A Word For Today: Banning Liebscher: There Is a Baby Coming!

I watched this short video clip from Banning Liebscher of Jesus Culture last night for the first time. If you are praying and believing God for anything you care about, you have GOT to hear this! This short message is so important that it’s worth its own blog post. Trust me on this one. Enjoy it, be encouraged, and please share this post with all your friends who are also praying and believing God for something!

Here’s a short quote from the video:

“Birth pangs don’t create the baby. The baby creates the birth pangs. … In Wales, it wasn’t the prayer that caused the revival. It was the revival that caused the prayer. … It’s not even our praying that’s bringing revival. It’s the revival that God is releasing – it’s what God intends to do that’s actually stirring my heart – it’s Him that’s creating these birth pangs….

The very fact that you’re praying for something is proof that God intends to show up there! It’s the fact that God intends to show up that’s actually stirring your heart for prayer! And so it’s hard to be discouraged, because even though I may not have seen that, yet, the only reason I’m praying is that there is a baby! It’s the baby that’s causing this!” – Banning Liebscher

What are you praying and believing God for today? Whatever it is, God intends to show up there! Let’s thank Him for breakthrough today!


  1. Jamie, thank you so much for sharing this. This just blessed me in ways I cannot fully express…but I can say that I am encouraged!

  2. Thank you for sharing, I needed this!

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