Dream Interpretation #6: Healthcare and Scrub Pants

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Biblical-Dream-InterpretationsToday’s dream interpretation is for Miss D. Miss D sent me this dream:

“There were two lines. A left and a right line. I was at the very end of the right line. It was I as though I was in line waiting to register for something. All of a sudden, I’m in the front of the line and in front of me is a plain, white table. On the table were the following items:

  • A yellow US Army Healthcare Handbook
  • A small plastic bag with the yarn drawstrings
  • Green medical scrub pants
  • A Gross Anatomy book

In the dream, I took out a $20 bill from my purse and said to myself excitingly that “I can use this toward my medical school fees.” I looked to my left and my friend was next to me and she had a worried look on her face about money. I dug into my purse again and found a wet $20 bill and excitingly said to myself, “I get to use this to help Silvia with her medical school fees.”

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    Here are the meanings of the symbols in this dream, as I understand them:

    • Lines = waiting for something
    • A table = a layout of choices
    • White = pure, holy, God
    • Right side = what you have faith and strength to believe for now
    • To register = to enroll; to put your name down; to make a decision
    • Suddenly in front of the line = sudden advancement or acceleration
    • Plastic bag = something you carry the things in that you’ve chosen or enrolled for
    • US Army Healthcare Handbook = practical knowledge and training
    • Scrub pants = the tools you need
    • Gross Anatomy book = the theology behind healing
    • $20 bills = provision, supply. The number could also be 10 times 2, which would represent a journey (10) with multiplication (2). The sum total of the money was $40, and 40 represents a generation and a completed rule.
    • Silvia = “from the forest”

    Here is the interpretation I’m getting, in a nutshell:

    Miss D, is the Lord calling you to healing? It could be the healing ministry or even a personal healing that you need.

    If so, you may feel like you’ve been waiting for breakthrough. However, you have now been suddenly accelerated, and you have the opportunity to choose to walk in His healing or not. If you will choose His healing, know that the Lord has already provided healing for you. He will also provide you with:

    • the tools you need;
    • an understanding of the truth in Jesus that makes healing possible; and
    • and all the practical knowledge and training you need.

    Healing will not be a heavy burden; it will be fun and interesting. You will be able to carry this healing with you everywhere you go! It will be a journey, but you will experience grace and multiplication along the journey. You will also be able to help others find healing who are walking through their own journey.

    Remember, the right interpretation from God will line up with Scripture. It will also leave you feeling peace and joy. It will touch your spirit with a special “knowing.” 

    Want to learn more about how to interpret God’s symbolic language? Check out my whole series of dream and tattoo interpretations here! (Dreams are like movies; tattoos are like photographs. But you interpret them the same way.)


    1. Hello. Can I also submit my dream?

      1. Hi Jay. Yes, you may, but just know that I am quite a bit behind on dreams people have sent me, so I can’t make any promises about how long it will take me to get to yours. (But I will get to it!) If you’re ok with that, I am! Just send it to my email: Jamie at fromhispresence dot com. Thanks!

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