Dream Interpretation #2: Saving the Fishies One At A Time

fish dream interpretation

As we discussed here, God loves to speak to His people using dreams and visions. He also will give us the interpretation of those dreams if we will ask. Today’s dream interpretation is for Miss D. Miss D has been having a series of recurrent dreams that are all very similar, so I’m going to address them as if they are one dream.

I asked Miss D what she would title this dream, and her instant response was: “Saving the Fishies One At A Time.” This is how she relayed the dream:

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    “For over the last ten years I have had a series of dreams about fish. Various types of fish. But largely I dream about goldfish. The dreams would usually start like this:

    I am in my home. I would “suddenly” remember that I have fish (and the dream sometimes switched to birds) that I need to take care of (feed, change and check water levels). I would run into the room they were located in, and the tank would be filthy. The water levels were extremely low, and I could tell that they were starving. (They looked both malnourished and either sluggish or hyper to eat.) I immediately go into action to take care of my fish that I had neglected, wondering to myself how I could have forgotten that I have fish to take care of.

    Variations for this dream are usually as follows:

    • I am outside my home. The goldfish have decided that they don’t want to live in the tank (or sometimes the “bowl”) any longer, so they “fly” out of the tank and are extremely happy twirling around in the air. I, on the other hand, am extremely concerned because I know that they have only so much time they can actually spend outside the tank due to the nature of a fish, which needs oxygen in the water. The fish doesn’t care, and just wants to be free in the open air. So I am trying to capture these fish with a net or something. Most of the time, I am productive at getting the fish back in the tank.
    • Then there are the other dreams where I literally am in panic mode, and am racing against the clock to get either the fish to water to sustain it, because it has flown out of the tank, or the tank has been broken, losing all the water. I am on a mission to keep this fish alive and get it to fresh water, so it can breathe.
    • Other variations include someone putting “foreign” fish (fish from another country) in my tank, and their mission was to kill my fish. So then I’m trying to scoop out the “foreign” fish so they won’t kill my fish. (Trust me… this is a tedious job.)

    I did also have one more “fish” dream, that I still recall to this day, that gives me the creeps. Not sure where I was, but it was like an outside fish store (set up like a zoo), and I recall walking by this particular large tank. The tank was on my left, and the fish was a large, eel-like fish. It was very intimidating, and I knew that it wanted to kill me. Even though this fish was enclosed in a tank, and could not survive outside the tank, I was still spooked pretty badly.”

    Miss D also advised that these dreams were in color.

    Here are some of the meanings of the symbols:

    • The color gold means purity, holiness, something very precious and of high value.
    • Fish are used in the Bible to represent people: specifically, the souls of men.
    • Your home means your life, job, church, or family.
    • I think the “suddenly” represents suddenly moving into your calling.
    • The tank is a place that contains; a natural environment for fish.
    • Water in the Bible represents God; specifically, the Holy Spirit.
    • Food would represent spiritual food: the Word of God, Christ Jesus.
    • The fish bowl is also a place that contains; a natural environment for fish; but it’s small and cramped.
    • Birds represent leaders.
    • Foreign fish” would represent the assignments of the enemy against the souls of men.

    Of note, I did ask Miss D if she had any particular bent or passion for evangelism, and she said she did–both for missions abroad and for evangelism here in America.

    Here’s what I believe this dream means:

    I believe this dream is speaking to Miss D about her calling to evangelism. The fact that this dream is in color generally means that it’s from the Holy Spirit. The fish represent people who need Jesus. These people are very precious to the Lord, and of very high value.

    The fact that the first dream happens inside her home tells us that this dream is specifically talking about Miss D’s calling. As in the dream, I believe she may suddenly move into her calling.

    I believe this dream first shows Miss D how desperate is the situation for the unsaved. They have no spiritual food or water. They are mired in sin. Their environment is filthy and polluted.

    But when Miss D goes into action to save them, she has the provision they need. She has the water (the presence of God; the Gospel of Christ; the Holy Spirit). She has the food they need: Jesus Christ, the Word of God. She can reach them, one at a time.

    I believe the first variation on the dream talks about discipleship after Miss D moves out into the areas in which she is ministering. When people first get saved, they are extremely happy, but they don’t understand how to grow or sustain themselves. But Miss D does understand, and she can help them grow in their new state, and the Lord preserves them alive.

    I believe the second variation talks about some of the hardships that Miss D may encounter in her mission of evangelism. Sometimes people fall back into sin, but I believe this dream is saying that the Lord will use Miss D to help disciple them back into their proper place in Christ.

    The foreign fish represent the assignments of the enemy against those Miss D is serving. Again, however, those wicked assignments do not prevail. The Lord will preserve these fish and keep them alive.

    And finally, the last dream where Miss D was afraid of a fish that wanted to kill her: Miss D, you do not have to be afraid. The accuser of the brethren would like to derail your calling, but God is in control. Papa has displayed all His fish (His people) in front of you, and the field is ripe for harvest. Just keep your eyes on Jesus and on the work He tells you to do. Fear is never from the Lord; the Lord gives you power, love, and a sound mind. So just focus on Him, and not on any distractions.

    Now it’s Miss D’s turn. Miss D, does this resonate with you? If so, could you please leave a comment below (on this blog post) and share your thoughts?


    1. Thank you so much Jaime! What you posted about my fish dreams definitely resonated within me. Breaking down the elements really helped me understand it all better! Thank you for the Encouraging word to not be distracted by the fear of the enemy but to focus on our Papa and on what He’s calling us to do.

    2. Melanie pentz says:

      That was just simply beautiful ! I dream those exact dreams almost to the t !!!!! Thank u !!!!

      1. Hi Melanie! Thanks for reading and commenting! How cool that someone else had a similar dream; I’ve not heard of that before!! Yay! 🙂

        1. I also have been having these almost identical dreams for almost 10 years or more…. I have a strong desire to help people, but am not what I would consider a religious human being. So this is fascinating to me….

          1. Thanks for reading, Leta! 🙂 I am glad it spoke to you. Religious person or not, we all have eternity in our hearts, and there is a God in Heaven who loves you very much. He wants to wrap you–and all those fish that need help–up in His arms and tickle you with hugs and smooches and bring you into His family. It’s not religion, but it is wonderful.
            Thanks again for reading! Hope to see you back!

    3. Melanie pentz says:

      Hello 🙂
      Ya that was so cool! I went to find an interpation for my fish dreams I have had for ten years and I got the answers without telling my dream ! That to me is incredible ! I’d love to talk with ms D ! Maybe we live close ! Maybe she is that partner in ministry I was told would come along ! Hmmmm dont know ! Thank u so so so much
      Melanie Pentz 🙂 oh ta do u have an e mail or somehow I can tell u another dream and visions about ?
      Bye bye 🙂

      1. Hey Melanie,
        You can find my email on the contact page. Just so you know, I’m months backed up on dreams and visions just because people are sending them to me from everywhere. So you’re welcome to send one, but it might be months before I get to read it, let alone study out an interpretation. Please don’t get your feelings hurt by that. But you’re welcome to send it anyway if you like. Maybe a miracle will happen. 🙂
        And Miss D lives in Tennessee, btw. 🙂
        Have a great day!

      2. Oh, and Melanie, if you want to send me your contact info I’d be happy to forward it to Miss D. It would be up to her if she wants to contact you or if she prefers to remain anonymous, but I’d be happy to send it to her.

        1. I’ve had a similar dream where I have minnows in a bag and the bag breaks and the fish are spread in the floor and I pick them up one by one and rebag them in new water. Then I give them a solution to stay alive and they slowly came back to life.

    4. Melanie pentz says:

      Oh nooooo feelings hurt here ! Lol sure ur very busy ! Me too! 🙂 no no that’s ok about ms Ds contact info ! It simply means we both have the same type of ministry ! Actually anyone that calls them selves Christian should be out witnessing to lost souls period ! U have a Great day now 😉 ta ta

    5. This is so interesting. I have had very similar dreams for years, and the last time I tried to find information, this page was not here.
      My fish are all different fish in different settings. But they all need help right away. Trying to help them feels so frustrating, especially since I know how to care for fish and have been a veterinary technician for over a decade. So helping God’s creatures is a huge passion. It’s frustrating, because no matter how fast I work I don’t feel that they are safe yet before the dream ends. I never get to see them happy again. It’s just the process of rushing around in a panic, trying to do anything and everything to save as many as I can.
      I don’t know if this means anything about evangelism for me. I am a fundamental Christian. My spiritual gift has never come up as evangelism. Encouragement comes up in tests. Although I used to have dreams that predicted the future till I asked God not to have them anymore. Because they were always about something bad happening, and me knowing about it did not serve to prevent the event, I asked for either the ability to use the dreams in time for helping others or to no longer have them.

    6. I had a dream that my son had a ziplick bag of fish. He poured the fish into a pool of clear blue water. Only to find out that the fish was still in the clear zip lock bag. I rushed over took the bag one small fish fell out and sunk to the bottom. It was dead! 3 more fish was left in the bag it wouldn’t or couldn’t get out for some reason. The fish was like small Gold fish butone was a little bigger. The bigger hit my finger with it’s fit when I tried to release it. I then put water into the bag to save struggling fish. Again for some reason the fish would not go into the water it stayed on top. Then I woke up confused. Please help me figure this out. Thank you!

      1. Hi Blake. Thanks for reading my blog! Unfortunately, because it takes me sometimes hours to research the symbols in a dream, I’m not able to do dream interpretations online any longer. I would encourage you to read anything by Doug Addison about dream interpretation. His work on this subject is amazing and Biblical, and it will definitely help with the info you’re looking for!
        Thanks! Have a great day!

    7. I’ve had each of these dreams repeatedly, to a T.

      Forgotten fish tanks in terrible condition with low water levels and I’m amazed that the fish are still somehow alive. I clean and add water and tend to the fish.
      Broken tanks with water spilling out, fish everywhere and I’m putting them in bowls, cups, Tupperware, anything I can find to keep them alive.
      Aggressive fish in tanks with docile fish, attacking and killing them. I quickly attempt to separate them out, but the next day they’re mixed again.
      And only once did I have the fish/snake/eel dream. But in my dream, it was in one of the forgotten tanks but was the only fish in it. When I would attempt to attend to the tank, clean it, add more water, it would lash out and try to strike me with it’s long tail. It was so creepy.

      So strange that we have the SAME dreams…and often. I’ve had these dreams for as long as I can remember.

      1. That’s pretty freaky, Marissa! Very cool to have the same dream. It sounds to me like God may be affirming to you that you have a real gift for taking care of people, helping them, and loving them. Also, don’t let anybody’s lies (or even negative things that we sometimes entertain in our own minds) keep you from using that gift. Snakes represent lies in dreams … don’t let those lies keep you from your destiny. 🙂 Go for it, sister! 🙂

    8. Hi, I searched for a dream similar to mine and found your post about Ms D. I too dreamed of gold fish last night 09/30/2016. In my dream I saw many huge gold fish and silver fish without water I rushed to help them and fed them water. I didn’t have container so I kept making them wet. I held one big gold fish in my arms and kept wetting it. In my dream that fish starts to bond with me I could feel its love for me. Later I found and army of gold fish in may containers they all lied up in limited water. Suddenly I saw ugly huge monster that looks like a dinosaurs ran parallel toward where I stood, I was so concerned about the gold fish that they would be eaten by this monster. Again the scene changed back to where I saw massive of huge gold fish with limited water. I was able to find a shallow pan that could hold some water where I could put the fish I held down and went on rescuing other fish that need water. After reading your post. It confirms what I thought my dream was. I thank you very much for your post. I would love to hear from you if my dream interpretation is different from Ms D. thanks

    9. Wow!!!! Thank you for your interpretation. You spoke right through me. I had the same dream of saving the fish that were stuck in the mud, and I was picking them up and putting them in the clear waters. I was also waiting on the duck laying eggs while cutting grass to put underneath her so that she’s comfortable enough. I also have a desire to speak to Gods people about his love in America and also help alleviate poverty in Africa -where I am from. I have a feeling of Gods calling on my life, I just dont know how. But after reading this, I am more than certain that I have to keep seeking him and asking for his guidance….

      Thank you so much.
      By the way, I recently became born again christian – 1 year now. And I understand when you talk about the excitement of becoming one but not knowing how to maintain that. Only God can help us!!! I try reading the bible daily.

      Thank you!!!!

      1. Hi Diana! I am so happy to hear that you have given your life to Jesus. He will definitely use you as His witness! Just seek to know Him. Get to know Him well, better than you know anyone else. And out of that intimate, cozy relationship will come a power and glory and passion that will speak of His love to all the world.
        Blessings to you in Jesus’ name! Thank you for reading my blog!

    10. Natalie Smith says:

      Jaime thank you for posting this, great insight and profound inspiration. I had a dream last night about fish but a little different. The fish were in a fish tank within a bird cage. The closer I got to the cage one gold fish would squawk like a bird. And it scares me, I remember telling someone do you hear that and covering my ears. When I looked again all the goldfish were dead and I asked where is all the water? It was very disturbing to me, do you have insight on what that might mean?

    11. I found this site because I was trying to make sense of a dream I had yesterday. I was coming down the stairs in my house when I noticed a large white fish with friendly, soft eyes coming toward me – in the air. I was surprised but not frightened. It followed me to the kitchen and let me put it in a see through container. A few minutes later i returned and was horrified to think I had put the fish in a container much too small and hadn’t added water. I checked and it was still alive. I went to the sink to get water and realised the fish was next to me – so close – and simply wanted to follow me around. It was a very peaceful dream and I woke feeling refreshed for the first time in many months – I have been supporting my daughter as she holds on in faith to her marriage having discovered that her husband had an affair. I have been the only member of the family encouraging her to hang on to God’s promises and as such have felt as if I have been swimming against a very strong current – like a fish out of water. It was the first time I had felt peaceful for a long time.

    12. I had a dream last night where several fish at first seemed to be happy and just sitting or flying in the air. Family pet size, different colors and sizes but small. At first, I felt confused why I was dreaming this, was I actually seeing this right? I was panicked because I knew they needed water to survive. The longer I watched them all around me, I began to notice they started gasping for air and looking directly into my eyes for help. I could see them struggling & asking for immediate help! I started looking for any type of container to put water in so I could save them! After I woke up, I remembered the dream so well! It’s an image I’ll never forget! I assume I saved them but I don’t know because that wasn’t part of my dream. Can you help explaining this to me? Thank you

    13. Jan 2020. Last night I had the same dream as described in Miss D’s first. It distracted my thoughts most of today, it is now close to midnight. Found this page looking for interpretation. Surprised others have had this same dream. Very insightful, thank you!

    14. Nirmala gounder says:

      Wow thanks for this insight for many years i have recurring dreams of rescuing goldfish from mud, dirty muddy tanks, just about anywhere. I had one they were in little muddy pools underground I could see them under the soil. All the goldfish i dream of are small, maybe a few cm long and a bit wide.
      This morning I dreamt there were lots of them in dirty large very shallow containers and I frantically looked for larger containers to put them into, then I was worried the chlorinated water would kill them. There were several of the containers on the balcony of my fathers house where i was rescuing them. I was looking for the meaning and came into this post

    15. Pitt - Uganda says:

      Wooooow! its amazing how i have also had a clear recurrent dream similar to that of Mrs D.
      Two stuck fish in shallow filthy water, no one had been taking care of them, everyone had on that route had seen but ignored them,…including myself. My love for fish made me get them cleaned them up, and relocated them to a bigger spacious clear water tank (Aquarium). two different fish species one looking more like a gold fish, and another longer and larger than the gold fish, more like a common carp fish.
      I right away starting thinking there were some two people. that needed my help. two people that had been ignored for almost all their lives, two people entangled in dirty waters of Sin, hopelessness, Misery,…
      Your interpretation is sooooo fulfilling.
      Thank you soo much. God continue to bless your work

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