How To Take Back What The Enemy Stole

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Hi beloveds,
We’ve been talking this week about how to take back what the enemy stole from you. The strongman’s door is unlocked; the devil can’t defend what he has stolen! So, through Christ, you can now reclaim what is yours!

But many of you have been asking, “How do you do it? How do I take back what the enemy stole from me?”

Two days ago, I taught on Facebook about this very subject: how to take back what the enemy stole from you.

If you’ve had things stolen, then you’re going to want to watch this video from beginning to end. (At the end, Holy Spirit tied it all together and shocked even me with His revelation!)

Click here to watch the Facebook Live video. And hey, while you’re over there, would you do me a huge favor and click “Like” and “Follow” on the page? I post lots of things on Facebook that never appear on this blog, and I believe the page will bless you.


  1. Jamie I just asked God on the way into work this morning to show me how the violent take it by force. To make it plain to me so I could understand how to take things back that are mine and how to not let go of them. I get to work and this is in my email. I can’t watch right now gut I am!!! MY GOD FROM HEAVEN AND I SAW THE PORTAL OPEN THIS MORNING WITH ANGELS LOADED WITH THINGS COMING TO THE EARTH!! HALLELUJAH HALLELUHJAH THANK YOU JESUS

  2. Hi Jamie I’m struggling with guilt over my pride. I keep worrying whether I’m truly sorry over my pride because I’m quite reserved and feel false by praising Our Lord. I keep asking Our Lord to forgive my pride and I ask him every day for forgiveness for pride but I still feel uncomfortable at times praising him and I get worried about this. Have I an ego problem or is it the devil at work. I keep beating myself up because I feel I’m failing

    1. Hi Shaun. Thank you for sharing. Have you tried simply asking Father God to make you humble? Ask Him to make you humble like Jesus is humble. Then start serving everybody you can, in any way you can. Clean a few toilets, scrub a few floors, serve the weak and elderly and downtrodden. Ask Papa God to give you a new heart and a new spirit while you do. Doing this can transform your life!

  3. Daniel Kimondo says:

    Waaau glory to God! whatever was stolen by the enemiey in my life, is coming back to me in Jesus name!

  4. Very uplifting and powerful stuff/prayers

  5. Hi Jamie,
    I’m not on Facebook, is there any other way to watch the videos you post on there? Are they on Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Reddit or twitter?
    Thanks for all you do.

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