Will You Help Me Grow My Facebook Page? (& Freebie Coming Soon)

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Good morning, lovely friends! I hope you are having a super-fantabulous day. 🙂

Hey, this is an off-cycle post with a special request: Would you please help me grow my Facebook page?

I can’t help it. I’m hopelessly, totally addicted to Facebook. That’s where I share cool snippets, flashes of inspiration, engaging questions, and sometimes embarrassing moments from day to day. That’s where I share cool news, like what’s going on this Saturday that I’m totally stoked about. That’s where I can be more engaged with lovely Y-O-U in real-time. I want to connect with you and all our other Presence-seeking gang!

I also plan to start offering freebies on Facebook. Starting next Wednesday, for example, I am going to offer my mp3 teaching about “How To Get More Revelation From the Bible Than Ever Before” FREE on Facebook only for a VERY LIMITED TIME. The things I teach in this mp3 have taken me years to learn, and I’m going to give it away. You can’t beat that!

The Facebook page is growing. I LOVE each one of you for liking it so far, and THANK YOU!! So I’m asking – would you help me grow our Presence-seeking crew over on Facebook? Would you “like” the page and also invite your friends to like it too?

My goal is to have 500 Facebook “likes” by the end of this month. By myself, that’s an impossible goal. But with your help – that’s a very possible goal. Would you please help me?

Thank you so much! 

Have a great day!

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