How To Get Stable By Commanding Your Soul

How To Get Stable By Commanding Your Soul by Jamie Rohrbaugh | blog

Do you ever struggle with maintaining your emotions on an even keel? If so, did you know that commanding your soul will help you with this?

I stumbled on this tidbit by accident (but I know it was the Lord, helping me). 🙂 One day a few months ago, I was throwing myself a pity party one morning. (I know none of you ever do that, but just humor me here and keep reading, ok?)

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    I was feeling sorry for myself. I didn’t have any really good reason to feel sorry for myself, but you know how it goes.

    Well, I had my quiet time, but I was still feeling blue afterwards. I went about my morning routine, but I was thinking about how I knew it wasn’t right for me to feel that way. I knew self-pity is not from the Lord, and I knew I was giving in to a spirit of doubt and unbelief. I KNEW I had to snap out of it, but I didn’t feel like I could muster up the strength. My emotions were running away with me.

    All of a sudden, Psalm 103:1 came into my mind:

    Start-quoteBless the Lord, O my soul; and all that is within me, bless His holy name!”

    As soon as I thought of this verse, it occurred to me that this is a very odd verse.

    This verse was written by David, the Psalmist and ancient King of Israel. The odd thing is that, in this verse, David is talking to himself! Even more specifically, he’s talking to a specific part of himself–his soul–and giving it orders!

    Your soul consists of your mind (intellect), will, and emotions. So in this verse, David is addressing his soul and telling it what to do. He’s telling his soul to bless the Lord.

    Here are the odd things about David talking to himself like that:

    1. Uh, who knew you could order yourself around? And have you actually obey yourself?
    2. Why would you even bother to order yourself around–unless you are not already doing what you should be doing, and you know it?

    I have always thought of David as being a bastion of faith. I’ve never thought of him as being like me and feeling sorry for himself sometimes.

    (Uhhh, now that I think of it, though, he was a musician… but that’s another story for another day, for all you musicians out there. 🙂 )

    But when David wrote this verse, his soul–his mind, will, and emotions–must have been misbehaving. His soul must have not been blessing the Lord, because otherwise, David wouldn’t have commanded his soul to START blessing the Lord.

    Are you with me?

    So back to my story. I was feeling all pitiful and pathetic. I noticed that David spoke to his own soul and commanded it to behave in a godly manner. I knew that my soul was created to be subordinate to my spirit, and I knew that my spirit is where the Holy Spirit lives.

    So I thought I’d try David’s method, and see if it would help me stop feeling sorry for myself.

    I looked down at myself and spoke these words, out loud, to my soul:

    Start-quoteSoul, I call you to attention in Jesus’ name. I command you to line up with my spirit, which is full of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name.”

    IMMEDIATELY I felt my soul respond:

    • It was like my soul was a runaway puppy who came cowering back to his master.
    • IMMEDIATELY I felt my mind, will, and emotions snap to attention and submit to my spirit, which is who I really am, and which is full of the Holy Spirit.
    • IMMEDIATELY my soul was full of faith and hope again.

    Immediately I stopped feeling sorry for myself.

    I was shocked!

    And delighted!

    I had finally found a solution… and I felt so much better that quickly!

    Here’s why commanding your soul works:

    My soul is not who I am. My soul is merely something I have; something I possess. It’s something God created me with. But WHO I AM is determined by my spirit.

    So just like my outward possessions–my car, clothes, and kitchen utensils–don’t get to determine who I am, neither does my soul get to determine who I am. My spirit is in charge, and when I got saved, I turned my spirit over to the Holy Spirit. My spirit determines who I am, and “who I am” is that I am full of God.

    It’s the same for you.

    If you have made Jesus Christ the Lord of your life, then WHO YOU ARE is full of God too. So your soul–which is something you HAVE–has to submit to WHO YOU ARE.

    That means your soul has to line up with your spirit, which is full of the Holy Spirit, if you tell it to.

    So what are you waiting for? Are you feeling turmoil and unrest in your emotions today? If so, call your soul to attention! Command it, out loud, to line up with your spirit, which is full of the Holy Spirit!

    Commanding your soul will force your soul to do what it was made to do, and work for you, not against you. It has to obey.

    Commanding your soul. Huh. Apparently, King David was onto something.

    Second Timothy 3:16: “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness…’

    Were you feeling down when you started reading this? Did you command your soul as I described above? And if you did, did you feel it respond? Please leave a comment below and tell me about it!

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    1. Hi in response to your request to tell you if what happened when i commanded my soul, at first i heard a thought say no, then something changed and i started feeling good and laughed and had a smile on my face. it really works praise jesus, its interesting reading this post because this morning i wasn’t feeling to great and out of my mouth came a chorus to a song, “bless the lord oh my soul and let all that’s within me shout out shout out, have your way, have your way, have your way” unfortunately it didnt have the same effect as commanding my soul according to your post, but still it shows that my spirit was doing what you said even before i knew it was what i needed. thanks for sharing. thank you jesus for sharing with jamie.

      1. Wow, that’s really awesome, Michael! Praise God! Thanks for sharing your story with me! I’m SO glad!

        1. Jenni Bonness says:

          Psalm 143 is a Biblical prescription for depression— Joyce Meyers apologies Bible

      2. Commanding my soul is a wonderful piece it really blessed me when I did command my soul who was trying to rule my total being. Thanks God bless you.

    2. I went through a very difficult time and I couldnt understand why God let things happen as they have. But for days I heard this song in my heart that I knew of but didnt know it word for word. After a few days I thought I have to see why this song is in my heart, so I google it. The song is 10 000 reasons. The song is all about commanding your soul to get in line with your spirit and the Holy spirit in you. At firts I didnt feel like singing it because I didnt feel like singing that God is rich in love, thats how I felt. But I knew my soul has to submit to my spirit/ Holy Spirit even if I dont understsnd or feel like it. So I started to sing it, every day. I am a christian for many years, but never before did I feel the total different parts that’s part of me. Such a difference between my soul and spirit. I could feel that my spirit is save in God while my soul was in such turmoil. The first sunday we attended chur h after God told me this, the started the service with this song, saying that christians that have been excicuted sang the song walking to their death. Thanks for this awesome post!!!

      1. Wow, Aniena, that’s AMAZING. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your story with me!!! I LOVE that song (10,000 Reasons)! God is so amazing to encourage you like that. May you continue to find strength in blessing the Lord–rain or shine!
        Have a wonderful day! Thank you for reading!

      2. Oh my oh my. Jamie i see you pop up on my Facebook feed and always feel encouraged. But last night i dreamt of you helping me build a huge toy battleship?? As i woke up this morning i was singing Bless the Lord oh my soul, then boom I’m reading this post..
        God is amazing Thankyouuuuu so much.
        Kelly from Australia

    3. Amanda Encalade says:

      This was a good word very insightful and timely for me as Iam starting a 40 day soul fast through this devotion I know the Lord lead me to its the 40 day soul fast journey by Cindy trimm
      Thank you Jamie for sharing your voice of Wisdom

    4. This is great! Last night I couldn’t sleep & had all these thoughts and anxieties about someone very close to me. They had been bothering me so much since April of this year, and I had had enough. I placed my hand on my heart & spoke to it saying ‘ heart, you shall be at peace now and leave this matter to God. I did the same with my thoughts, placed my hand on my head and commanded my thoughts to stop wandering but submit & think the thoughts of Christ. I touched my abdomen and repeated the same words to my soul, commanding it to be restored to Christ in holiness and be subjected to the Holy Spirit in me…by now tears had welled up in my eyes and after the short prayer, my eyes became heavy with sleep I didn’t struggle again. But before laying down I wondered to myself ‘what have I just done? is it biblical? why, so sudden peace and calm?….yeah that’s how I chanced on your article, I just had to look up ‘commanding my heart, mind & soul’.. I also remembered a song we’d sing to our children in church..’I command my mind to praise the Lord’
      Your article has opened my eyes more..
      Thank you

    5. Laura McCullough says:

      Thank-you – very glad to have found your blog.

    6. Ann McFarlane says:

      I was just scrolling through Pinterest , almost past it but something caught my eye and stopped for a look see. I am totally bowled over as this simple and under stable and different way of looking at the Word. Thank you and look forward to getting more of your insight as I continue on my spiritual journey. By the way it has been something I had on occasion unintentionally done. Now I will surely put into practice more. Thanks again

    7. Kahn Johnson says:

      This Word was so awesome!!! I have been struggling with anxiety getting the best of me when I have projects due or major events coming up. I hate the anxiety, as it seems to be out of control at that time. So your Word on commanding my soul to come in line with my spirit , which is full of the Holy Spirit, and bless the Lord, really ministers to me. Thank you so much!!!!

      Safe in His Arms ,
      Kahn Johnson

    8. All day my soul has been out of control. I started reading the scripture about the lady in Luke 7 with the alabaster box. It jumped out at me like never before, and I wondered what Holy Spirit wanted me to learn from her humility. Even while my pastor was preaching this morning, tears rolled down my face as I kept thinking about the woman who gave her everything to Christ. Commanding my spirit to be at rest who’s giving me peace cover And now I can go to bed. I thank God that I was able to locate your blog. I know holy spirit let me to your blog. Your sister in Christ, Rita

    9. Elizabeth Roe says:

      Jamie – I love your Blog you always speak to my situations and this one just resonated with my soul. Thanks so much for your obedience to God and helping others find their way – Blessings Elizabeth xx

    10. Thanks Jamie, I have been reading psalms 103:1, trying to get a better understanding on commanding my soul to line up with my spirit which is full of the Holy Spirit. By reading your testimony gave me a better understanding.

    11. Thank you Jamie for another post that speaks to me. I have been diagnosed as bipolar for the last 40 years, and at times my thoughts and emotions have been very unstable which is quit uncomfortable and painful. The Lord has been dealing deeply with me about things. Recently, I have been binding my emotions and thoughts up to the stability of the Holy Spirit which helps, but this is something else I can do as well. Thanks, Jamie

    12. Saint Emmanuel says:

      I thought this was a recent article, I commanded my soul just now and I felt the power of the Holy Spirit all over me… God bless you for this

    13. For a long time I have struggled so much with feeling like God didn’t love me (My mind knows full well He does. The cross proved that). Sometimes even reading a testimony of somebody else hearing from God that He was pleased or delighted in them would cause this intense emotional pain. It was really confusing to me because I had no reason to be feeling that kind of pain, and it almost seemed to be seperate from me. I wondered if it was possible for the enemy to be speak to our souls and not just our minds.

      The “why are you down, O my soul?” verse came to mind, so I started speaking to my own soul, telling it to quit listening to lies and accept God’s truth. It actually seemed to work. The pain went away! I have no idea how exactly this works but it is in the Bible and I suppose I’ll know pretty soon if it stuck.

    14. I don’t know if this really works but I’ll try it

    15. Ma Corazon Ortiz says:

      This is exactly what I need right now. I believe that I’m being attack by the enemy and I’ve been arguing and convincing myself that this shall pass. Praise God for this message. In an instant I felt light and felt free. Thank you so much for your message. For some reason, this afternoon while I was having my quiet time with Lord, I suddenly thought of you and included you in my prayers too. I guess this is what the Holy Spirit was telling me, wait for your message. Glory to God!

    16. Jessica Floyd says:

      Hi Jamie,

      First off I love you my sister in Christ. The Lord Jesus is awesome and his mercy endures forever. I am excited and full of Joy and peace. I just received this from you in my email and let me tell you. THE WORD OF GOD WORKS AND IT IS POWERFUL!! I followed this commanding my soul method this morning and immediately I started to speak in tongues, there was a smile on my face and I am just excited and full of peace, praise and worship music immediately filled my spirit too. Thank God for the Holy Spirit. You see the Bible says in proverbs 18:21 “The power of life and death is in the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” I am so grateful for that scripture and Gods Word. It is the word of God that will never fail and will stand forever. HALLELUJAH! Have a wonderful day. Oh and by the way “God is going to prosper you and your family. Get ready for a turnaround.” – Jesus

      Your sister in Christ,

      Jessica Floyd

    17. Thank you, reading this somewhere in Africa, it is 5.21pm. Someone close to me did something that hurt me so much and i acted very angrily. I have since apologized for some action i took but ive been battling the many angry thoughts against him that sneak into my mind quite often.
      Today i channeled the emotions and wrote a song but i needed this reminder of how to take charge!
      My soul must be subjective to the Spirit of God and my spirit. Thank you and many blessings to you

    18. Hi Jamie,
      Thank you for this post and verse. It happens to be one of my favorite verses but I didn’t know the real reason why David wrote it. My soul does flounder around & gets in a pity party at times too. But you know (?!) how uncomfortable that is when your spirit is full of the Holy Spirit, love, joy, peace, faith, perseverance, etc…Our souls truely want to be apart of those things too, right? I do command my body to heal, scoliosis started bothering me for the first time in my life. My spine may still be crooked as it has been all my life but it never hurt before I just want tyo be restored to the way God made me!!. Sometimes I have to command it several times a day becasuse the the devil wants to steal and destroy, etc. I often wonder why I have to do that often. But, I think we can become captive of our unconscious thoughts & God is showing me to be stronger in my commands & be more commanding!! My soul & body so want to be the way God made me….not damaged & broken from the tumbles of life….my soul thanks you for this post.
      Blessings 💝

    19. Shailaja Abraham. says:

      Thank you pastor 🙏 Jemie for this wonderful Post.Iam trying to get a better understanding my soul to line up with my spirit which is full of the Holy Spirit.My soul thanks you for the post.

    20. Thank you so much for this message. This is what my soul realy needed; to be commanded to line up with my spirit that is full of the Holy Spirit. My soul had wondered and caused be to have sleepless nights. Thank u so much. It realy listenes as it is commanded in the name above other names, the name of Jesus Christ.

      Thank you once more. God bless you.

    21. Wow this is great! I had thought about this before and tried to line up my thinking with the word of God, but I had never thought of commanding my soul like that. I did as you said and oh, the difference! No more rushing thoughts, no more worrying, just rest, quietness and peace. Thank you so much for this helpful post.

    22. Thank you for this post. I have struggled with depression in the past and now anytime I have a bad day, or a day where I feel in a funk, I am scared that it’s coming back. That fear is not of the Lord but of the devil. This is a great way to realign my soul to the Spirit of the Lord and to not allow my mind/will/emotions to flutter like the wind.

    23. Cynthia Fortenberry Moore says:

      Yes Thank you thank you Yeshua

    24. Hello,
      I did it and I started praying in tongues, I need to know this for my life and I am so thankful for it. Great post.

    25. Colleen Daniels says:

      Thank you! Thank you! Bless you Jesus! Immediate peace

    26. Rick Heerema says:

      Good morning, Jamie, and thank you for sharing this “tip.” I am one of those left-handed people who has always leaned into the artistic, so I get it regarding the blues and the blahs, often for no determinate reason. What’s up with that?!? I mean, my life is good on so many levels and yet emotionally, I’m slugging through the mud. Lord, have mercy! Well, He did by having you post this today. Even though I’m off to a good start this morning with my King, I am attaching your insight on this verse to my spiritual Swiss Army Knife. What a great truth: command my soul to bless the Lord! And not just my soul but ALL that is within me, bless His holy Name! God is so good ALL the time – and ALL the time He is good! Thank you Holy Spirit for leading me to Jamie and her ministry to the Citizens of Heaven! (Phil. 3:20) I look forward to meeting you, Jamie, when we are all gathered in His Presence. Love, in Jesus – Rick, Titus 2:13

    27. Thank you so much for sharing this! I will try this out immediately
      Be blessed

    28. Gail Segars Rainey says:

      Great teaching and insight, Pastor Jamie! I loved this and it is so encouraging!!!! I will share with at least one friend today. Too good not to share!!!!

    29. As one pastor said, like you, a command to your soul: SOUL STEP BACK, SPIRIT STEP FORWARD!!!

      Also, I have a book by Pastor Jo Naughton entitled MY PRETEND FRIEND. You know which seducing spirit pretends to be your friend when you are thinking those down and out thoughts? Self-pity!

      So now when rejection comes at me, and then hurt, anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, opens the door to self-pity then depression, then thoughts of harming myself. I can remember that that “voice” in my mind telling me to go ahead and hurt myself (because at least I could quit hurting), is just my pretend friend, self-pity, and other soulish thoughts. And I tell it I am not walking with you, I’m not agreeing with you, soulish demonic thoughts step back, spirit step forward in command, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth….and it goes

    30. Thank you Jaime as always for having your ear to the heart of God. We just spoke about this very topic at service on Sunday. This is one of the missing pieces for the Body of Christ that we are missing, too much flesh and not enough Spirit. I’m grateful to have connected with you and for always speaking unapologetically what the Father wants to share to his children and the Body of Christ as a whole. We are truly One God, One Body, so let us rise up to be the Body of the coming Christ so that together we shall rejoice and celebrate, but not just for ourselves but for the many others yet to know of this Hope. I was reminded on yesterday that as we continue to hear the rising numbers affected by this pandemic and the loss of life, when we hear the numbers remember that those may have been souls that never heard the name Jesus, never heard a bible verse, and never came across one willing to show the Hope of His Glory. So I’m a soul in progress working on this flesh for I want the Spirit to be the true representative, not ME. God Bless YOU!!

    31. Thank you for this word. I needed to hear this because I struggled so much with my identity in Christ. Definetly one step closer.

    32. Dear Jamie,
      THANK YOU for what you shared. I love your openness and honesty. Such a blessing.
      May God continue to use you MIGHTILY for HIS GLORY.

      In Jesus


    33. Well i was playing 10 000 reasons on repeat i just come from a fast period to put things in order thus spirit in charge of soul snd body. I just wondered to self if my spirit is in control then it means it has to give orders and the soul and body should obey as subordinates. I looked it up on google just to get a further understanding on the issue and found myself here. People talking about a song am still playing and material confirming that The holy spirit in me is on something really special. Thank you all. God bless u.

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