Tattoo Encouragement: Beheaded Dragon

tattoo interpretationToday’s tattoo photo is from Miss B. Miss B has a tattoo of a dragon’s head on her leg.

When I looked at this tattoo, I felt like I heard not so much an interpretation, but rather an encouraging word for Miss B. See, the tattoo is of the head only. The body is not attached. I feel that this has special significance for Miss B. Here is the encouraging word I’m getting:

Miss B, your Papa God loves you with a brilliant, shining, all-encompassing love. He is watching over you day and night. I hear Him whispering passionately, “Oh! How I love her!”

The Bible says that no weapon formed against you will prosper. Papa God’s love for you is so strong that He protects you from every evil thing that would try to steal, kill, or destroy His work in your life. The enemy has NO power over you unless you give it to him. So submit to God in everything. Don’t give any footholds to the enemy, and you will abide safe and secure in Papa’s arms. You can rest in the knowledge that your Papa will perfect all things that concern you.

As you rest in your loving Father’s arms, you will be totally protected. You will see the tricks and plots of the enemy bouncing off you and rolling away, totally ineffective. You will watch these things happen from a higher level, but you will be impervious to any attack. You will be safe under the shadow of God’s wings, and you will walk high above your enemies. 

Now it’s Miss B’s turn. Miss B, does this resonate with you? Please leave a comment below and let me know.



  1. Walt Kaczmarek says:

    This tattoo looks familiar! 😉

    Boy…this word couldn’t come at a more appropriate time! God’s timing is wonderful and perfect. I’m going to draw strength from it myself…knowing that she is in God’s hands and He loves her and will protect her. Thank you, Jamie!

    1. Praise God! Whoohoo! Go, Jesus! I charge the angels in Jesus’ Name to watch over her and protect her throughout her entire journey!

  2. Wow! This could not have come at a better time. I appreciate your insight and thank you very much. Please keep your heart open to Gods word as you do.

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