God Loves To Visit You At Night

visitations from God at night

Have you ever woken up with an amazing thought or idea? Or perhaps you have gone to bed and almost fallen asleep, then had a brilliant idea come to you out of nowhere?

Inspired ideas that come in the twilight hours—or even while you are asleep–are divine gifts. There’s something special about the night seasons; God loves to visit you at night.

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    The book of Psalms tells us that our heart instructs us in the night seasons. Psalm 16:7 says, “I will bless the LORD who has given me counsel; my heart also instructs me in the night seasons.”

    In Psalm 127:2, Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, tells us that God gives blessings to His beloved in sleep.

    God loves to visit you at night. He even loves to speak to you in person, or send His angels to do so, at night. Need proof? Think about your Bible stories. How many times does the Bible record the Lord appearing to someone, or sending His angel, at night? There are a lot of stories. Here are some examples:

    • Jacob dreamed at Bethel—at night—and saw a ladder to heaven, with angels ascending and descending on it;
    • God met with Abraham at night, and promised Abraham children;
    • God appeared to Solomon at night—twice;
    • Gabriel appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him to marry Mary, the mother of Jesus;
    • Angels appeared to the shepherds in the fields near Bethlehem at night, announcing Jesus’ birth;
    • The magi were divinely warned in a dream not to return to Herod after they had seen Jesus; and
    • Peter was in prison, and the angel appeared to him at night and led him out of the prison.

    These are only a few examples. The Bible is full of stories about God speaking to people at night, appearing to people in person at night, and sending angels to visit people at night.

    What this means to you:

    What God has done for one person, He will do for another. So you should go to bed every night, EXPECTING God to visit you.

    Is it too much to expect this? No way! Face-to-face encounters are a normal part of any healthy relationship! {Click here to tweet this!}

    Jesus actually promised to manifest Himself to us in John 14:21. This passage says:

    “He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.”

    Jesus Christ—God Himself—promised to manifest Himself to us. He also promises to teach us. Psalm 32:8 says: “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.”

    King David must have been onto something when he wrote, in Psalm 17:15:

    “As for me, I will see Your face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake in Your likeness.”

    So here is how this applies to you, in a nutshell:

    • God loves speak to you, and He has promised to manifest Himself to you.
    • The Bible is full of stories about how He speaks and appears especially at night.
    • Before you go to sleep, ask Him to speak to you in dreams and visions at night!
    • Most importantly: Ask Him to literally manifest Himself to you!
    • When you have an amazing idea, dream, or visitation, value it! Write it down! God is most likely talking to you!

    There is something special about the night season. God loves pouring out supernatural visitations, ideas, and wisdom at night.

    Therefore, when you go to bed tonight–and every night going forward–won’t you ask Him to visit you?

    Have you ever experienced a sudden idea, dream, or encounter with the Lord at night? If so, would you be willing to share a tiny bit about it, so others can be inspired? Please leave a comment below!


    1. I just discovered your webpage and I love it! Thanks for sharing! I would like to say I agree with this and say that I have just come into reality of this over the last several months. I had a dream about my Grandmother. She actually died in 2005 and the following is my dream not what happened here on earth. In my dream my Grandma was in a coma and all my family members were walking past her and when I got to her, her eyes opened and she held out her hands and as she was handing me something she said “I trust you Angie, you know the truth” then I saw this light illuminate from her hands to my hands and she closed her eyes. As I woke up, I began praying about it and the holy spirit told me that my Grandma was handing me her mantel. So the one thing I know my Grandma did was pray a lot and that is what everyone remembers her by. So I felt like that was intercessor mantel. Then recently I had a dream that my Pastor was handing out certificates to our congregation and mine was a prophetic healing certificate. So I have been praying about that one. Thanks so much for sharing with us, i really enjoy reading your posts!

      1. Hi Angie, I definitely agree that that dream would represent your Grandma leaving you her spiritual mantle. And the dream about your pastor, I believe, would symbolize God (your authority figure) calling you to learning the ministry of healing if you don’t already operate in that.

        If you have never heard it, you might really enjoy listening to Chris Gore from the healing rooms at Bethel Church (Redding, CA) teach on “Walking in Supernatural Healing Power.” He has a book here:
        But I personally love the teaching DVDs – Chris Gore and Joaquin Evans – they are hilarious and fun and SO empowering and faith-filled. Here’s the link to the audio/mp3s/DVD/etc.:
        Thanks for reading my blog!

      2. Where do I begin , The Great God of Isreal visited me and the night and showed me how wicked my heart was towards Him and people. And I must admit I was very sad . But the story then end there at the same time He was Warning me for a time I’m the future were He would try my heart in real life and He did . But because He is Faithful and Mericful and full of compassion and loving kindness He spared my soul from death and destruction and I just want to give THE HOLY TRINITY ALL GLORY HONOR AND PRAISE FOR SAVING A WRETCH LIKE ME

    2. Rebecca Jones says:

      I love this! I love studying dreams and visions. The Holy Spirit inspired my blog posts about the Prince of Peace. I have a lot of inspiration at night. There a lot of dream symbols out there but you’ll understand the Christian ones . https://adaughtersgiftoflove.wordpress.com/

    3. Teniva Jewel says:

      This morning I awoke because I felt an angelic presence and it said my middle name. I looked around but no one was there.
      It was a strong unisex voice that was soft yet firm. It said nothing else and it was strange that it called me Jewel my middle name which my Mother was told to name me in a dream.
      Then I looked up night visitation and found this thread! Thank you so much, this article has brought much peace to me.

      1. Wow, Teniva Jewel :), that’s pretty amazing! You are Father God’s precious jewel, given to the world from above. Remember that! He loves you so very much, and you are a jewel in His crown!

    4. Mrs Lisa Smart says:

      Hi Jamie,
      I greet you in the name of JESUS CHRIST. I have started on my journey of seeking GOD and I needed some scriptures on GOD visiting people. I searched a few other websites to find something in line with what I wanted but they were not close. As I continue my search I came across your website blog article tilted… GOD LOVES TO VISIT YOU AT NIGHT.
      That caught my full attention and I must say that this article had everything for what I am going to do. I will be using some of what I read to help me seek GOD.
      Thank you Jamie for the blog.

    5. I great you all in the name of Jesus Christ.i would like to begin by thanking you Jamie for this blog.i have received about two visitations and the feeling that i felt after was out of this world it was just so beautiful.God really is alive and He is so wonderful.

    6. I must greet you all in the precious name of Jesus. So happy I came across this blog. I am very spiritual and I’m always anticipating a spiritual encounter. Recently I’ve had two visions that really blew my mind. The first one I was crying to God about a situation I’m in. I told him to show me something to let know me know he’s gearing me. Suddenly a drowsiness came over me and I fell asleep. This was like 2pm. I saw some huge white finger on top of my hand. I started crying and telling him thanks in the vision. This next vision I had was in the morning I got up about 6:30am I saw this circular baby blue water screen. I was on earth but it was as if there was nothing earthly there. It was so serene. On the screen a saw this largest bird I’ve ever seen. It was picking some sunflowers from a tree and giving them to its young. Then I saw two angels with flaming swords they were descending to earth. I remember saying yes God send then to fights these battles. I saw a white horse too… when I woke up I realized it was a dream. It was so real. I look forward to have and share more spiritual encounters with you all

    7. Indeed God is good. I have never had an angelic visitation and I really long for one I always read plsams 63 because I really long for God .something is really bothering me and I would be very happy if you helped me. Every time when I am at church and they singing praises and worship something in me feels like I should be one of them I mean even when I go into prayer I don’t feel okay in my spirit if I don’t start with worship 80% of the time am always sing even if my lips are not moving I really can’t explain this feeling. I have searched for help but to no avail I have prayed about it but no answer or is it because am sinning that’s why I can’t hear the voice of God?..but the funny thing is I can’t sing I really don’t have a great voice even everyone knows that I am a bad singer. Please help

      1. Shennequia says:

        Hi Jessie, There’s a bad spirit that has been assigned to stop you from worshipping, the enemy don’t want you to get your encounter, he knows it will set you free. I heard the angel of the lord say, tell her to flood Gate her mind with the Word of God, that mean read every day until you next time of worship day, and then when you sing, he said sing your heart out to the lord, there is a special song God will send you that day. You will know it. Sing… Sing… Sing like you have never sing before, sing loud, confident and bold , it will break that bad spirit assignment off of you. Bless you child of God.

    8. Yes I’m an ex addict, dealer and hustler. I left the instructions of my mother and went full time to the streets. Doing whatever in the line of hustling. I was doing good at it. Too good though and the G complex had sunk in. Even thought I was able to take a life and get away with it. Well as Life went on things changed but the way of living & thinking stuck with me. I was having a son and taking care of him is when the transformation started. I couldn’t just tell him anything and couldn’t lie to him. Fast forward several nights I kept waking up and wondering why I was having problems sleeping. I remember talking to my mother and telling her about it. She told her minister who told her to tell me the next time to say “here I am, Lord the next time it happens. Well it took a while but I finally remembered and got it right. Well he told me to read my bible. I had not seen that in bible in about 10-12 years. But when I told him I didn’t want to look for it people he guided me straight to it and then I knew something was really happening here. I got it out between 3 trash bags went straight to it. Then after 2 days of just opening it up and reading I remember feeling like this wasn’t getting me anywhere. Then a small voice says read it from beginning to end like a normal book so I did. 3 days after that while I was reading one morning about Jacob and Laban before I could finish reading next thing I knew my coffee was all over me along with all the goose bumps up and down my arms. I was soak with coffee all over me and the couch. Well hopefully you can figure out what happen to me to let me know he was real and in control.

    9. Zeina Sparks says:

      I love your page! I have Prophetic dreams and visions. It was recently revealed to me by God that I am indeed one of his prophets. It has truly been a roller coasters but I am my fathers servant and will do his work humbly. I lost my 13 year old son 3 months ago due to an undiagnosed heart condition. God showed me through visions and dreams that this would happen. It wasn’t until after he passed that all of the messages from God came together like a perfectly designed puzzle. Instead of shock and anger I sat in awe at the MIGHTY work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. After my son I COMPLETELY stopped dreaming for 2 in a half months. I just start dreaming again nothing prophetic however, God has been sharing precious jewels and secrets to me, ministering, witnessing and encouraging it’s like having access to the best tutor on Earth BUT I rarely remember anything. So I tried to set up a notebooks on my nightstand to capture conversation during the sessions at night lastnight but NOTHING!!!! Not one word I was so disappointed . Did I tempt God why wouldn’t he want me to retain this Devine intel? I don’t even want to try again because I antipate the visits. I love him so much lol. What do you think? Try again?

      1. Hi Zeina. I’m so terribly sorry for your loss of your son. I will pray for you right now.
        Regarding hearing God, definitely try again! God always wants to talk to you. As Bill Johnson says, His name is The Word; He always has something to say!

    10. I have had many dreams where I know that God is talking to me, and I love that he speaks to me this way(I almost always write them down). Recently I have also started having different experiences while I’m sleeping. I can sense Gods presence….while I’m sleeping. It’s like this overwhelming, warm energy. One time while experiencing this, I also heard tongues being spoken in my left ear. My body completely relaxed while laying there. It truly is something great. I love that he takes the time to reveal himself to me and just reassures me that he is in deed there.

    11. gary blais says:

      I asked in the name that is written 216 times in the Tanakh Ya Ha Uau Sha I
      Yahu-sha. Yahushas Name is 3rd party singular possessive and means: His YAH is Salvation. When one prays or asks in the Name of Yahusha that one is speaking directly to HIS YAH. Through Yahushas Name
      So, I asked in Yahushas Name and then a tad later I entered my bedroom and closed the door and turned the light switch off. And as soon as my head touched the pillow there was a loud single noise in my room. Which startled me! I rolled over and eventually got to sleep. The next day. My 7ft tall by 5ft wide Armoir with two 3 ft tall doors on the front. Were swung wide open !!
      The Shekinah (divine presence) of YAH the Most High swung those doors open. HalleluYAH = Praise be to YAH the Most High


    12. God places things in front of us and it’s always for a purpose, and I stumbled on to your page. Last night I was awoken by the presence of the Holy Spirit as I could smell the beautiful fragrance of flowers (like holy oil) and I smiled and knew! I looked at the clock and once again it was 3:18am. I have been waking up around that time for a while now. I asked God to speak to me, I will again ask the Holy Spirit to come and as Samuel, I will be listening and saying here I am Lord. I journal and have had some amazing encounters with angels etc. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for being obedient and encouraging others!

      1. That’s awesome, Mella! The Lord may be speaking to you about a Scripture that is chapter 3, verse 18 somewhere. Ask Him which book it’s in; I bet He has a hidden message for you in that 3:18! Or just read chapter 3, verse 18 of all the books and see which one it is!

    13. What a nice surprise to find your reply! I have been checking those chapters out and can’t wait to find the one He is blessing me with! ♥ Thank you 🙂

    14. Hi Jamie,
      Thank you for this amazing blog. God does speak to us through dreams and visions. I teach my children to share their dreams, each morning they share their dreams and I know its messages from God. I am a dreamer myself and I have a book to interprete dreams its amazing what God communicates with us through dreams. Recently I dreamt discovering gold plates from the ground. I know it is God declaring spiritual riches.

    15. I know there have been many times God has given me solutions to tough problems in the middle of the night. I immediately record the thoughts either in writing or in an email to be reviewed the next day. God is so gracious in His provision. I am so grateful for Holy Spirit.

    16. Hi! At night In between awake and asleep I’ve heard the most beautiful songs, I know exactly what to do, I hear perfect instruction, I’ve woken up saying the most beautiful prayers but when I come to, I forget everything! can’t even write it down! But I know God talks to me at night and instruction me on a subconscious level. So beautiful I wish I could consciously remember

    17. And I was sleeping I kept hearing something like agree with His WORD agree with His WORD…. and I was like I gotta write that down I’ll remember. I woke up got distracted and forgot exactly what was said, but it was something about agreeing with God WORD!

    18. Recently I keep on waking up and asking God “Why am I here?” Or “What is my purpose?” I started reading the Bible again 2 weeks ago before I sleep. As a Christian I know my main purpose, to worship our Creator, but I wonder why that question? I want to dig deeper and know the answer.

    19. God speaks to me mostly through songs that pop in my head in the middle of the night. These can be Christian or secular songs. A few nights ago the words “building block” popped into my head. I looked it up and there is a gospel song called building block by Noel Paul Stookey who was part of the group Peter, Paul, and Mary. He became a Christian in 1968 and still sings gospel songs to this day. God is amazing!

    20. Kenny Sakita says:

      Indeed God Almighty lives and dwells with His people. The amazing thing that am certain of is truly God is unchangeable and He is everlasting. In the past and the present life we are and also the future to come, He is the same GOD. During the past times, He healed the sick, raised the dead, performed miracles, visited His people and talking to them in visions, dreams and actually He can still do so. I had a dream some month gone, and the dream was about a man suffering with leprosy, and i was with my younger brother David and immediatelly the man was brought outside and we knelt down praying God and suddenly the man’s skin become smooth than ever and at the same time i prophesied by the power of GOD the time that will rain and it came to pass, at that moment we all glorified the Almighty for what He did and i prayed God to fulfil that dream of Healing and Prophecy in me in JESUS NAME AMEN.

    21. Cindy🌹 says:

      I experienced This, (3) mornings ago as I was waking up….
      The lord, Christ Jesus was standing between me & satan. Jesus was wearing a white garment & satan was wearing black; satan’s face was distorted/obscured, telling me he never is what he appears to be. Jesus motioned with his hand for me to stay put, indicating that he was handling matters for me & said, “I’ve got this!!”; he pointed directly at satan’s face manifesting All his glorious authority & power [on MY behalf]. I felt COMPLETELY Safe & COMPLETELY Loved.
      I usually don’t recall my dreams, but This one was crystal clear.
      Incidentally, the Jesus I saw in my dream-vision looked a lot like the Jesus from “The Chosen,” LOL~
      Thank you for protecting & caring for me, Sweet Jesus❣

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