How to Be Filled with the Spirit of Prophecy PODCAST

My friend, do you want the Lord to fill you with His Spirit of prophecy?

Do you want to be a running RIVER of prophetic word, prophetic unction, and a river of hearing God clearly ALL THE TIME? Do you want to be able to edify, encourage, and build up other people with uncanny, supernatural accuracy and power?

You can. The Lord can use you in all of those ways, and HE WANTS TO. But, in order to flow like that, you need to get filled with His Spirit of prophecy.

In today’s podcast (the most recent episode of Take Your Territory with Jamie Rohrbaugh), I teach how YOU can be filled with God’s Spirit of prophecy.

Here’s a little, tiny sneak peek:

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Thank you so much for listening!


  1. Thank you Jamie. Once again a beautiful and powerful teaching. . I receive it.

    1. Jamie, I just ordered your 2 books and cant wait to dive in and learn! You are a blessing in my life!
      God bless you and Jesus protects you and your family!
      Love you Jamie, Lisa Mendoza-Rodriguez

      1. Hi Lisa! Thank you for your order and I just shipped your books! I pray you’ll enjoy them and they’ll be a blessing to you.
        Love in Jesus,

  2. Wow, So so blessed by this teaching. Thank you Jamie. God bless you greatly.

  3. Annanson John says:

    I am very grateful for this podcast! Praise God for this ministry and I am sure in the foreseeable future this ministry shall become a place of REFUGE for many bruised by controlling leaders and destiny killers. This is a TRUE HUB OF ENLIGHTENMENT AND SPIRITUAL EMPOWERMENT! GOD BLESS YOU PROPHETESS JAMIE.

  4. Lynn Sorge says:

    Received your kit, but it says I need a password. I do not remember ever having one. Could you help me get one and get benefits from all you sent me. Thanks, Lynn Sorge.

  5. Thank u for this powerful teaching its the very first it was so simple n applicable .God blesses u .

  6. Thank for enriching with word of God.. I am always blessed whenever
    I open your email . I appreciate all you do for kingdom. More grace to you.

  7. God bless you Prophetess Jamie. I am in awe of how you teach and advice. Yes Jamie, I wish to be a testimony for Jesus. Right now, my life is messed up big time. Huge debts, fear of losing a job, family that are distant from God and now that I have done good things in my life. But Jamie, hearing you gives me hope that I can (and I want to) give my life to serving God and me a testimony for Jesus.
    Your words come from the Lord. Pray for my family and me.

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