5 Prophetic Words of Comfort

Dear Presence seekers,

The Lord gave me the 5 prophetic words of comfort below for you today. I pray that Holy Spirit will bless and minister to you as you read.

Word #1:

You are called to minister to God one-on-one in intercession. You will find more anointing, power, and fulfillment as you minister to Him in the secret place than you have ever experienced in your life. This ministry is like riding a bicycle: it only carries one, but it sure is fun and it can take you far.

People may not see you, and other people may not be able to go along with you, but once you taste His glory, you won’t mind. Ask Papa to make you an intercessor like Jesus and Holy Spirit both are. Romans 8:26-27.

Word #2:

You might feel like you’ve lost your hope, but Abba Father–your Papa God–wants to restore your hope right now. HOPE is who He is.

Pray this: “Abba Father, fill me with the light of hope again. Fill me with Your Spirit, for You are hope. Restore and refresh my weary and wounded emotions. Give me courage and strength in my soul. Thank You, Abba Father. In Jesus’ name, amen!”

I bless you with renewed and restored courage, hope, and strength today in Jesus’ name!

Word #3:

Holy Spirit is rushing upon you right now and giving you ideas for how to carry out the very first steps toward your dreams. Be aware that, when He gives you an idea, He gives you the power to perform it at the same time. His Word carries both the instruction AND the power to perform it.

That power will manifest in tiny increments as you obey Him and steward the vision He has given you. Psalm 119:105: “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

As you walk out His instructions, He will do more in your life than you ever could have imagined.

Word #4:

Beloved one, the fear you’ve been dealing with is not because you don’t have faith; you DO have faith. The fear just means there’s an area in which you still need to receive Abba Father’s love.

First John 4:18: “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.”

Papa God loves you very much. Ask Him to help you feel His love today! He desires to enter into a closer love relationship with you than you can imagine. As you position yourself to receive His love in greater measure, you will find fear leaving your life.

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Word #5:

Beloved, you feel like an orphan, but Father God wants you to know He made you to be His own inheritance, and He loves you very much. Abba Father has not forgotten you. Psalm 27:10 AMP: “Although my father and my mother have abandoned me, yet the Lord will take me up [adopt me as His child].” You belong to HIM. You are His.

Father God is very jealous of you. He has desired you and cherished you since before time began. He saw all your days and wrote them in His book before any of them ever occurred. He loves you, and you belong to Him.

Stop fretting about the lack of love from people to whom you do NOT belong. You belong to Father, and He has you in the palm of His hand. You were created to be His inheritance–His own prized possession. And He yearns over you with a jealous love.

Does one or more of these words resonate in your heart? If so, please leave a comment below. I love hearing what Papa is saying to you!

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  1. Rebecca L Jones says:

    Very useful prophetic words.

    1. Valentina says:

      Good morning. This has confirmed what He has been saying to me in reference to intercession.

    2. Bambi L Tuckey says:

      God put this in my life for this day! Jamie, thank you and God bless you He chose someone to give this to me; You! 🙂 I sooo needed this!!!

    3. Barbara Sonin-Robbins says:

      Dear Jaime, since I have found you your sharing has brought me so much encouragement and hope. It is so beautiful that you share your process from your heart, doing Abba’s will. May God continue to bless you as you share your gifts. Your prophetic teaching and loving in Christ is a comfort during my trial.

    4. Thank you so much for that word, it has been such a struggle the last days, and especially today. This is an on time word for me.

    5. Janice Woodard says:

      This word is right on time, everything I needed to hear. God always have a ram in the bush. Thank you for hearing from God. I pray that God will continue to pour His Anointing Spirit into me each and every day. My desire is to go higher in Him. I want God to use me like never before. Please keep me in your prayers. Love your friend, Janice.

    6. I needed and loved this word. ❤️??

    7. Thanks pastor Jamie for these wonderful words because I need them more than ever it’s been a really struggle for me right now I need God loves thank you god thank you Daddy Jesus I love you.

  2. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Hi Jamie!
    I’m about to pray the prayer soon after island this to you.This is are very powerful message for me,I do receive it from God and i have to work it out too.I do believe that every single word that you said was mine.I thanked God n our Abba Father for His caring heart.Nothing can be hidden from our Dad,I always looking forward for what He reveals to you to share…Thank You LORD that you cared about me,I’m unique n you hand picked me Dad..i love You Dad..love you Sister Jamie

  3. jackline mulanda says:

    Jamie igreet you in the Lord’ name it’s like all the word is meant for me am relieved and will take up everything in Christ’s name thank you very much

  4. So timely…amazing! Thank u.

  5. Thank you Jamie for this word.

  6. Mary Azumah says:

    Powerful word dear am so touched, I know the lord has my name in His palms I will not keep silent until my situations and that of others are totally changed

  7. Dan Thomas says:

    Word #3 & #5 on target.
    I am tired out continually bringing disgrace & dishonor to Christ then crawling to ask forgiveness. Excuses must stop.
    The onus is on me – just realized to stop praying FOR victory and begin praying FROM victory. Either Mark 11:24 is true or it is not. It is Papa’s word and all I need to get the train moving again.

  8. Thank you Jamie for this word.

    Jesus is lord
    Yared Worku

  9. Cherlyn Kelly says:

    Dear Jaimie,
    Thank you so much for this word. I’ve been asking the Lord to love on me and grant me His strength and courage. Somewhere along the line between my son’s murder and all these health challenges and having to retire early, give up my home I’ve lived in for 45 years and move into a senior building at 63, I just feel drained, I need the dry bones in me to live again and don’t know how to or where to begin. God bless you.

  10. Thank you so much for your words. My heart and soul were very weary, but your words of encouragement and affirmation continued what the Holy Spirit started in me yesterday. I praise Lord God for your obedience!

  11. Dale Nortman says:

    I have been struggling with EVERYTHING! These 5 words are EXACTLY what I need, EXACTLY when I needed them. Thank you, Papa God!!

  12. I’m praising the God for this word and in particular #1 because it spoke to me first off. I have already found the bountiful blessings and endless love that the fullness of God can bring once I immersed myself in Him through intercession with Him. My prayer is that my husband who is a heart transplant recipient and just celebrated his one year anniversary last week would know the same kind of spiritual growth. He only had two days to live and was never on the heart transplant list however our Lord had another plan and at the 11th hour a heart came. Then he developed diabetes as a result and now stage 1 bladder cancer and even though the prognosis is excellent his heart is cold and has been most of his life…. Through it all I have found the joy, and love overflowing, Ephesians 3:19, and it is only from being in intercession with God…..I know that my husband will come around because His word is filled with promises for me….my favorite is Matthew 19:26

    Thank you Jamie for being a good and faithful servant of our Heavenly Father!!! Also, thank you for being so giving to your Presence Seekers….May you and your family have blessings overflowing lavished upon you from our sweet Jesus! Hallelujah our God reigns!!

  13. Kahn Johnson says:

    Jamie, Womanof the most High God, I thank you for your diligence and obedience!! Your hard work pays off in the millions of lives you touch!!
    All 5 prophetic Words were for me! I wrote them down and I prayed separately for each one and felt so refreshed to know that God has not forgotten about me!! I’ve been spending time alone and praying for others more and I’ve been seeing God’s wonderful results. It inspires me to see others receive from God after intercession. Father God also ministers to me while I’m in intercession for others. He’s so awesome!!!

    Thanks again for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you,
    Safe in His Arms,

  14. Thank you Jamie.. This word just uplifted my mood…

  15. #1 is my Word. I know there are some issues He desires me to stand in the gap for….alot of times I feel inadequate or don’t know what to say….nevertheless. I am called to minister to HIM regarding issues of this world and I shall. The Spirit will speak for me.

  16. Sharon Steinman says:

    Thank you for these words. God always encourages me through you . I love the prayers.

  17. Ramona Moore says:

    Abba is my daddy. I need him and Jesus today. Suffering depression in my spiritual life. A blockage somewhere. I’m a widow, all 4 children grown with families, I struggle so with finances, cannot pay my bills, I work full time, I have melanoma and going too have surgery soon, still need healing in my family as the devil bombed our family in 2002. Still recovering. All my extended family is gone. It’s just me and Abba daddy. I love him so much. Jesus is my life. Just need help with helplessness in my body and soul and spirit. Been a new creation for 33 years.
    In Him
    Ramona Moore

  18. Thank you! All of these words I needed to hear. Thank you for your faithfulness to share than and be the conduit of God’s grace and love.

  19. Veronica D says:

    Wow ?, I can relate to each one, this is EXACTLY how I’ve been feeling. My FATHER is AMAZING ❤️

  20. ogiro simon says:

    thankyou very much for the prophetic words of the encouragement you have given to me

  21. Dear Jamie,

    I feel the heaviness and hopelessness leaving my soul.
    Praise the LORD.?

    Love and hugs in CHRIST,


  22. Ivonne M. Medrano says:

    Thanks Jamie this word is a confirmation of what I have always known for years and I am grateful that God has not ever left my side in the midst of the horrible things and storms that I have gone through, this resonates deeply within my heart.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Almost all of these words resonate in my heart. Thank you!

  24. I recieve and believe that this is for me thank you Jesus and Jaime

  25. KAREN GRAY says:


  26. Thank you for such a timely word.

  27. Ossie Copeland says:

    THANKS DR. That word were for me.God Bless You and Family

  28. Awesomw in season word. Thank you

  29. Angie Reneau says:

    Dearest Jamie… Thank you for having the ears to listen to the word of the Lord to bless others… Everything you have said from the Lord is what I needed to hear… Blessings and love…. Angie

  30. Thank you, The Lord speaks to me through you Jaime,prophetic words indeed.I have found myself again.I have cast off fear for there is no fear in love.

  31. A friend sent this to me knowing I am going through a difficult time since the death of someone close to me. I very much needed these words right now. I spoke aloud the scripture and prayed sincerely. Thank you.

  32. April McCullough says:

    Word #4 is intentional! I had no idea that you can walk in faith and still be fretful!! I saw a vision of me sitting under water out in the middle of the ocean and I didn’t understand what was happening this past season where fear had been exposed in my life. It turns out that there were some areas in my life where fear had been allowed for years and because God’s love is perfect, I had to be willing to let His love into those areas! I felt like God was saying you’re already out here now. I knew for certain I didn’t want to turn around, but my response was to stop. Stop ministry, stop pursuing relationships, just stop trying so hard. The great thing about that vision is that I could see I wasn’t drowning or even gulping for air—He waswith me in the dee Waters. I am slowly coming up for air and courageously moving forward. Only the LOVE of God can drive away that kind of anxiety, torment, and debilitating fear! I love God and so grateful for His tender mercies and love! He restored me and gave me a second chance! Thank you for this reminder and God bless you Jamie!

  33. Every time it’s like God use you because he knows at that particular time what I need to hear and what my soul yearns for. You are always right on time. I really needed to hear these words today. I do know that God really uses you and thank you so much for these words this morning. I prayed almost all last night seeking God for a breakthrough. God bless you and your ministry. Love in Christ – Sherry

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