How To Pray For Those Who Hate You

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How To Pray For Those That Hate You | By Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comAwhile back, someone made it abundantly clear to me recently that they hate me.

I don’t know why, because they didn’t come to me directly. I’m not aware of anything I’ve done that would have caused their animosity. But it’s there, nonetheless. The whole thing makes me very sad.

After the situation happened, I was just in shock. Speechless. If anything similar has ever happened to you, you’ll understand what I mean. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. And afterward, I didn’t know how to respond. In a daze, I started just trying to think my way through the situation.

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    I remembered that Jesus said that if someone hates me, I am to pray for them. In Luke 6:27-28, He said:

    “But I say to you who hear: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, and pray for those who spitefully use you.””

    And Matthew 5:44-45 says:

    “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.”

    So that’s where I started. I was too numb to do anything else. But I didn’t really know how to pray about it.

    But I was so angry that I didn’t do very well at first.

    Honestly, looking back, I see that my first prayers were from a heart attitude of “Oh yeah? I’ll show you. I’ll pray for you to be blessed, because I’m doing what the Lord wants me to do, and you’re not.”

    Horrible. I know. What terrible motives. Lord, I’m so sorry. (Am I the only one who has ever done that?) But, at least I wasn’t angry or cursing this person. I was genuinely concerned for their well-being, even though my heart’s motives weren’t pure.

    (In the past, before I met Jesus, I would have been very angry and definitely would have said horrible things about them. So I thank God that at least He is changing me.)

    Then I got some sleep and went to the Lord the next morning about it. When I did, I saw things very differently. I thought I’d share what I saw, in case you might be dealing with a similar situation.

    Here’s what the Lord showed me about how to pray for those that hate you:

    1. God loves the person who hates me just as much as God loves me.

    This person is the beloved child of the Father. Papa God’s heart beats for them, just like it does for me. My Father loves them with an everlasting love, and is working in this person’s life just like He is working in my life.

    Do you have someone who hates you? If so, would you take the time to realize that God earnestly loves and yearns after them, just like He loves and yearns after you?

    2. Because God loves them, I know His heart breaks when He sees this situation.

    Seeing things from God’s perspective suddenly changed my perspective. When I realized that Jesus sees this situation, and that it grieves His precious heart to have this person act/think/talk this way, then suddenly my motives changed. No longer was I praying out of an “I’ll show you – holier than thou” attitude. Instead, I was praying out of my love for Jesus.

    I don’t want to see Jesus’ heart grieved. I don’t want Him to be sad. I don’t want to see Him hurt.

    When I saw God’s heart breaking for this person, I was suddenly able to pray out of sympathy with Jesus.

    My prayer changed from “holier-than-thou” to “Daddy God, please bless them and heal their heart because this is wounding Jesus, and I can’t stand for Jesus to be wounded anymore. Oh God, please overwhelm this person with Your love for them.”

    It became about Jesus, not about me. And in reality, isn’t that what every sin and wrong response is about? It’s not directed at me–not really. It’s just sin rebelling against Jesus.

    If you are in a similar situation, ask Father God to help you pray in sympathy with Jesus. Ask Him to let Jesus receive His full, glorious inheritance in the person that hates you.

    God responds to prayers like that.

    Related: THE book that changed my prayer life forever and taught me to pray on behalf of Jesus is Power, Passion & Prayer (Pure Gold Classics) by my hero, Charles Finney (Amazon affiliate link). Digest it one chapter at a time, and I guarantee it will wreck you forever too. 🙂

    3. I’m not accountable for their actions, but I am accountable for responding rightly.

    I won’t answer to God for someone else’s actions, but I will answer for my own.

    My response is between me and God. I want to walk before God in white, with clean hands and a pure heart. Dear Father, help me to respond rightly.

    The same goes for you. If someone has treated you badly, they were wrong to do so. But their wrong doesn’t make it ok for you to respond sinfully.

    Walk before God in white. Respond with righteousness, peace, and love. That is all we are responsible for. God will take care of the rest.

    I don’t know how the situation I’m dealing with will turn out, but I know God will handle it. I can rest in Him… and so can you.

    If you are dealing with someone who hates you, please understand that God loves them too. Pray for them in sympathy with the heart of Jesus, that Jesus would no longer be grieved. And don’t let sin rob you of clean hands and a pure heart.

    Do any of these things resonate with you too? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Thanks!


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      1. Yes it does respond to me a day befre mothers day 2016 my daughter told me she hated me and wants me dead and that her and her brother my son hates me more then anything in the world and i was the sorriest mother ever she punches me in the face and pulled my hair out i call 911 on her and they was gnna arest me to if i filed on her i never put my hands on her she told me is i would get out of my car she would run me over til i was dead i have 6 children all grown and all love me but these 2 idk wht i did for them to hate me so much thy want me dead but i pray for them we have not spoke since april 10th 2016 my heart breaks wen i close my eyes and hear and see her face with so much hate for me please pray for them

          1. My daughter is a narcissist. Raised in church but turned out morally bankrupt and filled with rage. Hard to know why some kids are more resilient and turn out ok and some in the family become prodigals, taking what they can and then discarding you. Best to put distance between you. And pray for a miracle.

        1. Dear sister, I’m so sorry sister in christ, I understand the feeling of being rejected, by your children , I’m dealing with something very similar, its painful I know, and I was verbally attacked by my own dad who hates me for following Jesus, he condemns me to hell for it, it hurts deeply so it’s hard to know what to do as a child of God especially when you have a gentle heart that breaks easily . I’ll Definitely remember you in my prayers sister, support is very important within the body of christ.. Jesus said that his grace is sufficient, and greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world , so if you find comfort and peace in Jesus take that moment and lay it all down at his feet speak openly to Jesus and then ask him to give you a feeling of love and forgiveness so that we can pray from a heart of forgiveness for our family members who hurt us like that. Gods grace will lift your heart, heal your pain and set you free and your relatives will by the grace of God find repentance and salvation in the name of Jesus , I hope for the same for my children and my dad .
          Love in christ to you my sister …you are more than the concurer , Jesus is with us always and forever …xxx

      2. This was excellent and helpful. I had to repent for responding wrongly to a situation, with a family member, which happened recently. My heart is grieved over my response and this is a wonderful reminder of how we as believers should handle these types of situatuons.

        1. Ranette, I’ve had to repent many a time too. I am thankful that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, and that He forgives us as soon as we repent. And will help us to respond in a way that is more pleasing to Him the next time! It’s really hard sometimes, but it becomes easier (for me anyway) if I just focus on responding rightly to please God–and ask Him to deal with the person who hurt me. It’s tough anyway, but that at least makes it a bit easier.
          Thanks so much for reading and sharing. I pray Papa will bless you today.

      3. Nonie Daniel says:

        Thank you, so much. This prayer and write up brings comfort. My family has faced so much hatred and conspiracy right within the church. I personally felt like leaving that church. My spirit was and has been so sore. Even the looks of these church members and some colleagues are hateful, demeaning to say the least. It’s all I can do to ask God to help nme. Thank you for these prayers. Sometimes I think the conspiracy is too much. God bless you
        And I have a career that’s so stagnated through the years- I failed an exam and since the last 5 years been too afraid to attempt it again. Because of this I have missed certain job opportunities and feel the cold looks of some colleagues and superiors. Gossips. It’s terrible. Ii find it difficult to share with anyone and get a prayer partner for fear my situation will make headlines

      4. Stephen Goode says:

        I thought about Cain, and how God called him ‘the son of the wicked one’, but still, he gave him a chance to do right.
        God has mercy so that all men would come to repentance.

        Thank you for sharing. This confirmed me to keep praying this simple prayer and to keep in the faith of Jesus Christ, and to be merciful as he is.
        Praise God.

        May God look favorably upon and protect you, and keep you in his name.

      5. Good afternoon Jamie! Thank you so much for this prayer of dealing with people who hate you. I use to be in tears because I genuinely care about people and never could understand the dislike towards. In the moment, I didn’t handle the situation well I became very defensive. But, your words touch my soul in look at the bigger picture and just pray for them and give love instead of anger. God bless!

    1. Kimberly Gooden says:

      This really helped me. When people are malicous and spitefully, it really hurts. Just recently someone told my husband that he hated him and he hated the words that come out of his mouth. What was so shocking about this was we thought this person was a friend. I was praying for him, but it was the wrong type of pray. I woke up the next morning still full of vengence. I googled prayer for those who hate and your blog really inspired me. God is an awesome God.

      1. I’m so glad it helped, Kimberly. I know that hurts when a so-called “friend” turns on you. I’m so sorry that happened. Hang in there. I know our Papa will bless you for responding with a right heart. 🙂

        1. Yes Jamie. This was really helpful when you got know someone hates you so much. It’s very hurtful and I googled for a prayer. So your blog is very helpful for that. God sees everything HE will do miracles in people’s lives.
          God bless you all.

    2. This article really helped me, i was answering to a post on face book. About letting God back into our schools…. We after I posted my thoughts, I was surrounded by Atheists who called me names, taunted me, and said all kinds of hatefull things about my God. The more I tried to explain my faith in Jesus, they had each others back and it was awful.

      1. I’m so sorry that happened to you, Peggy. Whenever people say nasty things to me, I’m reminded of what Jesus said in Matthew 5:11-12: “Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. 12 Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” I always find great comfort in that verse! I hope it will comfort you too.
        Thank you for reading my blog!

    3. Dianne A. says:

      You’re post is very insightful. I know people that don’t like me and they don’t even know me. But, i don’t think i have ever had anyone say that they hate me or one of my family members directly. Although, my own father called me a fanatic. I feel really bad for you all and i’m going to add in my prayers tonight that i pray for others that have to deal with mean people especially those like you Jamie, that pray so profoundly for those that persecute you. God Bless you, Di

    4. A few years ago, I lost a dear friend over something I had done, although at the time I didn’t know about it. I knew there was something wrong with our relationship, but I didn’t know what until I approached her last year. Once she finally told me what was wrong, I acknowledged my error and asked for her forgiveness. She supposedly forgave me and said all was well, but all is not well. We are not friends anymore. My heart is broken. Your article was such a blessing. I want to pray like this. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

      1. Jennifer, I’m so sorry that happened to you. I pray that God would even heal and restore your friendship as you pray for her. I know Papa must be very proud of you for desiring reconciliation. Thank you for reading my blog, and for sharing your story.

    5. Thanks so much this is just what I need, I have been facing work place bullying, my nerves are wrecked and I have been trying to pray for them, but this makes me realize that I am not alone.

      1. Ruthie, I am so sorry you’re dealing with that. I pray Papa would comfort you and hide you under His wings, where you’ll be safe and sheltered from the world (Psalm 91:1). You are definitely not alone. Thank you for sharing.

    6. Thank you so much for this. Our family is struggling with another family member (close family member) who is far less than kind. And every time I forgive them and peacefully pray for them, they attack again. I realize also that I am not battling flesh here. A their comes to kill,steal and destroy and he us working through this person to break up our family. And now this is a beautiful perspective and she isn’t just hurting us but also My glorious Jesus. So now I can pray from another direction.
      Thank you as always for sharing !!

    7. Thank you so much for this. Our family is struggling with another family member (close family member) who is far less than kind. And every time I forgive them and peacefully pray for them, they attack again. I realize also that I am not battling flesh here. A theif
      comes to kill,steal and destroy and he us working through this person to break up our family. And now this is a beautiful perspective and she isn’t just hurting us but also My glorious Jesus. So now I can pray from another direction.
      Thank you as always for sharing !!

      1. I’m sorry you’re going through that, Kim, but I know the prayer will help… and God will bless you for being obedient and praying!

    8. WOW… God has been telling me this over and over and over….. and over. and to OBEY…. I had a situation happen that involves another women and an affair. She still attends our church and makes herself very visible. And I KNOW i must for give her and pray for her with a SINCERE heart. pray for my strength. . . . but i will obey and pray for a pure heart and follow that with praying for her. Thank you

      1. That’s awesome, Kevynne. Yes, I know it can be tough at first but it will definitely get easier, and Papa will answer your prayers to bring His will into the situation! Thank you for reading…

    9. I am dealing with a situation at work, with a “friend” who it turns out is not a friend at all. while being kind to my face, she was spreading rumors, hurtful & untrue rumors behind my back. she was also telling others about personal things i had confided in her. nothing had happened in our “friendship” that would make me think she felt this way but apparently she felt this from the beginning when she met me. (why pretend? i will never understand) So i cut off all communication with this woman & she has heard from others that i know the awful things she has said about me and she has not reached out to me at all. for me i feel like that speaks volumes. At first i was very angry & didnt pray for her at all, then after a few days i moved on to being hurt (kind of like the grieving process) and i began to pray that god would work in her life & that she would change her ways. (even though i dont know if i could ever let her back in) After reading this article I realize that i can pray for her from a place of love for Jesus, while keeping her at a distance to protect myself, my family & my other friendships. thank you.

      1. Amen, Jessica. I’m sorry you’re going through that, but you’re right–praying for Jesus’ sake makes it sooo much easier. I pray Papa would bless you as you lift this woman up.

    10. what if the person who hates you is mentally imbalanced (or evil?) and actually sends you threatening emails implying they will kill you? should you pray for them?

      1. Yes. Pray for them. And go to the police if you’re in danger. 🙂 It’s the state’s job to defend the helpless in situations like that. So do both. 🙂 Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. 🙂

    11. Wow. Talk about the Lord at work! I contacted you yesterday for your thoughts on this exact subject in hopes you would have an old post I could refer to. I continued to pray for the person who hurt us, for the situation, for comfort from the hurt, and for wisdom in dealing with it. When I checked your blog this morning this post jumped out at me. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you Jamie!

      1. Debby, that’s so awesome. I got your email and prayed for you. It does take me quite awhile to respond to emails sometimes because my schedule is so full with my day job, but I will get back with you. In the meantime, I’m so glad Papa encouraged you with this post! Praising God with you! He’s so good. 🙂
        Have a great day, and I will continue to pray for you.

    12. I appreciate your post. I am struggling with the person who hates me is my Mother. I have struggled since I was a little girl wondering what it is I have done for her to give me the silent treatment for days. I have asked. From what I have learned from seeking therapy, my Mom is a Narcissist possible struggling with other psychosis issues? I believe this is a spiritual battle and have hoped/prayed for years for healing, restoration, and Gods will/way to prevail. I have two older brothers, I am like an only because of the age difference and only girl. I have been the scapegoat in the family, and can’t take it anymore! I have lived with my parents to help them out with their health and house and have been kicking myself for allowing myself to stay in such an unhealthy environment. I have only neglecting caring for myself…. I know scripture talks about the struggles coming from within family and I just feel so overwhelmed by the idea of how evil, evil can be! If you don’t have family, than you have nothing….and I am trying to cling to the fact I have a Heavenly Father who loves me but I just wish He would heal and restore my family. Selfish reasons to want to feel loved and belong to a family who will love and care for you. Yet, I am concerned at what lengths my mom can/will go to…since I was six years old, hide in the closet I would pray to God asking Him that My Mom would/could love me. I feel I have waisted now forty years of my life on not ever being able to live up to/or be loved and accepted by my family and don’t know what I have done to deserve this…..?

      1. Hi Chris,
        Thank you fo reading. You haven’t done anything to deserve that. No one deserves to be treated like that. I would strongly encourage you to seek professional counsel about what practical steps to take to protect yourself from a situation that sounds like it is really impacting you in a negative way. Pastoral counsel or a licensed professional counselor might really help right now. You have to take care of yourself and trust God to heal your family. You cannot bear this burden.
        I’ll pray for you. Please don’t be afraid to get wise advice so you can live healthy and whole, even if you have to make some bold changes, ok? Papa God will lead you. He has only the best in mind for you, always, in every situation.

    13. I came across this page through Pinterest, and I know it was God that led me here, and I’m so thankful He did! I was betrayed by my family, when my husband of 25 years abandoned me and our 3 sons. Several members of my family took his side and did very hurtful and spiteful things to me, and it’s still going on after almost 3 years. I’ve tried to forgive them, but the hurt and bitterness is ever present. Now that I have read your story, and seeing how hurtful this all is to my Jesus, like you, I don’t want to see Him hurt anymore. Now I can pray better and with a different heart. Now my heart can heal, and I pray God will change theirs. But most importantly I want to be clean, and free from anything like true unforgiveness, in my heart. I love the Lord so much, and I will be set free from these wrong feelings and be pure in my own heart, and have the peace God wants me to have. Thank you for sharing!

      1. Sharon, I’m so terribly sorry that you’ve been through that situation. But wow, I praise God for encouraging you through this post. May grace and peace be multiplied to you as you strive to walk in white before the Lord. Thank you for reading, and for sharing your testimony. I hope you have a wonderful evening, and may Papa God bless and restore you on every side.

    14. Jamie,
      I SO enjoy your wisdom. Wow!!! I’ve read quite a few of your posts, just today alone, and they’ve been INCREDIBLY helpful! Seriously, Papa has blessed you in the wisdom department:) Keep them comin…
      love them <3

      1. Hi M, thank you so much for your sweet encouragement! So glad Daddy God blessed you as you read. Thank you for sharing, and I’ll definitely keep on by the grace of God! 🙂
        Have a wonderful day!

    15. Thank you so much. It was reaffirming to me of how to deal with a friend who has fallen in spirit towards you and using carnal weapons to inflict pain on another. But the way we react is what defines us whether to sin or righteousness. We have all fallen and missed the mark and it’s good to be reminded that God and Jesus loved us in spite of our falling. He is such a kind and patient God in dealing with each and everyone of us. Human nature has to be put into submission and God’s word to help us deal with these hurtful situations. To look at them from Jesus ‘ s eyes helps us have the compassion for a fallen brother or sister and to remember if we are that fallen brother or sister in the future that someone would bestow on us prayers and the love of Jesus. We live in Him. X. Many thanks x

      1. Hi Caroline. I’m so sorry you’re going through that, but yes, you’re absolutely right. In Jesus alone we live, and move, and have our being. Even when it’s hard, if we are willing to see someone with His eyes, we will be filled with LIFE – the true life of the Holy Spirit.
        Thanks so much for reading and sharing! I pray your situation gets better very soon. 🙂 Hang in there!

    16. I really love how God shows me what to do when I am struggling with matters in my life. I see answers in so many ways and it’s amazing. I am struggling with 2 family members. Though I don’t understand why or what I’ve done, they show it through bullying and trying to turn other family members against me. Two in which are my children. I truly don’t want anything bad to happen to them, only hope and pray they find kindness in their hearts and understand me. Thank you for this. It helps me alot.

      1. Deanna, I’m sorry you’re going through that, but I know God will reward you for obeying Him and praying for these folks. May He defend and shelter you from the storm, and give you His heart to love these people in the midst of this situation.
        Thank you for reading and sharing! Have a wonderful day!

    17. Jamie thank you for this site. I don’t know how I found you. I am praying for my ex wife and I . I know we loved each other once, but now it’s painfully aware she will not even speak to me anymore. we share a son. he’s caught in the middle. yes I do still love her. I had my share of blame in the split again . I only ask you say a prayer for us . thank you for your site.

      1. I would be happy to pray for you, Pete. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. May Daddy God increase His grace upon grace to you today and lead you into His perfect will for your situation and your family. I know He loves you very much, and He will work even this out for your good. May He comfort you, encourag you, and lift you up today.

    18. I am in a tragic situation with my daughter, I don’t oeven know how to begin, I pray for God to touch her heart with His truth . Also another situation with my fiancés family. The first time I met his mother she looked me up and down and wouldn’t evenshake my hand in greeting. Since then she, his sisters and niece have come up with reason after reason to dislike me when they never gave me a chance to begin with. They don’t know me. This causes a lot of hurt for my fiancé , I hate to see him hurting over this. I decided to move out and tried to end the relationship with him but, I just can’t I love him so much, but it is clear that our relationship will not progress because of this situation and I see no change in them even after I have tried to reach out to them . I am left out of all of their families functions and often left alone on a daily basis while he spends time with them. As I said I love him, I don’t know what I should do. Please include us in your prayers, how do I desern Gods answer?

    19. My step-daughter for 26 yrs. has carried records of wrong against me. Blamed me, accused me. She made a list of things for 26 yrs and sent it to me. The truth is when I read them I was shocked, hurt and got offended. She wanted a letter of forgiveness and repentances to her. She has kept the two granddaughter from my husband as punishment because he stands with me. With help of the Holy Spirit I wrote a letter. It took 17 letters. The one I sent was loving, kind and I never defended myself, I never mentioned all the untruth (lies). I got my pastors blessing over it. The letter was full of so much love. I took a whole paragraph blessing her. All I got back was a one liner to my husband. ” I’m open to reconciliation” that was a year ago. Nothing, she has blocked me still with any and all communication.
      So again I forgave her. My Heavenly Father is so generous with His love for me.
      I asked The Lord what can I bless her with? He said, bless her with.. Love, kindness, peace, healing, compassion,knowing she is loved by the Father.
      That’s what free’s me to speak a blessing over her. Yes! Bless those who cruse you! That’s how I walk around in His grace, mercy and Love. Thank you for letting me share ❤️??

    20. Jennifer Gilbert says:

      Amazing words from a wise person, you have a beautiful relationship with the Lord. Your words and faith gave me so much peace. I’ve been having trouble with my sister-in-law. A few months ago she cut all contact shortly after having my nephew. One day I heard through a friend he was sick and realized she had blocked me on social media. I was really confused because I thought all was going well. So I thought, I’ll just stop by and see my nephew and maybe get the bottom of it. I went over there with no bad intentions in my heart, I even asked God to help me see her side and answer these questions. When I arrived her grandmother answered the door, she was very pleasant. My brother looked scared, he wouldn’t make eye contact or answer my questions. she never came out of her room while I was there. He kept looking around making sure she wasn’t there when I would ask him something. when I went to leave I gave my nephew back to my brother and was walking to the door when she decided to take her son from my brother, follow me to the door and pushed me, telling me “don’t make a habit out of it” I never said a word! I was just shocked and angry of course that she could do that with a child in her hands. Well everyday since then I’ve prayed and prayed that God would bring my family back together and that I could at least hear one thing, one reason, anything. I prayed for a pure heart, and to rid me of resentment and anger. I know my brother needs me now more than ever and feels trapped. well today he talked to me! I thanked God all day. what a blessing. Even though he has to secretly talk to me, it was something, a break through. turns out she was mad because I asked her not to keep my nephew from me while she was in the hospital. This isn’t all, our history with her goes way back but I just had to share. I will continue to pray everyday that God will bring our family back together again, and she will have a change of heart and stop making my brother live in fear of her. I want to put this all behind us and move on.

    21. Josephine de leon says:

      Please help my husband is being attacked with politics in his office. He is being asked to resign because his boss wants to replace his friend to hurts because on these 3. My husband helped him a lot when he was about to be kicked out he helped him now he belongs to those husband is hurting. Me too with anger.

    22. Clement Amoah says:

      I believe being angry when dealing with the Satan and his angels is of an advantage but what about our fellow human beings. Most of our prayers in my part of Africa is to pray and kill our enemies, those who hate us, those we are not in good relationship with, those who are not fair to us, witches and so many more, just to mention a few.

      Oh ,we pray to God they should die…the prayer goes like this ” any one who hate me and don’t want me to prosper… die by fire in the name of Jesus!”
      Wow! now I know, pray for those who hate you, feed your enemy (your neighbor, family etc) when they are hungry as Christ commanded us to do so.

      How can we hate those Christ commanded us that we should love….” And Jesus said a new commandment I give you, love your neighbor as yourself”

      Thanks Jamie for a new perspective of praying for those who hate us for no reason. Father (Paapa) God, please help me to pray the right way for those who hate me and wrongfully use me, by using your servant Jamie Rohrbaugh to speak to me through your word. Amen.

    23. I can relate to you in this article and God bless you for having the courage and strength to be honest enough to admit this for yourself and for many others that I’m sure are struggling with this . I have taken it personal for so long when people have animosity or hate towards you for their own reason or just no good reason at all and it is a great burden that’s been on me for some time. I found it very helpful in thinking about it in the way that you described that responding to that sin with sin hurts Jesus ,i never really put it in that perspective and it’s always helpful to be reminded of God’s word that explains how he wants us to be towards those who hate or dislike us and even more so how Jesus handled it.

      1. It’s hard not to take things personally. I think it gets easier with practice. It’s just the practice part is not that fun. 🙁 Lol. Bless us, Jesus!
        Thank you for reading, Monica. I’m glad the article encouraged you too. 🙂

    24. why does papa god not love me

    25. Sorry english is not my first language!! At some point in my life I was very lost and looking for relationship in the wrong places…all I wanted is to be loved by a man and the last person I got involved with started to show my pictures (naked) to my family and all the neighborhood!! now one of my brother hates me he wants to beat me.. the worst part is that people are calling me name..I know I shouldn’t have been sending picture like that….the situation is getting worse when probably half of the neighborhood went to my family and said that they slept with me.what can I do to change that?? God knows the truth do you think god can make the truth appears? I decided to fight the devil because thoughts of killing myself came to my mind.. I want to be a different person.. it’s very hard to not HATE them.thanks for reading my message and for your prayers.

      1. Hi, Wendy. I’m very sorry that happened. Can I ask you: have you given your whole heart and life to Jesus?

        Jesus loves you very much and wants to change your life and give you a new start, if you’ll let Him. You can read more about that in my post here:

        When you have given your whole heart and life to Jesus, making Him the Boss of your life, He’ll make all things new. He’ll give you a new heart and new desires. He’ll give you hope and courage and new life in Him.

        Most importantly, He will help you receive His love and affection so you don’t have to look for it in other places. That way, you’ll always be safe and secure–and He can fulfill all your needs.
        Please let me know if you’d like to talk about it more, okay? I’m happy to talk if so.
        Much love and big hugs to you today.

    26. I searched the web to see what I could find about how to pray for those who hate you This thing happened to me before and to be honest I was bitter about it because I was so dissapointed and could not see why this thing kept on happening .when I trusted someone I always ended up discovering that they spoke behind my back and lied upon me with others, this made me so bitter through the years and I started a very bad habit of holding comlpaint in my heart and mind .lately God showed me this bitterness and what it was doing to me and I came face to face with myself and was shocked.i wanted to change and my only chance was God. I am speaking in the past tense not because I am over it but I know that God is working in my situation because He knows how much I want to be clean from this bitterness . Thank you so much for being so honest about your feelings it helped me a lot to connect and I am writing prayers for those who hated me and letting God take this situation and work it for my good , in Jesus name amen .

    27. Thank you so very much for sharing from such a vulnerable place. I just happened to be making memos of many scriptures that have been getting me through a very dark season I currently find my self going through gor quit some time now. I happen to come across your prayers on “hate”. New Years Eve was the worst day of my life but the blessing for 2017. I have been in a 13yr. Relationship w/red flags, belittling and person should really hates me w/a jealous type evil spirit. I have tried to leave but get right back on same drawn out path to no where. I was finding it hard to pray, I had no words. Just heart broken in a 1,000,000 pieces. I have truly been good to rhis person and his children. He always talked a good game. But never comes through. He owes me so much money I have loaned and complaints when he does anything for me. I just got to the point I’m tired of trying and he is reaping all the benefits from my resources. He sees he is not doing anything wrong and that he has been hurting me for years. And he is ok with it. How do you pray for a monster of a person thst talks down to you as if I am his child?

    28. I too have been dealing with being hated by family members and ill treated by people I loved a lot and I tried everything but it was all taken wrongly. Yes I too had the ‘holier than thou attitude and though I blessed them , sometimes it wasn’t from a heart governed by love . But I thank God that He’ve been teaching me through this. Your post has helped me so much , thanks a lot. I pray for a clean heart . Blessings

      1. Hi Esther, so glad it helped. May Papa give you grace and more grace as you obey Him in prayer. Thanks for reading!

    29. This was so great I work with some people who say mean things about me and engage in manipulation towards my staff. They are always starting some gossip drama. It’s draining and annoying. Tonight I was having a convo with a staff and a different woman came and slammed the door right in my face. Instead of approaching the woman about it I simply walked away but I’m concerned as to why she treats me that way. I never did anything to her. After reading your article I now know I am to pray for her. I hope it helps. I don’t know why she doesn’t like me or why she’s always starting drama.

    30. Juliet Obiekwe says:

      I don’t even know where or how to start since it concerns my partner. I know he hates me and he shows it in his attitude towards me. I can’t pray for him anymore. I think I’m really done with this farce called marriage. Please I need prayers to be financially stable to take care of my kids and my needs.

      1. I just prayed for you, friend. May the God of peace and comfort be with you and manifest Himself to you right now with wisdom, help, revelation, joy, and provision in Jesus’ name.

    31. Robert T. says:

      Recently, I have been insulted as a fool on my birthday. Praise be to the Lord! The curse was turned into a blessing for me because of the insights for healing revealed to me. I hope that anyone who has been mistreated by others will find the “10 step program” useful.

      When someone tried to abuse you emotionally, do the following 10 steps prayerfully:
      1) Realize that my Heavenly Father doesn’t feel good about what happened (Gal. 5:19-21);
      2) Realize that “whoever touches me touches the apple of His eyes” (Zech. 2:8);
      3) Realize that I will not be burned by “the fire of abuse” for God is with me in the fire (Isa. 43:1-3);
      4) Realize that God is my Refuge and my very present Help in times of trouble (Ps. 46:1);
      5) Realize that God binds any wound inflicted on me (Ps. 147:3);
      6) Realize that God’s grace is sufficient for me and His strength (in me) is made perfect in my weakness (2 Cor. 12:9);
      7) Realize that God causes ALL things (including the abuse) to work together for the good of my salvation. (Rom. 8:28);
      8) Realize that vengeance belongs to God and the evildoer(s) will slip and fall in due time (Deut. 32:35);
      9) Realize that the abuse was inflicted by a person (or people) with sickness;
      10) Pray that healing may be mercifully granted to the sick person (or people).

      1. This is extremely helpful. Thank you and I hope your next birthday is much happier.

    32. Felice Summers says:

      This is an excellent teaching and sharing, Jamie! Holy Spirit showed me the same thing when I asked how to forgive from the heart like Jesus admonished. As Christians, we’re taught to forgive as an act of our will, but the “ping” still remains in our gut when we think of or see the person who has hurt or betrayed us. So Holy Spirit showed me to pray to see the other person or people through His eyes. Invariably, He will show their dysfunction coming from their own woundedness and therefore, it does birth the compassion of the Lord and I, for one, was able to forgive from my heart.

    33. Queen chileshe says:

      Pls help me my husband left me for another woman saying he doesn’t love me any more. I’m a single mother of three some times its hard cause I’m everything to my children and I’m always in need of companionship. Recently I met a pastor we both falled. In love but suddenly he lost interest. And told me straight to my face that I’m a beautiful woman every man would like me for sometime and then losses interest or hates me for no reason. I found this to be true because its exactly wat happens now I’m even getting scared of being close to any man in fear that I might get used and discarded. one post told me I have spiritual covenant with my ex-hubby and some say I’m clothes with the face of any old woman pls help me pray for me so that I can be sent free
      From zambia

    34. I searched this out of desperation. I don’t want to hate my ex, he’s so nasty to me, but almost every time we communicate I end up hating him. It stresses me out. I thought if I prayed I’d feel better, completely from a holier than thou perspective too. He hates anything to do with God or religion. It hadn’t even occurred to me that that Jesus loves him as much as He loves me. puts things into perspective a bit. So thank you for writing this, it was incredibly helpful.

    35. So grateful that I ran across this prayer because my heart is heavy right now because of the Hatred that I feel from a person that I thought cared about me.

    36. Ugh. So many women seem to hate me and I’ve wrangled my brain into a frenzy trying to figure out why. I try to go above and beyond in being kind and as helpful as I can be, but no matter where I go, everyone makes it clear that they can’t stand me. Their problems with me overwhelmingly seem to be with me and not Jesus. Struggling to pray for them. I really don’t want to ?but I will, as instructed.

    37. Kevin Shorter says:

      Thank you for sharing your process in this situation. It’s amazing how God can love the offender as well as the offended. He is a good parent.

    38. Rochelle Harris says:

      Hi I cried when I read this because a guy a work I use to date now hates me and I do not know why? He is very rude and disrespectful. I will say good morning or hello and he will just walk right past me. We work together so when ever I ask him a question pertaining to work he ignores me or will answer me with out turning around or just give me a yes or no answer. He now teases me with his friends saying I am old and I need help or that I get AARP. I am 56 and he is 49 so there is an age difference but I look good for my age. I pray the lord will change his heart because now he accuses me of spreading rumors about him at work and I have never said anything to anyone. Its so sad to me that at one time I loved this guy. I pray everyday, night and even afternoons to change his heart and allow us to be friends. I have even asked the guy what I could have done for him to now dislike me and he told me to leave him alone. I pray this continued hurt goes away. Please pray for me.

    39. Hi Jamie,

      This was a breakthrough for me and helped me understand why we should pray for others who harm us. I also read a sample of Charles Finney’s. Power, a Passion and Prayer, which was astounding and full of life. What led you to his preachings, if I may ask? His book pulled me in as if a vacuum was on the cusp of each page. You could feel Gods vibrant love in his accounts of the Holy Spirit going through his body. I have not felt this power to this capacity, and this tells me that I have not fully committed myself to God. I know now that I must do so in order to feel his love. Thank you so much for this!!!

      1. Hi Amber, thanks for writing in. So glad this helped and glad you took a look at Finney too. I was led to his material because I love history and studying old revivals and great revivalists. I call it “redigging old wells” … you have to know what God did in the past in order to know what God wants to do now! Finney is generally considered to be the greatest preacher of the Second Great Awakening and God used him mightily. Reading his material, you can see how God could use him so well!
        So glad the Lord blessed you! Have a super day.

    40. I really needed to read your article today. I’ve been dealing with a coworker that dislikes me and has not been kind for the last 2 years. It has been really tough and sad for me. I have struggled with so many emotions: sadness, anger, insecurities. I have prayed for her and have asked the Lord for his help and guidance on how to move forward and make peace with the whole situation. Thank-you for your insight.

    41. I have experienced hateful behaviour, but not being told directly, I tend to ignore peoples hateful attitudes and it affects them more than it does me, it sorry you had to go through that Jamie, but this was so relatable, I fully understand how it made you feel, good vlog

    42. Thank you God and Jamie for this morning I was just praying to God about my enemies. I’ve been praying Psalm 51:10 that God would create in them a clean heart and renew a right spirit within them. What hurts the most is that your enemies are your own family members whom you have nothing but love for them. But I truly praying for them to repent and seek the love and Kingdom of God. I sometimes wonder what would possess someone to hate an individual 🤔?

    43. This word was for me, thankyou Father Amen and Amen

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