Personal and Ministry Update for June and July

Notes from the Trenches by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comHey everybody!

I wanted to provide you with an update today on the status of this ministry and the people the Lord is allowing us to reach.

I also wanted to ask for your prayers, both for some ministry things and some personal things!

First, thank you.

God has been doing unbelievable things and I’m so excited. NONE of these things would be possible without YOU, however. Reaching people for Jesus requires, well, people! It’s a team effort. So, thank you.

You already know how our “Inheritance: Claiming the Blessings that Belong to You” conference turned out in July. It was ah-may-zing. Click here to see photos and the whole report from the conference.

I was so wrapped up in all the work for the conference that I didn’t update you on the ministry report for June (my apologies). So this report will have to be for June and July. 🙂

In addition to the conference, here are the main things to know about what Papa has done through this ministry in June and July:

  • In June, this blog saw 102,383 pageviews. That’s 102,383 times we encouraged people with Jesus’ love.
  • In July, we increased to 113,546 pageviews. Thank You, Lord!
  • In June and July (the two months combined), we reached a total of 81,749 individual people through this blog alone. That doesn’t count social media or any of our reach from being published on, The Elijah List, or Spirit Fuel.
  • In July, we did have another prophetic word published on The Elijah List (and their email reach is several hundred thousand people).
  • We also had a couple of prophetic words published by the good folks over at Spirit Fuel (email reach over 50,000 people).
  • That’s not to mention our work published on, which has over 1.2 million likes on its Facebook page alone.
  • In June and July 2017, we reached people in 198 territories/countries through this blog alone. (Some of these are island territories that have their own flag for data analytics purposes, but actually are under the government of another country. That’s why the number of “countries” Google reports is 2 countries higher than the 196 actual countries in the world for political purposes.)

The Lord is using us together to reach people all over the globe!

Here are a few neat testimonies that have come in recently:

From Irma, after reading about decreeing light into your darkness:

“Thank you so much for the radical prayers. They truly address the needs in my heart and my life. I thank Jesus for you and the hope these prayers inspire in me again.”

From Monica, after reading one of our prophetic words in July:

“Wow, Jamie! I just discovered your post, blog, and website through Pinterest. I am in awe, mesmerized by even the very presence of God shining brightly within your life/family, and excitingly motivated to seek a closer walk with “Papa” whom I call “Daddy.” I was feeling a little depress[ed] and weary before about unknown health issues but your posts have warmed my heart. Thank You. I have already ask Daddy my name. I look forward to his response and your next installment.”

From Michell, after reading one of the prayers for people who feel forgotten:

“Thank you for these prayers. I was in despair, broken and crying out to God and I felt forgotten. I just prayed this prayer and I am expecting God to move in my life.”

From Mel, after reading one of the radical prayers about joy:

“This site has been life changing for me as it has radically changed my prayer life. It’s obvious the grace of God is upon your life Jamie and that you share a deep relationship with God,thanks for sharing with the world and helping us build our relationship with God too. God bless you. Thank you Jesus.”

From Penny, after reading about how God delivers you in dreams:

“Hi Jamie, again you write as if you were writing to me personally, although the hurt I experienced was over 30 years ago. I never healed from it. I tried toughening up and moving on, but I never felt whole. It was the kind of hurt that shattered my world and changed me in ways I’m probably not even aware of. I pray and ask God to heal me and help me to be the woman He created me to be.

Thank you for serving The Lord you are such a blessing. I thank Him for you. God bless you.”

From Naivy, after reading the same post:

“Hello Jamie, awesome devotional ? thank you so much, you write in such a way that is delivering me from a legalistic perspective/thinking which I didn’t know I had. …”

We receive dozens and dozens of these every week. I can’t possibly include them all–and some of them I’m saving to make blog posts of their own, because the testimonies are that awesome–but God is MOVING.

All glory be to our Father and to our Lord Jesus Christ!

I am also praying with our board and ministry team about next ministry steps.

We have a marketplace prophetic event scheduled this Friday night, in which our team will be giving prophetic words, teaching, and leading worship at a local business. We are so excited about that!

We are also praying about the possibility of another conference. If we decide the Lord is leading us this way, it would be in the spring. (There’s not enough time to put another one together this year before all my attention has to go toward delivering a baby.) I’ll send a save-the-date as soon as we finalize that decision. 🙂

And here are some things I’ve been up to personally, in addition to the blog:

  • Raising up new voices in the prophetic and deliverance ministries.
  • Helping pastors and ministers build or launch new websites.
  • Quite a bit of in-person mentoring with emerging ministers.


One of the huge calls on my life is to raise people up to do the work of the ministry. That’s what prophetic ministry is all about–equipping people; raising them up into their callings and destinies.

As with any ministry, work in this area ebbs and flows. It ebbs and flows because ministers are people, and people have to juggle their normal lives in addition to their dreams. 🙂

Well, the last few months have been a huge season of FLOW, rather than “ebb.” 🙂 Because people have a bit more time during the summer months, the ministers with whom I work on a regular basis have really been focusing on the work of the ministry.

So that has meant I’ve invested huge amounts of time supporting them, with website assistance, business/marketing mentoring, and more. These are mostly people I work with in person, whom I’ve known for years; and I don’t charge people I work with locally. So they can thank you for the help they are getting, because you are making it possible for me to help local ministers and pastors in this way. 🙂

And a personal update from me:

Most of you will already know this, but it’s news to me: this pregnancy thing is no joke, ya’ll. I am SO grateful for my baby, and I can’t wait to meet him! But I will tell you: the physical state of being pregnant has knocked this chickadee for a loop. 🙂

My doctor thinks I’m in my 21st or 22nd week. (She thinks my due date may be a little earlier than previously estimated, based on baby’s growth.) That puts me just over halfway through with the pregnancy. Baby is FINE; we just had another ultrasound last week. He’s doing great, and he’s perfect.

But Mama has been a bit rough. Much better than I used to be, but still a bit rough.

If you’re a woman who’s been pregnant before, I realize that none of this is news to you … but it’s ALL news to me! I’ve been struggling with forgetfulness a lot, and I am absolutely exhausted. I’ve now begun to fall asleep at the drop of a hat, right in the middle of the day. Sitting down? Zzzzzzzz.

This is very unlike my normal self. 🙂

But, it’s not all bad.

Thanks to everyone’s prayers, I can eat now! (A few weeks ago, I posted an update on Facebook asking for prayers for this because I couldn’t eat and had lost weight.) Food is good! So thank you for praying!

And although I am still feeling sick to my stomach some, it’s much less.

For example, the last couple of weeks, I’ve only been sick to my stomach 2-3 days each week–usually when I eat something that my body decides it doesn’t want to digest–instead of being sick all day every day like I was before. For awhile, I was surviving on ginger ale. 🙂 This is a huge improvement!

So anyway. My life right now looks very different than it ever has before. On one hand, I have more time and inspiration for ministry than ever before. But on the other hand, much of that time is taken up by dealing with side effects of this pregnancy.

I know everything will be an adjustment, and WAY more when Baby is born. So, thank you for being patient with me as I learn how to handle this new stage of life.

I have had to make a few adjustments with the ministry.

Namely, I have had to change my focus to things that benefit our entire community at once.

This means focusing on prayer first and foremost; I pray for you daily. It also means focusing my effort on blog posts, audio teachings, and video teachings.

This also means I’ve had to cut back on things that don’t benefit the entire community at once.

For example, I haven’t been able to answer comments or emails like I used to do. I still read them and pray over them, but answering them has become more than I can handle. (There are nearly 900 relevant blog posts on this blog alone, most of which receive traffic from Google. Can you imagine how many comments that produces every day? The comments on the current post are only the tip of the iceberg.)

This doesn’t mean to stop commenting; please keep commenting!!! It’s just that I’m not personally able to answer most of them like I used to. But comments still:

  • give me the opportunity to pray for you specifically;
  • provide a way for you to testify publicly; and
  • allow you to form relationships with other readers too.

Also, I am no longer able to take new mentoring clients, and I have recruited two new mentors from my ministry team who are now taking mentoring appointments on my behalf. I trust them implicitly, and they are SO anointed! Please take advantage of them and book them for mentoring!

And finally, I’m not taking any more editing, writing, or website clients at this time. I still have a backlog of website clients I’m trying to get through from months ago. And after those are all set, I won’t be doing websites on an ongoing basis.

Because …

Re-aligning my time is not a bad thing. It’s what the apostles had to do; and it means the ministry is growing.

In the early church, the apostles also found themselves stretched too thin. They had to recruit helpers (the first deacons) to do things that those deacons could do. Then, the apostles were able to dedicate themselves to prayer and to the ministry of the Word (Acts 6:4).

In like manner, re-aligning my time to focus on things that benefit the whole community is a very good thing.

It gives other ministers a chance to pitch in with what they’re good at (mentoring, etc), and it frees me up to pray for you, listen to the Lord, and pour into you all–all 40,000+ of you who read this blog each month–collectively.

So here are my personal and ministry prayer requests right now:

  1. Please continue to pray for my health and the health of our baby.
  2. Pray that I would have good strength and stamina to work, teach, and minister each day, as well as care for my health and family.
  3. My husband and I still need to replace his 18-year-old car. It’s about had it. Please pray for a replacement vehicle for him.
  4. My precious mother has been quite ill recently. She is doing quite a bit better right now, but please pray for her health.
  5. Pray that I would have wisdom about what I should do myself, and what I should hire others to do.
  6. Please pray for our whole community of readers. I pray for you all daily, but I so long for you all to pray for each other as well. We have so many hurting people in our community, as well as people who are embarking on a real relationship with Jesus for the very first time. Please pray that the Lord would personally disciple and help every Presence seeker!
  7. Please pray for our board, our ministry team, and myself to all have wisdom and guidance from the Lord as we pray about hosting another conference.
  8. Pray for the ministry to get approved quickly for 501(c)3 tax-exempt status in the US. We are waiting for word on this from the IRS (the American tax agency), but it can take months.
  9. Please pray for our ministry’s finances. As our community grows, ministry costs increase. It takes money to reach people! And we have always had everything we need, and I know we always will; but receiving Father’s provision takes prayer. Please pray for increased partnerships, donations, and product sales.

And finally, I would ask you this:

We have many people who help support this ministry financially. Nothing we do would be possible without this help–through partnerships, donations, and product sales.

If you have not yet partnered with us financially, would you take a moment to do so?

We have about 67 partners right now, as well as a number of donors who donate when they can. Would you join with them and us?

Every dollar, peso, ruble, euro, and pound counts.

We have people who send $1 or $2 gifts, and we have people who send partnerships of over $100 per month or donations of many hundreds of dollars. We live by faith, and God is never late. The donations you send are always on time, and always needed.

And we need you.

If you’d like to sign up to be a monthly partner, you can do so here:

If you’d like to make a one-time donation, click here for PayPal:

And if you’d like to make any product purchase (or a one-time donation through Gumroad), our Gumroad store is here:

Beloveds, God is doing so much. THANK YOU for helping us.

Day in and day out, your participation in this community is reaching lives for Jesus. Every day, people around the entire globe are being touched with hope, love, and comfort because of you.

Thank you. May your reward be great in Heaven …

… and may the Lamb who was slain receive the reward of His suffering.

Love in Christ,



  1. Hi Jamie, I am so grateful for you and how you are touching so many lives. Make sure you take care of yourself and the baby. Get as much rest as you can now. Because when your precious bundle of joy arrives it will take a lot more of your time and energy. I am praying for you and your pregnancy and your husband. I am in agreement with you on your prayer requests. I will also add your name and your requests to our church prayer list and our prayer team will be praying for you too. So, take care and enjoy your journey as you and your husband are waiting for the arrival of your precious gift from God. I Love You and God Bless You and Your Husband !!!

    1. Thank you, Marlo! I am definitely resting … by sheer need, but resting for sure! I laugh at myself for all my sudden sleepiness but I know it’s necessary. Thank you and your church for praying for me!! I appreciate it so much!

      1. B. Mosesane says:

        Thank you for all the inspiring words you have put thru to us to read. God bless you and overshadow your ministry with blessings and overflow of income to reach many countries. will always keep you in our prayers.

  2. I have prayed for all your requests Jaime and will keep you in my prayers.
    May the Lord continue to bless you, your baby, your family and your work.

  3. Hello Jamie,
    Thank you for this blog I have been blessed by it. Your advice has helped me a lot in my prayer time with Daddy.
    I am in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and I run a business that hires out Front End Loaders. Business has been very difficult for us here in Zimbabwe with the current financial situation that we are experiencing so as a result my company has fallen into debt with everybody, Tax dept, debtors and employees. It is not a situation that I am happy with, it makes me worried that I have sleepless nights. With out proper and steady payments coming in to the company we can not plane and improve and we find our selves stuck.
    I am asking you to pray for my company to get contracts that pay well, on time where we don’t have to bribe or pay someone to give us work. And also that when we get a contract the company hiring our equipment will honour the agreement and pay us on time and not move goal posts.
    I thank you for all the work that you do. God bless you.

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