God Is Delivering from Evil, Healing, and Restoring Lives

LIVE webinar: Healing from Emotional Abuse | June 7, 2024

Hey everybody, I’m so excited to be able to bring you these amazing testimonies about what God has done recently–in June and July. I hope you’ll read them all. I want you to know not only what God is doing, but also my heart for you and for this ministry.

And before we start, please know that Papa is using YOU.

These are YOUR miracle stories as well as His. How? Because you pray. You participate. You attend classes. You share blog posts on social media. And YOU partner with us through your donations and product purchases to provide the money to fund all of this ministry.

With all my heart, and from my heart to yours, THANK YOU.

Please check out these stories.

Escape from abuse:

Two people were being abused. They had no way to escape the abusive situation. It was destroying their lives and the enemy actually attempted to take one of their lives.

Through this ministry, God used YOU to provide what they needed to escape the abusive situation and get to a safe place. Glory to God!

Over two dozen retreat scholarships awarded:

Y’all, the Lord allowed us to award over two dozen scholarships to the September 9-12 inner healing retreat. TWO DOZEN, people. I hope you can see what a miracle that is–and Papa used YOU.

This retreat is going to be absolutely transformational. People are going to be completely HEALED from father wounds, MOTHER WOUNDS, church wounds, poverty, delivered from generational curses, delivered from the spirit of poverty and all manner of things.

These healings will be EASY and full of JOY, because God has given me totally revolutionary ways to teach these things and to facilitate corporate prayer through these healings.

Furthermore, we are going to EQUIP people at this conference to find God’s vision and also to take this material and help others. It’s going to be radical. (If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so. You’ve just gotta come.)

We encouraged people over 313,000 times in June and July:

In the month of June, this website alone had 155,615 pageviews. That is not counting our publishing on other sites, not counting webinars, and not counting anything on social media.

In the month of July, which isn’t over yet, this site has already seen 157,869 pageviews.

124,009 individual people encouraged:

According to Google Analytics, these pageviews from June and July were from a total of 124,009 individual people.

204 different countries/territories reached:

Those 124,009 individual people were in 204 different countries/territories–every country on the face of the earth except nine.


People healed from conditional love:

Fifty people attended a class I held about healing from conditional love. We saw Holy Spirit move in a radical way to heal their hearts. Look at these comments from that class:

  • “Oh my goodness its like a light coming on. It wasn’t only in church, but spouses etc.”
  • “I’ve treated my husband with conditional love because of the way I was raised without realizing this.”
  • [Learning about God’s unconditional love] “It’s a new thought in my head too and I can only cry.”
  • “I have done sozo in another city here … but this conditional love was NOT identified.”
  • “I am loved with the greatest love. Chills.”

Missionary who works with unreached people groups:

In July, this ministry began helping support a missionary who works with unreached people groups. We signed up to be a monthly partner with him, praise God!

People taught about the power gifts of the Spirit:

245 people signed up for our free webinar about the 9 power gifts of the Spirit and the gift of discernment of spirits. Look what a few of those people said:

  • “This class has helped and very important information I didn’t know. Thank you!”
  • “Bless you, Jamie. You blow me away every time I am in your webinar … ALWAYS His timing is PERFECT.”
  • “Thank You So Much!!! This class was a tremendous blessing.”
  • “Thank you so much for this. Please continue.”
  • “This has been an awesome teaching. I am going to put this into operation.”
  • “I receive this teaching wholeheartedly!”
  • “This has been a big blessing for me!”

People received a prayer language–either a new language or a prayer language for the first time:

252 people signed up for our free webinar about speaking in tongues. Holy Spirit moved so powerfully during that class, and some people received a prayer language–either a new one, or received one for the first time!

Check out what people said about that class, and how Holy Spirit ministered to them as we just sat in silence and focused on Jesus for a few minutes at the end of the teaching!

  • “I felt [myself] talking in new language and a really warming feeling feels so warm all over me.”
  • “My pray language has changed too [during the ministry time].”
  • “My language changed a bit as well [during ministry time] … More, Please! :)”
  • “Felt total peace.”
  • “I got a new Language!!!”
  • “I’m just loving this teaching!”
  • “[I received] NEW TONGUES!!!”

Check out this story about someone getting this gift for the first time:

I am wrecked! Thank you, Sister for the teaching on speaking in tongues.

I grew up with parents who are against it, and have been on a major journey with you and others to learn who Holy Spirit is, and what the Bible actually says about it. I had thought that maybe my way of writing in my prayer journal and hearing God speak, and writing down what He says, was my prayer language.

But today, right before you prayed, I was praying, asking God to help me receive. I felt chills and goosebumps. I began sobbing, feeling a connection to Holy Spirit that I have not had before.

What started with a “huhhhh” sound, soon became this deep felt groaning rising up from with in me. I have no idea what I was saying, but I prayed and asked God if I should know what I was saying.

He immediately brought a vision of me pouring my heart out, like Hannah, praying for a child. That was like cutting the last strap off and a huge load came tumbling off the truck. My language came so forcefully, like it had been there all along, welled up in me. So forcefully I literally felt like I was pouring out my insides onto the Lord’s altar.

It began to slow and quiet. I felt the peace of God come, and felt His hand stroking my head to soothe me. It was raw and beautiful.

Thank you for teaching me how to be open to Holy Spirit and to be fully functioning and partnering with him. Thank for your heart and your service! I pray God’s blessing and protection over you. I pray that everything your ministry touches will prosper, and as a result of that, your ministry will explode exponentially. God is using you in a mighty way, and I am so incredibly thankful that God brought me to your site!!!”

Isn’t that amazing? We just asked Holy Spirit to minister, and He went wild! It was so awesome! I’m so grateful to Him.

Partner and donor prayer box:

We want to give our partners and donors extra attention, but I haven’t known how. Also, I’m out straight as it is–so I needed help. Well, in June, God sent me help–and in June and July, we launched a partner/donor prayer email box.

I am SO excited about this.

More about the box:

I have contracted with a precious lady named Jo Ann to help us with this. She is a retired prophetic intercessor who used to work for GodTV and Pastor Benny Hinn’s ministry in their partner prayer departments. She is going to help me handle specific prayer requests from our partners and donors.

If you’re a partner or donor, you’ll be receiving email replies and/or postcards from me or from Jo Ann (or even from our board) regarding your prayer requests.

It’s going to take us some time to work out how this prayer box should work, so please bear with us. But, if you’re a partner or donor, you can send your specific prayer requests to us at donor at fromhispresence dot com and we will continually pray over them.

Pioneers healed from depression and discouragement:

Several dozen people signed up for the Healing the Pioneer Spirit prophetic class that we held two days ago. And beloved, I wish you could have seen what God did.

Pioneers often struggle with loneliness and the pain of being rejected. In this class, chains and discouragement fell off these Kingdom pioneers as the Lord healed their hearts from so much pain and isolation. Then, He commissioned them to go out again and build new things for His Kingdom.

Here are a few comments from that class:

  • “This is so timely. Confirmation of what Papa is speaking. Weeping.”
  • “God used you today to put the seal on a great move in [my] life. This teaching is positioning me to pioneer at a higher level. Thank you for your obedience! Life-transforming word.”
  • “OH MY GOODNESS! Experiencing healing already!”
  • “I really need this!! Thanks for doing this. It’s like reading my life.”
  • “Jamie, that was a powerful teaching. Wow is all I can say! I’ve not heard of the pioneer spirit but that word has been in my heart for a long time. I can’t wait to read the notes.”
  • “I am drawn to listen to you! It just clicks for [the] first time.”
  • “Thank you so much, Jamie! Each area that you addressed was an area that I needed both healing and direction.”
  • “Wow, this is so affirming and liberating …”

And we have over 1,000 freely-available blog posts from which people send testimonies like this:

(These testimonies arrived just in the last few days.)

I’m not even sure how I arrived at your site today, except to say, it was the Lord’s doing.
One minute I was laying on my bed crying out to the Lord asking Him to show me how to do what He was asking me to do. The next minute I was in front of my computer on your site. God works in mysterious ways. He is amazing. I now know how to take the next steps He is asking of me.

God is using you amazingly.
Keep going. We need you.
I pray God will lead many more people to your site so He can touch them also.”

And …

“Wow, Jamie, what a blessing. I prayed that prayer thinking only 2 people hurt me, but the Holy Spirit revealed to me about 2 dozen people I needed to release and forgive for teaching me about lack. I feel so free now and joyful and peace[ful]. Thank you. God bless you so much for that amazing word from God.”

And …

“God has really touched me this morning through your message right here in my office. I can sense He has totally released me from bitterness/anger, abandonment, and rejection. Thank you so much for the simplicity of the Word without being judgmental.

I am so full of joy that in my office I have been set free. I have never heard of you but God has used you to transform my life. God richly bless you. I will be following you on Facebook and YouTube. The feeling I have now is the same feeling I had the day I got saved. God bless once again. – TR from the UK”

Beloved, we receive these testimonies day in and day out because Papa God is GOOD … and He’s using YOU, and us, together.

YOU have a hand in this, my beloved friend, if you contribute to this ministry in any way.

He’s using you to reach people for Himself.

He’s using you to show them His goodness.

He’s using you to show downcast souls the light of Jesus.


And beloved, if you haven’t begun helping yet …


I’m in desperate need of your help.

Galatians 6:6 says:

“Let him who is taught the word share in all good things with him who teaches.”

Beloved, if you’re not blessed by this blog, then you have no responsibility.

Go ahead and unsubscribe from emails and read another blog that does bless you. I won’t be offended. Life’s too short to waste time where you’re not called. I love you and I want you to grow, no matter whose site you read or whose material you’re blessed by.

But if you are blessed by this blog, our Lord says in His holy Scriptures that you do have a responsibility to contribute. That’s not my good idea. It’s actually what’s commanded in Scripture.

And beloved, if this ministry is a blessing to you, I need your help desperately. There is an urgent need.

We have spent a massive amount of money on getting people here to this conference. Could we have ministered online? Yes. But there’s something special about ministering in person that you can’t get through online ministry. And I felt it was important enough to spend the money.

So we did, and we have, and we are. But in order to do that, we need Papa to provide in a serious way for even our operating capital.

Y’all, it costs thousands of dollars a month to keep our online ministry going. THOUSands. And every gift counts. I don’t know how to say it any other way, except that if you’re blessed by this ministry, and you’re not already contributing financially, we need you to participate.

We need you to sign up to partner with us via PayPal today.

Here is what we need:

We need 1 new partner at $1,000 per month.
We need 2 new partners at $500 per month.
We need 5 new partners at $250 per month.
We need 10 new partners at $100 per month.
We need 15 new partners at $50 per month.
We need 100 new partners at $20 per month.
And we need 500 new partners at $10 per month.

That means we need YOU, if you’re not already helping.

Beloved, it takes between $7,000-$10,000 per month to keep this ministry running now. Between overhead, tools, software, fees, payroll taxes, payroll, subcontractors, and more–$7,000 is about the minimum. Then any ministry expense comes on top of that, such as helping pastors, missions, scholarships, etc.

And we don’t have the partnerships yet to cover this kind of money. We simply believe God, and we live by faith every month, and He speaks to people to give, and you give, and the ministry continues.

And I’m asking you to be a part of that.

Since it’s in the Bible that you should help if you’re being blessed by this ministry, I am very confident in asking you to help us and I believe that you will. So, please obey God. His will is written in His Word, and we need your help to accomplish His purposes.

Click on your chosen partnership option below to sign up:

Choose your monthly amount:
Email Jamie for other amounts.

And thank you.

Beloved, Jesus is coming soon and we are helping prepare His people; helping them become His pure and spotless Bride.

He’s so good. I’m so grateful to even be a part of what He is doing. I give Him all the praise, and I thank YOU for helping if you’re helping already.

And if you’re not helping already, I thank you for signing up begin helping today.

Thank you. Together, we are about our Father’s business. We are making disciples of every nation, teaching them to observe all things that Jesus commanded us.

Thank you.

With great love in Christ,


  1. I love testimonies and hearing what God is doing through you and the many lives that have been blessed and changed as a result of what you pour out and into us. Rejoicing greatly that the Lord has richly answered for the many more that will be able to physically come to this conference retreat. I am always telling others about your website and ministry, referring them here.
    Continuing to pray for you, your family and ministry.

  2. Hi Jamie, God bless you mightily. You are really touching peoples heart from the various commentaries. Thank God for His anointing on you.

  3. wonderful testimonies. You and your ministry are a blessing to us all.

  4. Josephat bulimo. says:

    Really encouraging to hear what the lord is doing.,what a blessing is this ministry even to me.

  5. Ricky Rabi says:

    Dear Jamie;
    God bless you. Thank you Jesus for these wonderful, awesome testimonies.
    I need you Father God, I am trusting You Jesus for my own testimonies.
    God is GOOD. Wow

  6. Chiara Pardini says:

    Thank you !!
    Great d bless u always

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