We Did the Hokey Pokey and the Glory Came Down

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DancingYesterday, we did the Hokey Pokey three times and a conga line once, and the glory of the Lord came down.

You want to know more. I can tell. Ok, I’ll dish.

I lead my church’s Sunday morning intercessory prayer meeting. It always takes a different format. Sometimes we use the harp-and-bowl model, where we pray and also sing spontaneous songs to the Lord (turning our prayers into new songs). Other times we just pray. Sometimes we do a little bit of both. No matter what it looks like, though, it’s always powerful.

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    My lead teacher is teaching through the Bethel Healing Rooms training in our LifeGroup (Sunday School class). So my husband and I were listening to a little refresher on Saturday.

    In part one of the training, Chris Gore talked about how he tries to never pray for the sick like they expect him to. He always tries to do something unexpected that will get their mind off their sickness. He tries to make them laugh, thereby releasing righteousness, peace, and joy, and supernatural miracles happen in that atmosphere.

    For example, he told about praying for someone from Texas who needed healing in their neck. Instead of being the 101st person to pray the exact same way, he would say, “Oh, you’re from Texas! I love Texas! They have the best barbeque!” Then the person would agree that yes, the barbeque in Texas is wonderful. Then Chris Gore would say, “Yes, I was there just last week, and I went to a barbeque place that was attached to a gas station, and the sign out front said, “Eat here! Get gas!”” Harharharharhar. Then he would add to it: “I saw another barbeque place and the sign out front there said, “You can smell our pits from miles away!””

    By getting the person laughing, Chris imparted the Kingdom experience (of righteousness, peace, and joy) into them, and got their mind off the problem. Then he would say, “Why don’t you test your neck out right now? How’s it feel?” And lo and behold, the person would wiggle their neck and say, “I’m healed! What did you do to me?”

    But it wasn’t that he did anything. He just released the presence of God into the person through righteousness, peace, and joy, and God healed them. At Bethel Church, they experience supernatural miracles in that atmosphere continually.

    Needless to say, after hearing that, I wanted more. I want that atmosphere that’s supernaturally-charged with righteousness, peace, and joy so that the Lord can manifest everything He’s got!

    So I prayed about how to lead prayer meeting yesterday morning. And I just felt like the Lord was telling me to release righteousness, peace, and joy.

    So we got there, and I told the story above about the Texas example, and I told our people we were going to do the Hokey Pokey.

    Which we did.

    Three times–twice on stage (I made us do it again, because our people weren’t very excited about it the first time) 🙂 and once in the altar area.

    Seriousness is not a fruit of the Spirit. We started laughing like crazy.

    And the Kingdom of God manifested itself.

    We prayed through each topic: righteousness, peace, and joy.

    And at the end, I was singing a line from “Holy Ghost Party” by Cory Asbury, which says: “If you know the Lord’s been good to you, come on and dance, dance, dance, dance, dance!” And that line was so much fun–and the Lord has been so good to us–that I felt inspired to have us do a conga line through the sanctuary. Which we did.

    And laughed, and laughed, and laughed. (You can listen to “Holy Ghost Party” below, and notice their conga line too! Ha!)

    And a little later… sure enough. A few minutes into the church service, the God manifested His own glory in such an amazing way. It was incredible. He was just MAGNIFIED: you could see how BIG He is, and He was all you could see. You couldn’t see your problems; you could only see His awesomeness. Our pastor kept telling us to keep worshipping and flowing with what God was doing. The prophetic word came forth. Then Pastor preached the most awesome sermon ever–about upsizing our vision and perception of God.

    Am I taking credit for that? Absolutely not. God did it. But do I believe that God was able to manifest Himself in such a powerful way because we had released the atmosphere of righteousness, peace, and joy? Yes. Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    God likes to show up at parties.

    He ruined every funeral He ever attended, including His own. But He LOVES a good party.

    God is in a good mood, you see.

    So let’s learn this together. I’m only learning this. But I got up this morning and danced in my office before I had my quiet time–and it brought me so much joy and made me laugh! Just me, all by myself!

    I’m going to keep doing it, too. I’m going to do anything I can to walk in joy every day of my life, because I want that supernatural, miracle atmosphere everywhere I go.

    Do you need a little righteousness, peace, and joy in your own life today? If so, what can you do to release it? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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