Prophetic Word for November

Hey everybody, the Lord gave me a very simple prophetic word for November that I wanted to share with you. It’s about REST.

I actually received it a few weeks ago, but hadn’t had a chance to share it yet. I’m sharing it now–even though we’re almost halfway through the month–because prophetic words don’t expire. So these are things you can believe God for now, and on an ongoing basis. 🙂

Here is what the Lord told me about November:

1. November is the month of the river.

Starting in November, you will see a greater flow of the presence of God in your life. As you allow yourself to be caught up into His river–the river of Holy Spirit–you will receive more, see more, and experience more of all He has to offer.

2. Expect an increased anointing to flow through the month with ease in your everyday tasks.

Mundane things that are normally hard will become easier this month. The Lord wants to cure you of biting off more than you can chew, but He is going to help you chew what you bite off.

3. Rest, flow, and enjoy.

Some of you have forgotten what it feels like to just sit down and read a book, take a nap, or watch a movie. Your soul is craving quiet and rest, and your body is on overload. Your soul and body work together, so this has produced a crisis in your emotions specifically.

In November, it’s time for you to rest, flow, and enjoy. I heard the Lord saying specifically, “Say ‘no’ to as many things as you need to.” Don’t be afraid to take time for yourself, even from caring for other people.

If you have been in meltdown mode, it’s time for you to take the pressure off yourself and relax this month.

4. Receive peace.

Papa wants to fill you with peace this month. Part of this will come from your resting and letting your body relax physically. More peace will come as your body heals and you are able to concentrate more on His presence, for He is peace.

Many of you have been too wound up physically to receive from the Lord or focus on Him. REST, so your “receiver” will open again.

5. Receive healing from the river and from the sanctuary.

The Lord is pouring out healing from His river and from the sanctuary.

Read Ezekiel 47:1-12, and imagine yourself wading in that river that flows from His sanctuary. Let yourself go in knee-deep, waist-deep, and so deep that you cannot even swim … so deep that He has to carry you.

Then, lay back and rest in the Lord some more. Let Holy Spirit minister to you from His river, from His heart, and from His sanctuary.

Does this word resonate in your spirit? If so, leave a comment below. I love to hear from you!

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  1. Amen and amen!! I so need this! Perfect permission to rest!

  2. Tamie Tyra says:

    I receive this prophetic word into my life right now in the name of Jesus. I have through you received confirmation of this very word that Father gave me a few weeks ago and I have been seeing His word manifesting into my life, even today. The more I rest the more outpouring I receive. Resting in His arms and in His word is opening the doors for the Holy Spirit to bring healing into my body physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am seeing truth more clearly and Father is providing for my every need. Thank you Sister for your timely word.

    1. CHRISTINE says:

      yes its a wonderful word.resting in the loving arms of ABBA FATHER,IS WHAT I NEED ,& WANT TO DO MORE. its actually being always at rest in the LORD.

    2. I receive his rest. Yahweh’s will be done.

  3. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Praise God for the message..i believe it’s mine n I do receive it..may God continue to use your ministry to reach out n save souls for God

  4. Rebecca L Jones says:

    I have but focused on Not About Me November, but December, A Season of rest and you are right, I heard rest even before November and it won’t expire, I never meant to bite off more than I could chew. I don’t believe He gives you more than you can handle, we just take it on.

    1. C Michael Laney says:

      Here’s what Father shared with me. PEACH

  5. That word is such a confirmation of what the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me over the past month. He has been encouraging me to rest under the shelter of Daddy God’s wings and to quit trying so hard to make things happen – just focus on my relationship with the Lord and all of those other things will fall into place.

  6. sarah herdien says:

    Thank you Jamie. This is just a confirmation of what God was dealing with me over the past few weeks. As im in His rest I experience his peace, my joy has been restored. I can hear from him again. Thanks you so much for being so obedient to Daddy God.

    Stay bless.

  7. I’ve been laid off from my job now for weeks and I think a part of me knew I needed to rest but I didn’t realize how MUCH needed it was. I’m flat out exhausted from striving so especially after this I’m going to take advantage of this time away and just wade in the river that flows from God’s temple. Lord please teach me what it means to rest in your love. I pray that as I learn during this time, your peace will guard my heart in Christ Jesus and when my next job comes available, You will light the way with ease with good Christian friends and that it will be a blessing each day instead of a hindrance and a curse. Thank you Jame for sharing.

    1. Tamie Tyra says:

      I am being urged to share with you what our Father did in my walk. I was removed from a six figure income and told to stay, to rest, to keep my eyes on Him. I assumed He was going to exalt me into another large business adventure so I waited. Each day I grew a little weary until I was so worn out with stress and worry that I sat on the beach mad at God for removing my financial security and all the stress that came with it. As I sat on this 17 mile stretch of beach with no other human in sight I saw a piece of trash stuck in the sand flapping in the wind, The Holy Spirit urged me to go pick it up, my response was “I didn’t put it there, I’m tired of picking up after others” to which God very firmly told me “Go and pick it up!” With the attitude of a 4 year old upset child I jumped up and stomped across the sand to jerk this trash up from the sand. The moment I actually looked at it I realized God had a grander plan than I could have imagined. For in my hand I held an “Oyster Harvesting License” but that wasn’t the gift, the gift was, the name of the vessel licensed to harvest these oysters was Tammy the spelling of my name I was given at birth. Oysters hold pearls many I had cast to swine over the years. I feel to my knees that day fully submitting my life to Him. I keep this license in my Bible as a reminder of that day. In the 9 years since that day,I have never returned to the world in finances, He has given me home and auto, paid in full, food, clothing and necessities and made me debt free. Supplied my every need debt free! I diligently seek His face, wisdom, knowledge and discernment and He continually brings me to those who are closed up like an Oyster refusing to be seen by others due to neglect and abuse those who only have one tiny pearl left. He has made me a harvester of Oysters, so He can restore the pearls they once possessed.
      In sharing this with you Father is calling you to rest in Him dig in like the Oyster so you will not be moved by the waves to come, He is calling you deeper. I do not know if you will be called to return to employment or if He had other plans but I do know that He absolutely has a mighty plan for you.
      Blessed be this time of rest.
      In the name of Jesus, Your will be done Father, Amen

      1. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

        Praise the Lord Tammy…what an absolute powerful testimony, Our God is indeed a miracle n a wonderful God,it challenges me n encourage me to draw closer n closer to Our Dad because He Knows It All….Amen n Amen!!!God Bless n continue to use you mightly where ever He will take you to..Praise God..

  8. Saint John says:

    A BIG YES. GOD HIT IT! I thank God for your faithful service Jamie.

  9. LOL. Wow, I had a call with my spiritual counselor Friday and he told me to allow a season of Rest in God, instead of trying to juggle so many things at once. Wow, just like Abba…reaffirming and confirming His Word.

  10. Denise Foster says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Thank you for that word I needed it rest that what my soul is calling out for. REST complete in Christ Jesus.

    Thank again.

  11. Blessedforachange says:

    Thank you for this word, I have been in need of a rest and sometimes it just takes a prompting for us to obey and slow down and bast in his presence and inhale the breath of life….

  12. Ricky Velasquez says:

    thanks for confirmation !
    I go to small church in Brighton it’s just a little over a year old.
    But God is on the move we are a house of prayer and speak in tongues Sunday morning Lord used me to bring. interpretation
    of message
    the Lord was telling us why do we consume ourselves with cares of this world ! That we should focus on him ! Enter into his Throne room where we will find Peace and rest ! Also restore the Joy of our Salvation! I believe it’s like your were sharing because we have been so focused on bring busy , that we ate not being affective ?
    please keep New Hope Ministries of Brighton in prayer !
    We are reaching the lost drug addicts and homeless!
    kingdom builders
    blessings Ricky

  13. Thank you for living your life in such a way that you are in tune to receive counsel to share with us. I have a son in prison, innocent of most if not all of the charges that placed him there. Never had problems with him as a youth or as adult. But he allowed his wife to convince him that he could live on his own without God. Since then, I have been doing all I can to keep his faith growing and to believe that he will still have a life after, that God still has good plans for him. None of his four siblings or father have helped financially or his 90+ cousins. He only has 2 of his 20 something aunts writing him. A few of his many friends. He is hurt and feels betrayed because he has always been there for everyone else financially and physically and emotionally and now they abandon him in his time of need. Anyway, I am exhausted from trying to carry him emotionally so he doesn’t come out anymore damaged than he already is. I realize today that I have to let Father carry me and let me have a season of rest and trust that He will call others to help my son. God let it be so. I release this care and worry to you. In Jesus name, I love and praise you! Thank you Jamie for being his instrument

    1. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      my sister I read your story n I’m really really challenge of how you show the true motherly love to your son..God will hear your prayers n His time is amazing when He visits us… continue lean to His loving hands n His Blood never clots it’s flowing from the His Throne ,men fails but His Blood never fails..your sister in Christ-Elizabeth

  14. Praise the Lord. Very powerful

  15. I receive this prophetic Word into my life right now in Jesus name..

  16. Irene Chavez says:

    jaime! you did it again! i needed to hear this word. thank you for your faithfulness to Dad!

  17. Sara Carolina says:

    Thank you Jamie I really needed this Word! God bless you!!

  18. God bless you sis Jamie. I believe God is saying to me to rest in His Will for my life. Stay blessed sis

  19. Hi Jamie, I really needed this. I have been under so much pressure. I am taking some time to relax. This is confirmation to me. Praise The Lord !!!! God Bless You !!!

  20. Debbie Ayon says:

    Thank you for this awesome message. I totally needed to hear this. I’ve been so consumed with work and I find myself very busy. Don’t get me wrong I never miss church. And I’m always there when the doors open. I need rest, I need the peace of God. I love my church and my sister’s and brothers in the lord. I just need time to stop and relax and listen the voice of my heavenly Father. I don’t want this world to consume me. Thank you so much. for this message. Amen.

  21. Manivannan.K.S. says:

    Thank you, Dear, Blessed Sister ,Jamie in the Beloved Christ Jesus, I just downloaded “Healing in HIS Wings” River of Life, a heavily anointed soaking music from Matt Sorger Ministries & was just about to listen & soak in the river of the Holy Spirit & by HIS Grace, before I could, I happened to go through your email & the word The Lord gave you for us is Bang On, May the Lord God of our Fathers make you a thousand times more numerous than you are & Bless you as He had promised you, Now & always in Jesus name.
    Shabbat Shalom!
    Underground Servant Intercessor in Christ Jesus.

  22. Thank you Jamie for this word. Yet another confirmation. He’s been wanting me to enter into His rest. I just came back from a conference. Time and time again He confirms His word. Rest is what I hear. One time while praying,I heard these words..”Enter into my rest for it is your home”. I receive this word in Jesus Name. Christ is my life. I just love it when He gives a word that resonates. It humbles me. Rest is what my bridegroom wants for me, and rest it is. It is my home. Thank you Jesus. Your word is healing and life. I’m willing to trust Him with my life because I know I won’t fail. Thank you Jesus. I love you. Thank you for this timely word Jamie. I pray for the supply of His spirit. Love you. Xoxo.. 🙂

  23. I’ve been so stressed and strained til I’m in overload. I’ve been helping everyone else til I have no time for me. I so needed to hear this thank you Lord for the rest, I’m ready to receive.

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