Prophetic Word: “I Am Revamping Your Sense of Identity,” Says the Lord!

Beloved, are you struggling with feeling overwhelmed lately? Have you been feeling like a disappointment and a failure to yourself and others? If so, the Lord wants to encourage you today.

This is what I heard the Lord say:

“I am revamping your sense of identity yet again, My child.”

He went on to say:

“You have been worrying and discouraged because the things you used to be–the things that gave you a sense of identity–no longer are. Those things no longer exist, and this has caused you a great amount of sadness.

However, My child, I allowed these things to be stripped away because I am unveiling yet another layer of who you really are.

Notice that the way you think about things and the way I think about things are different.

If you were a sculpture in progress–a block of marble–you would be worried about all the pieces you are losing as I chip away at various pieces of you. However, all the while, I would be delighting in each chip that I remove because each piece I pull away from you reveals a little bit more of your true form to the world.

That is what I am doing in your character and heart right now: I am revealing you to the world.

In this world you have trials and tribulations. You live in a sinful world, but I am forming you into My image. So piece by piece, like a master sculptor, I am removing the effects of sin from your life. They are falling off of you like scales.

But, My love, this work is necessary. This process is necessary.

I know you feel hurt as I remove things that bind you, but soon you will feel so much freer than you ever felt before. You took your identity from certain things that you no longer need, but I am answering your prayers to be free from the shackles that bind.

My child, you are secure in Me.

You are loved in Me. You are who I made you to be. You are in Me, and I in you; in Me you live, and move, and have your being. And since I gave you your very “being”–your existence–then I am within My rights to dictate, decide, and determine who and what you are.

This “who and what you are,” according to My opinion and My opinion only, is the only aspect of your identity that matters. Everything else will fall into place if you remain abiding in Me.

You are secure and safe in Me.

I am re-forming your sense of who you are. I am re-securing your sense of favor; I am tying you to Myself and bringing your attention to the security of the ties that bind you to Me.

I am revamping your sense of identity. Too much and too often you have looked to the external to discover who you are and what you can do, but I remind you again that in Me you live and move and have your being. 

You can only exist–truly exist–when you are hidden in Me.

You can eke out an existence elsewhere, but it will not be fruitful. Only in Me can you not only survive but thrive, as I have made you to do.

You were born to fly, you know.

I hear your frustration right now.

I hear the cry of your heart. And I want you to know: HELP IS ON THE WAY.

MY help is on the way. Indeed, I am helping you even now; but the help you are looking for is on the way. The help you expect but have never experienced before is on the way. The help I give to you, that no other can give, is on the way.

Just abide in Me.

Stop worrying, fretting, wishing things were different. Stop beating yourself up because you can’t do any better. Do what you can in obedience to Me and ask Me to do the rest. I will; I will help you.

Beloved child, you are more than a conqueror through My Son Jesus.

You feel like an absolute failure, but you are NOT. You feel inadequate–woefully inadequate–but you are not that either. Allow Me to minister to you tonight in the night seasons; expect Me to show up for you and speak to you. I will.

Love, your doting Abba Father.”

Beloved, is this word of encouragement about your sense of identity ministering to you today? If so, please leave a comment below!


  1. Thank you for your comfort and encouragement. Some days your words are an absolute lifeline in the fight of that day and we appreciate it!

    1. Thank you Jesus Thank you for putting me up when I am down I am trusting your Plans for me and I am overwhelm. I pray myself more to abide in you bec really I can’t do nothing without you. Thank you Jamie for the word Godbless you always

  2. I Needed this right at this moment! We have been in a battle for what feels like years and has left me frustrated and exhausted. Thank you for this encouragement. Much love!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Much needed. Thank you ❤️

  4. Thanks for the timely word.

  5. Allison Franklin says:

    this is exactly the way i am feeling.

    Thank you Lord and thank you Jamie

    1. Linda Deichman says:

      Thanks for sharing this word. Spoke directly to me.

  6. linda harrison says:

    Thanks Jamie, thanks to the Wonderful Heavenly Father, God is so good

    1. Sheila A Ridley says:

      Much needed this..In Jesus Name

  7. Thank You God 🙏 and thank you JAMIE 💜. God bless you.

  8. This ministers to me today 🙂

  9. This message is for me. I truly believe it.

    1. I am at awe with this message! this certainly resonates with this me. Really amazing! Thank You.

  10. Teresa A Kidwell says:

    It is a timely Word from the Lord and ministers to me. Thank you, God for the encouraging ministering Word. Thank you, Jamie, for the Word from God. I know that it ministers to many other people in this season of their lives, and is a blessing also.

  11. I feel this today. I feel like I’m in a battle, about who I am and how I come across. I feel defeated, like I’m getting it ALL wrong, like I’m rebellious. Thank you for this. I will trust in God throughout the process.

  12. Thank you so much yet again for bringing the heart of the Father right to me. This morning while in prayer I kept crying out Jesus I need HELP HELP HELP. Holy Spirit sent me to Ps 23 to remind me I have all and He is always with me. Now I get this word and I’m so grateful to read my soul cries have been heard and answered. God Bless You Jaime!

  13. Rose Haar says:

    Thank you so much for this encouraging word. You spoke straight to my heart and it meant the world to me. God Bless You!

  14. Thank you God!
    I have tried many streams of business none is working!
    God is at work, He is my branch am His vine, prune me Lord till I perfect it and align me to Your purpose. Amen!

  15. Thank you Jamie for this encouraging word! It is exactly what I needed, a reminder that ultimately what matters is what the Lord says about me! Thank you!

  16. Brenda L Payton says:

    Oh I receive this word from God! Wow God confirmed for me with your statement “You born to fly” I have prayed for my identity to manifest in Christ Jesus. I have prayed sincerely that God would let me fly with Him. This is so good! Thank you so very much!!

    Many Blessings to you & yours

  17. jacqualine riddle says:

    thank you Jamie i so needed this word i trully have been in a battle for years now and feel so discouraged thank you for this word of encourgment im trully gratefull bless you

  18. Marcia McPherson says:

    Thank you Jamie for this timely word. I have been trying to change job for so long and after many successful interviews and close calls I am left disappointed. I do sometimes feel like an underachiever. But I know God is working all things together for my good.

  19. Thanks you said it all

  20. Sharon Jane Cole says:

    Again I wept really wept! Today saw my youngest prodigal daughter on FB. Wrecked my soul wounds torn open. When I wept there were no tears the pain so deep. She was severely abused and raised by her abuser with her sister alienated from me. To see her a grown young women not in a good place, you see her pain numb like me mom, wrecks me deeply and my cry to the Father who am I, who are we what have they done to us why years of unanswered prayer. Where are you Abba Daddy who am I. The pain is destroying us all. Sorry for the lack of faith!

    1. Prayers for you and your family Sharon Jane Cole.

  21. Sharon Jane Cole says:

    Will reread and let it sink into my spirit!
    Thank you Jamie

  22. Alma Gonzales says:

    This spoke to my heart right in the Core the Lord knows me so well more than i know me❤🙏thank you souch for sending this profetic words i really need them and i take them by faith ,Our Abba soeaks to me so clear through these ,Iam so Bless by them , Truly thank you Sister Jamie May God Keep Using you!

  23. Tswelopele Pida says:

    Thank you so much for this prophetic word. I really thank the Lord for the revelation, it has uplifted my spirit and i am uplifted and encouraged indeed. I pray that the Lord keep on increasing more unto thee. Thank you so much Jamie. Let the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you and your team always.

  24. Good morning 😃 I needed this message thank you so much I felt so troubled by my choices and decisions and GOD is everything! I ask for peace and stepping out on faith Abba Father has been presented in our lives all the time. Thank you again my sister Jamie!!!

  25. This Word is absolutely for me today. The very encouragement that my heart needs right now.Thanks for all that you do Jamie. I know our Father is greatly pleased with your stewardship.

  26. Thank you Jamie. God bless you. Just what I needed

  27. Thank you for this word!

  28. Kedibone Magooa says:

    Hi Jamie, my name is Celia from South Africa, I’m 59 years old I’m turning 60 in June 29th, I’ve never being prophecied like this my whole life, you are a true prophet of God, everything said here is what is happening to me, i was really calling myself a failure in life, even my daughter is hating me for the mistakes i have done, i lost everything in the form of money, I’m in debts as a result, I’m blaming myself and I can’t forgive myself either, my life is a mess though i still believe that God will restore me, the kind of life that I’m living i never thought i will live, but it happened and changed so quickly, i was a lender not a borrower but things changed suddenly after the enemies entered me financially. Thank you Jamie i receive the prophecy and i believe God will restore me, i will serve him and his kingdom as financier of the church. Believe this prophecy will come to pass, in Jesus’s name Amen I

    1. David Chin says:

      Dear Jaime,

      Thank you for your timely word.
      It was what I needed to understand what God was doing in my life. God bless you and your family.

      David Chin

  29. Ngabaghila Chatata says:

    May the Lord bless you for listening to Him. More blessing

  30. Gwynne Nation says:

    It never ceases to amaze me of your timely words that are right on to where I am with God and even the exact words and prayers one said. Yes I’ve been asking Him to remove anything that hinders His love and then when He does I feel naked and want to cover myself with something that will hinder what He’s doing in me. Thank you for your healing words straight from the mouth of God!! ❤️

  31. Delia Gonzales says:

    Jamie Papa always speaks directly to me through you yes it is uplifting and encouraging thank you Jesus and Holy Spirit for everything and every Word I am so grateful for whom you are and what you are making me to be I love you and I love your people I will pray and I will be obedient to papa and give to invest in his kingdom for others to come to know him in Jesus name amen and amen 🙏

  32. Gladys Mutungu says:

    A very timely Word for me. Thank you Jamie.
    Thank You ABBA FATHER for Your unfailing love.

  33. Good morning 🌞 WOW!!!! I’ve always knew GOD is responsible for everything I am and have an learning more how to become a better stewardship over everything that he’s allowed me to bestowed is minding blowing I felt so light last night upon studying this and it’s changed my entire prospective I’m excited about this walk an journey of changing my thinking and life with his wisdom. Thank you lord for bringing Jamie into our lives. Love ya Father forever an always

  34. Good morning 🌞 WOW!!!! I’ve always knew GOD is responsible for everything I am and have an learning more how to become a better stewardship over everything that he’s allowed me to bestowed is minding blowing. I felt so light last night upon studying this and it’s changed my entire prospective I’m excited about this walk an journey of changing my thinking and life with his wisdom. Thank you lord for bringing Jamie into our lives. Love ya Father forever an always

  35. Sauni Box says:

    Wow! What an encouraging post! This post confirms what I have known all along, but had become weary in the wait!
    I especially appreciated your comment, “You were born to fly.” My word for 2021 was, “soar.”
    God bless you and yours,

  36. Awesome word! No matter the distance, God has spoken through you Jamie. I reread the phrase, “the help you’re looking for is on the way” know what! Just after two days and Jehovah has given me the desire of my heart. I’ve been crying to God, praying and worshiping ooh my God is greater than any circumstance!

  37. Wow! What a timely word! I, like others, have been in a seemingly endless battle for the last several years with a health issue. This was such a wonderful word of encouragement. Thank you.

  38. Halleluyah Amen thank You Lord..Thank You Abba Father,Thank you My Ture Father..Ngiyabonga Baba..I believe Amen.

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