If You Can’t Stop Crying Today

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Beloveds, I feel like there’s someone in our community–maybe more than one person–who can’t stop crying today.

If that’s you, this letter is for you.

Dear one, if you can’t stop crying, I want you to know that it’s okay to come to Jesus and just say: “Jesus, Papa, Holy Spirit, help me. I can’t handle the pain anymore.”

When you do that, you are not being weak. Instead, you are allowing yourself to rest. You are coming to His feet and dumping your pain there.

There’s nothing saying you have to get up from that position and be all strong, either. Getting up doesn’t have to be anywhere on your radar at the moment. Sometimes all you can think about–all you can do–is just to say:

“Jesus, help.”

And if you will do that, you can pray similarly to what David wrote in Psalm 18:16-17:

He sent from above, He took me; He drew me out of many waters. He delivered me from my strong enemy, from those who hated me, for they were too strong for me” (Psalm 1:16-17).

You can pray like this:

“Father God, please send from above and take me and draw me out of many waters. I’m drowning, Lord. I can’t handle the pain. Please take away the pain and help me. Deliver me from this strong enemy, for it’s too much for me to handle. It’s too strong for me, Lord, but it’s not too strong for You. Thank You, Father. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

After you do that, you can just stay right there.

That’s right. You don’t have to pretend to be strong before you’re not.

Yes, you have to operate in faith and not self-pity. You have to look at Jesus instead of staring at your own navel. But you don’t have to pretend to be all better and get up and dance away, acting like life is suddenly roses and daisies as you dance through the field.

It’s ok to just remain at Jesus’ feet.

At that place, in that place of rest at Jesus’ feet, He can and will heal your heart and help you–if you will but remain there with Him! His grace is sufficient for you, for His strength is made perfect in your weakness! Let Him handle your pain! Give it to Him, and just stare at Him. Shut the world out all you need to.

It’s only in that place of admitting our pain and weakness, giving it to Him, asking Him for help, and staying put at His feet that we can find relief.

I am praying for you today.


Was this letter for you today? If so, please leave a comment below so your brothers and sisters (and I) can all pray for you also.


  1. Your prayer related to “I can’t stop crying” is so helpful. I woke up this morning to your email. Your writings and prayers always seem to fit what I need on any given day. Thank you.

    1. Amen! Keep me and my family in your prayers (three sons and husband). Hedge of protection and total deliverances.

  2. Yes. Ironically that message was for me. I don’t know how. But it was. I’m just done. I quit. I don’t know where to turn or what to do. Normally I can rally. I just can’t anymore. Nothing works.

    1. I feel you. Yes. Sometimes we can pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and keep it up! But no, God knows who we are and how we are. We don’t have to be, be perfect, be ready, be on the ball always waiting for life to hit us with its best shot. I’ve been there. I’m tired, too. It feels so good to let go and to let it out. Christ is in us and never leaves us, even when our gaze and gains are elsewhere, He remains faithful. Submit to Him. Trust yourself to Him. And your situation…even if you’re sitting, quit, on the floor.

  3. It was for me, I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.. went through a breakup last year, thought I was over it. Guess I’m not, I guess it’s the hurt that still haunts me. I will pray that pray, thank you sister!

    1. Yes I went through the same thing but I’m not at all over it and it continue to haunt me every day and night and I just don’t know what to do or how to handle all of my emotions that I’m going through. Somebody please pray for me .

  4. Raffeeza Soodoo says:

    Hi Jamie, thank you so much for this prayer. Continue to pray for me and my family. I love you in Jesus name.

    1. raffeeza soodoo says:

      This prayer is for me. I am facing a court matter concerning my job right now and I keep seeking my father’s direction but failed in the magistrate court. However, I did not give up hope instead I appealed the matter in the high court and now awaiting a hearing date.Thanks for this prayer that I declare in advance for my victory in Jesus name that I am the winner and that no weapon formed against me this time shall prosper.

      1. raffeeza soodoo says:

        Jamie, everyday my heart is crying out loud for help. Every night I would dream almost the same dream regarding the situation that led me to the justice system in the courtroom for larcency. I only want to return back to my job back in peace since it is my daily bread. I have placed my trust in Jesus and not man since they dissappoint me with their prophecies that I will win the in court. However, since I lost the case in January, I stop believing in prophecies from persons who called themselves prophet and prophetess. I now pray this time around with your prayer the atmosphere will and shall shift for me whenever a date is finalize for the hearing of this matter in high court.

  5. Thanks Jamie, God richly bless you dear.

    1. Carolyn Adams says:

      Dear sister wow it’s like you read my mail. I have just been going through some heart wrenching things. Physically emotionally and financial. Many times lately I’ve have done nothing but cry. However I found myself feeling very angry and lashing out and critical and I hate to admit this I have said some not so nasty critical words. Words I haven’t. said in years. I’ve felt emotionally dead and angry and have given up. Asking God what have I done to deserve all that is happening to me. Why God? I’m broken. I can’t handle another bad thing to happen. I feel like I’ve lost everything just about. As far as dreams and hope I have none. I know I maybe shouldn’t feel this way. God pease forgive me. I know I should maybe not feel this way but I do. I’m still trying to trust The Lord despite the desperation. And pain and hopelessness. I know Gid is there but lately I’m praying God forgive me for sinning and being critical negative and judgmental. I haven’t felt this way on years. I’ve prayed God please come take me home. I’m just so tired of the pain and financial and emotional pain and the lack if energy I dont have. I can’t sleep at night to get up and function at a job which is about to cause me my apartment. I’m about to get evicted. I don’t know what to do. No one seems to be able or want to help me.

      1. Carolyn, I’m praying for healing in every area of your life in the mighty Name of Jesus our Lord.

        Love in Christ ❤️

      2. Sorry to hear this abt you… it’s hard for all of us who trust in Jesus. I feel like the enemy goes out if his way to deliberately make our lives difficult. I am also going through challenges that you cannot believe. But Jesus is right beside us, in us and for us. Pls look straight at Him. He is the only way in this world. Am praying for you. Love you.

      3. Jesus you are mighty to save, father! Place your hand directly on the mind’s and on the hearts of your children Jesus. Just like your people in slavery to King Ramses. You heard the cries of their anguish and heart ache. Father, we beseech thee Lord. It is not always easy to follow you Jesus. To carry our cross. Oh Lord have mercy on us in our weaknesses! We are human and need you and you alone Christ. Jesus! Hosanna! Save us Lord from our many many afflictions. Your word says many are the afflictions of the righteous! But you deliver him from them all. Father, the true grieving hearts of your children are calling to you! To be set free! You are our only hope when the cruelty of life is heavy upon us. Praise You Jesus Amen

  6. I needed to read this today. Was starting to feel hopeless and lost

  7. Maria Sekgetho says:

    Thanks Jamie

    At the right time, you sent the message. Indeed I’m hurting I feel like bursting, crying, yelling! There’s too much to handle. I know that my redeemer liveth but the test is too much to can pass it.
    God bless you Jamie

  8. Before opening this email,i prayed at 7:30pm,Jesus i can’t able to bear this pain,kindly help me,then at 7:40pm when i read your email,Holy Spirit speaks through you,I thank Jesus Christ for hearing my prayer.Thank you for the timely message.God bless you bountifully! Amen.

  9. Thanks Jamie-my hurt goes far beyond what words can describe. I feel so much shame and grief. I will take it to Father and try to leave it. Your encouraging words are always fitting. Continue to be blessed.

  10. Flora Gburuke says:

    Dear Jamie,
    You hit the nail on the head. That message resounded with me. My husband has been holding telling me things he does with his exwife and kids whenever he visits. I get led to ask him some pointed questions and he surely would deny them. Then I would stumble on the truth and be quiet, gently coaxing him to come out clean. But he wouldn’t. Today I finally took the path , armed with the scripture verses to address the issues disturbing me.

    As I do not understand if he is still burning the light somewhere for the exwife. If so, I would love to hear it. And if it is something that can be discussed and sorted out ok, but if he is still in love with her then I would willingly let go.

    Jamie pray with me on this one. This situation has not allowed me to fully be myself in the marriage as I feel self conscious . I have asked God to help my husband be a better witness and I am equally doing the same.

    Thank you Jamie. May God continue to bless you and your ministry and for reaching out to others. Amen.

  11. KayeyeBinene says:

    Dear Jamie,

    May the Mighty God be with you and bless you for this message.
    I am praying everyday for the Eternal God to open for me new opportunities by upgrading my job, I am graduate guy who is working as a security guard… So my pray is to get a new job. Despite my current situation, my is also for the Lord to give strong to resist to all temptation and I want my faith in Jesus Christ be unshaken.

    God bless you all!

  12. My Mom passed away on August 3. There is a big hole in my heart right now. Your prayer helped me with my sorrow.

    1. Patricia, my sincere sympathies to you on the loss of your dear mother.

      I understand the loss you feel as I lost my beloved mother on May 17, 2017, so the pain is still very raw and as you so stated losing a mom leaves an enormous hole in the heart. She was my only family. I cry everyday.

      The only joy that I have is knowing that she is with Jesus. But I’m left here to grieve and yearn for her.

      Again, I’m so sorry for you.

      1. Joy I am so sorry for your loss also. I guess our only consolation is knowing they are with Jesus and at Peace. God Bless You Joy


  13. Thank you for this blessed message. Yes, it is for me. I’m going through very tough situations. God encouraged me through this letter. Praying for your ministry. Thank you.

  14. Thank you. We are all in tears for different reasons. Mine is financially. I have rent and bills to pay. I seem to be at a standstill and can’t seem to move forward. Now I am surrounded by depressed coworkers that are overwhelming my atmosphere. Keep me in prayers please.

  15. Thank you so much for being obedient to God. I was in the midst of crying when I saw this email. I was trying to be strong for my 3 children
    and husband. But the truth is I feel so weak and in pain. But God is my strength. Thank you for reminding me. I often forget that I do not always have to pretend to be strong when I am feeling this way.

  16. I’m out of work for 6 months and at wits end, plus owe back child support I want to pay but can’t.

    My heart is broken with despair.

  17. What a relief to be reminded that it’s okay ? to let our gracious Father know how we feel and so refreshing to know we don’t have to pretend we’re back on the mountain top when the pain is still very present.
    Jamie, you so often have the Word that is in season and just what is needed to help on the next leg of the journey.
    Blessings to you and the family still in the oven.

    1. It was such a comfort to read as sometimes it’s hard to know how to act in faith concerning all the various teachings on claiming answers to prayer based on the promises of God, and just waiting for the manifestation. Nice to know you can just lay these things at the foot of Jesus and let him take care of it and not have to be so strong in your own strength.

      Sometimes it’s hard to know the difference.

  18. On time Word! I receive it!

  19. I really needed this today, my husband passed away August 3rd.
    If not for the Lord, I don’t know how I’d make it through.

  20. Right before I got on your website, I was crying out to God about a painful situation I have been dealing with and the betrayal I have felt. God is so good and compassionate! He always brings comfort when I need it. Thank you for letting God use you. God Bless!

  21. Sandra Thompson says:

    Thank you. My three year old granddaughter passed away suddenly last Thanksgiving. The devastation is still so real and I can’t stop revisiting that day in my head. She is with the Lord, but we miss her and are so broken.

  22. Ma Cristina Arrieta says:

    Sister Jamie, i just read your email this morning Philippines time 7:30am and it is just a right time for me who really cried a lot yesterday. My husband and I are just confirmed that he cannot go back to work because his superiors whom he worked with fire him out, not to be rehired again for the next contract, for the reasons he did not know. We just accept everything that it is God’s will and everything that happened have reasons and purpose which we know will be best because God knows everything. A sin of worry covered my whole being yesterday, feeling devastatedly in full without letting anybody what i felt. I worry because we are not ready what will come next.
    This morning my bestfriend sent me a link of a video message from You Tube, Pastor Chris talking about WORRY . It soothens my head full of worries. Then i open my email, i find your email and read it….
    I know GOD is sending you, my friend to let my worries be put into thrash. I thank you so much for you are heavenly given to me to put me on top of my situation.
    Please pray for me, my husband and my two young adult kids who is just starting their own life. I know that GOD will not leave us nor forsake us.
    Thank you GOD! Thank you Sis Jamie! God bless us all.

  23. Julia Rollins says:

    WOW, just WOW! As I wipe the tears so I can see to type this, please know sweet Sister how this spoke to me! I am so thankful for this gift Abba, Papa, has given to you. And, your willingness to share with us! Praying for many blessings and refilling of your spirit sent to you.

  24. Winnie chiweshe says:

    Thank you Jamie for a powerful prayer and comforting words. Yes I have been praying day and night but still can’t get over the pressing issues. I call upon Jesus every hour. Thank you for you prayers. May God bless you.

  25. This made me cry more. I have been so broken hearted and waiting for God to reverse my unjust situation. I have been using this season to draw closer to him while waiting. Every two weeks when I have to let my child go makes me cry more. I want to be restored. I want my child restored. I want to be happy again and feel the joy that God can deliver.

  26. Thank you my beautiful sister in Christ. I write this with tears in awe of Gods sovereign love for us all. I needed this. Thank you, God bless. May the joy of the Lord be ever present in your life.

  27. I’m the one who is crying from a broken heart. Thank you.

  28. Raffeeza Soodoo says:

    Hi jamie, my soul within me felt comforted by the power of your prayer in Jesus name. God bless you.

  29. Daphne Goh says:

    Thank you Jamie,
    Yes, this is for me, I can’t stop crying for I was lost my livelihood due to someone’s evil deeds – wrong accusations, making me the sacrificed lamb and he got free and the boss’ trust. God, I know you have closed this door, I pray that the next door opens as I need a living. I need God’s provision to pay the bills, school fees for my children, expenses for my elderly mother. Abba, my Trust is in you, Lord. No one else can help. I don’t want to be out of income from next month onwards. Abba, you are all that I can look to now…..

    1. Standing with you! God provides! What the enemy takes..God provides NEW! Focus on what he protected you from and Praise him for what he is going to reveal and expose! Been down this valley!!
      God Bless you!

    2. raffeeza soodoo says:

      He hears your cry don’t give up.

  30. An appointed message just in time, it could not be more appropriate than that, Lord help me to stay at your feet.

  31. Jamie – Thank you so much for this message and prayer. It is exactly what I needed today and that so many others needed as well. I thank God for you and the gift that you have been blessed with.

  32. Very timely for me. Thanks for the prayer. Healing from an injury that was not addressed properly from another doctor in March. Got a good doctor now, just so weary of dealing with symptoms and the length of time this is taking to get restored to full function.

    I have prayed your prayer concerning the unjust situations, too, been very helpful during this time concerning the bad treatment I received, not only medically, but his horrible demeanor that got worse each time when I had to come in for help 3 times in several weeks and the right test was not ordered until I had to be wheeled in in a wheel chair.

    Bone bruise, a mild stress fracture, but the waiting time and not knowing I had this injury has created all kind of secondary muscular issues in the area that are very painful. I walked on it for two months unknowingly when I should have been on restrictions starting in March. It was early June when the proper diagnosis was made after an MRI was finally ordered.

    Forgiveness is an act of the will and I have done this, but your prayer for unjust situations really applies in this situation, it really does. It was a real comfort for me to know I could pray like this for redemption of the situation.

    Just want to move on with my life, starting with simple things going to the kitchen to make coffee and being able to carry it to the kitchen table, being able to walk down the stairs to my basement.

    In physical therapy right now to get back function and get off the walker. Numbers are good, but body symptoms and release of total pain is going very slowly. Taking some treatment from the doctor for pain relief also.

    I just want all of this to be over so I can start over. Life does not seem very real right now concerning being able to set goals, make simple plans and move on from this.
    Just pouring out my feelings and looking for some encouraging words.

  33. Linda
    I totally relate to your frustration.
    I had a sciatica attack a year ago and ended up with a walker, having been very healthy my entire life .
    I had to leave my job finally since I couldn’t walk and my job was physical.
    I had wanted instant miracle, but Father has His reasons for lowering us for a time
    Would ❤️ to get to know you

    1. Thanks for your response.
      Not sure how contact could be made.
      Hope your situation is now resolved and forever in the past.

      I have had things resolve “just like that” after a period of time and is what I am looking for concerning this. Progress is there thank the Lord.
      Jamie wrote an excellent blog “To Hell with Redemptive Suffering”, my thoughts concerning these things. Very edifying and scriptural. God does not put things on people and it is explained very well. I was rejoicing after reading it.

  34. Thank you Jaime, I’m learning to just sit at his feet and surrender it all to him it is a process, but worth it all. Thank you Jesus
    God bless you Jaime

  35. Thank you for being obedient..
    Such a now Word from Papa..

  36. I think the message is for me in a way… I need that to feel lighter and assured that Lord Jesus handles everything for me! Thank you Jamie.

  37. Priscilla Maleka says:

    Oh Jamie; you truly are an Angel sent to our lives by God. I saw this message yesterday but never got to go to the blog. Today I woke up feeling deeply depressed and pressed down. I felt that my world was just crumbling down and that all was just getting out of tune. I have had countless problems lately. From receiving legal notices on my bond account, failing a particular subject twice, being rejected by my boyfriend who chose another woman over me to my daughter also having to fail her exams as well. My hasbeen stagnant Jamie; I have been living in this house for ten years now but my bond balance is still over what the bank had granted. I am driving my car for 12 years now, finished my installments over 8 years ago, however, I cannot afford servicing this car, an insurance not even filling it up with petrol.

    I wept so much today and even attempted ending my life. I had my poison mixture ready to just take a big gulp and end it all at once but something inside of me wouldn’t let me do it. The thought of leaving my two precious daughters motherless wouldn’t allow me to commit such a ruthless deed.
    Noticing what I have tried to do I wept so much and went down on my knees seeking God’s forgiveness and mercy.

    Part of me is somehow relieved that I didn’t do it, yet another part still feels lonely, afraid, hurting and very angry.

    How am I going to pull through?

  38. Stacy DeLigne says:

    I have been following Jamie for about 4 yrs when our Heavenly Father sent her to me in prayer via the internet ..she knows exactly what to send me when I need it… my struggles with my prodigal son the last 4 yrs with addiction is still on going and on the 14th I received a letter from one of his friends that was sentenced to life a couple of years back.. the sad part was that he was one of the main people my son was acquainting with, that I did not feel was good for him and there was when my son started retaliating.. I barely knew the young man but motherly instinct is never wrong… anyways in this letter he spoke about God spriritual growth, trials tribulations, our crosses and being soldiers of God …the pain I felt and tears i shed no one can imagine. I wrote to him about my son’s life and the tribulations and misery he is putting us through and how the street life has taken away my family.. I pray for healing of addiction and restoration of heart mind body and spirit..i pray that our prodigal come back home to give testimony to our Lord Jesus Christ..

  39. Dear Jamie,

    I thank God for your life and ministry. I appreciate you once more for the soul lifting messages for my parched soul as a result of bombardment and conspiracy from the work place which has led to my job lose.
    I am weary and I just left the burden for JESUS so that I could enter HIS REST.

    God bless you real good.

    Caroline (Nigeria)

  40. I googled, “stop crying in Jesus’s name” and your blog was first entry that popped up. I struggle with depression. Seasons of it. This blog entry is so encouraging for me Thank you!!

    1. Hi Missy. It’s nice to meet you. I’m so glad Father God blessed you. I pray that He would continue to encourage you and heal your heart, in Jesus’ name.

  41. Carrie burr says:

    I have been crying everyday since my husband died eight years ago. I don’t cry in front of anyone but when I’m alone, the tears fall and I weep so hard I sometimes make no noise. My body just shakes. I feel like I hurt my husband, have been a failure all my life, had an abortion, made bad choice after bad choice, hated myself, feeling like I’m a terrible Christian. So unworthy. I haven’t lived for Jesus totally. I’m such a disappointment to God. Before my husband died I cried a lot but not like now. I am so sorry for everything iced done. I need confidence because I have none. I love music and sing by myself. I am out of line in my finances. I am afraid to go out. I am scared to go out including church. I am the oldest one at church. 63. It is a small church of wonderful younger folks. I need confidence to connect. I feel like I don’t fit in. I am artistic and very sensitive. I care so much about people and animals. Well I’ve said too much. I’m sorry. Love, carrie. PS we have two precious adopted adult children. My son is not saved my daughter is gay. And not saved of course. Please pray for rina and Chris. Love you. Carrie. Pray for Brian. My friend from Ireland.

    1. Hi, sweet Carrie, I’m so sorry for your loss of your husband. But dear sister, Jesus can and will heal your heart, heal your family, and restore your life. I urge you to get out your Bible, begin with the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, devour every word, and ask God’s Holy Spirit to help you understand it. Re-dedicate your life to Jesus completely, get in church faithfully every week, and let Him love you, heal you, and restore your life.
      Love in Christ,

  42. Caroline Mallison says:

    Hello Jamie… Been crying all morning. Struggling with depression and the menopause. Am a teacher and a professional actor (meaning, I take a gulp and keep going – not that I’m really on the stage)… I love your part about not looking at your naval… However, I also love the fact that you say you don’thave to pretend that you are better… The deal is I just take Christ’s hand and walk with him allowing him to protect me from the storm.. Thank for your prayer. Caroline

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