21 Days to the Manifest Presence of God: Day 2 (The Wow Factor)

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This entry is part 2 of 22 in the series 21 Days to the Manifest Presence of God

Welcome to Day 2 of my series about developing an awareness of God’s presence! You can refer back to Day 1 of “21 Days to the Manifest Presence of God” if you’d like to know my backstory for the series.

I encourage you to read all the posts in the series if you are just joining usEach day’s assignment builds on the previous assignments, and they are all vitally important! (Be sure to subscribe to receive my daily posts so you won’t miss anything.)

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    Are you ready for Day 2? Here we go:

    Day 2: Adding the “Wow Factor”

    Yesterday we learned from Psalm 139:7-8 that God is always with us. Everywhere we go, we are in the physical presence of God the Holy Spirit.

    Today we’re adding the “wow factor.”

    According to the Bible, God is Himself all the time. He never changes.

    God never leaves half of Himself at home, showing up at your door with only the other half. His COMPLETE self is with you right now.

    Everything God is, and everything He can do, is a part of Him. He can’t divest Himself of any part of His nature. All of His characteristics are with you right now, because all of Him is with you right now.

    • Malachi 3:6 states, “For I am the Lord, I do not change…”
    • Hebrews 13:8 says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”
    • John 3:34 reads, “For He whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God does not give the Spirit by measure.”

    So what are God’s characteristics? Who is this God who is with you?

    No human has the complete answer to that question, but God has revealed Himself to us in a lot of ways. For example:

    • He is our Father (1 John 3:1; Isaiah 9:6).
    • He is our Counselor (Isaiah 9:6).
    • He is our Comforter (John 14:16).
    • He is our Healer (Exodus 15:26).
    • He is our Provider (Philippians 4:19).
    • He is our Friend who loves us more than any other friend (John 15:13).
    • He is a Mighty Warrior who fights on our behalf (Exodus 15:13).
    • He is our Savior, who saves us from our sins (Matthew 1:21).

    The list could go on forever. [If you want to revolutionize your understanding of who God is, I really encourage you to listen to the music CD “I AM”: 365 Names of God, from John Paul Jackson’s Streams Ministries (see my review here) and also to read my favorite book on this subject, “The Knowledge of the Holy: The Attributes of God: Their Meaning in the Christian Lifeby A.W. Tozer (my review here). These two resources have changed my life and will change yours also.]

    So if everything God is and everything He can do is with you right now, that means:

    • He could part the Red Sea again right now. Or the Pacific, the Atlantic, or anything else that needs draining.
    • He can heal you of any sickness, disease, or infirmity, right now.
    • He can forgive your sins and give you a new life through Jesus, right now.
    • He can fill you with His Holy Spirit right now.
    • He can give you supernatural wisdom right now.
    • He can help you get through your job today.
    • He can fill you with His love so much that you never deal with fear another day in your life.

    This God is the One who is with you right now.

    Your assignment for today:

    Today your assignment is to meditate all day long about who this God is who is with you.

    • Think about how much power He has.
    • Think about how holy He is.
    • Think about how He ruined every funeral He ever went to, including His own.
    • Think about how He sent His Son, Jesus, to DIE just for you because He wanted you to be His child. Your Father couldn’t bear the thought of spending eternity without you.
    • Think of how much He must love you to have been willing to let Jesus die for you.
    • Think about how death couldn’t hold Jesus down. He’s got resurrection power.
    • And the same God with that resurrection power–God the Holy Spirit–is with you right now.

    As you purposefully guide your thoughts toward the wonder of WHO GOD IS–this God who is with you–let yourself be filled with wonder. Let the awe of God overwhelm your heart.

    You’re in the presence of THIS GOD.

    Which one of God’s characteristics overwhelms you the most? Leave a comment below, and we’ll see you again tomorrow for Day 3!

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    1. I just found this website and God’s timing is so awesome. His characteristic that overwhelms me is “friend”. I’m going through a breakup right now and feel like I lost my best friend. Remembering that God is my best friend fills me up with so much love. Thanks for posting and I will continue with the study

      1. Hi Anja. I’m so sorry for what you are going through. I pray that our precious Father in Heaven and His Holy Spirit would comfort you right now, filling you up again with all love, joy, and peace. Thank you so much for reading and I hope the series will be a huge blessing to you. 🙂

    2. Carol Lynn says:

      It’s hard to pick just one characteristic that overwhelms me. He has been so many things to me; Healer, my Strength, Resting Place, God of Comfort, Restorer, etc. I had been sick for several years with liver failure and kidney disease when on July 29th, 2014 at 9:00 p.m., His healing power manifested in me and I am completely healed. That was pretty overwhelming. The power of God is awesome!

      1. Amen. Wow. Completely healed! Praising God with you, Carol! Thank you for reading and sharing. 🙂

    3. Iam on this journey and iam loving every minute of it. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for His children. Thank you so much Jamie, God bless you.

      1. That’s great, Joshua! Thank you so much for reading, and I pray God will continue to bless you!

    4. Hi,
      I seem to have missed your Presence-seeker’s ebook. Would you send me the link again?

      Many thanks,

      1. I emailed them to you just now, Rachel. They originally came with your welcome email, but I know how easy it is for one email to get lost. Thanks for subscribing!

    5. Joshua sweatt says:

      I think about all his characteristics but if I would try to pick out one it would be his creativity. Elohim I love that name it has always attracted to me. God created us in his image. That’s mind blowing right there. He could have created us in kind of form but he chose him own. I love that

    6. Kahn Johnson says:

      I am overwhelmed with how much God loves me. Your comment struck a cord with me when you stated that He can fill me with His love so much that I never deal with fear another day in my life!!! Fill me Lord, Fill me Lord, Fill me Lord with Your love so much that I never have to deal with fear anymore!!!


      1. Stella Okurut Lawoko says:

        Hi Jamie, His characteristic as The Word overwhelms me the most.
        Whenever I have questions I find all the answers in His Word.

        I have been doing the 31 Days of Supernatural Encounters and have learned a lot.

        I have been looking for a job for the last year and a half. While doing day 14 – “Deciding the heart motivation, I had never thought about what motivates me.
        I repent and am ashamed that earning has been my main compass but now I know and I give God all the Glory and thank Him for using you as the earthly vessel to teach us.

        Additionally, when I lost my husband I lost all earthly possession leaving me and my daughter’s shamed, rejected, homeless and in abject poverty.

        I looked up to the Lord through it all but kept asking why?
        This morning while doing your daily devotions ” Day 15 – You will be twice as inhabited as before I got my answer.
        The entrance of His Word has given me light.

        Forever grateful,

        Stella Lawoko

        The entrance of Your Word has given me light.

    7. Hi Jaime, all of God’s characteristics are overwhelming. One I would say overwhelms me the most is, He is my Savior. Just by saving me from my sins and giving me new life is beyond overwhelming. All the other characters of God keep overwhelming me in it’s own way. It’s like the alphabet from A – Z being my Savior starts with A and the rest follow. Thank you Jamie so much! I am truly enjoying and learning. God Bless you

      1. That’s awesome, Erin. Yes, nothing else and no one else can compare to our Savior! We would have no hope without Him. Thank you for sharing!

    8. Another wonderful day in God’s presence. The Way-Maker…this attribute of God fascinates me all the time. How He makes a way where there seems to be no way. It’s why I love the story of the parting of the Red sea. And He has made so many ways for me…getting me through impossible situations.
      I also love that God is Abba Father…my Father. Im the daughter of the Most High God, so all He has is Mine. All He is, is in me. I’v got God’s DNA.
      Praise God.

      1. Amen and amen and amen! He makes a way where there seems to be no way! So glad you shared this. Have a wonderful day and I pray the Lord would bless you as you walk through this series with Him!

    9. Thank you for the 2nd from the “21 days ” divine journey . I can’t explain what i feel when I read your words , but your wordu touch me in the deepest point in my heart . Thank you and may the Lord’s blessings.
      P.S: sorry for my English .

      1. Your English is fine, Sam. Thank you so much for reading. I’m so glad our loving Papa touched you through this post! Have a wonderful day!

    10. I’m going to pick the strength,comforter,healing of God.thank you so much

      1. Amen! He is such a Comfort! May He wrap His arms around you and strengthen you all day today. 🙂

    11. As someone stated above, I cannot pick just one attribute. They ALL boggle the mind. I am just overwhelmed that He IS.

    12. God bless you sis. What overwhelmed me is that despite I am a sinner, God still loves me. He said His thoughts towards me is of good not evil. Thank you Jesus. I try hard to think, why did God loves me. No answer at all.

    13. I would have to say they all have overwhelmed my life throughout the years!
      I am sooo grateful to be in His heavenly family. He just keeps on amazing me!
      Thank you Jamie for all the encouragement and inspiration that you bring forth to remind us of who God really is and who we are in Him. Also how much he really loves us! This so awesome. It has really brought a newness to me about our God! Blessing upon you!

    14. Maria Dimba says:

      Thanks Jamie for reviving our lives. I cannot separate one from the other, they are all awesome. Thank you Lord for being everything to us and thank you for being always with us. You are an awesome God!!

    15. Hi Jamie: Just wanted to thank you for your ministry. I have been baptized in the the Holy Spirit since 1975 and had a glorious experience at that time. When I received Him, they told me he was “breath” and I should just breathe Him in. As I did that, it was like liquid fire and was so comforting. I was raised as a minister’s daughter and yet didn’t know that God was real or that he cared about me. I thought He was mean and angry all the time. I literally lived in that warm for a couple of years after. I so love the presence of God. I wrote to say that recently because of many negative things that have happened in our family in the last 12 years, my fire for the Lord has dimmed a bit or been covered up or something. Your blogs have had a part in rekindling that fire. I had such fun focusing on that fact that God is always with me. And your other writings have helped also. They reminded me that I should focus on Jesus instead of all the negative and hurtful things that have happened. He also reminded me that He will never leave me. So thank you, thank you, thank you for your faithfulness to share. Blessings!

      1. Hi Ruth. It’s great to meet you! I’m so glad to hear that Papa has used this blog to bless you–and more importantly, that you are getting your fire for the Lord back! Breathe on my sister, Holy Spirit!
        Thanks so much for sharing!

    16. Sara Carolina says:

      Jamie, primero que todo, muchísimas gracias por dejarte usar como instrumento de Dios para bendecir tantas vidas. El Señor te recompense en gran manera!!!
      La característica de Dios que más me abruma, me toca me hace postrarme a Sus pies es SU AMOR por mí!!! Es tan grande que no lo puedo entender, me sobrecoge y no sé qué decirle…LO AMO TANTO!!!

    17. Hello,

      Each of God’s attributes are amazing to me, but I suppose His undying, eternal, never ending love, and the fact that He will never leave me, ever, in spite of my mistakes, my sometimes inability to see Him, He is always there.

    18. Olepile Mangole says:

      God’s love for mankind amazes me, and it makes me feel so special to know that God loves me that He sacrificed His only son to save me. The thought that the resurrection power lives inside me overwhelms me because nothing is impossible with hin

    19. Angela Webb says:

      Hi Janie!
      God has been and continues to be to me all that you outlined above. I cannot point to one specific characteristic for He has been my healer, friend and comforter during a recent period in which I lost my mother, a brother and one of my sons in the space of three years. God is my everything. I depend on Him daily. Knowing that He is always present and continually surrounds me with His love.

    20. The one characteristic of God that puts me in the most awe is His unlimited power and His unconditional love

      1. Pat Alexander says:

        All the names of God speak wonders to me! But Healer comes predominantly to my mind. No matter the situation you may find yourself, he heals everything; physical, mental, emotional or spiritually. There is nothing impossible to Him!

    21. Jowanda Lucas says:

      That Gods love is so great all my fears will go away.
      God please reveal Yourself to me so that I do not live in fear but in awe of Your love

    22. I am sitting here bawling my eyes out over God’s power! I downloaded and listed to “I AM”: 365 Names of God, from John Paul Jackson’s Streams Ministries and the tears just streamed down my face. I am in awe of everything. Thank you once again for leading me just where I needed to be. God has reached me through your blog time and time again. Thank you for sharing the John Paul Jackson music, I will listen to it over and over.

    23. Gerri Murray says:

      God. This is for me and will benefit those that God is sending me to. Can’t do it without the Power of the Holy Spirit and prayer. Now I have help. God bless you


    24. Loveness Kunaka says:

      Hie Jamie , thank you so much for your powerful message i really feeling God in a new way. He has been all those characters i our family life ,my streang at work ,my comforter etc and He will continue to be . Am so looking forward to day 3 and what it holds for me and my family. God continue to bless you Jamie.

    25. His mega love for us is just too much to comprehend. I love the way you put it so clearly to us Jamie. The fact that our Father couldn’t bear the thought of spending eternity without us and sent His only son to die for us so that we may be reunited with Him through the blood of Jesus.
      I’m also overwhelmed by the fact that the power that rose Jesus from the dead dwells within me. That means that the is no situation that can be dead in our lives, be it spiritual, physical or emotional. Wow!! This is just amazing.
      We thank God for you Jamie. May He continue revealing His truth and His mysteries through you.

    26. Georgekutty P.A says:

      The word of God and His faithfulness never changes towards the people of God. I really love meditating Gods love and glorify His name.Amen

    27. Brooke Coleman says:

      How much He must love me to have been willing to let Jesus die for me.


    28. Maoneyi Gweje says:

      What is there to be said again about our Father? For ALL that HE IS and ALL that HE has done, is doing and will do – I just say Thank You!

    29. Emma obeng- Tuudah says:

      I love the fact that God is everything and can be whatever I want Him to be to me. He is all in one so I wouldn’t have to go any where else for help or whatever. He is my resting place. He is all sufficient and Iam contempt in Him. Iam glad He is my God and Iam his.

    30. God is love! Thank you for allowing yourself to be use.

    31. Hi Jamie,

      I have always loved the fact that God is the Great I Am! I thoroughly believe He is in everything. You asked the question, what about God that overwhelms us…well. I am amazed that Jesus Loved me so much that He chose the cruel journey to Calvary and then dying for me/ my sins were put on Him, and i am set free from them all. None of us could do this for ourselves… Yet God loved us so much that he sent Jesus, my and your Kinsman Redeemer. I feel so blessed.

      Thanks Jamie for your very detailed and informed emails and blog posts, They have open new doors of understanding for me, and have confirmed many.


    32. Christina Alexander says:

      The characteristic that hit me most is that He sent Jesus His Son to die for me so that I can become His daughter! Wow! How could i not love Him as He first loved me! Countless times i keep slipping but I know that He still loves me.


    34. Can’t choose one attribute and, depending on the day, it can vary. Today it’s His faithfulness and patience that are wowing me. He is so very good. ❤️

    35. My wow moment was when I read He ruined every funeral He attended including His own, This reality just hit me even though I am aware of this from the scriptures; Jesus has truly defeated death by His resurrection power and death and the grave will be swallowed up and all God people will share in this victory, we all wait in expectation for this ultimate moment!

    36. Thank you so much for sharing. I know this will be such a benefit cause my mind is fill with nonsense . Suspicion and worry all day. Remembering God is here with me all the while is such a great deliverance.

    37. Can you also send me your e-book

    38. Kim A.Hill says:

      Kim A.Hill says: I have to say that all of God’s attributes overwhelms me because he is my everything to me.Oh how I can reflect on who he is to me.I’m on day 2 of the challenge.I get so excited & looking forward to doing it.Awesome!I’am truly grateful & blessed.Thank you God for using Jamie knowledge & her expertise.I started this challenge on the the first of the year. We are in the beginning of the year 2024.Awesome!

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