Updates from the Last Month of Ministry!

Hi everybody! I’m so excited to bring you this update on From His Presence® for the month of March through the current date. The scope of this ministry is growing and changing so much. This is a wonderful thing, and God is both growing us AND making us more effective!

So today, I’d like to share:

  • a few of the new and upcoming things we have going on, including our first CONFERENCE (!!!!);
  • a few of the things God did in the past month–and He used YOU to do them!
  • some testimonies that really rocked my world about what God has been doing with this ministry; and
  • prayer requests for which I covet your urgent prayers.

There are a whole BUNCH of newsy updates below, so please be sure to read them all! 🙂 (And thank you!)

First, new things: I am beyond honored (and extremely excited!) to introduce you to our Board of Directors!

We have seven people on our board right now; six other than me. These are people who are dear friends to me and my husband; but, more importantly, they have gifts, skills, and experience that will help our whole mission. We are so thankful for each of these wonderful families, and we believe they will be extremely valuable advisors and teammates.

Here is a brief bio for each of our board members (not including myself, since you already know me):

Bruce Rohrbaugh

Bruce Rohrbaugh is a Professional Geologist with 16 years’ experience in risk management, training, data analysis, and case management. He earned his Bachelor’s degree at West Virginia University and his Master’s degree at the University of Tennessee. Bruce’s heart is for healing ministry, intercession, and practical service. He carries strong gifts of words of knowledge and discernment of spirits. He’s also extremely happily married to me. 🙂


Michael Itson

Michael is a teacher, musician, composer, orchestrator, orchestra director, and marketing professional. His heart is for missions (particularly to the First Nations), discipleship, strengthening the family, and worship. Michael carries strong teaching, fathering, and shepherding anointings. He and his family currently reside in Cleveland, Tennessee.


Isabel Flecha

Pastor Isabel is a retired career HR Director with 30 years’ experience in intercession, healing rooms ministry, and prophetic ministry. Isabel’s heart is for healing inside and out. She carries strong anointings in intercession, teaching, administration, and mentoring. Isabel currently resides in the Chicago, Illinois area.


Mamie Blowe

Mamie is a retiree of the US Armed Forces and also a career elementary school teacher. Her heart is to reach the downtrodden and hopeless, from children in the inner city to people experiencing homelessness. Mamie is an anointed soprano singer who ministers in song at churches around the Southeast. She has strong prophetic, administration, and intercessory anointings. Mamie and her family reside in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Reverend Joe Guthrie

Pastor Joe Guthrie is a retired minister with 44 years in the pastorate, having served as both senior pastor and associate pastor. He is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. His heart is for discipleship, prayer, and prophetic ministry. Joe and his wife, Diane, carry a strong intercessory and teaching anointing. They are currently involved in intercession and discipleship with a large church planting movement. Pastor Joe and his family reside near Birmingham, Alabama.


Reverend Dan Brown

Pastor Dan Brown is a career pastor with 31 years in full-time ministry. He was trained at Gateway Seminary and Youth With a Mission. He has completed mission trips to 14 countries since 1991. Also, Pastor Dan and his wife, Jan, recently served as humanitarian workers for two years in Israel with Bridges for Peace. He carries a strong teaching and intercessory anointing. He is currently a full-time missionary with The Navigators and is serving at Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico.

More new things:

The Lord is growing our ministry and helping us be more efficient and more effective. I am really excited about this. I have a passion for being as efficient and effective as possible. I believe good management skills are essential if we’re going to maximize our reach for the Kingdom; and being efficient is simply good management.

So what does that look like? Well, it means that, more and more, the Lord is having me teach, equip, and minister to large groups of people at once.

I used to spend most of my time ministering to people one-on-one, and I still love to do that. If you look back through the months at partner updates from a year ago, you’ll see that’s where most of my time went.

Now, instead of having me so much time one-on-one with people, lately He has been having me preach and teach more classes and sermons, both in person and by webinar. This is what I love to do the most. It’s where I really see God moving the most, and I believe it’s a very good use of time.

This morning, I sent out a testimony by email about what God did when I preached at a church near my hometown. Not only did He show up in power to minister to the precious church body there, but He also did some neat things for our ministry team. Please check that email out if you didn’t already!

Here are some of my upcoming speaking engagements. If you’re nearby, please come out to any of these!

  • Saturday, May 6, 9:00 AM Eastern time: “Beauty and Her Beast” women’s conference: Olivet Baptist Church North, 4911 Swan Road, Chattanooga, TN 37416. For more info or to register, see details here. This is a benefit for TNT Stone Ministries and their mission work with orphans and feeding centers in the Caribbean.
  • Friday, May 12, 6:00 PM Eastern time. “How To Mine the Deep Things of God” part 1 of 2. Private venue in Lookout Mountain, Georgia (just outside Chattanooga, Tennessee). All are welcome to register and attend. In this class, I will be teaching material I have NEVER shared elsewhere about how to dig the deep gems out of Scripture. Cost is $10 per person per class. Contact me to register.
  • Friday, May 19, 6:00 PM Eastern time. “How To Mine the Deep Things of God” part 2 of 2. Private venue in Lookout Mountain, Georgia (just outside Chattanooga, Tennessee). Again, all are welcome to register and attend. Cost is $10 per person per class. Contact me to register.

And I’m thrilled to invite you to save the date(s) for our very FIRST From His Presence® conference!!!

It’s called “Inheritance: Claiming the Blessings that Belong to You,” and it’s a prophetic study of the blessings of Abraham. The blessings that YOU are entitled to in Christ Jesus. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Many, many of you emailed me back a few weeks ago and said that YES, you would come! I was overjoyed to hear this! So, Lord willing, we are going to do this!

So, I am currently in conversation with the facility I would most like to rent for this event. If it works out to rent this place, it would be ideal. Not only is it an anointed church facility (it’s very old and you can feel the worship exuding from the walls and the carpet), but it’s also conveniently located in beautiful downtown Chattanooga, so hotels and restaurants are all within walking distance.

This means that a quick taxi/Uber drive from the airport would get you there, and you wouldn’t have to rent a car! I am trying my best to keep costs down, and a centrally-located venue is one of the best ways to do that. You can find affordable lodging downtown, too.

The dates I am looking at are either:

  • Friday and Saturday, July 21 and 22; or
  • Friday and Saturday, August 4-5.

I won’t know which dates will be the final dates until the venue gets back with me. And their committee meeting (where they make these decisions about whether I can rent it or not) is a week and a half away.

(Waiting, waiting, waiting is hard!!!) Eeeeeek!

So, would you please pray? And would you save the dates above–July 21/22 and August 4/5–for a couple of weeks, and let me get back with you and confirm the date after I hear back from the church?

Also, guess what? Together, we reached more people for Jesus through this blog last month than ever before!

Are you ready for this? Drum roll, please …

In the calendar month of March, we had 102, 546 pageviews on this blog!

That means we reached people with the good news of Jesus’ love 102,546 times! Can you believe that??? That’s the highest it’s ever been! God is so GOOD! He did it, but He used YOU to do it. Because:

  • YOUR taking the time to read and be blessed means you then want to inspire others;
  • so then you have been sharing posts on social media and other ways; and
  • then other people read–sometimes hundreds or, yes, THOUSANDS of people will read a post because of ONE Facebook share or Pinterest repin; and then
  • the cycle keeps going.

God is using this blog to reach more and more people every day. He uses us as His hands and feet to do it. THANK YOU, LORD!

In the last month or so, we also:

  • saw TWO rededications to Christ (during mentoring calls) from people who had fallen away from Jesus;
  • helped fund a missionary who will be ministering to the poor and orphaned of Jamaica;
  • helped three pastors launch their online ministries;
  • provided mentoring to 29 families through the Raising Spirit-Filled Kids In a Supernatural World webinar! (paid webinar with special guest Pastor Madaline McFarland);
  • And, although these were in April instead of March, I also taught two free webinars in the last month or so:
    • How To Make Right Decisions 100% of the Time – equipping 296 people for free, between live seating and video replays; AND
    • How To Pray with Power – equipping 333 people for free, between live seating and video replays.
  • I also conducted a number of in-person mentoring sessions with people I disciple personally;
  • taught multiple weeks of Sunday School classes; and
  • led multiple prayer meetings. (Although, about a week and a half ago, I felt like the Lord was leading me to take a break from leading prayer meetings for awhile, as I’m very, very tired. So I will not be doing that anymore for awhile.)

All glory be to Jesus, that’s for sure.

Here are some of the really neat testimonies that came in over the last month or so:

“Every time I visit your site, and read what you have been given, I am in awe of the way the Lord is using you to help us. How the Lord is with me in this journey. Thank you.” – from S


“Hello Jamie … I just want to thank you for this blog today!! Wow is all I could say after reading the blog. For the past two weeks I have felt so fatigued, but I explained it as though something had literally been taken from me. I took this as a sign that I just needed to indulge in resting. … Reading your blog was almost like reading the past few weeks of my life …. But now I understand that I am in a hospital season as well!!!


Thank you for allowing God to use you to relate messages to His children. I do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart; now I know what I need to do:  Take Rest In Him!!!!” – from T, after reading one of the exclusive Presence Seekers University emails I sent to my email subscribers


“Thank you, Jamie; this is exactly what has been happening to me. God Our Father has been talking to me about self-care. I thought I was being lazy and selfish, but as [I was] reading your post today I’m sitting here with tears running down my face. Blessings to you your family and all who this post speaks to today. May the Lord strengthen, revive and refresh as you go through this time.” – from C, after reading that same Presence Seekers University email


“Hi Jamie: I read you on Elijah List this morning and how I was blessed. I joined up with you and was so inspired to keep going with my 20-person prayer group, which started in 1984 in its current form in our church. I see such a depth, love, and desire to share your gifts with others. I’m going to use your declarations and your blog to encourage us all on this end. We live in Oak Harbor, WA, next to our Naval Air Station where many of us serve/served. Have a very blessed day, Jamie; you are a very special gift to the Body of Christ! In Him …” – from brother B


“This is my second Webinar. I thank the Lord so much that I was able to attend. The Lord really spoke through you to me to my heart today. Personally I feel like the Lord redirected, refocused, and re-calibrated me this morning as you took us through the 10 gates.

Jamie, I loved all of it. And I have come away pondering many many things. I NEEDED this so much. Thank you Jamie. Thank YOU JESUS. There was SO much packed into that hour. ALL of it was SO important. I have some serious & earnest seeking HIS FACE set before me to do. Thank you so much.” – from P, after watching the How To Make Right Decisions 100% of the Time webinar


“Hi Jamie … Please allow me to thank you you for all the mail you sent me and for all your teachings and prophetic words. I have been a Christian for about 15 years and I currently do not attend a specific church or group were I am exposed to the Word of God, mainly because of circumstances … anyhow I have been reading your mail for the past two maybe more years and it has been my spiritual food and I have often wished that I could meet you in person to thank you for who you are and for the good work you are doing in God’s Kingdom-maybe one day? I keep you in my prayers.” – from brother H


“I couldn’t even finish reading your blog when he just poured out his spirit and ministered to me. I felt like I was on his feet resting I felt him so close to me. I just was in awe of his presence I couldn’t ask for anything but just to rest in him. It so resonates with me today.” – from E

We also had several new partners come on board with us this month. THANK YOU!

Every monthly partnership, every product purchase, and every donation combined make all of ^^^THAT^^^ possible. From March 1, 2017 through yesterday, TOGETHER, we have reached over 56,000 individual people from 191 countries.

That’s huge.

That’s a lot of people reading about Jesus.

That’s a lot of people hearing that Jesus loves them. That He answers prayer. That salvation is freely available to them by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Thank You, Lord.

So would you join me in praying for this ministry? Here are our specific prayer needs–and please know that I also pray for YOU daily!

  • Pray that Holy Spirit would speak to every person who reads this blog, ministering to them personally in the area of their need.
  • Pray that our board of directors and I would have strength and wisdom.
  • Pray that Father would continue to show me what to write, preach, and teach, and would do the writing/preaching/teaching through me.
  • Pray that Father would send this blog to readers in Mauritania, Western Sahara, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and North Korea. Those are the only nations on the face of the earth that we have not touched (since inception of the blog). And I want EVERY NATION for Jesus.
  • Pray that we will be able to obtain the right venue for our conference this summer.
  • Pray that our federal 501(c)3 tax exemption would be approved quickly by the IRS (the American tax agency), so that donations and partnerships will be tax-deductible in the USA.
  • Pray that people will come to the conference! Please, pray that we would have a full house–and make plans to come yourself! 🙂
  • Pray that the Lord would open more doors for me to preach His Word. The Word of God is burning in me like a fire in my bones. I am compelled to preach it. Help, Lord.
  • My literary agent has submitted my book proposal to publishers. Please pray that God would bring me the perfect contract with the right publisher and would deliver me from the wrong publishers.
  • Pray that the book contract would be financially lucrative, since the book process will take a TON of hours of work from me, and I need to be paid for those hours.
  • Pray for my agent and I to have wisdom through this process.
  • Please continue to pray for increased partnerships and product sales. I am discontinuing most of the editing and web design work I have been doing to supplement our income, because it was taking over. I’m called to preach the Word, not to edit manuscripts or build websites (except I will still help pastors). I felt strongly led that I needed to take that step, and I know Father will provide.
  • Pray for a replacement vehicle for my husband. His car is a 2000 Toyota with over 240,000 miles on it. It still runs, but it’s rough. The repairs it needs would cost more than the car is worth. We need to replace it.
  • Pray for my precious mother. She got hurt, and she is staying with me right now so I can try to take care of her. She’s in a lot of pain. Please lift her up.
  • Pray that the Lord would get all our products into the hands of the right people, at the right place, at the right time, so they can be equipped and encouraged.

I know that’s a lot. But prayer is the power behind this ministry. I pray daily, and I pray for these things too–but I and our board need your help in prayer. We need your prayers more than I could say.

I can’t emphasize that enough.

Beloved, I need you. We are a team, a community; and it takes all of us. So, thank you. Thank you for praying, and thank you for your support. Dear ones, I love you all. I can’t even describe how much. My heart yearns over you in prayer to Father. You have become family to me, and I am so thankful for you.

Let’s do it all for Jesus, okay?

Much love in Christ,


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  1. Cynthia Crawford says:

    Excited to be a part of your ministry (in prayer). Perhaps in the near future I may do more. GOD bless you & your board of directors… but mostly, your love & encouragement that you consistently bring to many in need of Christian leadership.
    ~ Blessings, Cindy


  2. Rebecca L Jones says:

    Wow! Congratulations! It looks like you are on your way. Please pray for my great niece and nephew, I need wisdom about them. Prayers for your mother, protection for her as you step out in faith, cancel those enemy assignments.

  3. Only God! Wow! I’m so overwhelmed and excited to hear all this! You have the best Board of Directors. I know each one and I have full confidence in them and their ability to hear from God. I thank God for being with you this whole time and leading and guiding you and Bruce. I, also, thank God for you being so humble and giving yourself to God and to people. You are an awesome woman of God! Declaring and thanking God for answering your prayers and needs.

    1. Yes, the board members are awesome, aren’t they? I’m SO grateful for them! And thank you, dear sister. I love you very much!

      1. I love you much too Jamie! You don’t have to respond.

  4. God is surely doing Great Big things in your life and you have a powerhouse team that will help you accomplish your mission. If God is for you, who can stand against you? No one greater than he is, so with God on your side its a Win Win situation. I will continue to pray for you and all your endeavors, and I know God will continue to open doors for you. If there be a challenge, its for your faith to depend on God to carry you through it. Plus challenges are growth sprouts in God. Please keep me in your prayer too, that I will be what he wants me to be and spread his word for we are nearing close to his coming. God bless you! You are already a winner with God on your side!

  5. Sheetal Mazda says:

    Prayed for you this morning and then received this mail.
    Jesus is faithful.
    Prayed again ??

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