Encouraging Word: Rest and Anoint the Feet of Jesus

As I was spending time with the Lord this morning, He gave me an encouraging word for you. No matter what you’re going through, I believe Father is saying: rest and anoint the feet of Jesus.

When Jesus was on earth, He endured so many hardships. He is the Man of Sorrows. He was, and is, well-acquainted with grief and pain.

But just before the Crucifixion, what did He do? He went to His friends’ house, visiting the people whom He loved, and attended a dinner made in His honor.

Sometimes we just need to rest and get fortified again … and I believe now is one of those times.

Also, remember that the place of true rest is hidden in the secret place of the Most High (Psalm 91:1). I believe the Lord also asked me to tell you, from the story of John chapter 12 (pictured above), that the prescription for bringing peace into your hardship right now is to anoint the feet of Jesus.

Anoint the feet of Jesus.

Anoint them with your tears.

Anoint Him with your love.

Anoint His feet by pouring out your heart in adoration to Him.

Slobber all over Him if you want to–that’s okay. The Greek word for “worship” means “to kiss toward,” like a puppy kisses its master. So go ahead and kiss Him with your worship. That’s the right thing to do.

Beloved, I don’t know what you’re going through, but I do know that He is God who makes all things new. I know HE is Comforter, Sustainer, and Renewer. He is Almighty, Ever Loving, and Merciful.

So seek Him today just for His own sake, and He will help you as you just focus on Him. Rest in Him and anoint His feet with your worship.

He will heal your heart as you do.

If this word is for you today, would you leave a comment below? Feel free to encourage your brothers and sisters in the comments as well.

Much love,


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  1. Glory be to God. I am blessed with this teaching.
    God bless you

    1. Grace cobb says:

      Blessing And encouraging, Thank you for obedience and Love!

    2. Kathy Lynch says:

      This word today truly blessed me and reminded me of how to get through the valley of hurt and pain. Thank you for being obedient the Lord and his direction.

    3. Thank you so much. This Word is a confirmation. I am fighting depression at the moment. Last week I experienced what your message spoke about. I listened to ‘Here’s my heart Lord’ and ‘Amazing Love’. I saw myself kneeling at the Lord’s feet and my tears washing his feet. He also gave me Psalm 91 and I’ve received personal word of a ‘new beginning’ which your message have confirmed once again. I praise and worship His Holy Name. He will be my King forever and I belong to him. Thank you so much. May peace and prosperity abound in your ministry in Yahshua’s Name.

  2. This is so God. I had this story in mind and looked up nard. It is spikenard so I ordered some of the essential oil. In this way I have been mediating on this story and your message is so timely. Thanks as always!

  3. Jaimie,
    I couldn’t even finish reading your blog when he just poured out his spirit and ministered to me. I felt like I was on his feet resting I felt him so close to me. I just was in awe of his presence I couldn’t ask for anything but just to rest in him. It so resonates with me today

      1. Dear Jamie

        Thank you for these encouraging words. I am truly blessed by all that God, The Son and The Holy Spirit is doing in my Life. I am going through some tough financial times, uncertainty at work, where you are not sure whom you should trust. I keep Blessing the situations at work. For now I cannot see results, but I now that God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit is in motion and soon results will come. I am taking one day at a time in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen!

  4. I suffered a disappointing blow this weekend. It was really difficult for me to process. I believed that a breakthrough and deliverance was going to manifest itself prior to/at the end of my fast. While there were so many beautiful things that occurred during this gracious moment of sacrifice, I believe I may have misunderstood what God was telling me, as I was betrayed, and my heart was once again broken in many pieces.

    I just may have completely misunderstood the revelation and breakthrough. God is still God and Jesus died for me and I am more in love with Him today than I ever was. And while I know that should be enough, I just am trying to be encouraged even though I am hurting.

    1. I will pray for you, dear. I know it’s hard when our expectations don’t match what we see. However, I encourage you to keep praying, keep believing, and be sure you’re ready and willing to accept God’s best, even if He’s delivering you from something you want–but which HE knows might not be His best for you. I know it’s hard, but that kind of devotion to Father is worth it in the long run.
      Blessings and big hugs to you today, sister.

  5. I appreciate you for being obedient and sharing God’s word. I am encouraged to continue to seek and rest in him.

  6. Rebecca L Jones says:

    This is a great word today. That is one of my favorite stories too. We all have an alabaster box to break. And as I read Psalm 91:1, about the secret place, it stood out as 911. We need to call Him first.

    1. Amen, I have always thought of a number to call and Lo! Its 911. Thanks so much Beckie, you just ministered deep inside my spirit and here in Kenya in my small room, God just received my call. I love psalm 91 generally but have never gotten it the way you put it. My small family blesses you. Amen

  7. This is exactly where I’m at. At the feet of Jesus ! He is sooooooo good and amazing. There’s no place I’d rather be in His presence.

  8. Doug Smithwick says:

    Before I went to sleep last night I heard Psalms 91 and recited the parts I know before falling ? asleep. This morning I read it and rejoiced. I also sent my daughter a txt this morning about her destiny and that of the baby in her womb, Psalm 139. I just opened your email and the Lord confirmed His word. We have received the kiss of heaven today! Thanks you Jesus and dear one.

    1. Very cool, brother Doug! I love it when Holy Spirit speaks the same thing to everybody!

  9. Thank you so much Jaimie, very timely word. Oh the blessing of anointing his feet today.

  10. That is inspiring… We should all kneel down before His feet and lay down all our problems before God. I did that and I felt better than before. It may take a while but God’s comfort will come. Thank you Jamie for the prayers.

    1. Very cool, Riza. Yes, kneeling in prayer is a WONDERFUL way to express our humility and also to receive. I always feel more connected with God when I kneel, for some reason! Wonderful word–thanks for sharing!

  11. Hello I love reading what you write everyday it helps so much.
    I am in such a horrible position right now.
    I try to keep my head up and concentrate on God and at the same time I battle my flesh who tells me I am about to lose it all. my husband is feeling stress everyday from his job and lack of promotion, lack of hours,horrible treatment, racism you name it..
    I bring this to God but don’t really hear much back. I wonder if he is going to get us out of this position, I want to pray he will. I think he will but not sure. I am trying not to get as depressed and sick as my husband who feels we are about to lose our home due to our circumstances and lack of funds. I pray this is not the case please keep us in your prayers.

    1. Hi Jenny, they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength….ever heard about that? Do not be weary especially your spirit. I hear the Lord tell me ‘He is on your case’, so never doubt him. Just believe as you break fourth your alabaster box. He surely is a deliverer. 2 chro 20:15

    2. Jenny, hey. I just said something to Julie about the same thing, and I’ll mention it to you too.
      Despite the fact that we’ve always tithed on both our incomes since we’ve been married, my husband and I have been through some really hard times finanically. Here’s part of the story about that hard time for us: https://www.fromhispresence.com/are-you-depressed-or-anxious-heres-gods-cure-for-anxiety-and-depression/ if you want to check it out.

      BUT, I can tell you: even though it felt like at the time that we would never recover financially, WE DID. Father brought us through and we are now in a better position than we probably would have been without that hard time. I believe He will do the same for you. Just keep praying, keep being obedient. Keep tithing. Keep believing. Keep praying. And you might want to read Deuteronomy chapter 8 too. 🙂

      1. Thank you Jamie I really needed that.. I will keep believing. .

  12. Sheri Kenny says:

    Thank you, Jamie! Perfect for me for such a time as this! Sheri

  13. Yes this word is definitely for me as I received a word that I should seek God more with all my heart. I M so blessed by this word. Thanks be to God and thanks Jamie. God bless.

  14. Thank-you needed to read this today. It gives me great comfort.
    You are awesome; I do not mean to embarrass you. You
    are just definitely a child of God! Blessing of God and favor
    of the Almighty always be with you! In Jesus name!

    1. Thank you, precious sister. It’s all Jesus. Thank you for the encouragement. Blessings to you today!

  15. I thank you Jamie for this message I believe God uses you to speak to me this is exactly they way I felt He was leading me too thank you and God bless you

  16. Your testimony is so encouraging. Good is good.!!!!

  17. Marlene Bond says:

    Love this word Jamie. Thanks for sharing. SO true!!

    Bless you

  18. Loved this! I needed to hear this today. I have been struggling emotionally lately and I’ve been trying to rest in Him and cast my burdens onto Him, and take up His yoke.

  19. Jamie, thank you for sharing . I needed this right now! I’ve been struggling with two teens right now Quaysha 16 and Tral 13 please pray for us in whatever way the Holy Spirit leads you.
    I shall wash Jesus’ feet.

    Blessings in Him

  20. God bless you Jamie,

    I read the same scripture yesterday, I beleive it’s a confirmation.

    Remain blessed in Jesus Name

  21. Priscilla Maleka says:

    Thank you so much Jamie, your word has encouraged me greatly. This morning I woke up in tears feeling dispondent, as if this world’s hardships were crushing on me. Financial hardship, loneliness ( been quite sometime that I have been asking God to provide me with a partner, a God fearing man, the one that I would respect and would love me unconditionally). I feel weak and empty inside. But in all I still have faith that God will come through for me, He hears my prayers. He will provide, My Jehovah jireh.

    1. I will pray for you, Priscilla! Ask Father to fill up that empty hole inside your heart with His love, comfort, and His Spirit. From that place of fullness, you will be not only happier, but you’ll also be healthier spiritually–since we have to be willing to receive everything we need from God first–and ALSO, you will be better positioned to attract a healthy mate, instead of one who is also hurting. You don’t want to be some man’s medication. You want a marriage where two whole people come together in joy and love, centered first on the Lord! I will pray for you.

  22. Thank you for encouraging word of God. Keep me in your prayers.

  23. Thank you for the encouraging words. This is where I feel I need to be I’am so tired– I truly need this right now resting at my savior’s feet and knowing it’s ok “I hear Him saying the battles the struggling and worries are not mine. I’m resting in Him. Again thank you and keep me in your prayers

  24. In a space right now…where I needed to hear this knowing that He is faithful and hasn’t forgotten about me. Thank you

  25. I am in a place of rest and restoration and rebuilding. I am on hold to remain and focus on the LORD.
    I needed this word today to remember my praise should not just be a sentence here or there throughout the day… But rather I should pour out to Jesus my gratefulness and worship.

    Thank you Jamie

  26. Thank you for sharing. I needed a word of encouragement as I am going through my process, my transition, and/or my wilderness experience.
    Rest = Trust. Trust= Worship.

  27. Thank you for sharing. Kindly join in prayers for my wife Maud who has fever, headache and body pains. I have Faith on the healing powers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  28. Pauline O. says:

    This word so touch my heart,thank you. Going through challenges now,financial hardship, marital problems, but my hope is in Jesus. all I have is Jesus.

  29. Tracey Patterson says:

    On time word sent straight from God went searching through my emails tonight because the holy spirit instructed me to do so and I FOUND EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR AND NEEDED FOR MY SPIRIT MAN TO HEAR. I will be a blessing to your ministry as soon as I can because your faithful is a blessing

  30. I love reading your emails everyday. It really gives a person insight to strive forward and focus on Jesus. He is truly our rock on who we can depend and trust on. Thank you for your inspirational messages

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