Dream Interpretation #1: Hills, Apples, and a Deserted Town

visitations from God at nightAs I explained here, God loves to visit you at night. He also loves to speak to us using symbolic language. The Bible shows us that one of His primary ways of doing that is speaking through dreams and visions.

Let me be clear, right up front, that only God gives the interpretations of dreams.

You can read the book of Daniel, chapters 1 and 2, in the Bible to find out more about this. However, it does please Him to give the interpretation, so we don’t need to be afraid to ask.

Related: See the bottom of this page for information about dream interpretation classes that I have attended and recommend (that are taught from a Biblical perspective).

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    People have been sending me their dreams recently, and God has been gracious to give the interpretation. One precious friend of mine sent a dream a few days ago, and she said I could blog about it after we discussed it. Before I do, however, I want to cover a few important points about dream interpretations:

    Just like with the tattoos I’ve been blogging about here, you should always take any word or interpretation someone gives you to the Lord, to ask Him if it’s correct or not. You should also take every accurate interpretation and craft it into a prayer. Pray into it; God has given you the dream for a reason, and that reason is almost always so you can pray into it.

    How do you know if an interpretation is true or not? Several ways:

    1. Does it line up with the written Word of God, the Bible? No word from God will ever contradict the Bible.
    2. Does it mean something to you? Does it touch your heart deeply? Does it make you smile, laugh, cry, or whisper?
    3. Does it bring life or fear? A word that brings life is more likely to be from the Lord, because He always speaks life. A word that brings fear is NEVER from God.

    So here is the dream itself, from Miss C:

    • The dream was in color.
    • In the dream, she was driving up a green, grassy hill, full of red apples on the ground.
    • There were hundreds of beautiful bears eating the apples.
    • She drove up over the hill into a valley with a beautiful lake in a deserted, quaint town.
    • There were no people other than her friend, whose name was Gayle, in the passenger seat.
    • She dreamed this dream twice, and she saw the lake and deserted town more clearly the second time.

    Here is the dream interpretation the Lord gave me:

    • The fact that the dream is in color tends to indicate that it’s a dream from the Holy Spirit, rather than from soulish issues or late-night pizza.
    • Bear represent something that stalks you and steals.
    • Fruit is your harvest, your results, your spiritual fruit, your inheritance.
    • The fact that you are driving means the dream is about you.
    • A vehicle represents your life, job, ministry, or calling.
    • The name “Gayle” means “festive party.”
    • Green represents prosperity, healing, balance, and new beginnings (among other things).
    • Red represents wisdom, anointing, redemption, and prayer.
    • Driving up a hill represents going to a higher level.

    Miss C, I think the first part means God is bringing you up higher, and you can see that something has been stalking you and stealing your fruit. The bears look beautiful because they are fat and happy on the fruit they have stolen, so you may not recognize them as being bad, but they are. But you have the festive party with you; so the thievery–the stealing of your harvest–is not who you are. It is something you have seen, but who you are in your life, job, ministry, or calling is a festive party with plenty of provision.

    I think the second scene is a repeat of the first, in the opposite (like the way a photographic negative shows the opposite of what the printed photo shows). It shows the same thing in a different way. A town contains everything you need… but it’s empty. Nevertheless, the joy and provision–the festive party–is still with you. A lake is still waters: God leads you beside still waters. You shall not lack.

    I believe this dream is showing you what has been happening to you, but the only reason Papa is showing you this is that He’s ready to bring you into a new season; a new beginning. It’s time for Him to stop your fruit and results from being stolen.

    You might pray about anointing your entire house and property–including doors on sides and top, windows on sides and top, closet doors on sides and top–and declaring the Name of the Lord as your Provider, Shepherd, and proud Father Who throws a festive party for you. Just declare it all over your property, including your checkbook. Also, continue declaring His Scriptures of provision, harvest, and inheritance out loud as much as possible. He watches over His Word to perform it.

    When I sent this interpretation to Miss C, this was what she said (included her with her permission):

    Thank you… it confirms every word given me this year including what He has spoken directly to me. I have been proclaiming, confessing, and declaring financial breakthroughs for years, and it has come for others that I’ve been praying for. I believe its my time now. Thank you. He is so good. I kept the dream to myself until today. He has a sense of humor too.

    Wow. What an awesome, awesome God we serve!

    If you are interested in learning more about dreams, visions, and their interpretations, I highly recommend the classes that I took myself: John Paul Jackson’s The Art of Hearing God and Understanding Dreams and Visions. I also recommend anything by Doug Addison on this subject.


    1. Hello Jamie!
      I hope you are well! I sent you an email with dream interpretations and was wondering if you could be so gracious to interpret them for me. I hope that was okay and hope you got the email and it did not go to your spam file.


    2. I had a dream about personal size check book. It looked as if someone was writing a check. Didn’t see who.

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