Don’t Give Up! A Harvest Is Coming!

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Don't give up! A harvest is coming! Encouraging word from Jamie Rohrbaugh | blogHave you gotten tired from working so hard? Do you ever feel like your labor has no reward? Are you tempted to quit RIGHT NOW? If so, I have an encouraging word for you today.

How it all started:

Once upon a time, I was feeling a bit tired and discouraged. I had been working very hard, and sometimes you don’t see the reward of your labor right away, you know? I was definitely in the mood for some reward; something to renew my level of inspiration and re-energize me to keep on working.

So I prayed Psalm 91:15 and asked God to honor me, like He loves to do. (God will honor you too, if you ask; read all about that radical prayer here.) It’s been awhile since I’ve really dug into that promise, but I want my life to always be clothed in honor AND reward. So I asked.

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    And you know what God did? It was amazing.

    I didn’t realize what He had done until the next day, but it was the weirdest thing. All day long that day, YOU (my lovely, wonderful, engaging readers) sent me the sweetest, most encouraging comments and emails. Those emails and comments meant the world to me. They blessed me all day long. (Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!)

    And when I was alone with the Lord this morning, He showed me that those comments and bits of encouragement were His way of honoring me. You might not have realized God was using you, but He was. He was using you to encourage me.

    And I was floored when I realized how God had answered my prayer in that way:

    • Floored because the thing I was discouraged about had NOTHING to do with this blog … but He chose to talk to me about this blog anyway; this thing that I put SO much work into, day in and day out.
    • Floored because that means He sees how hard life is in general sometimes. He sees when nobody else sees. And He CARES.
    • Floored because He was showing me that my little, human, just-one-person self is IMPORTANT to Him.

    And I suddenly saw that if this thing that was not on my mind that day meant that much to Him, then I know the huge thing that WAS on my mind meant just as much to Him, and He’ll take care of that too.

    And then God told me to read Galatians 6, and this Scripture jumped off the page into my spirit:

    Start-quoteAnd let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart” (Galatians 6:9).

    I tried to keep on reading in Galatians 6, but I couldn’t. God stopped me right there. I was so overwhelmed with this encouragement and comfort that God sees, and He knows, and He cares … and He is going to bring me a harvest.

    And if He took the time to encourage me about this blog, which was NOT my big prayer request …

    Then I KNOW He saw and heard the big thing that WAS on my heart, and He will bring me a harvest from that too.

    So what are you tempted to give up on today? What have you been sowing into and waiting, waiting, and waiting some more to reap a harvest from?

    I believe the word of the Lord to you today is the same as it is to me:

    Beloved, God sees your work and labor of love. He sees the love and time you have poured into your children, into your family, into making disciples. He sees the labor of your heart and your hands. He sees the love you hold, and the hope, and the dreams, and the desire of your heart.

    He sees. And He knows.

    And you know what? Hebrews 6:10 tells us:

    Start-quoteFor God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister” (Hebrews 6:10).

    I’ve loved that Scripture for a long time. It tells us that God considers it His just and holy obligation to reward your labor, and He actually considers it unjust to NOT reward your labor.

    And since justice is part of God’s very nature (righteousness and justice are the foundations of His throne) …

    And since we know that God is wholly Just in every way …

    And since He cannot deny Himself … 

    Then we know that it is not possible for God to fail to reward us.

    Did you get that? It is not possible for God to fail you.

    It is not possible for God to let you down. It is not possible for God to fail to reward you. It is not possible for God to fail to bring you a harvest, because being a Rewarder is in the very fiber of His nature (Hebrews 11:6).

    So beloved, no matter what you’re struggling with; no matter what you’re laboring toward; no matter what you may be discouraged about …

    Don’t give up! Keep on sowing! Keep doing good! A harvest is coming!

    Beloved, God sees your work and your labor of love. He sees when nobody else sees. He knows exactly what you’re going through. And His word to you today is this:

    Do not grow weary while doing good. Ask Me to renew your strength and courage. Ask Me to renew your level of inspiration. I will.

    I see the little things that no one else sees. They are important to me. I care about what you–yes, YOU–are going through. I care about what you are doing.

    Your work MATTERS. So ask Me for harvest. I will bring it, and you will reap the harvest you have labored for.”

    Thank You, Jesus. I receive Your Word today, and by Your grace, I’ll keep on laboring.

    Is this word meaningful to you today? Does it encourage your spirit? If so, please leave a comment below. I love to hear from you!


    1. Marie Lindsay-Redhead says:

      Thanks again Jamie for this timely message. I have been discouraged but when I look back at the seeds planted it is encouraging to know He sees and honours ♡ Blessings and love to you dear sister

      1. Oh yes, I’m right with you! Sometimes it’s so easy for me to lose perspective. But He is watering all the time. I pray we both would not lose heart!
        Thank you for reading and sharing! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

      2. Donna Messer says:

        Thank you sister for your encouragement. Now let me encourage you. God is the greater One inside of you. Keep prophecying. He is using you in a big way. Love you.

    2. Thank you Jamie for these uplifting words. “…He sees the love and time you have poured into your children, into your family, into making disciples… and the hope, and the dreams, and the desire of your heart.”

      1. Hi Vi, I’m so glad the Lord lifted you up. Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful day!

    3. Linda hyder says:

      Thanku dear girl for all you do. You are a blessing to many people! The Lord is using you. Love from Linda Hyder

      1. Linda, thank you so much for reading. I pray the post encouraged you. Thank you for encouraging me yourself too! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    4. Rafael-Olivier Somma says:

      It’s encouraging to read an article like that but it seems to me things don’t go the way I want. What I find the most difficult is to be lonely without friends and a girlfriend.

        1. Rafael-Olivier Somma says:

          Thanks Jamie, I put that page as a bookmark so I can ask God for covenant friendships.

    5. The Lord just gave us a huge pioneering vision and He has really used your blog and articles to encourage me, always at just the right time! Yesterday I was feeling like “man, it’s always just the next task” and God said to me “I already have it all worked out”. And this just fit right now with that! Learning about pioneering on your blog has made me feel less ” crazy” too for all the big visions and tasks God sems to keep on giving us!

      1. Jennifer, thank you SO MUCH for letting me know. Your feedback was SO encouraging to me! Yes, Papa is so good. Before we call, He answers!!!
        Have a wonderful day, and thank you for reading my blog! May Papa God bless your socks off today! 🙂

    6. Marni (M) says:

      I can not begin to tell you, just how much
      your wisdom has helped my growth in the Lord…<3 Please know that; I WILL be praying for you, as I am sure all of your readers do! May your harvest be the Ephesians 3:20 kind, and that you continue to bring Our Heavenly Father glory in all that you do! Amen…blessings and love,

      1. Awww, thanks so much, Marni! I so appreciate that. Thank you for reading, and for your sweet words of encouragement! Have a great day!

    7. Hi Jaime, your posts keep me encouraged and inspire me to dig deeper in the things of God. Thank you!

    8. Vanessa McGee-Smith Kearney says:

      Thank You So much for words of Comfort and I ask you for prayer for more discipline to go on.
      As a Ordained Minister of The Gospel, feeling beat down, tired weary of feeling like The good I do Dosent matter…To family, friends and certainly foes.
      I’ve thought for a long time God didn’t love me and I’m in this crazy world left alone to figure it out.
      Yes, I know the word it comforts me..But When constantly have to juggle ends to meet and dreams go unfilled..My Hope Hangs on my a string.
      ESPECIALLY when I see people prosper from my help and I’m left holding the empty bad…
      Not feeling as sorry for myself as “why”..”.What am I doing wrong”???

      1. I completely agree I feel the same way “Daddy, What am I doing wrong?”

    9. Yes yes yes… have no idea how much God uses you 🙂

    10. Anonymous says:

      Thank you for this today!!!

    11. Hello Jamie and family, i just want to thank God for crossing our paths, I get encouragement from your emails , and the comments are real important also , as we grow together, the Word of our testimony is really powerful and important, and I thank God for giving us everything we need in Jesus. Thank you Jamie and everyone involved in this ministry and blog 🙂

      1. Tami keaton says:

        Thank you for your encouraging words.

    12. But God, I’m sitting here in tears of joy that God continues to show me His love. This weekend has been a little emotional for me but I’m grateful for His word & His peace. Thank you for letting God use you…

    13. Thank you Jamie for this encouragement. I am at the brink of losing hope. Reading something like this is very helpful. I put my rest on God’s promises. Have a Blessed Sunday!

    14. This was a right on time word for me today He gave me one this morning that was beautiful and I allowed what I was seeing to get me discouraged again for a brief moment But This was confirmation on what God is doing through and for me.Thank You Father I love You

    15. Yes Jamie this word really speaks to my heart. Its a confirmation for me that a harvest is coming. Thank you Lord ad thank you again Jamie for sharing. God bless.

    16. With tears in my eyes, this has blessed me so much Jamie. God bless you so much for what you do the kingdom. This was definitely a right on time word. Thank you Lord Jesus for special words.

    17. I woke up this morning feeling discouraged, tired and weary. And the Lord lead me to your blog… as I reach the verse Heb. 6:10 the Lord let me parked there for awhile… I was crying so much for it seems God gentleness engulf me…

      It leads me to pray and ask God to renew my strength and give me a new level of inspiration to continue.

      Thank you Jamie, may the Lord continue to shine His face upon you and that you will always have the energy and inspiration from the Lord to continue in doing the assignment that He has placed in your heart.

      I am encourage! The Lord guves me strength ??✝️

    18. I’m really encouraged by your blog. It seems like every time i have a thorny issue God directs me to your blog and the message is always timely. Thank you and i pray that God expands your boundaries and blesses you abundantly.

    19. Thank you, Jamie for the timing of this post. Yesterday I was chatting with a friend and over the course of our conversation I realized that I had lost the focus and excitement for my vision. I have labored and worked and sowed steadily in this last year in a particular business, but recently began to feel that I was just in a day-to-day struggle to stay afloat, yet seeing Papa’s grace countless times. This morning I asked Him to renew the excitement for the vision and I have just read your post and know now that it is time to ask Him for the harvest. It is a large one! And as I ask, I expect to receive, even greater than I could ever ask, think, or imagine! May the blessings of God continue to overtake you, Jamie. Thank you for your continued love and obedience to your gifts and calling.

    20. Wow! YES this word speaks to my spirit. I have been so discouraged, crying and alone. I receive this word into my life. Thank you Jamie. Your blog is an encouragement to me!

    21. Jan Claassens says:

      Hi Jamie, thank you so much for this blog, you bless me with the Truth!

    22. Thank you Jamie . Your words for today 11.11.22 have been a way God has honored me.
      I realized after reading this . They are timely words I knew was and is for me . The Lord bless you abundantly

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