And We Have a Baby!

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Hey beloveds,

You may have noticed that I disappeared for a few days. Well, there was a good reason! I had a baby!

Our son Elijah was born on Christmas Eve via c-section.

The c-section was not our original plan, but my labor was not progressing past a certain point and Baby’s heart rate was not responding well to the stronger contractions. So, off to the operating room we went.

I am so thankful for a wonderful doctor and wonderful hospital staff.

The c-section went well and I wasn’t in any pain. (That was one of my biggest concerns when the doctor told us we’d need surgery. Would I feel it? But, no. Thank You, Jesus.) When the doctor brought our baby out of my womb, I heard him crying even though I couldn’t see him, and I cried along with him. 🙂

Baby Elijah is just fine.

He is healthy in every way. And I am doing just fine too. I was very sick after the delivery (sick because of the anesthesia), but we had some of the sweetest nurses on the planet taking care of us. The stomach sickness wore off by mid-day the next day, and I was able to begin eating. (Yay for food!) I have some pain from the surgery, but it’s getting better each day.

So now we are learning to take care of our baby!

We just came home from the hospital on Thursday night. We are definitely in a learning curve! Neither my husband nor I have prior experience with babies. Neither of us had ever even changed a diaper before! So we are learning All The Things by the seat of our pants. 🙂

Plus, my husband and I have night after night of sleeplessness … learning how to comfort our son when he screams for 5 hours at a time 4 nights in a row cries, learning how and when to feed him, and more and more and more.

So I took a few days off from the blog, but now I’m back, Lord willing!


We have some great things in store for you on the blog in 2018. I’m so excited about it! New Year’s is my favorite time of year and the Lord has been giving me download after download of encouraging words and resources for you.

So, stay tuned for that.

And, may I ask you to pray for us? Specifically, we need prayer for:

  • Grace and wisdom as we learn how to care for a newborn;
  • Physical strength as we deal with lack of sleep and I’m recovering from surgery;
  • More grace and wisdom as we learn how to re-shape our time to accommodate regular daily activities and ministry, along with our new family; and
  • Financial provision, as our home expenses have increased due to Elijah’s birth (increased insurance premiums, baby items, etc).

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

You all have been lovely. You have sent me lovely emails and messages and comments of encouragement from all over the world, and every single one means so much to me. THANK YOU. I have still been praying for you, and I’m looking forward to kicking things back into gear this week as we enter the lovely New Year 2018!

Love in Christ,



  1. Congratulations Jamie!!! So wonderful!!!

    1. Mimi Williams says:

      Congrats to you and your husband. If the Lord blessed you with this precious angel, he will guide you on how to take care of him.

      1. Dear sister i wish you bright and prosperous new year to you and your family convey my wishes to new born baby

    2. June Powell says:

      Jamie Congratulation to you and your husband on the birth of your beautiful son. I will pray for you and your family.
      I recently came across Fromhispresence. and it was just what I was looking – encouraging, and your spirit -fill articules (and prayers -God answered my prayers shortly after praying the Prayer for Unjust situation) is helping me to have a closer relation with God.

      May God continually use and blessed you and the wonderful work you are doing for Him.

      Much appreciation and love


  2. Yay! Congratulations Jamie and husband!!! I’m so happy to hear you are all home and healthy. I’ve been thinking/praying for you. Baby Elijah is so precious ?. He’s absolutely beautiful! Many prayers your way as you continue to heal and adapt to a new family member. I will pray for sleep too- because I remember those days!! Many blessings!


  3. Thato Tsautse says:

    Oh wow Jamie….congratulation to you and your husband for God’s gift on your family. I pray that Elijah grows in stature and finds favoir with both God and men through Christ our Lord

  4. Congrats to you and your husband!! Elijah is so handsome. God bless you guys ?

  5. Christabel says:

    God bless you Jamie and Hubby ,Baby Elijah May God’s Peace and favour be his portion Amen.

  6. Susan Taylor says:

    Congrats for your new arrival.

  7. Congratulations, Jamie! What an exciting time! You, your husband and baby Elijah are in my prayers. HappyNew Year!!

  8. Congratulations,to you and your husband, favour on baby Elijah, from God and men.

  9. Catherine Thomas says:

    Hearty congratulations and thanks and praise to our wonderful Father who did this and for bringing you through safely. I’ve been praying for you last week and will continue to pray for you. Also prayed for your husband and mother.
    Get sleep when baby boy Elijah sleeps and take pain meds if you need to. How great is our God ! Awesome in Glory and working wonders.
    Lots of love, enjoy your baby xxxxx

  10. Cynthia Gifford Smith says:

    GOD is so good. Shalom blessings on your new little family. Remeber your sweet little soldier was held most closely for many months.. that probably is the best comfort close enough for him to hear your heart beat. Just like the FATHER wants us close enough to hear HIS heartbeat. And know HIM.

  11. Awwww. A Christmas Eve baby. He is beautiful. Happy that all went well and you and baby and daddy are all doing good except for sleep! Congratulations and wisdom and blessings to you.

  12. Mary Pettway says:

    Hi, Jamie , I’m so happy That’s all is well with you and your addition to your family, blessing beyond measure , to you and your husband,all is well ,be bless woman of God, from ,

  13. Tameeka Brundidge says:

    I love the name Elijah. One of my favorites. Congratulations and i will definitely will be specific in prayer for your requests! Happy New Year and you two are great parents. No one had a parents handbook… sorry…i understand! You two will be wonderful! ❤⚘?

  14. Congratulations to you and your husband! What a precious gift from God! Girl, I cannot believe you are blogging a week after just having a baby!! I need some of your energy! 🙂 God bless you and your family!

  15. Hi Jamie!
    I am so glad everything went relatively well. Congratulations!

    Just remember in your learning curve, that babies do not care to be “organised”. They do thrive on routine though. If baby sleeps, you take a nap too. Its the only way to cope with sleep depravation during nights.

    All the best for you and your loved ones during 2018!

    Kind greetings and love in Christ!

  16. Laurna Tallman says:

    So thrilled for you, Jamie, and your husband. God will bless you and lead you in all the tiny details. Be healed in the Name of Jesus. Keep your focus on you and your family. The mission will be richer for it in the long run.

  17. Jamie, I am somewhat new to your blogs and found you by *accident* about 2 weeks ago while searching for resources due to great tragedy in my life. I have been very blessed by your encouragements and prayers which have been incredibly timely. Your little man is radiant and perfect! I send you peace, strength, and wisdom for each situation beyond what you could ask or imagine. Love in Jesus, Gina

  18. Elijah is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! Daniel 9:22 “The Lord has given you skill and wisdom” Isaiah 40:31 is God’s Promise to you in taking care of your son. Love you & rejoicing with you!

  19. Congratulations to you and your husband on the birth of baby Elijah. I believe he will grow up to be a Godly child that the Lord will use for his kingdom.
    I pray that 2018 will be a prosperous year for you and that God will continue to use your blog in a mighty way.



  20. Tamie Haley Tyra says:

    Congratulations! Welcome Elijah, We have been praying for and waiting on you. May this world bring you gifts of joy, laughter, wisdom and friendship’s filled with love. May you enjoy, newspaper hats, bubble baths, bicycle tires with clothespin motors, a bucket filled with crayons and sidewalk chalk! Your mommy and daddy were hand picked by the Father to be your comfort, teacher, protector, and provider . They were also chosen to be the ones who screen out from the sidelines when a call isn’t fair, they will be the ones jumping up and down in the audience waving frantically to make sure you see them, they will be the ones praying every morning , noon and night that they raise you in the way you should go. They will encourage you to try again when things don’t go right the first time, they will support you as you begin to ride your first bicycle and they will be your shoulder to cry on when you get your first broken heart. Dirt, and bandaids May be your favorite accessories. This world isn’t always kind, so God gave you Mommy and Daddy, they are trying with all they have to understand your needs today, I am sure they are getting better. Please be patient, God is working on them too. Welcome sweet Elijah, May you be blessed beyond every imagination.

    1. Christine says:

      Wow. Just… wow. That is an amazing prayer. To God be all the Glory.

    2. Praise God! This prayer says it all. May God richly bless you and precious little Elijah ?

  21. Louwrens and Doreen says:

    Dear Jamie and family
    What a gift!!!!
    Glory to God!!!! How awesome
    and great is our God!! We are gratefull that mother and child is well!!! Now parents hang in there!!! We all got through it!!! Just enjoy and keep going!!!!
    Raise your son at the feet of Jesus Christ and God Almighty!!!!! Glory to God !!!!! Glory to God!!! Love in Jesus name!!

  22. Congratulations!!! He is beautiful!! God bless you!

  23. Ursula de Klerk says:

    Congratulations with the new baby!! He is so beautiful and peaceful. We know that the hand and the blessing of the Lord is upon his life for prophetic and any other gifting God has in store for him.
    May you and your husband be bkessed with strength and energy and be revitilized. May the Spirit of the Lord rest upon you with wisdom, isight, counsel in all matters and in raising Elijah.
    God bless and His very best for you and your family.

  24. Marilyn Thompson says:

    How delighted I am for you! Congratulations! I speak blessings upon you all!
    Much love joy and prayers!

  25. Michele Browne says:

    God bless your family, my husband and I love you all. Congratulations on the new addition.

  26. Congratulations on the new addition to the family. I pray God’s continued blessings always. I pray 2018 brings more profound knowledge in His word and more praises to His sovereignty.
    Blessings and love.

  27. Doris Neal says:

    Praise the Almighty for your miracle child. May many be encouraged and blessed by your testimony. I pray Elijah, like the child Jesus, will grow and become strong, increasing in wisdom and the grace of God, and that you and your husband will be granted ever-increasing grace and strength to continue to shed His light and love to all you come into contact with. Love and blessings.

  28. Florence Moore says:

    Wonderful News Jamie, many many Congratulations to you & your husband. Baby Elijah is absolutely gorgeous. I am delighted both you and baby are healthy & well. God bless, praising His wonderful name at all times, God is good ??????? xo

  29. Penelope ware says:

    So happy for you!!!
    Much JOY ❤️as He shows you His way especially for your precious new baby ???
    Blessing upon blessing sister,
    Penelope ware

  30. Dear Jamie, I cried tears of joy for you. Elijah’s healthy birth is the news we’ve been waiting to hear! Father God fulfilled his promises to you and your beautiful son is the result of your faith. Many blessings upon Elijah, you and husband. Thank-you Jamie for all you do. I’m so happy that you have been blessed with the desires of your heart. ❤️
    I have no doubt that you will approach motherhood with a sense of purpose and God’s I anointing upon you as a mother so you will be a natural. Enjoy this time and bask in the peace (sometimes), joy and wonder of your little miracle.

  31. Theresa Davies says:

    Congratulation!!! What wonderful early christmas present. I pray for boundless energy and strength for mummy and daddy and speak great blessings over Elijah. Enjoy the best time of your life.

    Much love

  32. Congratulations Jamie!! Baby Elijah is absolutely perfect. Did He not say that he will perfect everything concerning you! I am so happy for you. God bless ?

  33. Congratulations from India, God Bless you and Your Family and our Prayers are always with Elijah, Thank you for your Prayers that have enlightened and brought people closer to our Lord!

  34. Congratulations to you Jamie and your husband on the birth of your beautiful son Elijah. Enjoy your blessing Mummy and Daddy.??

  35. Congratulations to you and your husband!! Welcome baby Elijah!! What a wonderful christmas gift! God continue to bless you and your family! Have a blessed new year!

  36. Judy Roebuck says:

    WOW! God is great and He provides. I have been praying for you in your absence. Your baby is perfect! To God be the glory, great things He has done.

  37. Judy Roebuck says:

    WOW! God is great and He provides. I have been praying for you in your absence. Your baby is perfect! To God be the glory, great things He has done.

  38. Comfort Sajowa says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww congratulation sis and your husband baby Elijah is so handsome. GOD Almighty will forever shine His face on him. Once again congratulation both of you sis?

  39. Heartiest congratulations Jamie.. I am so so happy.. God is awesome.. Baby Elijah is so cute…God bless you abundantly..

  40. Sara DeJournett says:

    Congratulations!!!! He is so handsome!

  41. Glory to God! 🙂
    Delighted for you and yor husband my sister Jamie. Elijah is so beautiful and precious.

    Much much blessings and love

    Your sister in Christ who loves you . your a blessing to me


  42. Anna Mariee Nichols says:

    Glory to God on you. Man Child will be praying for you and husband sleep when the baby sleep

  43. stephen ogunlola says:

    WOW Jamie!Big Congratulations to you and your hubby.Glory be to God in the Highest for this great testimony.It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our sight.

  44. Congratulations! So glad you and your baby are ok. He is precious! Have prayed for a safe and quick delivery for you and will continue to lift you and your family up in prayer!

  45. Congratulations! What a joyous blessing! Will be praying for you, daddy, and baby Elijah…praying that Papa will bless you with grace to help in your times of need!

  46. Blessings to you and your husband on the arrival of Elijah! I was looking at your announcement as my firstborn grandson, Elijah, was sitting beside me! What a beautiful gift the Lord has sent to your family! I speak health and wholeness to you as you are restored to fullness of strength and well being in your body and grace to you as you adjust to a new normal! I declare and decree over Elijah that this mighty son of the Kingdom will grow daily in wisdom and stature in favor with God and man just as our wonderful Jesus did! I decree that Elijah will fulfill his destiny in the earth realm and will be led by the Holy Spirit all the days of his life! Again, blessings upon blessings to you and Elijah’s dad as you embark on this amazing journey called parenthood!

  47. Congratulations. He is beautiful, gorgeous long lashes and a wonderful blessing. Praying for your sleep levels. Gods richest blessings in all areas.

  48. Josephine Ruguru says:

    Congratulations to you and your husband, thanks be to God for Elijah’s birth. I’m oh so glad for your family. I’m praying for you.

  49. ???? God is good !
    Having my son almost 2 years ago brought me to a deeper understating of Gods love … best thing ever happened to me they are so worth every sleepless night ? God bless baby Elijah and you both as parents.Gods Grace will guide you thru it all ??

  50. Crystal Timm says:

    Congrats! I will add you and your family to my prayer list! Breastfeeding can be challenging, especially dealing with the hormones that go with lactation. I hope and pray you have some supporting people to help you with your new adjustment period? I hope maybe grandparents are around or some older women who have had experience with the whole breastfeeding thing?
    God bless you, and lack of sleep is NORMAL… It sucks, but you will get used to it! Unfortunately it doesn’t go away… My kids are all older and I’m still a light sleeper. I’m afraid once you become a mum the whole “sleep” thing takes the back burner.

    1. Thank you! Yes, we have many wonderful friends who are encouraging us and offering their help! And my mother got to visit for a few weeks too! We are blessed!

  51. Angela Webb says:

    Congratulations! What a wonderful gift for Christmas and the New year. God has seen it fit to bless you both with Elijah. May God continue to strengthen you in the coming days. And may the joy you experienced at his birth never cease as you watch him grow giving praise and thanks to God for His wonderful gift. Blessings !

  52. Congratulations to you and your husband on the birth of your miracle baby!
    I sense that he was very happy in the warmth of your body and still needs to be so very close to you.
    May he grow to be a man after God’s own heart.
    Bless you all.

  53. Saint John says:

    Congratulations Jamie and husband. Super exciting and a testimony to God’s gift of procreation. Receive all you need in Jesus Name!

  54. Truly We serve a mighty God with all supernatural possiblities who can do exceedingly abundantly far than the human mind can imagine. So happy for the new parents and those around you. Welcome baby boy…make our good Father continue to bless this family in Jesus mighty name…Amen

  55. He really is beautiful; his skin is flawless! What a precious time!!!! Congratulations!!!

  56. Natasha Carrington says:

    Congrats on your beautiful baby boy. May you and your family have a new year full of abundance of blessings and breakthroughs. And anyone else that reads this comment have a Blessed and Prosperous New Year too. In Jesus Name Amen.

  57. Rebecca L Jones says:

    What a wonderful gift you received this year. You will no doubt get lots of advice but I can promise you, you will know what works best. Praying for you, God bless.

  58. God bless you and your family Jamie!

  59. Congratulations woman of God! Standing in agreement with you and your family.

  60. Congratulations Jamie, and hubby. What a beautiful boy. You are blessed! All glory to our Father. So happy for your family.
    Praying for all if you, always.
    Many blessings, God bless you.

  61. Meloni Simpson says:

    Wow Jamie. I have been wondering about you and your family, including this precious one and your Mom Too.
    I am so glad you are sharing beautiful Elijah with us. Sorry you had to have a c-section. Both of my sons were c-sections which weren’t too bad. Praying you will get over the soreness and back to your normal self. A baby, What a blessing from the
    LORD Praying for all your specific requests and needs. With the LORD’s help y’all will be awesome parents and even tho this little didn’t come w instructions you will make it through beautifully.

  62. Lucy Gray says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Jamie, sooooooo happy for you and your beautiful family! I will pray for you!

  63. So happy for you Jamie. He is a beautiful baby!

  64. Congrats to you and enjoy every moment with baby Elijah, blessings to you and your husband

  65. So excited for you momma Jamie and husband. He’s just wonderful!!! How big was he?
    Thank you for your part in praying our miracle baby in – so grateful. My son and daughter in law have 3 weeks till their little girl arrives! She and Elijah will have to meet some day!
    Big Big Love, Lenora, Rob & Lauren xo

  66. Congratulations Jamie God answers prayers and gave you the desire of your heart.Thank you JESUS for a healthy baby boy on Christmas Eve,what a blessing!!! It gets easier as he grows everyday you get used to the schedule.God bless your family Happy New Year I’m praying for you.

  67. Hi Jaime. Let me offer these words of congratulations to you and your husband on the birth of Baby Elijah. I am so happy that God had honoured our prayers and I join you in giving him thanks. One step at a time. You will get there. We all had to learn how to take care of our babies. God bless you and your family. Happy you are back with the blogs!

  68. Ann-Charlotte Karlsdotter says:

    Congratulations to your beautiful baby boy! I’m so happy for you and thank God for the gift Elijah. Blessings to you and your husband. God is faithful.

  69. ?Awe❣Congrats to you & your husband. Elijah is adorable. God bless you all?

  70. Congratulations Jamie on a healthy baby! Will keep you and yours’ in prayer!

  71. Congratulations! Best Christmas present ever! May God bless you and your family.

  72. Pauline Borgan says:

    Sweet baby Elijah, how precious!!
    Congratulations to you Jamie and your husband. God sent you a little bundle of joy on the eve of His birth.
    His timing is always perfect. What an Awesome Father !

  73. Gwynne Nation says:

    Congratulations on your precious baby boy! May the Lord guide you, restore you, strengthen you and bless you in every way! May each and every need be provided for. Just remember we all learned by the “seat of our pants”. You will find your rhythm and way as you move forward! You are awesome parents and have a handsome baby Elijah! Congrats again !!

  74. Congratulations on the birth of your son. Having had 3 c-sections I will tell you that your rest needs to come first for your healing and to have the energy to care for that beautiful new life. God bless all of you and a healthy prosperous New Year!

  75. Ann Johnstone says:

    Congratulations to you both, Jamie! Can’t help but think of the song, “These are the days of Elijah!” I have a grandson Joshua. In our church we have an Isaiah, Daniel, Samuel and Joel… and I have friends whose babies have been named Jeremiah, Micah and Malachi. Truly we live in prophetic days! May Elijah be a blessing to you both, and to the world.
    Meanwhile, may your home be blessed with peace as you adapt to parenthood, and may you continue to be filled with the joy of the Lord.

  76. Congrats Jamie. Blessings to you, baby Elijah & your hubby.
    You’ll do just fine.

  77. Such Great News – and he is Precious!!! So Gorgeous. Congratulations, and I am sure that things will settle for you all very soon, it’s a big change for you all!!! Lots of Love to all of you. X

  78. Elijah is BEAUTIFUL!!! And I LOVE his name! He is truely blessed to have a wonderful woman of God for his mama and I’m sure a wonderful man of God for daddy….AND JESUS AND ABBA FATHER all watching over him!!!! God Bless your beautiful new family!!! Much love, Sheri Kenny

  79. Congratulations!!! May God bless you and your family!

  80. I’m so happy for you Jamie! It’s true, you never sleep quite the same after the babies come. We had the babies sleep with us and because I breast fed it was so convenient and I was able to fall asleep quickly after a feeding. Praying for you to find a system that works for your family!

  81. Congratulations!!!
    I will be praying for you and your husband and for your baby,Elijah.

  82. Edith Greaves says:

    Congratulations Jamie! God bless you and your family!

  83. Congratulations Jamie and family!! May the Good Lord heal and strengthen your entire family!! He is an AWESOME provider and he surely will bless his wonderful servants! Praise the Lord!! God Bless you all in Jesus Name!! 🙂

  84. Judith Alfa says:

    Congratulations Jamie and happy new year. May the Lord answer all your prayers and give you the desire of your heart in Jesus Christ name. Amen

  85. Blessings for you all in the New Year. May our Lord give you divine strength and healing and rest in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  86. Congratulations dear..God bless u & the lil one. He will surely show u hw2tk care of lil Elijah..dnt worry or fret. Gv it all to Jesus. He is always ther fr u. We r al prayin too?

  87. Dear Jamie, Husband and Elijah
    I Praise God for giving you such a precious jewel!!! I’m still praying for healing, strength, and wisdom from Papa God to lead you on to take care of your new baby! Yes, you had him before the year was out! Enjoy him, he is a beautiful treasure!
    God Bless & Prayers
    Love in Christ

  88. Ivonne M. Medrano says:

    Jamie, Congratulations on your new arrival and addition to your family, your baby Elijah is a blessing for you & your husband. He will bring you so much love and joy to your heart , don’t panic you will learn how to take care of him since being a parent or mother does not come with a how to manual. I am thrilled for you and your husband and have a wonderful Happy New Year 2018.

  89. Brenda Cobb says:

    Congratulations on your precious baby boy!!! And thank you for your encouraging words. Blessings to your growing family. May you heal quickly from the surgery and get plenty of rest!

  90. Christine says:

    To God be all the Glory! I thank God for this mighty blessing in your lives and this beautiful life that the Lord has entrusted you with to shape and to make ready for His work in the world.

  91. Barbara Sonin-Robbins says:

    Congratulations to you and your husband on the birth of Elijah! He is adorable and precious! Enjoy every moment as much as you possibly can! It may not seem like it now, but the years fly by more quickly than you can imagine. Ask for help from those who love and support you and know you are loved and are lifted up in prayer. God Bless you all in 2018, a breakthrough year for the Body.


    Hi jamie
    Happy new years to you and your blessed family and the new baby . congrats and have a blessed and happy years and god keep you and your family in good health and a speedy recover .

    God bless

  93. God bless Elijah. He shall be for signs and wonders.
    God Ll heal you completely.
    God bless you and your family for the good works you have been doing.

  94. Congratulations on the safe arrival of Elijah. Will continue to pray for your rapid recovery. may the Lord continue to strengthen and guide you all as you adjust to life as a new family. Shalom Blessings on you, your husband and Elijah. Xx

  95. Congratulations Jamie, God is faithful. He that gives you family will surely provide all your needs according to his riches in glory, Amen. The Lord is your strength.

  96. Dear Jamie, Congratulation for the beautiful gift and answered prayer called ELIJAH. Our Lord is so faithful. May the Lord give you strengh, health to recovery and all kind of blessing to you and your husband. Have a wonderful year 2018. We keep on praying for you and your family.

  97. Shoushan Hagopian says:

    Congratulations!!!! God bless your little family!!! Enjoy these moments it goes too fast?

  98. Jamie congratulations to you and your husband.
    Being a mother of one and grandmother of three, all I can say is that God Almighty will lead and guide you in taking care of baby Elijah.
    I was a little girl when I had my only son and child so I very much depended on what the nurses told me and guess what? They helped me do a great job by the grace of God.
    I know what God did for me just over 42 years ago will do it for you Jamie.
    Enjoy that bundle of joy…

  99. Congratulations to you , your husband and Elijah!! God will bless y’all in every way possible.
    Happy New Year! Gods blessings be upon your family and your work.

  100. Mehrunissa says:

    Congratulations! Elijah is perfect in every way! May Father God continue to load you daily with His benefits!

  101. … and then there was three! He is sooo beautiful and looks so peaceful sleeping ?. But I know that is all subject to change–?‼️‼️ Hang in there Moma. It will get easier day by day ? You know Our Heavenly Father is there to give you,your husband and baby Elijah ALL your needs… wisdom,courage,strength, financial help,rest,peace,physical strength,etc. Thanks for sharing the pic…sooo happy for you all,Jamie! ? Blessings and love ?

  102. Thank God,congrats..I tap in on the anointing

  103. Wow! Miracle working God what a bouncing baby. Congratulations Jamie. There’s a reason why he was born on that day!

  104. So happy for you, Congratulations.
    To God be the glory!

  105. Congratulations Jamie!!!
    Thank God for his blessing
    God has answered your prayer requests. It is well with you and your family, in Jesus name, Amen.

  106. Deloris A says:

    Congratulations Jamie! We stand in faith and agreement that God will prosper you all in every area of your life. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

  107. Rafael-Olivier Somma says:

    Truly happy for you and your husband Jamie for this new bundle of joy. I hope and pray that everything goes well and that you have more babies!


  109. Yeukai Magocha says:

    Congratulations Jamie and your husband, welcome baby Elijah. May the Lord be gracious to you, may the Lord make His face shine upon you and your family and give you peace. Welcome to parenthood… enjoy

  110. Ossie Copeland says:

    Congratulations to you and your husband I pray God blessings on you and your family

  111. Karen Nostrant-Kibler says:

    Congratulations!! God bless you all

    Jamie and Hubby, the delighted parents of Miracle Baby Elijah.

    To God Be The Glory, Great things have come to you Jamie. We are proud of our AWESOME God, He makes mountains move when we least expect it.

    AWESOME!!! We bless God Almighty for His gift !!!

  114. Carol Sferra says:

    Oh he is so beautiful!!!!!!

  115. CONGRATS Jamie, I have been praying for your safe delivery. May Elijah grow to be a soldier for our father Jesus.

  116. Judy Adams says:

    So very happy for you.He is beautiful! True blessing from the Lord.
    We miss you.
    God continue to bless you and your family.

  117. Congratulations, my dear Jamie and welcome to the world, baby Elijah. We thank God for you for the safe delivery, by whatever means. The Lord did it and we give Him all the glory. We prayed for you for safe delivery and that you will not stay long in the hospital. The good Lord, our Father and Source will provide abundantly for you and your husband to take care of the miracle baby. The baby will grow in stature, wisdom, grace and favour with the Lord and men. May the good Lord continue to protect and preserve you and the new baby in Jesus’ name, Amen. Have a blessed and an amazing time.

  118. Congratulations Jamie dear. God bless you baby and ur family. Will keep u in prayer

  119. congratulations on you beautiful bundle of joy!! he is just so precious may God continue to bless you and your family and you will be wonderful parents don’t worry you got this!!

  120. Hi Jamie

    Apologies, was away to Botswana to see my family.
    Congrats to you and your husband! Your baby boy is really beautiful! Parenthood is a awesome and wonderul gift from our great God!
    You’ll see how quickly you guys will get into it!

    Thank you for all your support! Would not make 2017 without your support!

    God Bless You and your family!
    Love in Christ

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