Dream Interpretation #5: Spiders and Healing

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Band-AidToday’s dream interpretation is for Miss D. Miss D sent me the following dream:

My ex-husband had 3 pet spiders that he kept in medium-large wire crates that sat in the living room floor. Obviously not something you would keep a spider in due to the fact that the spider could easily get out. (In reality, as well as in the dream, my ex-husband was terrified of spiders.) I advised him that the spiders could get out and harm our child. In reality we do not have children, but in the dream we had a son, about 5 years of age, with blonde hair. My ex-husband did not seem concerned and shrugged it off. However, I knew deep down within me that it was going to happen.

Next thing I knew, one of the spiders got out and bit me on the calf area of my right leg. In the dream I “knew” that this spider had a mission to come after me and bite me. It created a large, dark area on my leg. 

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    The next thing I recall is that my ex-mother-in-law (whom I had a good relationship with and is a Christian) tells me that I’ve got to take off my “Band-Aid” and allow air and light to get to this nasty, infectious wound. She also advised me to stand on a chair or lift the chair above my head. (I can’t remember which one.)

    Let’s look at some of the symbols here:

    Spiders represent an occult attack.

    I believe the wire crates may indicate that her ex-husband thought the occult situation was under control, but it was not.

    A child represents somebody that’s innocent or the next generation.

    The number 5 represents grace and redemption.

    Your right side represents what you have faith and strength to believe God for now.

    Your leg is what supports you and empowers you to walk.

    The “Band-Aid” is something that covers a wound.

    I believe that air, as it’s used here, represents the fresh breath of the Holy Spirit, and light represents transparency and the illumination of the Holy Spirit.

    I believe the “standing on a chair” part also alludes to transparency. When you stand on a chair, everyone can see you.

    So here is what I believe the Lord is saying to Miss D through this dream:

    Were you in a situation where you witnessed someone involved in the occult? If so, that person might have thought it was contained and that they could control it. However, it wasn’t contained, and they couldn’t control it.

    You were innocent, and the fruit of your life was innocent. You knew it and you tried to protect yourself, but you were harmed by this occult attack. Your faith and strength to believe God was attacked, and this impacted your ability to walk out your life in power.

    But precious sister, Papa is your Healer. He has redeemed you and bought you back out of all that. You are no longer involved in this situation; it’s in your past. Papa wants to give you your strength back. He’s restoring your faith and ability to live a powerful life in Christ.

    Taking off the Band-Aid means getting transparent; uncovering this wound that you thought you should cover. It festered in the darkness. So now, I encourage you to allow the Holy Spirit to breathe openly on this wound. Let the light of day shine on it, so the Holy Spirit can shed light on the issue. He will bring illumination, healing, and restoration to your life.

    Now it’s Miss D’s turn. Precious Miss D, does this resonate with you at all? If so, would you please leave a comment below and let me know? Thanks!

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    1. Thank you! This really gave me clarity on the dream!! This has helped me gained insight into the past but also allowed clarity so I can let go of the past.

    2. Rafael Somma says:

      It’s off-topic with the subject, but I would like to know something. This week I dreamed of my ex-girlfriend. It was an awkward dream. She was in need and she was asking me for help. We got together, we talked, we had sex, etc. What would be the meaning of a dream like that?

      1. I believe that is not a dream from the Lord, but rather a dream from the enemy, since it contains fornication which is sin. I believe the enemy is trying to get you to re-establish a soul tie with your ex, because he doesn’t like it that you became free. I have seen that happen a lot–where someone gets free and the enemy tries to pull them back into bondage. Don’t let him, brother. Flee from it, rebuke that dream, and press in to God.
        Blessings to you today.

        1. Rafael Somma says:

          You’re right it’s obvious that it’s a dream from Satan. Anyway there’s close to zero chances that we will talk again her and me, but I was just curious to know why I had that dream just now. Thanks for guiding me.

    3. I had a similar dream. In my dream, I was in a room I didn’t recognize and I was watching someone trying to catch a huge spider with a yard stick. When they got close the spider jumped at me, landed on my right hand & stung me. It left these 5 long picker things in my hand. I can’t remember if I pulled them out or someone else. Next someone was saying we have to go get this checked. I followed them & they took me to person after person around what seemed like a college campus. Everyone would shake there head no & we would go somewhere else. The last place I remember there were lots of people in what seemed a beauty parlor. I just kept walking around looking at my hand swell bigger & bigger. Then I woke up.

    4. Hello Jamie!

      I’m a born again Christian, has been since 2004. I’ve always had prophetic dreams, after I got saved, only then I found out about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how God has used prophets throughout time to give a message or reveal a dream. Sometimes I receive immediately what God is saying in my dreams.

      last night I dreamed a spider was headed towards me, my sister yelled at me to warn me. This spider was big as a fist (a man with a big fist that is). This spider looked just like a “tarantula.” The spider made it so close towards me, but seemed to have missed me instead and kept crawling. I was in shock looking at the size of it.

      After I got over the shock, I reached for a shoe to kill the spider, but I woke up before I did. (I want to add, after my sister warned me of the spider, she was longer in my dream). I know sometimes you don’t have time to respond back, so I do understand. I’m a little confused about this dream, I’ll definitely be praying as well. Thanks!

      1. Sorry, I also wants to add, after this dream, I notice this morning, the right side of my head and neck is stiff as ever with a little numbness down my right arm. I did rebuke this dream and pleaded the Blood of Jesus over me and against this dream. I work with a medical doctor, I was hurting bad enough to seek medical attention, but I know in my heart this is “spiritual.” And medicine may or may not help.

        As the day go by, I am feeling a lit relief, but I’m trusting God for a complete healing. This has never happened before after a dream. Keep me in your prayers. Thanks!

    5. Elizabeth says:

      Dear Jamie, I’ve been having dreams that seem like nitemares. The most recent last night: I was standing behind a food cart talking to a male, whose face I couldn’t see. However I was either given a cup of tea/ coffee to drink or had bought it, unsure. When I began to drink it I jumped back because their was a brown spider in the liquid that was shaped like a square. I woke Of from the dream coughing even though I hadn’t swallowed the spider. I was shocked at the dream !!!!

    6. Sonya Hart says:

      Hi, I’m a believer in Christ and I was spending a few days at my spiritual mother’s house. I slept in her big chair. I woke up to a fairly large desert spider crawling across my blanket from my left leg to my right leg, and when I moved the blanket it jumped on to the chair and ran down the side to the wall. This is the second time this has happened and I was terribly afraid. My spiritual mother killed it. What does that mean.

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