The Power of Encouragement

Jesus encouragementI think most people don’t understand the power of encouragement.

I have run into a number of people lately who have been going through a difficult time.

Each person’s circumstances are different. Some are dealing with tough marriage issues. Some are dealing with rebellious children. Some are dealing with emotional trauma. Others are dealing with financial issues.

But you know what the common thread has been? Every single one of these people, to a (wo)man, has melted under the power of just one encouraging word. I do the same thing. When I’m feeling down and someone takes the time to encourage me, it means the WORLD to me.

Life is tough sometimes. We all go through times that we’d rather not go through. We all endure things we never thought we’d endure.

But there is a solution. It seems like a simple solution; too simple perhaps. Nevertheless, it’s true.

The solution is to speak life into whatever you’re going through.

Just as importantly, the solution is also to speak life into someone else who’s going through something tough.

How encouragement works:

Proverbs 18:21 tells us that life and death are in the power of the tongue. That means:

  • When you talk to someone who is struggling with discouragement, you can literally birth hope back into their heart with your words.
  • When you talk to someone who feels weak, you can literally impart strength into their heart and spirit with your words.
  • When someone feels broken and downcast, God can use your words to turn their thoughts, lift their chin, and put light back into their eyes.


By encouraging that person.

The word “encourage” literally means to endue someone with courage.

When you offer sincere encouragement to another person, your words don’t just go in one ear and out the other. They stick, because life and death are in the power of the tongue.

I pray all the time that Papa will waken my ear to hear what He wants me to say, so that I can speak encouraging words to people who need them and at just the right time. The Bible calls that kind of encouragement “a word in due season.” When you speak just the right encouraging word to someone whose heart is heavy, they will melt.

I have a precious friend who has been through a lot. She has really struggled the last few years, without even realizing it, with subconsciously believing that God will come through for everyone else, but that He won’t come through for her. I empathize with that belief system, because I embraced it for many years myself. But it’s not from the Lord. It’s not the truth.

So she and I have started talking a little bit lately about that mindset.

And each time, when I have just reassured her and spoken to her about the beautiful, beautiful purpose and calling that God has for her life, she has begun weeping instantly. It touches her because she has been through so much.

I adore this lady. I want her to see how much Papa adores her too. So He has given me words to speak to her—such small things, these words!—and somehow He has breathed on these words to encourage her heart. Somehow Papa has used these words to lift her chin, stare into her eyes, and tell her how much He loves her.

Every time I see the Holy Spirit minister to someone like that, I’m more wasted for Him than ever before.

Encouragement is powerful. What could be greater than speaking the truth about God’s love and hope into someone who needs them desperately?

So I would like to encourage you today: become an encourager.

Become that person who speaks life, not death. Become a person who builds up with your words. Encourage others. Strengthen them. Let every person you encounter feel the hope and love of God when they are around you.

How has encouragement made a difference in your life? I’d love to hear about it! Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly! A word of encouragement makes a world of difference. I was going through old cards recently and noticed how many notes of encouragement came from my former pastor. I think one of the reasons I can feel frustrated and unappreciated is there is no encouragement.

    1. I’m right there with you, Lisa. It can be really hard for me when I work on something a long time, or pour into other people for long periods of time, and hear no encouragement at all. Especially if I’m not seeing great results, or if I want to see more results than I am seeing. We can all get better at offering encouragement to others. I know I need it, and I’m sure others feel the same way you and I both do.

  2. Angela Bley says:

    Jamie, you are not going to believe what happened this morning! God presented an opportunity to really minister and encourage someone. Now for the most part, that’s my gifting to encourage and love on others as Father God in the flesh. Sometimes we need Papa God in the flesh. Anyway, Father God presented a special opportunity to minister and encourage. I had met this customer just 2 days ago. Today I get a call from her. A bad situation had happened and she needed my help. This lady has relationship with the Father and is full of faith however this situation caught her off guard. It her pocketbook and as one whose financial means is limited, its worrying her. As her insurance agent, I was able to help and give advice in that aspect however I stopped to share a word of encouragement and to let her know that I was praying for her. She thanked me for ministering to her and reminding her that God’s got this. Whats especially neat is that I had made a comment of wishing I could hug her (since I knew she was a warm huggy time too) however she pointed out that my comforting words were warmth and a hug to her heart. It’s the wonderful timing of Papa God to allow me to meet this precious child of His two days before so that I was in a position of ministering. You know we didn’t have to meet for God to use me however it gave that personal touch to her. Thank you God! You are right on time and you put people in our lives for a reason! Never take for granted a quick acquaintenance with someone for you never know.

  3. My Son want to be with Jesus in Sept 2021.
    I was feeling down in a store
    m a few months later .
    I stood by a lady and spoke kindly to her although I felt bad .
    She closed her eyes , prayed not knowing anything about me .
    And said , I see a motorbike and such Love , joy ,and care !!!
    He was on a motorbike when the accident happened .
    Talk about ENCOURAGMENT !!!!

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