significance to the sign?

      However, the job was offered to another candidate who already has a job. Not only am I qualified, I need this job much more than the other candidate as I’ve a family to feed. This is unjust. I prayed to God using your script to reverse the situation… for a couple of weeks now. Nothing seems to have happened. I really don’t know what to do.

      God, please guide me so that my prayers can be answered. Hear my cry, I’m in desperate need of Your divine help.

      1. Dear Albert,
        I don’t know you, just wanted to let you know that I have just said a prayer for you. Please keep believing and never give up, there is power in prayers. GOD sees you, HE hears you, HE knows your thoughts and HE will never ever leave you alone. HE is our on-time Father, never late. I know it may look like that now, but HE will surely answer you!! Plead the blood of Yeshua when you pray, pray in the name of Yeshua. HE is our Father and our Provider, HE will provide all your needs! In the Mighty Name of Jesus, AMEN.

      2. Thatayaone says:

        Hello to you all. I advice that we should always remember that God has his own perfect time.He has has his way of doing things and it’s not our way of doing things. Always pray with thanks giving remembering that you are what you are by the grace and mercies of God.Just seeing the rising and setting of the sun daily is a great blessing on its own.And never forget that Joseph was sold as a slave and imprisoned before became a Prime minister.Daniel was thrown into a lion’s den before he became the vice president. Mordecai was plotted to be killed and was a gatekeeper before he was vice president and many more men and women of God went through through testing before they finally reached their prophetic destinies including our Lord Jesus Christ, so why should we not expect the same yet he warned us that just as the world hated him so are we to be hated.And also in the book of Hebrews our Father says we are to tested just as pure gold is tested through fire.Hold on your faith and learn to wait for the will of God to manifest brethren.Amen.

      3. Daniel Ochonma says:

        Thank you so much Jamie, Please let me know when you are coming to London and let me know the venue and details about the meeting. Thank you so much for the messages. I have been uplifted many times as I prayed and used the prayer points.

      4. Lashaunda says:

        Hey Albert 🖐🏽
        I know how it feels to get desperate! Especially when you’re the head and the bread winner of your home. But can I encourage you, I’m asking the Holy Spirit to lead me as I write this to you. I usually doesn’t have time to read the comments but for some reason I went here🤗
        Albert know that you never have to get anxiety over if you don’t get a job or not your family will still eat! Bills will still get paid! I want you to first start to believe that God is your provider. You can’t have it if you don’t believe it right? Take your focus off what you don’t have and what you need, and put them on Jesus! I know sometimes it’s easier if it was you alone but you have a family depending on you…then you depend on the only one who can make it happen…He is stretching your faith…He sees you..He could send anyone to rescue right now! Keep trusting…Have He ever let you down….He won’t!! trust Him!
        I’m going to keep you in prayer, that your faith ever fail you again!!!!

    2. I have been going through some very rough times in my life, especially my marriage. Thank you for this message. There were many, many times I felt like giving up, but I kept refusing to throw in the towel. I believe and receive this message in Jesus name. Amen

    3. 4 days ago I’m embarked on a investigation into hearing and discerning the Lords voice. God has been continually teaching me since that prayer. I am being attacked on many sides. However, I know my strength and victory are from the Lord. I have such love and faith in him. I receive all my answers now in the name of Jesus!

    4. YES, I too Claim this!! It’s my time, God Thank You for this confirmation! I’m always about to quit, Thank You Jamie for this message!

  2. Bianca Magee says:

    Yes I have been seeing everything that I prayed for come to full flourish and come forth dropping the jawls of those who can’t figure out and understand what God is doing for me this is just confirmation for me I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    1. Lashaunda Brice says:

      Jamie, you are so on point about the signs and wonder. I just called my family about something that was happening today and how close we are to God getting ready to manifest His promise to us, and I really wasn’t sure of the signs I was seeing but I wasn’t blind and deaf either😂and I told my family they are signs letting us know it won’t be long now!!! Thank you Jesus for Jamie for confirming what you were telling/showing me….Jamie now I know it was confirmation 😁😁😁

      1. Penny Davies says:

        Thank you Jamie for this word and I receive what God is doing.

        1. Nuela Amaeechi says:

          Jamie, I remain grateful to Our Father in Heaven and also to you for His words through you. I used your prayer cards/ lines for justice, when I found myself enmeshed in a very confusing face off with my chairman in Office. I knew it was the handiwork of jealous cllleagues and mischief makers. I raised my hands in supplication to God using your prayer. It was merely a matter of days before things started changing for the better. As I write , he regrets his actions against me and narrates the wicked counsels of those colleagues as they also ganged up against him soon after . Our God is the God of Justice. An awesome God.

          1. I received the word and I thank GOD for his Favor ,Grace,Mercy snob his Promise.My father is such a great and mighty good GOD and I Love him so AMEN

      2. Praise God from whom all blessing flow…Awesome God Holy and Righteous is His name…thanks for sharing your words of confirmation. …God bless and keep you is my prayer

    2. Thank you my Father for this word I receive this word. I receive my manifest miracles and i am made whole

  3. Sue Tracy says:

    Thank you Jamie for these words of encouragement I’m ready 😊

    1. Thank you, Father I receive this word. Now!

    2. HALLELUJAH! Thank u Jesus! I receive this word of the Lord and confirmation

    3. Thank you Papa God! I needed this so much today! Yesterday, I was so weary in my stand for our family’s salvation, my marriage and family’s restoration! I know what the Lord has said to me in the past, and yesterday, a brutal attack from the enemy about my financial situation. I hardly had any strength in me left. Wanted to give up so badly! This is exactly what I needed and will keep my faith in him completely! Bless you Jamie!

    4. Thank You Jesus…IM IN EXPECTANCY
      For my Due Season to Manifest ..
      and Thank you Jamie for the Word oF the Lord that you Brought Forth… in Total Agreement .. and I Claim it … Hallelujah !!!! Thank you Lord so Grateful ….

    5. Linda Stanford says:

      I claim this confirmation in Faith and I Thank you Lord for it!
      Thank you Jamie for all you do in Jesus name!

      1. Penny Davies says:

        Thank you Jamie for this word and I receive what God is doing.

  4. Thank You Father, You are awesome and wonderful.

    1. Thank you Jamie. Your words spoke to me about the situation I am walking through.

  5. Charlotte says:

    Yesssss! Thank you Father!

  6. I take this!!! I receive it in JESUS NAME!!!! Thank you Holy Spirit for sending this message!!!!
    Our Abba is WONDERFUL!!!

  7. Lorraine Murray-Richardson says:

    Thank you Lord I honor your confirming words and I wait in quietness in praise and trust for the manifestations of all of your promises towards me

    I receive now with thanksgiving in Jesus name let me so

  8. Jinkie Cris says:

    I receive it Lord God Jesus Christ. All for your glory!

  9. Alexandra (Lex) Nicole says:


  10. Thank you Father : ); Hallelujah! I received what you spoke to me. Thank you for dancing and singing over me. I receive it Father. Cover me : );Hallelujah!

  11. ANN Mayne says:

    Hi Jamie thank you for this word I believe it and claim it pappa is so good with out him in my life I’m nothing. Have a blessed evening.

  12. I just spent my lunch hour driving around a big circle.. talking to Papa about how I was having a hard time keeping my faith “up”. There is so much on the line. I am surrounded by naysayers and it is hard each day. I asked Papa for a sign for good. He already gave me one today and this word is the icing on the cake. I receive this word as a sign. He is coming to turn everything around as only he can do. All Glory to him and him alone!

    1. valiece pyndell says:

      Thank you Jamie you have given me much needed boost and I’m forever grateful

  13. Jamie, such encouraging truths – I believe and I receive them. Thank you.
    Glorious blessings to you and your family,

  14. Priscilla says:

    God is so good! This Word is so encouraging! Thank you for boldly and bravely speaking to the body in faith. It feels as if a breakthrough is coming, otherwise the attack would not be so desperate to try and discourage me, but though a righteous (wo)man stumbles and falls, (s)he will always regain her hope! Paraphrasing Proverbs 24:16, and God was so good, He even reinforced that verse for us on the bottom of an In-N-Out fries container (Christian business in the West coast), verses on all of their cups and containers). He really can use anything for our good! I am believing for a sign that the promise is coming soon. Let it be done on earth as it is in Heaven! Forgive me Papa for my poor attitude. Help my unbelief, Lord. Thank you Lord for your mercy and grace and your love for me and for my salvation! Thank you Lord for speaking hope to my soul and for your obedient servant who works to forward your kingdom.

  15. Dottie Anderson says:

    Thank you, my daughter is been set free from the share of the enemy today and this man Hector show his wrong to the court.. To do harm to her and her children. Court drop charges today. Praise the Lord for answering

  16. Divinefavor Osinloye says:

    I do believe! Thank you – AMEN!

  17. I needed this encouragement. I am so frustrated that I haven’t seen any momentum over the past year and half, financially/business speaking. I am ready to further His kingdom! I am readyyyy

  18. Amen! Amen! Amen! Thank you Lord. I rejoice in you! Dear Lord, thank you for preparing me to receive Your miracle. Amen.

  19. I truly believe the word from God and I receive it in Jesus name.

  20. Katherine Cheatham Hall says:

    I believe and have faith in you heavenly father,the pressure and pain is only a test of trial I will hold to my faith I know you will deliver miracles in the few days not just days but in the next few hours everything I prayed and is already being manifested by you in jesus name of Nazareth amen

    1. Ana-Maria Tudor says:

      Hi Jamie. I am reading what you are writing for some time now. God is with you. Pray for me.

  21. Yes and amen! I receive this word! Thank you!!

  22. Thank you Jamie for the encouraging word. I was praying and asking the Lord what was going on with me all the pressure on the outside to try and make me quit! The. I read the word the Holy Spirit gave you and it gave me hope to keep trusting and believing!

  23. Jamie, I love how the LORD uses you to bring His encouragement to us! So thankful to receive confirmation of His promises.

  24. Hi Jamie. Thanks for being obedient to our Lord Father. Thank you for this wonderful confession to His Word for me.
    Eversince you have given me that prophetic Woord that Father has said: Ask of Me the things you know not. The things you can not do. Ask daily of Me. Petission Me to do things for you that you dont even know to ask me for. I,ve ask Father to fill me with His H Spirit afresh and ask the HSpirrit to advocate for me by Father for these things He has said.
    I have also asked Father for the gift of desernment. Knowladge . Wisdom. Insight.
    This morning the promis I have is every good gift comes from above. Every perfect gift comes from zGod.
    So i can say with confidence this Word is for me.
    Though this is happening I constant forget to ask the Lord fir a promis for today and confermation on that and to penn it down as referance in futer.
    God bless you abd family and your ministries.
    God is realy working in tgat congregation. Prauses to His wonderful Name

  25. Thankyou Father I receive this “NOW” Word for me.

  26. Janice Taylor says:


  27. Joy Ehrenzweig says:

    Oh Jamie!! thank you for this confirmation.
    I have totally surrendered my all to our Papa. I know He has me on the Potters wheel, so I am making myself available to be His Vessel of Honor!
    Hod bless you and family always🙏

  28. Shawn denice says:

    Oh Jamie i needed that right now hanging in there and yes i am encouraged right i been under attack in all aspects of my life Amen t

  29. Yessss!!! I believe! I believe! I believe! This word just confirms what God is doing on my behalf. This word truly resonates in my spirit.
    Thank you so much!
    God bless you!

  30. I receive this ♡ amen!

  31. Thank you Jamie and thank you most importantly Daddy God!

  32. Sanhawit Suzie AHMAD says:

    I receive it in Jesus name ! I gasped as I read this because I was just saying yesterday God has me in his consuming Fire ! Signs ! I saw signs in this prophetic word ! Yes lord I know my tears will not go in Vain. I’m am truly in amazement at this prophetic word i felt chills go up & dow my head to toes for good 5 minutes ! Thank you lord ! And keep me Humble Jesus ! I love you Father!

  33. Francie Robertson says:

    I am declaring to You and the whole world we believe this day in Your word of HOPE!!!
    WHOLENESS & HEALING, PROSPERITY in ALL things and so on and so forth. WHY? Because we are part of the BETTER COVENANT established on BETTER promises where everything just gets BETTER & BETTER & BETTER!!! Yes a THOUSAND TIMES YES!!!

  34. Thank you Lord for the amazing word that you have given

  35. Cecilia Ramirez says:

    I love you Lord Jesus Father God!! This was for Me!!!! God bless your daughter Jamie INDEED EXCEEDINGLY & ABUNDANTLY, for her obedience & faith in You. Thank You my precious Sister!! Thank you thank you Amen & Amen!!

  36. Thank you for your message. I thank the Lord that He is working through you to send this beautifull message. Thank you JESUS , thank you HOLY SPIRIT and most of all thank You ABBA FATHER GOD. We are your children and YOU are GOOD. Hallelujah amen

  37. Sherie Smith says:

    I’m declaring to the whole world I believe this day Your Word of Hope Lord.. I receive it. Thank You Lord!!!

  38. Whitney Shepherd says:

    Thank you father God for using your daughter Jamie to spread your word in Miss Jamie I receive it in the name of Jesus Amen.

  39. Thank you Father, I believe, I believe, I believe!!

  40. Thank you so much for this confirmation that what I have been believing God for is on the way and I’m on the right track! God Bless!

  41. Wow! I receive this Word in faith and stand in agreement with it. I wait with eager anticipation of my promises to be released. Thank you Father. My faith is stirred up. In jesus name, Amen

  42. I BELIEVE! HALLELUJAH!!! Eph 3:20 All glory to God!!!

  43. HALLELUJAH!!! Eph 3:20. Glory to God…

  44. I believe & I receive this! Thank you!

  45. Thank You Lord! I receive signs from you in many ways all the time which is what keeps me holding on and not giving in or giving up! As I start a new job tomorrow, working for people of God and in a Godly environment, and also continuing to work on all the songs you gave me to write and sing when I was going through a devastating disease over 12 years ago, I know this is You once again confirming and encouraging me to keep trusting in You, pursuing everything you created me to do and to never lose faith or hope! I love You Lord! Without You I can do nothing…Thank You Lord!

  46. Jamie!!! You are so accurate, Im blown away
    Ive always had divine connections and signs. Now thru you the Lord just confirmed he is seeing everything & taking all the credit..all the glory..really, for the signs. His signs have been on fire. However, right before I opened this email from you..I was having a meltdown. Sobbing & frustrated .. I was having a ” Im getting no where with this” moment & literally struggling..falling apart. Do you know how fast this dried up my tears?? I just read it twice now Im gonna print it & hang on every word. Jamie you are blessing me on a daily basis. And I thank the Almighty God for you. Sending you so much LOVE right now. Amanda xoxo

    1. Hallelujah! Praise Jesus! Thank you for sharing that testimony, dear sister! I’m praying for you right now!

  47. I believe and receive in Jesus’ name!!!

  48. I am the lender and NOT the borrower and I lend to many nations!
    I am the healed of the Lord!
    I am the head and NOT the tail!
    I walk by faith in Your Word, Lord, and not by sight!
    I am delivered and I am set free – and I walk in the #BreakerAnointing
    I see your signs and wonders and #Miracles every. single. day.
    The Glory of the Lord surrounds me as a shield with favor forevermore!

  49. Sharon Jane Cole says:

    I recieve this word today although do not feel faithful! Felt Holy spirit as I recieved this word it has been a long, long battle of faith with little obedience, many tears in towels faith smaller then a mustard seed!

    Praises to ABBA Daddy!

  50. I do believe and receive this awesome encouraging words for me, my son, and my family in Jesus name Amen

  51. I believe and receive in Jesus name. In Jesus name he will give me my husband.

  52. I BELIEVE!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  53. Linda Davies says:

    Thank you Jamie

  54. Thank you for this word! It is so timely! I praise my God for His manifested promises. I receive this promise today and expect my miracles! Amen!

  55. Susan Wells says:

    Amen! I believe and receive this truth in Jesus name! Thank you Father!

  56. I believe this word, and I receive this word in Jesus name. It is FINISHED! Thank you JESUS!!

  57. Millie Williams says:

    Jamie, I thank you so much for this word today. I know this is from God. Because I have been asking him to help me to have strong Faith in him and his word. I thank you again. May God continually bless you and your family. In Jesus name. AMEN

  58. Gemma Richards says:

    Thank you sis in Christ JESUS I believe God’s word and pray for increase in my faith in you LORD,for I am standing on the promises of God.

  59. You’re SPOT ON Jamie,
    Everything you said is 💯 % accurate.. you have reminded me NOT TO GIVE UP, as I have been feeling quite discouraged !! Bless you girlfriend 🙏🏻😘♥️

  60. Brenda Higgins says:

    Thank you, Father, I claim it and receive it.

  61. Thank you God for this Word which I needed so desperately. I was feeling forgotten and abandoned by God. I felt like giving up. I am believing and receiving God’s Promises to manifest in my life today. Thank you, Jesus!

    Thank you, Jamie for your ministry! God bless you!!!


  63. Amen! I agree in Jesus’ name.

  64. Thanks Heavenly Father for allowing Jamie to get those powerful words to me. I receive them. I know for sure they were meant for me. I have the faith the size of a mustard seed. All of GOD’S PROMISES ARE COMING TO ME!!!!!! IN JESUS NAME!!!!


  65. Thank you Jamie for your message. Yes I am standing on the Word and I am looking up to Abba Father for His promises. He is a faithful God and so He will never forsake me.

    1. Ira Dontate Carter says:

      Thank You Jamie for giving me the confirmation from My Higher Father in Heaven. And I want to thank My God for answering me as quick as He has done in the message he has sent through You to send to Me. Thank You Jesus 🙌🙌❤️🙌❤️ Thank You Jesus !!!! I was just picked on and humiliated and harassed and sexually harrassed on the job that I was sent away from on Friday 26th due to my boss and co-workers retaliation against me for reporting it. I feel so good after the message I received from the Mighty Mighty Jesus 🙏🙏 Thanks You Again Father ♥️♥️♥️

  66. Melanie Garrish says:

    I agree with this!!

  67. Thank your sister for confirmation. I receive this word in the name of Jesus and give glory to our Father in heaven for His grace and mercy.

  68. I receive it and believe it in the name of Jesus. Thank you God for the deliverance this year 2019.

  69. In quietness and trust Lord I wait on the full manifestation of your word through your obedient servant. AMEN
    Thank you Jamie for your faithfulness.

  70. Francie Robertson says:

    Hi Jamie!
    It’s me again (woohoo whatup Lord!). I just want to come alongside you precious one to encourage & confirm God’s promises to us through you. I had a SIGN yesterday. I went into AGREEMENT with a family member. We hardly ever see eye to eye. Just this once it happened. When I thought about what we did (both agreeing) immediately I experienced something so quick so tangible in my innerman. PEACE? Yes but there was something more (?). Then the Word of Promise came – REST!!!
    So the promise remains that some MUST ENTER HIS REST…Words fail right now at the love and faithfulness of our GOD. Jamie the Lord said through you these signs (promises) are sent to keep us from falling, failing, to keep our faith alive even when so very small. These I call our OLIVE LEAVES in the mouth of the DOVE ASSURING US the PROMISELAND is just up ahead.

  71. It is happening. Thank you Lord!! It is all happening

  72. Thank you Jamie, this word gives me so much hope! I receive it in Jesus’ Name

  73. Henrietta says:

    I delight in You O Lord! I wait in expectation to see the fulfillment of all Your promises as You are indeed a promise-keeping God, a wonderful Father! It is my joy to revere YOU!!!

    Thank you Jamie for this message! It spoke right to my heart!
    Lots of love to you!

  74. Stephan Lottering says:

    Abba Father,

    I bow my head to you in prayer, with deep admiration and gratitude….. Your message through Jamie has come at exactly the right time…… again. Things have certainly changed during the last 4 days, and are changing still.

    My heart sings Your praises. My soul submits to You completely.

    I thank You with all I have and am Lord.

    Glory to Your name my Lord. I bring to you all the honor, all the praise, and all glory.

    In Jesus name I pray and give thanks.

  75. HEATHER CARR says:

    Thank you Jamie, I received timely, encouraging word from our heavenly father. I pray God continually bless you and what you are doing.

  76. Thank You, Lord, for sending your word with power I receive it all in Jesus name i give thanks Amen

    1. Thank you Jamie for your word of God that really lift up my spirit.I receive it now with Thanksgiving.May God Bless you,your family and your Ministry always.

  77. Please pray for us we have been in a very traumatic,situation for 2 years now an we can’t provide or live,

    1. Stephan Lottering says:

      Praying right now as well Lori….. stand firm in your faith….. know that you are not alone…..

      Joshua 1:9….. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go…..

      2 Corinthians 12:9…..My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness…..

      2 Timothy 1:7….. for God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and self confidence…..

      Jeremiah 29:11….. “For I know the plans I have for you”, says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope…..”

      Psalm 24:14….. Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord……

      Isaiah 14:10….. Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand…..

  78. Praying right now Lori. Be still and know that He is God

  79. He will provide all your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus

  80. Glenda Naidoo says:

    Thank You Lord. I recieve your word with my hole heart, my mind my soul my spirit in the Name of Jesus. Let your will be done.


  81. joseph d schiavone says:

    Father God, I receive all the promises in Your Holy word. I lay hold of, and will not let go in Jesus mighty name. Thank You Father. You are so good to me !.. And I will raise a hallelujah, in the presence of my enemy’s !!!!!!!!!!

  82. Latika OQuinn says:

    OOOOOHHHH!!! How I groan as one of the old mothers of the church. I groan in excitement of this word. I receive this word…speedily! Even down to the 3 and 4 days of confirmations. My faith was increasing all the more as I read this. This word has caused me to want to leap from my desk chair and run around this building (though I have been feeling like running all morning).
    May the Lord richly bless you Ms. Jamie. I speak mighty blessings over you that you cannot contain.
    And I agree with each person that this word is for. I pray that each one will receive and allow their fear to be replaced with this faith.

  83. I am confident this word is for me. I have shed many tears wondering when his promises would manifest in my life and I see it happening. Sprinkles of his favor in my life. I can only pray my belief in who He is as God is well pleasing to Him. This also tells me I can pursue a deeper level of faith. A deeper level of trust. A deeper dimension of understanding who he is. Thank you for obeying God Jamie and sharing this word.

  84. Thank you Lord for the confirmation and that you rejoice to bless me and move on my behalf. I Know the best is yet to come, I am arising in you and in Faith

  85. Danielle Brewton says:

    Hallelujah Thank you Jesus Glory to God this message was definitely for me because He spoke somethings to me on this past Monday which was 4 days ago while I was standing outside the courtroom in the hallway on the 7th floor and he sent me to do certain things and I obeyed him and my faith has been stronger than it’s ever been I know the breakthrough that I have been praying for for the last 7 and a half years is about to manifest I have been feeling a fire in my spirit and an anointing on me so strong that others that come into my presence can feel it too. God sent me go to the same courthouse lastnight to anoint and lay hands on that building and He gave me a specific prayer to pray so I did than next thing you know I began praying in tongues I Love You JESUS Thank you Lord!! God is up to something miraculous He is about to do the unspeakable unimaginable unbelievable

  86. I received in Jesus name!

  87. I receive this word 1000%. This word is timely. I have recently received signs and confirmations of dreams and words that I have carried in my heart for years. I took a step in faith to lay the ground work for a few God inspired projects. Now we are waiting on the financial pieces to come together. I know they will because He is faithful. Thank you, Jamie for your obedience and for so beautifully sharing your gift of hearing from the Lord.

  88. Hallelujah!! I receive this WORD in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!! I also stand with everyone who has been waiting for this WORD today!!

    Jamie, may God continue to bless you and expand your territory!!!

  89. I BELIEVE it and RECEIVE it!!! God’s promises to the FAITHFUL are awesome!!

  90. gail rawlings says:

    Thank you , my court case has come to pass ,It was God that did this, it looked at the time impossible

  91. Francie Robertson says:

    Hi Jamie!
    I asked for another SIGN when it was absolutely NOT necessary. I only just realised your Pastor is the beautiful JUDY JACOBS!. I thought could it be THEE Ps Judy? I went to Dwelling Place Church Int Facebook & YUP there she is. Blow me away with a feather Lord! You are so blessed to have her as your Mum. She was a worship leading faith HERO of the late 90’s onwards (think Benny Hinn in the morning). I have a DREAM right now to come visit and sing with JUDY “THESE ARE THE DAYS OF ELIJAH”!!! Or at least come on over. You precious people are only 4 and one half hours away from my one and only sister who lives in AIKEN STH CAROLINA!
    Anyway I again put $100 in my savings and INSTEAD it’s on its way to you. We used to sing that song back then till we were BLUE in the face back in the days. (yup BLUE as in your message about being filled with BLUE).
    Thank you for saving us and choosing us for such a time as this. OMG!!! To be set apart for that which we have almost given up on. ALMOST but not quite thanks to YOU. To be counted worthy to be an integral part of THE LAST GREAT OUTPOURING OF YOUR ALMIGHTY HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD, THE GREATEST MOVE OF GOD EVER TO HIT THIS EARTH. In times past they were just CRESTS IN THE WAVE compared to the TIDAL WAVE of a BILLION PLUS SOUL HARVEST that is COMING. It surely MUST HAPPEN PEOPLE. And HE IS COMING WILL NOT TARRY!!!!!!!!!

  92. Amen Jamie. I’m standing on God’s promise that His word will not return void. I’ve been studying and believing by faith for my house to be sold this month and I KNOW God will keep his promise that whatever I ask for brlieving in Jesus name it shall come to pass.
    Thank you for these encouraging words. My faith in God has grown.

  93. Yes, yes, yes, I receive this word from the Lord! Praise the Lord! Thank you.

  94. Tashanna N Richards-Caulton says:

    Thank you yes I receive your Rhema WORD

  95. Jayasree Gopala Krishnan says:

    I have asked for a job and home in my homeland Singapore so I could move back home with my son and 2 dogs to be close to my family especially my mother . I very recently loss my father. I have asked for financial abundance and also a soulmate and to also achieve my goal in writing a book. I have not received anything I have asked for but I know the Lord will bless me with the things I’m asking for. I have faith and trust.

  96. I confess. I believe and I stand in agreement, in the Name of Jesus

  97. Sunday Nyacigak says:

    Papa I receive your word. Thank you for planting your faith seeds in me, I will trust in you and see the fruit’s of believing in you. I love you Papa. I will see your goodness in my life. Amen.

  98. Thank you Jaime for this word. I believe and I receive it!!!

  99. Yes, I too claim this.. Thank You Lord for confirmation; Thank You Jamie for your message!

  100. Shelia Hogan says:

    Wow…Jamie i just got a chance to view; yet another one of your Great Prophetic words of encouragement. This is the confirmation I needed to remind me that God is still working in my favor. I woke up this morning feeling so Blessed that I had to give another testimony, as I spoke to my Heavenly father and thanked him once again. Jamie you have bee such an inspiration to me since over 2 years ago; after the devil came for me and my family and left us with a broken home and broken hearts. It has always been my belief that God led me to your page, and I have been happy to be a part of your community ever since. I can go on, and on, and on with testimonies of how you have helped me lift myself up, be strong for my family, and not to mention, brought me even more closer to God. Which is where I knew I needed to be! So I Thank You so much, and May God continue to Bless you and your family! Keep up the great work that you are doing!

  101. Thank you Father for your promise and it fulfilled quickly concerning what you spoke to me!

  102. Gail rawlings says:

    I am standing firm

  103. Jamie ,Thank-you for this word of knowledge, that so many of us on here ,need, Lord thank-you for this confirmation we believe we have received,in Jesus name.

  104. Jamie, Thank You for Your confirmations and Words of knowledge. Let me take this Word from July 31, 2019 along with the Word given by You on January 31, 2019 — You Have a Blank Check with God. This is the confirmation!!! Todah Yahshua!!!!! Todah!!

  105. CHRISTINE says:

    thank you with all of my heart, Heavenly Father, for this loving word, spoken to me. i received it & continue to think on it. this is really so for me.i mean really really. hallelujah!thank you so much precious Jamie, blessings abundantly to you.
    thank you Abba Father again, for your mighty moving on my behalph! gloryyy Hallelujah!

  106. Glory be to my Lord, for he is good and faithful. The past days I have been receiving confirmation after confirmation, blessing after blessing. I sense a greatly that the Lord’s hand is guiding me and that my time has come (I am due to deliver the on the calling and purpose of the Lord upon my life). This message from you Jemmie confirms what I am sensing in my spirit from the Lord.

    I am delighted and rejoicing as I receive the pouring of the Lord’s blessings. Bless you all community members.:-)

  107. Daniel Ochonma says:

    Thank You Jamie, by His grace. I will be there and looking forward to what The Holy Spirit will release during this meeting.

  108. I claim it and receive it in Jesus name! Amen !!!

  109. Thank you Lord for your word this day. For reigniting my faith. Praise you Jesus. Amen

  110. Daniel Ochonma says:

    Thank You Jamie
    I recieve the prophetic word by Faith and I thank MY Abba in advance for speedy manifestation. Thank you so much. Amen

  111. SarahGrace says:

    GM beloveds! Yes, I receive this Word if Grace by faith. I know My God is a God of miracles. My marriage has been under significant attach by Jezebel for nearly 3 years. But the Lord in his graciousness began opening my mind, heart and eyes and showed me how to stop tolerating her Rev 2:20. From His presences has been an amazing source of strength that the Lord has used to hold up my faith to hear him more clearly in the darkness and storm. I am so grateful for Jamie’s faithfulness and beautiful heart. I promise that as my home and resources are restored I will join with my financial support whatever amount the Lord leads me to commit. I would love to talk with Jamie offline directly as the Lord allows about starting a blog if my own in His Name.
    Thnx Sarahgrace, Overland Park, KS

  112. Heather Edwards says:

    This is my first time visiting & this word was for me & my family. My brother and my sis n law were told that they miscarried their long awaiting gift if a baby and subsequently went to the hospital for the DNC due to no heart beat & no development in 2 weeks, but by the Grace of God the ultrasound done right before the procedure showed a heartbeat!! So our little one is still in her mommy’s tummy fighting! We need prayer warriors to continue to speak life, health, development, strength and growth into this sweet child of God and for peace and strength for momma & daddy to endure this trial . As we are praying and believing our God is the ultimate healer and the miracle worker to see this pregnancy and journey through …for Gods glory & testimony! Her middle name will be “Joy” because we are praying and believing for “Joy” to come through! God Bless You for being an amazing messenger & intercessor.
    Also please pray for my husband and I and restoration & for healing within our family and sons. Also for wisdom on choosing the right home and favor with mortgage payment and process.

  113. Twyla sparks says:

    Yes! I believe and receive this word! I will see and taste that the Lord is good.

  114. Raul and Alma says:

    I praise you My Papa! I am grateful and signs and wonders will follow those who Love you.
    Thank you Papa for allowing Jamie to share this wonderful news. Amen

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