Understanding God’s Symbolic Language: Tattoo Interpretation #2

I recently posted here about how we need to learn to understand God’s symbolic language. I also discussed in that same post about why I will begin teaching God’s language of pictures using tattoo interpretation. Today, we will have our second lesson and second tattoo interpretation! (Read the first lesson and tattoo interpretation here.)

Today’s tattoo photo comes from Miss T. First, I will tell you the meanings of the symbols in her tattoo. Then, below the list of meanings, I’ll give the “in-a-nutshell” interpretation of what the Lord is saying to Miss T through this tattoo right now.

Miss T back tattoo

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    Tattoo #2: Flowers

    Here are the symbols, together with their spiritual meanings.

    Notice that the colors can have both a positive and negative connotation. Miss T’s tattoo is full of positive symbols, so the positive meanings will apply in her case. But, I wanted to list both meanings, so you can see how the colors work.

    The color purple, in the positive sense, represents authority and rulership to rule. It’s the color of kings. (If used in the negative sense, it represents ruling by intimidation or manipulation, illegitimate authority, trying to use domination or control, or dictatorship.)

    Green represents, in the positive sense, conscience, character, creativity, prosperity, growth, provision, healing, health, and balance. (If used in a negative sense, green represents envy and pride.)

    White, in the positive sense, represents purity, holiness, and God. (If used in the negative sense, it represents a counterfeit or a religious spirit.)

    Yellow, in the positive sense, represents a renewed mind, hope, and courage. (If used in the negative sense, it represents intellectual control, fear, or cowardice.)

    Pink, in the positive sense, represents childlikeness and faith. (If used in the negative sense, it represents childishness/selfishness.)

    Magenta, in the positive sense, represents holy emotions, passion, and giving. (If used in the negative sense, it represents negative emotions.)

    Black, in the positive, can be a holy sense of hiddenness or separation. (If used in the negative sense, it can represent negative emotions.)

    Flowers speak of glory and beauty (Song of Solomon chapters 2-6). Of note, these chapters in Song of Solomon mention flowers and gardens over and over … and always in relation to wooing the one’s beloved. 🙂 (Read these chapters to find out more.)

    Leaves represent healing (Revelation 22:2).

    Butterflies represent change or transition. Also, butterflies fly, and flying represents spiritual advancement; viewing things from Heaven’s perspective (Revelation 4:1).

    So here is the in-an-nutshell interpretation of what God is saying to Miss T through these symbols:

    Miss T, Papa God has put many wonderful deposits in you. He is calling you to walk in authority. You are His princess.

    You will find the authority you are called to walk in by receiving the love of Papa God Himself. People have tried to dominate you, but their attitudes were not from God because they didn’t spring out of the Father’s love.

    Now you are free, and Papa wants to renew your mind. He wants to give you hope and courage. You will no longer be hurt by lies people have told you in the past.

    As you allow Papa to do His work in you, He will bring great healing. He will take you higher in the spiritual realm, and show you how much He loves you. He is wooing you, precious one. You are His bride, and He longs for you.

    So embrace childlike faith. Know that Papa God loves you. You are precious in His sight. His heart yearns over you. He sings joyful songs over you, knowing that you and He have a great future together.

    Papa wants to give you the new life you desire. As you seek Him, your emotions will change and prosper. You will experience His creative, healing power in your life.

    Papa God is going to bring you into His beautiful, glorious purpose for your life.

    I love Papa’s language, don’t you? He is always so beautiful and encouraging. Now it’s Miss T’s turn to let us know if this resonates with her!


    1. This is beautiful. I’ve never seen a seeker of God’s Word talk about tattoos in a positive manner.
      I have wanted a tattoo for a long time, even designed it, but I have not taken the plunge because of my concern bout what the bible says about tattooing one’s self. I am NOT a bible scholar by any means, so I would like to know more about what you understand the bible to say about tattoos.

      1. Hi Jen! Thanks so much!
        Here is a link that will help you, from last week:
        Response to Reader Question: Why Getting a Tattoo Is Not a Sin


        (You’ll want to read the comments on that page too.) 🙂

        And, you might want to check out Isaiah 44:1-5. “Write with his hand” actually is “write ON his hand.” The Lord is prophesying that His people will begin to write His name on their hands.

        Also–and this is a verse I want to discuss in a future blog post–Revelation 19:16 tells us that Jesus will actually come back with His own Name–King of kings and Lord of lords–written ON His thigh. That sounds like a tattoo to me! As Doug Addison says, “Could it be that this generation that is tattooed and pierced is actually prophesying the return of a striped, pierced, and tattooed Saviour?” 🙂 THAT’s a pretty awesome thought!

        You would also enjoy googling up Doug Addison and watching some of his tattoo interpretation videos on YouTube. He is an amazing man of God that reaches thousands of people, one-on-one, individually every year with the love of Jesus, through dream interpretation, tattoo interpretation, and Holy-Spirit-led encouraging words.

        Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to hear your thoughts on these things after you check them out!

    2. First, I want to start off by saying thank you for interpreting my two tattoos. Your interpretations are spot on..and I wasnt sure how you were going to interpret this second one. I had explained to you in a email the flowers in their detail and why I wanted each one. I really wanted a vibrant colorful tattoo..I am not very “girly” but I needed my tattoo to be. I looked through many pictures of each birth month and settled on my flowers. .then at first I decided I would let the tattoo artist choose the colors; however, I soon changed my mind and wanted my tattoo to be my decisions..not someone else’s.
      The white flower is a Daphne flower..of course that represents my daughterchange the colors. The purple flower is for August, that represented me and my daughter since we were born in the same month. I decided on purple after looking through examples of gladiolus pictures and seemed to keep referring to how beautiful the color purple really is. I wanted this flower to be bright and colorful since it was representing two women. The yellow daisy was for a child that I lost in April 2010. I didn’t know the gender of the baby..but felt as though it was a boy. Yellow just happened to be a neutral color that worked perfect for the daisy. The green butterfly was actually resting on some of my reference pictures of the daisys I showed my tattoo artist and I fell in love with the detail and colors, so I decided since I leaned toward boy I wanted the butterfly to be the same as in the pictures.
      I put a lot of time and thought into my tattoos. I wanted something that I would not regret later in life and something that when people see, they say “wow, that is gorgeous.” My children mean the world to me and I may only have one living child but I know I will meet the other one day. I was going to do names but not knowing the gender, I didnt feel right about that. Therefore, I settled on flowers for each of us and my tattoo artist was amazing in making sure everything, including every detail I wanted was perfect before we started. I was afraid that having a tattoo was a sin, but in my heart it was something I needed to do. My tattoos were a start to a new life..a few chapters in my life that I needed to let go and move past. Each symbol and flower went together somehow..the symbols stood for certain relationships in my life that I felt helped me grow to the person I am today. I have been dealt some rough cards since I turned 18 and moved out of my parents house. Things werent always the best but I always tried to not let people truly know how I felt or what was going on in my life. Your tattoo interpretation is definitely telling my story ..it was and is time for me to let go of those bad memories and see the true beauty that my life is.

      1. Miss T, thank you for sharing so much of your heart about your tattoo. I’m so sorry about your baby. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child. Your tattoos are gorgeous and are a beautiful memorial.

        I’m so happy for you that the bad times are behind you. You have a wonderful future in store for you. You are precious, and I can’t wait to hear how things go. You are the apple of Papa God’s eye!

        Bruce and I love you!

    3. ***represents my daughter whose name is Daphne

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