When God Delivers You In Dreams

When God Delivers You In Dreams | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comDid you know that God frequently delivers you in dreams?

Some of you have been through really difficult, even painful situations recently. From all outward appearances, you’ve moved on. You’re still functioning, and you look okay.

However, only you know that your heart is actually shattered in a million pieces.

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    There’s a big difference between moving on and being healed.

    You can continue with your life after a traumatic situation without your heart being healed. You can go about your daily chores and look okay while you’re broken inside.

    But your emotions won’t be whole, and the pain won’t stop, until you are healed on the inside … until the Lord touches your heart and puts it back together again, healing it so completely that there won’t even be a scar.

    So how do you get to that place of healing?

    Well, I don’t have space in this post to talk about every possible option. One option, however, is something I’m seeing God do right now: He’s delivering people in dreams.

    What happens when God delivers you in dreams?

    It’s the coolest thing. In a dream–when you’re asleep, can’t argue, and your pain doesn’t get in the way of hearing well–God will speak to you about your situation.

    When He does, He speaks more deeply and intimately than you could ever imagine. For example:

    • He’ll use symbols that mean very special things to you, but which nobody else would understand. He speaks to you in your own, personal dream language.
    • He’ll include things in the dream that tell you He DID see the most painful parts of your situation–those parts you thought no one saw or cared about; the parts that hurt the worst.
    • He’ll show you where you came from and where you are now.
    • He’ll show you where you’re going.
    • He’ll show you your intrinsic worth–worth that you may feel no one else has noticed.

    And when you pay attention to His dreams of deliverance, you’ll find that the Lord healed your soul when He spoke that dream to you.

    This has happened to me more than once. Here’s an example of one situation from which God healed me by using a dream of deliverance:

    (And by the way, I use this example not only because it shows how God speaks, but also because I think the dream will speak to you too!)

    I was in a situation in which I had been subjected to a lot of hatred, false accusations, gossip, insults, and more. It was very hard. Even after it was resolved, I was still hurting badly. My heart was shattered in a million pieces.

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    I begged God to heal me. He led me to claim the promise of Psalm 86:11-13:

    “Teach me Your way, O Lord;
    I will walk in Your truth;
    Unite my heart to fear Your name.

    I will praise You, O Lord my God, with all my heart,
    And I will glorify Your name forevermore.

    For great is Your mercy toward me,
    And You have delivered my soul from the depths of Sheol.”

    That promise was relevant because it asks God to “unite my heart”–in this case, to put my heart back together from being shattered. Also, it says that He delivers our soul from what feels like the depths of hell … just because of His mercy.

    Because He loves us.

    So I prayed, claimed that promise, and asked Papa to heal and touch my heart more deeply than I could even reach.

    And He answered.

    Within a day or two, I had a dream. Again, I really think this dream is going to minister to you too! Let’s call the dream “Don’t Poop In My Lexus!” 🙂

    Here’s the deliverance dream:

    In the dream, I had a Lexus SUV and people had taken it over. They defecated and urinated in it, acting like it was okay to do that! Then one of them gave me a long list of what was wrong with my vehicle.

    I was so angry–both because they had used my car as a toilet, and because they were listing off things that were wrong that weren’t problems. They were telling me my (very nice) car was no good.

    Then one of these people took over my car and started driving it!

    I was with them and kept telling them to pull over and stop the car. They didn’t have permission to drive it, but they wouldn’t stop.

    Finally, they pulled into a driveway between a green field and a computer lab. The computer lab was run by an old professor, a doctor, wearing a white lab coat.

    The person who hijacked the car got out and sat in the field. I got out and told them in no uncertain terms that they couldn’t drive my Lexus anymore.

    What does this dream mean? And what’s the application to you and me?

    In dreams, vehicles represent jobs or ministries. Sometimes people will “poop on” what’s important to you. They may do this whether they have any right to or not. They may not even have any “ownership” of what they’re insulting.

    But you know what? There comes a point where things have to come into a place of Holy-Spirit-led analysis.

    And in that place, if you’re going to continue to operate the thing that means so much to you (your dream, job, or ministry), you have to put your foot down and say:

    “Don’t poop in my Lexus!”

    God absolutely delivered me and healed my heart using this dream.

    When I went to bed that night, my heart was still in a million pieces. I had prayed, fasted, forgiven over and over, etc etc etc. All of those things helped me get through the situation, but none of them healed my heart. It was that traumatic.

    But when I woke up and wrote this dream down, studying the symbols to understand what God was saying, I noticed something:

    The pain in my heart was absolutely gone.


    My heart was back together again.

    I felt joy. I felt happy. I felt whole. And I felt heard.

    My Papa had heard my prayer, and He touched me deeper than I could ever have reached. He showed me things in this dream–from symbols, etc–that made it clear He had seen every gory, painful detail of my situation. He showed me what people had done, how I should respond, and how to move on.

    Better yet, in the dream, He actually moved me forward.

    It wasn’t like He just showed me that I needed to move on. I already knew that. I had just been hurting so badly that I couldn’t!

    But in this dream, using the one line “Don’t poop in my Lexus!” — my Abba Father, my Papa God, actually moved me forward, completely out of the situation, with a new (healed) perspective, fresh joy, new life, new motivation, and complete and total healing.

    It was amazing. I wish I could explain it better, but I just can’t. It was a miracle.

    By the way, the reason I shared that particular example is because I know that some of you have also had people “pooping in your Lexus.”

    God has given each of you a beautiful treasure in the form of some sort of dream, occupation, or ministry. The enemy will try to steal it from you, and sometimes he’ll use people to do it.

    But you know what? It’s not THEIR car. They just want to trash it. If you want to preserve the beautiful calling Papa God has placed upon YOUR life, then it’s time to draw the line in the sand and tell those people–even if you don’t tell them in person 🙂 –that they can’t drive anymore.

    You even have to tell the enemy that he can’t drive anymore. He can’t push your buttons anymore.

    YOU have to protect your proverbial Lexus.

    And you can get free from what people have done to you if you draw that line in the sand and decide that you’re not going to let people poop in your Lexus anymore–and that you’re not going to let those haters influence your future success, your direction, or your current state of mind.

    So what kind of hurtful situation have you been through recently? Ask Papa for a dream of deliverance!

    When your heart has been shattered, healing is beyond you. Total heart healing is beyond any medication, therapy, wise advice, counseling, etc.

    Total heart healing is only possible when God Himself touches your deep places.

    But you know what? He will! He is ready, willing, and eager to touch your shattered, wounded heart AND HEAL YOU!


    Bare your soul to Him in prayer. Claim the promise of Psalm 86 above. Admit to Him that your hurt is too deep for you to handle. Tell Him that you need Him to heal you, and them ask Him to touch you more deeply than you could ever reach.

    And ask Him to speak to you and heal you in a dream of deliverance.

    Can He heal you in other ways? Yes, absolutely. But this post isn’t about those other ways. (Of course it’s totally fine to just tell the Lord to do it however He wants to!) But if you want a dream, ask Papa for one!

    And then keep a notebook and pencil by your bed. As soon as you have a dream, write it down and study/pray into it. God will speak to you, and He will heal your heart.

    Does this post about how God delivers you in dreams speak to your heart? Please leave a comment below if so!

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    1. Hello Jamie, awesome devotional ? thank you so much, you write in such a way that is delivering me from a legalistic perspective/thinking which I didn’t know I had. May Papa continue blessing you, your family and I rejoice with you on your baby’s news ?, much love in Christ ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

        Amen.Praise the lord mighty deliverer.In Jesus name.Amen

    2. Dear Jamie, that’s another “hit the nail on the head’ post. Speak to me Lord in a dream, in a vision of the night and heal my broken heart. You are a blessing to the body of Christ, you have no idea how far this goes and who is reading it ❤

    3. Hi Jamie thanks for those words from god.. it touches my soul, I must say when I first read your blog, ha , did not know what I was doing, I didn’t even know I singed up, ha ha jokes on me,am one of those people, well I better speak for myself old- school..what am trying to say I ❤️❤️❤️Your blog!! P.s. Next step is how to figure out how to get those materials.god bless you??

      1. Gina Saia says:

        Jamie, my heart is so broken from my grandkids disrespect. I raised these kids as my own since my daughter was addicted to heroin. When they break my heart – I feel Satan jumping right in on my emotions and pulling me down a rabbit hole I barely can crawl out of. My God has healed me in forgiveness so many times! But you are right there a spaces in my heart that I can’t even describe. All of them are saved by His grace long ago but none of them are walking with the Lord. I do feel sometimes this is a battle that God leaves me with so that I know I can only count on Him! If you would please pray for my g-kids and myself that we would be moved to higher ground! Thank you for this today! Gina S.

    4. Christabel Osunde says:

      Hello Jaime,

      Thank you for this wonderful message.

      Congratulations on the news of your little one??.

      Please can you pray with and for my friend Monica For the fruit of the womb too.I am praying too.

      God bless and Thank you?

    5. Hi Jamie again you write as if you were writing to me personally although the hurt I experienced was over 30 years ago.I never healed from it I tried toughening up and moving on,but I never felt whole.It was the kind of hurt that shattered my world and changed me in ways I probably not even aware of.I pray and ask God to heal me and help me to be the woman He created me to be.
      Thank you for serving The Lord you are such a blessing .I thank Him for you.God bless you .

    6. I’m trying to make sense of this… two days ago my daughter and I were prayed over and the guy praying for us said something very specific.. “The Holy Spirit is telling me you have to move on… you have to move forward.” It didn’t make sense at the time as I believed we were doing so. I’m still having a hard time swallowing this because it’s in conflict with a promise made to me 3 yrs and 4 months ago where God said to me “4-years”. I feel if we “move on” who is going to pray for my former wife? People that know I’m “standing” think I’m crazy, but I’ve no doubt this is where I’ve been led… to “stand”. Can you “stand” and “move on”? I suppose I just don’t know what this looks like.

      Join me please in prayer though…

    7. Adeola Odutola says:

      God heal my fragmented life. Let your glory be released over all the situations in my life. You said the name of Your Son will prevail against all that has come against me. Do for me what You did for her too, and thank you for healing me and making me whole for there are many who have said there is no help for me in You. Help me not to deny Your name enable me even now to still live a life that honours Your name. I am psalm 80. Thank you for answering me.

      Thank you for sharing this word it describes my life in all its ramifications.

    8. Hi Jamie, today am confident to say that the Lord is speaking to me concerning dreams. He has been giving me many dreams but I didn’t get more revelation. With you and Jennifer Eivaz am getting more the meaning of my dreams. Am sure now that the Lord has been delivering me from a very painful childhood that has robbed me of many years. He is truly my deliverer….. Thanks

    9. Priscilla W. says:

      Praise Jesus for a beautiful word… Indeed its a deliverance already… I thank God for you indeed, you are teaching me Ministry Work! Now, one thing has come out.. I had a dream some time ago. I saw I owned a Toyota Fielder.. and just this morning in the traffic, my eyes were driven to a fielder but on this particular car, the name had the first two letters kind off rubbed off so you can imagine what the remaining letters spelt out! A Ministry I feel God is speaking to me about…

      So your dream surely has ministered to me in a very distinct way, not entirely its principle intention!

      God is Great. I am also rejoicing with you on your blessing of a son. Am praying and Thanking God for His Faithfulness. Much Blessing…

    10. I could write volumes on this subject – THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! I pray that one day my hearing will be as clear when He speaks into me. My own mother has been the source of pain and a shattered heart… and she lives with me and my family. She has lied about me, gossiped and alienated me from my brothers and sisters and even the church we attended when we first moved here 4 years ago. I have forgiven her countless times and continue to do so as I speak and also my sisters that have joined her in accusing me. I had a very odd dream 2 nights ago that my former church held a ‘tribunal’ to convict me of ‘faith’ and other amorphous ‘sins’. The next night I dreamed of my new church and there was such joy and happiness and love in the dream that when I woke up there was such relief! God is healing me and I’ve had many answered prayers recently – my constant confession is ‘I know You hear me LORD, thank you for Your Word and Your promises’. Praise God I can hardly recognize my situation from just a year ago, but there is still much to believe for. Bless you Jamie, for bringing hope through His Spirit <3

    11. Dear Jamie, God bless you for sharing this post. I am not at a good place in a certain area of my life right now. I need to meditate and be in prayer more and ask Papa to deliver me. ??

    12. Maria Sekgetho says:

      Wow! What a spot on message …immediately after I’ve read your message it is then that I’m having revelation of a dream I dreamt on Saturday. Thank you indeed I’m sitting next to my journal to write it and it’s interpretation straight away!

    13. Debbie Botterbusch says:

      Please tell me how to get teaching on how to interpret my dreams. Very interesting that a car represents my job or ministry. I’ve been having a dream of driving a small convertible under water with lots of beautiful colored fish watching and us all happy and laughing.

    14. Lillian Bwowe Nanteza says:

      Thank you Jamie

    15. Candace Lykken says:

      I like this article “Don’t poop in my Lexus” and about dreams. I have had a couple of dreams where in one God taught me not to be fearful of overcoming obstacles. A big dinosaur was in my path blocking me from moving forward and I was on a mission. I simply picked him up by the tail and threw him out of the way and said, ” Get out of my way , I am on a mission.” This could only happen in a dream but I woke up feeling relieved that dinosaur(obstacle) was GONE and did not return. In another dream God encouraged me to overcome my fears by showing me a cross with a door on it. Of course to get to the cross to open the door I had to take a step of faith and cross snakes and scorpions, darkness, and swampy water but I made it and once I opened the door on the cross and stepped inside a voice said to me NOW…you are In Christ. Wow! the fear left.
      Please pray God will give me another dream as I am stuck in kind of a depression feeling like I have failed God and missed God and He cant use me now and I struggle understanding His Love for me personally; I know and understand it intellectually and what Gods Word says but I need a personal revelation of His love personally to bond with Him better. Thanks. Candace

    16. amen. Right words for my current situation.

    17. Don’t you just love those dreams where something maskes sense to you and helps you get on track? And I like the idea of a united heart.

    18. Where can I get more information on the dream symbols and their meanings? I bought your Intro to Dreams but I need more! Hearing that a vehicle represented a ministry was helpful as I had a dream that started out with two loud beeps that came from the driveway but no vehicle was there…hmm

    19. Millicent says:

      Thank you Jamie. Reading this brought a clear revelation of a scary dream I had a few days ago. God used you to speak to my situation. Thank you Jesus.

    20. Janet L Burnett says:

      I was set free from severe Arachnophobia through a dream. I have been terrorized by anything with eight legs for as long as I can remember. Some things my mother had written about me as a toddler, it must have started between the ages of 2 and 4. As it turns out, I am gifted as a Seer, and that gift was in operation when I was that young. I saw a demon that looked like a huge spider, running and hissing toward me to bite me. It was as big as I was. The dream I had explained how it operated, and I was totally set free of that terrible fear.

    21. Thank you Jamie for sharing! These words along have begun the healing process. My heart was shattered on October 25 as I stood boldly, spoke what was on my heart, hoping to revive a two year plutonic friendship that was slowing crushes my heart. But my words seemed to work against me, but I knew deep inside it was for my good, even though my heart was shattered.
      The pain was so deep in the moment, I felt like I had been stabbed in my chest. I gave this person access to my home and my heart, learned a painful lesson. I forgive him and often find myself praying for him.
      I need help in forgiving myself for not guarding my heart and giving away tooo much tooo soon. ?

    22. Lord, give me a dream of deliverance!
      Teach me Your ways, O LORD, that I may live according to Your truth! Grant me purity of heart, so that I may honor You. With all my heart I will praise You, O LORD my God. I will give glory to Your name forever, in Jesus name, Amen!

      1. Thank you for this word. God spoke to me through this. Yes I have 2005 lexus and also yes my heart broke as people left us from our ministry. This is what exactly going on. Even though I have forgiven them but it still hurts. God always speaks to me through your devotion. This is what it means God hears us and speaks to us through different ways. Thank you and Praise God for your ministry.

    23. Gift Ssempa says:

      Praise the name of the Most High God. Thanks for the blog. I believe that the Holy Spirit has led me to read it so I can know and ask Him to heal my heart. Knowing that since He searches the deepest parts of the heart and mend it.God bless you

    24. Hello brothers and sisters in the Lord. I would like to share a deliverance I had in my dream just hours ago on this day 20/02/2018. I have been praying to be released from a habitual sin but I seem to be always going back to it. A few days ago I went on my knees one time to pray to God to expel the spirit from me and renew my soul and spirit.
      Today, I had a dream and a woman laid her hands on me, prayed and delivered me. During the deliverance in my dream, my sins, bondage etc were all coming out through my mouth. Afterwards, It felt as if something big had just passed through my throat. I woke up to a similar sensation in my throat. Also during the deliverance, the woman was in the fight against the person as she delivered me. I did not really understand that part of it anyway. I had never known or experienced deliverance in dreams but today I felt I have been delivered through dreams.

    25. Ariel Lessington says:

      I had was having a hard time because I lost a pregnancy December 2017
      More so because I knew I was pregnant and I was doing everything not keep it because I felt overwhelmed and I was in a situation where I didn’t know who the father of my child was it was between 2 men and I believe that God delivered Me In The dream by giving me some closure to the situation and letting me know that I should have handled the situation better but he understood where I was at mentally at the time and I finally had closure on who the father was . In the dream I feel like I finally forgiven myself I literally just woke up from this dream in tears and I googled right away and found this blog and I think it was meant for me to read ! In my dream the father did a DNA test to see if he was the childs father and I was scared in the dream because I had the baby and (he was a father) the guy I was sleeping with who wasnt my boyfriend … I had a feeling that he probably was but I wasn’t sure and it weighed heavy on my heart being that I didn’t take care of myself while pregnant and I felt guilty about the whole situation . I just didn’t want to have a kid in that situation and I was being selfish , so I finally feel like I forgave myself , I feel like God gave me the closure I needed and I’m ready to repent and be a better person. Pray for God and you won’t regret it .

      1. Ariel, I’m so sorry for the loss of your child.
        Thank you for reading my blog. It’s nice to meet you. I have to ask you, have you ever given your whole heart and life to Jesus, making Him your Savior and the Boss of your life? He loves you very much and wants to forgive you for everything you’ve ever done that wasn’t just perfect like He is. All you have to do is come to Him.
        You can read more about what I mean here if you’d like to. He longs for you, and I hope that, if you haven’t already given your life to Him, that you will do so today. He is with you right now, holding out His arms and wanting to comfort you. He will give you a new start and transform your life if you will give your life and heart to Him. And it’s all a free gift, because He paid the price for your sins already.

    26. Thanks for this Jamie.

    27. I expect God to do great and healing things in me. I asked for a healing this morning.

    28. Christina McCrory says:

      This is so Amazing!! ☺️🥰
      I just told Abba how you are the big sister that I’ve always wanted. You’re always on-time, you encourage and sometimes it’s correcting but it’s always in the purest of love. (I can’t wait to give you and your ministry a great big seed too). Thank you so much for sharing this blog. Your dream was amazing and I can totally relate. I’m at work (overnighter) and I’ve prayed, claimed the promise of Psalm 86 (which has spoken to me in this season) but I’m going to do more when I get home and I cannot wait to get my deliverance dream!!! I’ll be sure to share it with you. Again thanks for being such an amazing daughter of Christ!!!

    29. Thank you for sharing this great testimony . As I’m writing I remember the dream I had where something came out of me from under. I was recently told there is growth in my uterus that need to be cut out.

    30. Thank-you,Jamie! WE LOVE YOU! this is how I have felt for over 40 years an thought no one would even understand these very things were done to me,,an every time some new situation came we got slammed again an more of my heart broke ,Now it needs to heal we need to move forward ,Thank-you, God Bless!

    31. God Is Sooo Amazing!🙌🏽
      Recently had 2 dreams back to back: 1st about my x-husband and 2nd another situation, both were heartbreaking. Honestly I thought I was over them. When I awaken, I asked God for the interpretation and He said that this was still in my heart, and He was healing my heart! Thank You Lord and thank you Jamie, this was confirmation!!!👍🏽

    32. SHIRLEYN TYSON says:

      Thank you Jamie. I am still hurting over past and current heartache. I will follow the directions you listed in your post. You hit on a spot on my journey with the Lord for over 45 years. sometimes it seems like it never goes away. God is faithful and He will deliver me as He did you because He is no respecter of persons. “He is close to them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such that be of a contrite spirit.” (Psalms 34:18) Thank you

    33. Thank you for these words.
      Praying that the Lord will give me a “dream of deliverance” . Drawing a line in the sand. Heal my spirit Lord I pray in Jesus’s name. Blessings to you Jamie ❤

    34. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      I receive and believe in my dream of deliverance. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

    35. The post touches my heart and my Lexus SUV. It talks to me because I have a Lexus SUV. This is the day I draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough. No more hurt and shame. Lord unite my heart and heal me and show me deliverance in my work situation. Jamie please help me pray.

    36. Lilian Chudey Pride says:

      Wow!!! What more can I say? This is just for me. I already had my deliverance in a dream two nights ago, your explanation made me realize this. Thank you so much.

    37. Hello Jamie,
      Thank you Jesus Christ for mercy over our lives. I was blessed because I have been sick with wounded heart. Lord sent me an angel to minister to me about the wounds in my life in my dream.I didn’t know exactly what I should do to be healed. The Lord just used you to direct me what to do.
      May God bless you and your ministry.

    38. Yes, thank you Jamie! This does make sense to me, and my continual prayer is heal my heart and mind. I pray for God to reveal things to me in dreams, and so far I can’t say I have any great revelation dreams, but my prayers continue.

    39. Joseph Gandywest says:

      Oh lord speak to me in a dream so that my painful heart can be healed and restored. In Jesus name.Amen

    40. Annanson John says:

      Most very grateful for your authentic and insightful prophetic teachings.
      I surely need this.
      Thank you very much, Prophetess Jamie

    41. Mary Rose says:

      Ive been having a bunch of dreams lately. I believe God is trying to get my attention thru these dreams. But I want more! I need and my children need healing. I stand on plsam 86!! All glory to God.

    42. Glory to God Amen and Amen

    43. Irma Nortje says:

      AMEN THANKU, Reveal to me your Holy Will and Plan for me and my family future and we thank you for such Amazing Grace in our Dreams and we can have Godly interpretation and advance in Your Kingdom Lifestyle on Earth as God navigate us to stand firm against onslaughts. Blessings to You Ps Jamie.

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