My Big, Wonderful Secret: SURPRISE!

Dear Presence seekers,

Are you ready to know my big, wonderful secret that I’ve been waiting so long to tell you? I’m so excited to share this news with you, my Presence-seeking family, today!

Guess what?

My husband and I have been told we couldn’t have biological children without a miracle. We were told this many years ago, and of course, it devastated us.

But God.

All along, God kept giving us promises–promises for a baby. Scripture after Scripture after Scripture. The promises were too many to list here. But still, no baby. And years passed.

But then …

In January of this year, one of my mentors, Pastor Judy Jacobs, released a prophetic word to her Engage mentoring community that 2017 was the year of EVERYTHING. You’ve got to believe the words of the prophets in order to get what’s prophesied. Something about that word resonated with us, so we decided to believe it.

My husband and I had grown to be happy the way we were; we have a great life. But we still wanted a child. A baby of our own. And our spirits could not let go of the fact that, if God’s Word says that a child is His will for our lives (which it does), then we still needed to press into those promises.


After hearing that prophetic word from Pastor Judy, we wrote down the promises God has given us that we WOULD have a baby.

Again, there are lots of Scriptural promises for this. In the Bible, every person who wanted a baby and asked God for it got what they asked for. It’s part of our covenant with Jesus. God said there would be none barren in Israel.

So we wrote down our promises.

I made a vision board of those promises and of our specific requests for the child we wanted. We prayed over our promises and took communion (the Lord’s Supper/Eucharist) over those promises, letting God know we believed His Word. Our ability to have a baby was bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus.

And when we prayed, we told God we wanted our baby BORN in 2017. Not enough to just conceive. BORN.

In April 2017, surprise surprise. We found out I am pregnant. I’m now in the second trimester.

Our due date? 12/31/17. The very last day Papa could have answered our very specific prayer. And, by the way, it’s a boy.

This is why I’ve been so sick for the last few months.

I haven’t been sick with regular morning sickness most of the time. Instead, the pregnancy aggravated a couple other health issues I had going on–a low thyroid hormone level and a vitamin deficiency–and it took my doctors awhile to find the problem.

Then, it took even longer to actually fix the problem.

Now that they’ve found it, and we’ve addressed it, I’m doing SO much better. I’m still dealing with a few issues, but I’m no longer confined to bed like I was before (for weeks). I’m getting stronger every day.

And baby is FINE. Just fine. He’s healthy and strong.

I have had so many people over the years write to me and say they long for a baby.

Beloved, if that’s you, get a copy of the book Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize (affiliate link). It has a big list of the promises in the Bible pertaining to childbirth. (Not all the promises, but a whole heap of them.)

If you want a baby, read that book. Read the testimonies. Read the teaching. Get God’s Word about having babies in your heart. Confess His promises out of your mouth, and write the vision (Habakkuk 2:2).

God’s Word is always true, and God’s Word says you CAN have a baby.

Beloved, thank you so much for your prayers and support during this time.

As I’ve said before, you are such a blessing. I’ve been overwhelmed with your care, love, emails, prayers, and more. And while I couldn’t work at all, Papa still used you–through your product purchases, partnerships, and donations–to provide for both my family and this ministry.

Thank you. May God multiply all the blessings you have given me back to you a thousandfold.

If you pray for us, I would still covet your prayers. Specifically:

  • Pray for my overall health and the health of our baby.
  • Pray that I would be able to keep food, water, and medicine DOWN. I’ve been having some trouble with this.
  • Pray that I would know what work to do myself and what to delegate/hire out.
  • Pray that the Lord would bring the people alongside this ministry to help–the people that He needs us to have. The ministry has become too big for me to handle by myself, and I know I need help. But I don’t know how to navigate these waters at all.
  • Pray for the ministry’s finances. We are doing fine, and Papa always provides. It’s just that hiring help costs money and paying people fairly is very important to me. So, we need provision. 🙂

That’s all for today, folks. I am so thankful for you. Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for reading and for partnering with us to reach people around the whole world with the love of Jesus.

Much love in Christ to you today,

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  1. Congrats!! Had both my sons in December!

    1. Vincent Del Vecchio says:

      That’s a great testimony! Praise God!

      1. Apostle Shirley Robinson says:

        Glory to God. Congratulations to you and your husband. Blessings.

    2. Congratulations!! So thrilled for you. Being a mother is a wonderful experience, and I thank God for the opportunity. My daughter is now 23 and it’s a pleasure to watch her grow into the beautiful gem that Father created her to be.

    3. Yvette Chapman says:

      Congratulations Jamie. I am so excited for you. I’ve been praying that God would send me a spouse and that I would be able to conceive a healthy baby. When I saw your testimony, I got chills. God bless you!

    4. Wonderful news Jaime!! Will pray as you request.

        1. Alia Abdullah says:

          Congrats! God is amazing. Its good to have faith. I hope you send us some pics. God bless you and your journey!

    5. Mehrunissa says:

      Congratulations! That is such wonderful news! Our God is so faithful ( and funny 12/31/17)!

    6. Mehrunissa says:

      Congratulations! That is such wonderful news! Our God is so faithful ( and funny 12/31/17)!

  2. Nancy Mmelesi says:

    Hi Jamie

    What great news!
    I’m so happy for you. We serve a faithful God.
    You are blessed and highly favoured of The Lord.

    Remain ever blessed and continue to be a blessing to the nations.


  3. Roseline Martin says:

    Awesome God we serve. I’m so blessed by this testimony. Congratulations! May God bless you with divine health and safe delivery of baby into this world. Thank you for your ministry.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Awesome news, Jamie!!! Our God is so very awesome!!! Praying for you during this time of waiting!!!

  5. OH MY and GLORY! Jamie. I am so thrilled for you and Blesses to get to see GOD’s blessing, on you and your family…m. Ain’t GOD grand!

  6. Hi

    Just like the word say there is a time for everything and it was your time to have this child. Gods timing how wonderful I am so happy for you. God will keep his hand over your health.

  7. Brittney Bolder says:

    Amazing! God is so faithful and I’m thankful that He opened your womb. Congratulations! I will continue to lift up you and your families name in prayer that He will continue to bless you as you have blessed so many others by your obedience!

    May God Continue to Bless You!

  8. Congratulations to you and your husband! Such an awesome blessing

  9. Nochickenhead says:

    Congratulations! I pray all your needs are supplied according to God’s riches. I’m happy to hear God has been faithful to fulfill his promises to you all.

  10. Shruti Rajan says:

    What great news… I am keeping you in my prayers.

  11. Gina Trahan says:

    I am so thrilled for you Jamie.
    We do serve an awesome God!
    He will protect your health and you will have a beautiful healthy baby boy…sent to you by God’s own hands.

    Lots of Love XOXO
    Gina Trahan

  12. Christine says:

    Congratulations Jamie to you and your husband. Praying for a healthy and safe pregnancy. And a healthy and happy baby. God bless your family! !

  13. Wilna van Geer says:

    Hi Jamie

    I just knew that that was happening for you. Congratulations and all the best for the rest of your pregnancy. God bless!


  14. Dear Jamie,

    Congratulations my heart is full of joy for you!
    I will be keeping you in prayer as you have asked and anticipate only good reports.

  15. Congratulations!!!!! God bless your family and I pray God open up the windows of heaven and pour out blessings overflowing upon your household.

  16. Ricky Rabi says:

    Hallelujah….Praise Jesus. God has your health already covered. So thrilled.

  17. Congratulations and may God keeping shining and showing up in your life!

  18. Hallelujah!!! Praise the Lord!!! You are such a blessing and an inspiration (and great encourager) Continue to be highly blessed, deeply loved, whole, and highly favored. ???

  19. Rumbidzai Mwedzi says:

    We indeed thank God for being faithful….He makes ALL things beautiful in His time.
    am so happy for you and you husband.

    we give God ALL the glory

  20. Standingstillwife says:

    What a beautiful testimony and congratulations on the heaven sent news.

  21. goodness Mndawe says:

    Congratulations my the wonderful God protect you and the baby and your entire fimily . We love you as much as you love us.

  22. Meloni Simpson says:


    Wow, congratulations to you and your husband. I am so very happy for ya’ll. God is so good. I am so thankful God is blessing you and your husband. I am praying that all that nausea and morning sickness will completely subside. It is definitely not a good feeling. I had it with my second son and I couldn’t even get in the shower without feeling sick. Oh well enough of that. I will be praying for you all for a good pregnancy, a good labor and delivery, course I know you have some months, but it doesn’t hurt to start praying now. Praying for your ministry. Praying that you will be able to get back to what God has planned for your life. So glad that I found you, your ministry has helped me so. Love in Christ.

    1. Meloni Simpson says:


      I forgot to say that I was praying for Baby Rohrbaugh. Praying for God to touch him and that he will be in his likeness.

  23. I knew it before you told us! I knew it!~ Congratulations! God can do anything but fail! I declare in Jesus name all your request be answered. Amen! You will be alright, just a little uncomfortable for a season. God Bless You. Pray God bless me with a beautiful husband in Jesus name. Amen!

  24. Congratulations! God is SO good! Prayers for your family for healing, health, protection, and God’s continuous and beyond amazing blessings!

  25. Pauline Borgan says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! God is so good. He hears our prayers. Need to trust in His perfect timing. So happy for your joyful news. A baby!!!!!

  26. Hi Jamie

    Congratulatons to both you and your husband! I am very happy for you both! I am and will continue to pray your prayer requests. God is awesome and He will answer your prayers when you have faith and just believe! Blessings upon blessings upon you both!

  27. Congratulations and the Lord will sustain you this journey He Has never failed us and He is a great and awesome God

  28. Jamie, what incredibly wonderful, encouraging news! Wonderful, wonderful news for you and your husband and mighty encouraging news for everyone who is standing firm and believing for mighty things to happen this year. I have a grandbaby do as well on December 31 of this year. I will pray for you and your precious little one every time I pray for my new grand-baby

  29. Robin Rush says:

    “And God remembered Rachel, and God hearkened to her, and opened her womb” Gen 30:22. Congratulations–God is good-good-good! He’s a faithful Daddy!

  30. Jaime that’s wonderful!! I knew it! You have shared your desire for a baby. I am happy you did not give up!!! I know that you will be a great Mom! Congratulations to you and your husband. God is GREAT!!

  31. Congratulations!!!!!! And YAY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another supernatural conception! I KNEW it would happen for y’all. I KNEW it!
    I, too, went through infertility and claiming God’s promises for a baby. I got a word of knowledge in the fall of 2002 (two words of knowledge, actually) that I would have a child in the next year. I clung to that, even after I did fall pregnant and had an early miscarriage in January 2003. I kept speaking those promises, reminding God that he promised me a child that year. I somehow found out about, and got a copy of, Supernatural Childbirth in March 2003. I held on to the promises. I conceived on Mar 17, 2003. Found out I was pregnant in early April, and had my promised baby boy on Dec. 10, 2003…just in time to fulfill the promise. 🙂 So he did it for me, too. That baby is 13 yrs old now, and I still remember what a miracle he is, and thank God for him, all the time. He also gave me a second baby in 2007. My bumper crop baby. haha! I love how God answers the prayers of barren women. He is so good, and so faithful. I praise him all over again, knowing he’s now done the same for you.

  32. Congratulations to you both. Children are gifts from God. We must never forget to thank him always for them. I wish you both a safe delivery and a happy, healthy baby in Jesus’ name

  33. Angeline mueni says:

    Cogratulations are actually lifting me up to receive a will be alright.

  34. Millie Williams says:

    Jamie, PRAISE GOD, PRAISE GOD this was the best news today. Congratulations for you and your husband and family. God is so AWESOME. I speak FAVOR, WISDOM, GOOD HEALTH, BLESSINGS, over you and the baby. I Know now a blessing is coming my way for me and my family also. I thank God for you and your ministry. I am so happy for you and your husband.
    Love Mrs. Millie

  35. That’s awesome news!! Congratulations. May God Bless You with a healthy baby and keep you strong during and after pregnancy. My daughter’s birthday is Dec.31… Such a cool birthdate

  36. Ann-Charlotte says:

    Congratulations to you and your husband! I’m so happy for you! I will pray for you and the baby ??❤️God bless u so much. Regards Ann-Charlotte

  37. Geraldine Espinal says:

    What incredible news!! Sooo happy for you!! Congratulations! God is so so good. What an incredible testimony to share with everyone!! God bless you Jamie ???????????

  38. I am so happy for you! Congratulations! Your testimony is an encouragement to me. I have been believing for years to conceive. I am past what people would
    call child bearing age, but if God could do it for Sarah, He can do it for me too. God bless you!

  39. Congratulations to you both! I am excited for you – the news of babies always gets me excited. God is so good- indeed He fulfills every word He has spoken. Sometimes it’s hard to believe them, but He is always true to His promises. He that has started this good thing for you will perform everything great for you and baby and husband. God bless

  40. Pattie Searcy says:

    l new this, awesome testimony, Oh! Boy ! Oh Girl Or 2 .So happy for you?Presenting Baby Rorhbaugh!!??❤???Thank You JESUS! AMEN! YES!

  41. Wonderful news and wonderful blessings of all kinds await you in the days to come . You are highly favored, Jamie , even as a Mary and Elizabeth
    Those of us who have already raised our children and have grand children to claim for Jesus, can still claim all those same promises as we eagerly await the ” birthing of the Manchild”
    “For we know that the whole creation is groaning waiting for the sons of God to manifest. ”

  42. Hugo Coetzee says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus for giving Jamie and her husband the desire’s of their heart


  43. So HAPPY for you and your hubby!! We have two beautiful adoptive boys and they are the most blessed gifts we have ever received! Both are teenagers now! God’s timing is so beautiful. I am learning more about His desire for us to pray specifics, so will be lifting you up in prayers. He is so full of love, gifts, and surprises!!

  44. Congratulations!

    Praise God for this amazing miracle. I’m so happy for you and your testimony has encouraged me that papa is listening to our prayers. Such good news.

  45. Wow, congrats Jamie to you and your husband. I am smiling from ear to ear that God heard and answered you and gave you the desires of your heart. This gives me further confirmation, encouragement and hope that the Lord is going to give me and all of his children the desires of their heart. Jamie you said something in this blog that also solidified that even when fear, doubt can crept in especially when we received an prophetic word of the Lord, that we have to hold on tight to those words, proclaim and speak and believe them, in the midst of our storms, opposition or when our time is faster than God’s, he will honor us and will answer us. Just as he did with you and your husband. Sometimes, we don’t see the whole picture, but he wants to make us and all things whole. Congratulations again and God’s blessings to and over you, your new bundle of joy, and your husband. 🙂

  46. Maria Dimba says:

    Woawh , wonderful news ever. God is good and He works on his own time. May the blood of Jesus Christ cover you and your family and may all your prayers be answered in Jesus name. I am very happy for you, congratulations mum to be. Stay blessed

  47. Dear Jamie, GLORY TO GOD, we have an awesome God. He is always faithful to our heart’s desires. Congratulations, God bless you, your husband, your boy and pregnancy. May the Lord surround you with grace, love, joy, health and prosperity in every need you meet.
    God bless you and your ministry

  48. Oh Jaimie, I’m so excited for you and your husband! He is so faithful! I pray for your health and the health of your baby. A New Years Eve miracle! I had been worried about your sickness. So happy it’s a baby and nothing more serious. You have been so faithful in your blog even through your sickness. Praise God! You are such an inspiration and it never ceases to amaze me how your word is always relevant to what is going on in my life at the time. I love you! Thank you!

  49. Congrats Jamie.Am so happy for you and your family.I pray for God’s divine protection over your life and your baby’s life. Amen

  50. Congratulations! I know that big beautiful smile of yours is even brighter now than it’s ever been! I am so happy for you. Blessings and love to you sister. <3

  51. Priscilla Maleka says:

    Wow; Congratulations!!

    So, so happy for you and your family…

    The Bible indeed says that, vision is of appointed time, and that though it may tarry we should continue earnestly wait for it and it will definitely come…..

  52. Lucy Gray says:

    Congratulations! My prayers are with you and your family. I pray for your health, happiness and success. You are truly blessed and a blessing to us all. I am grateful for God having led me to your ministry.

  53. Congratulations Jamie ! Great testimony God never fails . So happy for you .Praise God Amen.

  54. Congratulation!!!! God is Amazing!!

  55. Cecile Jo says:


    Congratulations Precious One!
    What a glorious blessing and a wonderful way to say hello to 7/7/17 5777!
    Your precious son will be born on my son’s 30th birthday! You will always
    Have such a glorious way to welcome in the new year!
    Your health will day by day grow in an excellent way as that precious seed
    Matures and your body adjusts to the new meds we will fast and pray for
    All chemical and electrical frequencies to be recharged with the DNA of
    Christ Yahshua and be made normal! God has you both! Looking forward to
    Welcoming the New Baby and New Year’s Eve with you all!

  56. God is awesome Jamie. Congratulations to you and your husband. May God keep you healthy and strong throughout. Enjoy it – pregnancy is beautiful

  57. Congratulations Jamie, to God be the glory.

  58. Congratulations, sweet friend! Jesus is so Faithful. May every purpose the Father has predestined for/in your son be fulfilled in Christ’s Name. Love you for all you’ve done for me through this ministry. I always benefit…God is Good!

  59. Congratulations on your most wonderful news! My prayers are with you – may you find great joy in this amazing journey as you await the arrival og your son.

  60. This is wonderful news for you and your husband.Great to hear that God blessed you with a boy. I hope and wish you well. I had a boy myself and had to give it up for adoption. this really hurt me and tore my heart. I was not married. I will pray that God brings help to help you where you do not have to concern yourself with money. ask for help from others until you can afford it.
    we humans don’t like to ask. step out in faith like you did with the blessing of your baby boy and leave the rest up to God. Susan Jer 29: 11-14

  61. Mapitso Mosito says:

    Congratulations the family. He is an awesome God. The Giver of life. We will pray for you messenger of God.God bless.

  62. Congratulations Jamie..the Lord is ever faithful..he is gracious and may he cause his face to shine upon you and the baby in Jesus name..Amennnn

  63. I am SOOO Happy For you!! God Bless you!! Sons are wonderful!! God IS soo good!!

  64. Congrats. Moved to tears and trusting God for my “Everything” in 2017. Breakthrough after miraculous breakthrough! This is my year to flourish as well. If God did it for you, He can do “Everything” for the rest of us too. OMG so encouraged by this. Love you!

  65. Praise jesus, Congratulations!!!!!!

  66. Apostle Shirley Robinson says:

    Congratulations Jaime. Glory to God. I’m truly thankful that God chose you. Blessings

  67. Wow!!! What wonderful news, Jamie! Many, many blessings and much love to your family. You will be a wonderful mother.

  68. Hallelujah! I perceived your secret because God had laid it on my heart to pray about it before and glory to God that He does not rescind on His word or promise. I will continue to pray Psalm 84:11 over you and your loved ones. Shalom

  69. elizabeth says:

    Congrats to other you and hubby – God is an amazing God and never fails us – you are going g to be a fantastic mom and dad to your special gift from Pappa ? I pray that your pregnancy will be hassle free and healthy. I am filled with joy for you both xxxxx??

  70. Big Big Congratulations Jamie,
    It’s wonderful to hear this great news because I’ve also been watching and praying with you just like many presence seekers are doing.
    Your testimony is another proof that our God still answers prayers and there is nothing too hard for Him.
    Glory be to His holy name forever in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Hallelujah !!!

  71. Mainza Waugh says:

    Our God is an awesome God and he reigns. Congratulations Jamie, that’s good news. My birthday is 31/12/ as well, how awesome!

  72. Congrats to you both. And glory to God for his promises are yes and Amen in Christ and that you both Did nt give up you pressed in and now here it is a bundle of joy. I pray that for the rest of your pregnancy all will be ok no more complications total complete supernatural healing and most important a safe and no complication when it’s delivery time. God bless you both.

  73. Oh, how my heart rejoices with you! ???❤

  74. Michele Browne says:

    Hey Jamie, I thank God for you and congratulations. God is good. We are yet believing for our baby as well, it’s been hard. But I will keep trying to hold on. We will lift you up in prayer as you requested.. We do love you, and God bless you and your husband, your baby boy, and your ministry.

  75. Congrats!!

    God is great.

  76. Congratulations to your husband and you for this wonderful news! Hoping and praying for you that you have a healthy baby!

  77. Jamie, I am so happy for you and Bruce! You are truly encountering an exciting season! You have many spiritual children now for the physical children. I pray you have more children should that be your hearts desire. Your and Bruce are going to be amazing parents! Tom and I celebrate your wonderful news! And Praise God for His promises! Praying for complete healing. Praying for a healthy pregnancy and a smooth delivery! For we know all things are possible with God!
    Congratulations & Blessings!

  78. sibonginkosi says:

    All for the glory of God.Congratulations my sister….keeping you in prayers

  79. Mutebi Joseph says:

    Ha-ha-ha, praise God, me and my love spent two years,a few days to our third annivarsary we gat a baby. not all tears are of sorrow,there those of JOY,thank God for that”let the baby be filled with the Holy spirit now in Jesus’ name.

  80. Kathy Smith says:

    Praising God for this precious gift of your longed for baby,it encourages our faith for my daughter who has had one baby via IVF and is believing for another.
    Much love and blessings to you and your husband and of course your unborn baby boy, love Kathy

  81. Danielle Bedford says:


    Praise God for your pregnacy and birth of your gift from God. Praying for you and ministry.

  82. Great news Jamie .. may god bless you , d baby n ur entire family. I can feel your emotions n d situation u r in. 5 years waiting for our 2nd child,husband not to keen to hve a second child,me wanting a sibling for my daughter n praying to God to align my circumstances in my favour.God my father has moved on my behalf n I hve received his favour n our second child is due in October. Praise be to my father my abba my Jehovah Jireh my provider my Adonai

  83. Mpho Myeni says:

    Wow! How wonderful Jammie . God is really faithful.

  84. Belinda Dede Tetteh says:

    There is this song we sing in our Ghana and it goes like this” Jehovah turned my life around. He turned my life around. He makes a way where there seems to be no way. Jehovah has the final say”. I just can’t stop singing it after reading this. May God bless you and cause his face to shine on you and the family. May He cover you with his feathers. God bless you.

  85. armstrong mangvwat says:

    congrats, our God is good all the time.

  86. Flora Gburuke says:

    Congratulations Jamie! God is so Awesome and never fails. Always on time!

  87. Congratulations to you!! God is indeed so good all the time. He never fails. He doesn’t lie. He keeps ALL His promises!!!

  88. Ann Johnstone says:

    I’m sorry I’ve only just read your latest email Jamie because of my own health issues. WOW – God is so good! Now if your name was Sarah, your baby would be Isaac – the long-awaited child of promise! I am so thrilled for you! And what is significant is that there are no ‘Ishmaels’ (God’s second best, and the result of interfering with God’s sovereign plan) to get in the way of His perfect plan for you and your husband. I am really excited to hear what God has done.

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