Two Awesome Prophetic Words for Today

Sometimes I read a prophetic word from a reliable source that freaks me out (in a good way). Here are two such prophetic words that I thought would bless you today, in case you need a good dose of Holy Spirit-led freak-out:

Doug Addison’s prophetic word, “A New Door Has Opened,” here.

Doug Addison’s word was especially meaningful to me. When I walked back into my house from the tattoo convention on Memorial Day weekend, the Lord told me I was entering into a new season. I felt one season close and a new season begin. It freaked me out a couple of days ago to read Doug Addison writing about the exact same thing, on the exact same day (the Sunday of Memorial Day).

I highly recommend Doug Addison. Follow his ministry in whatever format you enjoy – email updates, Twitter, etc.

And since we’re on the subject of new doors, google up Bill and Marsha Burns’ prophetic word from June 16, 2014.

Yeah. ‘Nuff said. Let’s hear it for new seasons and new doors!

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