Prophetic Word: The Stongman’s Door Is Unlocked!

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Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Are you looking for the missing key to your healing? Do you want to take back things the enemy has stolen from you? Are you tired of the enemy’s needles that attack you and keep you from resting?

If so, the Lord gave me a word for you today! It’s a word that I have already seen come true in my own life in dramatic ways, so I know it’s going to encourage you too!

I recently had a dream in which the Lord showed me that the strongman’s door is unlocked.

Here was the dream, in a nutshell:

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    My mother, my sister, and I broke into a house. The house had formerly belonged to my grandmother, who had it built from scratch.

    However, in the dream, the house belonged to “the strongman.” My grandmother had sold the house to this “strongman.” We knew this full well, but we didn’t care. We broke in anyway.

    When we broke in, we did so by simply walking through the front door. We knew we were crossing somewhere that didn’t belong to us. However, we also knew that the strongman wasn’t home, so we went in anyway … and the door was actually unlocked.

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    Once inside the house, we began going through the closets.

    In the closets, we found things that belonged to us–things that had been lost. Sometimes these lost items appeared out of reach (e.g. on a high closet shelf), but the distance was no problem. We reached everything easily and reclaimed what was ours.

    While in this house, we saw two queen beds in a large, glass-walled, wraparound sunroom. These beds were meant to be places of rest, but they had briars growing (indoors!) next to them. The briars were spreading onto the beds, so anyone who tried to rest got poked with thorns instead. We uprooted those briars.

    In the middle of the dream, a man named Daniel came to us and told us that the strongman would be angry if he knew we were in his house. However, we were unconcerned. We continued to reclaim what was ours.


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    At the end of the dream, the strongman came home.

    We met him in the driveway. He was very angry that we had broken into his home.

    We discussed the situation with him and said various things to try and convince him not to call the police. However, our approach to the whole conversation was very lackadaisical. We were not afraid of him, and he never called the police. We got away with everything we wanted!

    I believe this dream is a significant word to the Body of Christ right now.

    We are ALL supposed to reclaim our stuff from the strongman–and it’s going to be EASY! How do I know this? Because my mother and sister in the dream represent YOU. Matthew 12:49-50 says:

    And He stretched out His hand toward His disciples and said, ‘Here are My mother and My brothers! For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother‘” (Matthew 12:49-50).

    The mother and sister represent the whole Church: Y-O-U. 🙂

    The stuff we are supposed to reclaim has been lost for a long time.

    That’s why it was my grandmother’s house. We’re talking about OLD situations. Old things that were lost. Old wrongs that have never been made right. Big, old things that have haunted you all these years.

    The things that the enemy has stolen from you could include:

    • Your peace of mind;
    • Your joy;
    • Money;
    • Your reputation;
    • Time;
    • Your childhood;
    • Love;
    • Your innocent, trusting heart;
    • Your ability to rest; and more.

    You have not seen these things come back yet, so you’ve been afraid that they won’t come back. You’ve worried that it might be too hard to get them back, if you get them back at all. And, you haven’t known how to get them back.

    But God is the Judge, and He has decided on your behalf.

    In the dream, “Daniel” told us that the strongman wouldn’t like it if he found out we were in his house. The name “Daniel” means “God is my judge.” So God is warning us that there will be some warfare here–and in the dream we saw that. We saw the strongman come home; and, sure enough, he didn’t like it that we had broken and entered into his house.

    But you know what? The strongman was powerless to stop us. We got everything we wanted, and it wasn’t even hard.

    Beloved, you can get your things back. The door isn’t even unlocked.

    Beloved, the strongman is the devil, but he is not home. JESUS has the keys, and the strongman isn’t even able to defend the stuff he took.

    This means that YOU can take back the things the enemy has stolen from you. You can find the things that appear to have been lost–the things that belong to you. Those things may appear out of reach, but they aren’t. You can get them back, and it’s going to be easy.


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    As you get your stuff back, clear out the briars that have kept you from resting.

    You have an open heaven. THAT is the truth of God’s Word. No matter where you go, you can see everything God has for you. You have access to everything in the spirit realm through the blood of Christ.

    But there have been briars on your bed. Thorny, prickly things have intruded on your state of rest. Beloved, God is saying that you can get your stuff back, and it’s going to be easy; and you can and should REST throughout the process.

    Finally, don’t be afraid of the warfare that comes against you during this time.

    It’s smoke and mirrors. You don’t have to be afraid. In the dream, the enemy–the strongman–couldn’t do a thing about the fact that we had just plundered his house. He blustered and put up an angry front, but he had no authority even though we plundered his house!

    We simply don’t understand the power of the blood of Jesus.

    With His blood, Jesus purchased ALL authority back from the enemy. Matthew 28:18-20 says:

    And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, ‘All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.’ Amen.”

    Because Jesus now has ALL authority, He can deliver nations to us. He commissions us to go because He has ALL authority. And as we go, He promises: “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

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    Beloved, Jesus has the keys. The strongman’s door is unlocked.

    The strongman can’t defend anything. He took your stuff, but you can easily get it back. All you have to do is go in and take it. Exercise your God-given access to an open heaven. Take the practical steps necessary to get back whatever has been stolen from you. Heal those old situations. Enter into God’s rest.

    The strongman’s door is unlocked. God is your Judge, and He judged on your behalf the moment His Son took His last breath on Calvary’s cross. Go get your stuff, beloved. Take back what’s yours. It’s going to be easy.

    Does this word speak to your spirit today? If yes, how? Please leave a comment below!


    1. Mwanamgeni says:

      Dear Jamie, Thank so much with this prophetic word, the strongman door is unlocked. It just came at the right time when I was praying for a breakthrough for all the trials and struggles I am going through. You have lifted my spirit by reminding us God is our judge,and he judges on our behalf. I am entering into gods rest and God’s will, will done on earth as it is in heaven. May god bless you that you find more encouraging word to lift our spirit at all time. Thank you and be blessed.

      1. Oneida Martin says:

        Jamie what a powerful and on time word. It is confirmation for where the Lord is taking me now. May Christ continue to bless and keep you. May He pour back into you all that you have given. Blessings always Evg Oneida.

      2. Charmaine says:

        Glory to God!!!! Thank you so much Jamie
        God bless you all in every way ?
        Love sister xx

        1. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

          Lord please oh Lord let ne recover all that the enemy has stolen.

      3. I witnessed a rape joke in a hospital by a medical practitioner to other medical practitioners during the frenzy of rapes reported in the media about India. When I complained about it (& other conduct) highly slanderous false documents were written about me which were withdrawn 18 month so late but which still remain circulated in writing & in the possession of numerous people. Any action against the slander would 1) spread the slander 2) effect my job opportunities 3) cost a mint 4) would be biased by sexist conditionment instead of Justice. 5) the slanderous proceedings already cost me 1000, stole my money, stole my job opportunities, stole my progression, stole my well-being, silenced me who was standing up for victims of Gender Hate Crime. Stole years of my life when I could have been going out with friends. Stole my opportunity to see at an early stage that my father had cancer when doctors said that he hadn’t. Sure I would like all this this back. Bring it on. All practical steps exhausted. Men stick up against abuse of men but women side with the boy unfairly where they would not be siding with a girl, & where boys would absolutely not be siding with women. Women (not victims) are choosing to be trampled by men. Very difficult when you chose against the tramping but women insist on it and help to stab you subtly and grievously in the process. Sure God the Father, thank you for giving me justice- no point in expecting it from women or men. But thank you Heavenly Father I will take Justice from you & everything that women & men stole from me with both hands & a heart and a half ?

      4. I needed this right now . Bless you abundantly in Jesus Name

    2. PRAISE GOD!!!!! I receive this word in Jesus name!!! God bless you Jamie!!!

    3. Divine Restoration. Amen

    4. Joanie Smtih says:

      Jamie i am weeping and weeping as i read this..because all of that has been stolen and i didnt think i could ever get it back and i have been praying and fasting and praying and i feel like i have got no where or even God didnt hear until i read this today Please pray for me that God will give me the faith i need to receive this in Jesus name amen

      1. I prayed for you, Joanie! God DOES hear you and you have the faith of Christ if you have made Jesus the Boss of your life, your Lord and Savior! He loves you so much and He cares about everything that matters to you.
        Big hugs to you!!!
        In Christ,

    5. Christina says:

      Thank you. I receive this timely word. I claim total restoration in every area of my life. I take back my divine destiny.
      Praise the Lord.

    6. HI Jamie.. Thank you for this It totally spoke to me as I read the first verse then Looked at my phone it said 11:11 God 1000 fold promise!! Amazing!! love how God works.. I have been dealing with somethings health issues and a court action in which i turned in a company for fraud then they turned the tables on me and tried to say I was the head of this! I was blown away and then I found out that the guy I turned in his Uncle was the judge ! This is why i was being railroaded. I knew God knew I was innocent and I know I was innocent! I fought back with a lawsuit and got thrown in jail and nearly died due to health issues and lack of care.. I then saw the power of God get me out and get me home.. this case has been ongoing yet God has told me victory and given me so many visions and dreams.. to say its over and he is judging them who judged me.. funny about your dream above i had a similar dream about 2 weeks ago! and in the livingroom of the house the room was filled with this brilliant white silvery light so bright I could not look directly at it yet felt compelled to walk in and there was a brown dresser against the wall and it had 9 drawers 3 across 3 down and the bottom drawers were all turned upside down and I was fixing them turning them right side up.. there was clothing and netted like baskets in the drawers.. i then walked into the closet and there was someone in the closet the room as dark but where i stood the light was on me and then I heard a small voice from the closet and a woman named Katie came out of the closet but looked like she would have as a little girl wearing a golden yellow dress with white lapel and trim around the sleeves with her blonde hair in pigtails. Then we left the room and went through the living room in to the dining room where a big black purse with a golden zipper and and buttons was sitting it was zipped shut but very full and I said Oh let me grab that its my purse and there is a lot of stuff I retrieved in there Im not leaving that behind, I then looked out the window and saw a red pick up truck really shinny and I said OH the guy who owns the house now is home.. (FYI when we came to walk in the house the top lock had a golden brass key in the dead bolt but it was open and hand came out and said here take the key) and I had the key for the bottom lock but i was already open) my husband was with me and he said what do we do and I said I dont care I am not afraid its my things and I am taking them back lets go and we walked out the door and into the light..

    7. Hi Jamie thank you so much for this word today I receive it claim it it’s powerful. Have a blessed day

    8. Hi Jamie, that’s definitely a very powerful prophetic dream. I’d a dream similar to one like this. God was showing me that devil was defeated and it was up to me to take back what he had stolen. So I receive this confirmation from God. Amen!

    9. Its so good to have you back , really missed you .Thank u for this powerful word of taking back what is rightfully ours been very blessed , by the way love Elijah such a blessing , i know the father has so much in store for u , ur family and this ministry thank u once again.

    10. Kahn Johnson says:

      Yes, Jamie, I want my stuff back. Thank you for the Wird. I receive it!!

    11. Judy Wellington says:

      Dear Jaimie

      Thank you very much for your prophetic word. It has spoken right into my life at this moment. I’ve been going through so many many challenges over the past 5 years, and it seemed like noting was ever going to change, however, I feel stronger and strong in The Lord and in the power of His might.
      After one breakthrough I feel that this is the time to take back all that the enemy has stolen and to walk in faith and victory.
      Thank you for your prophetic word as it is a confirmation and a strenthening for me.
      May God continue to bless you

    12. My Lord! Jamie, God is using you in a MIGHTY way (I’m sure you’ve heard that before. BIG :-)) Seriously, I thank God for blessing me to “find” your blog last week when I did a Google search for the meaning of the Hebrew year 5778. My spirit was immediately drawn to your blog name, “From His Presence” and I signed up for your Presence Seekers University.

      The past two weeks have been spiritually & emotionally draining due to a spiritual attack on my youngest child (my 25 year-old son). HOWEVER, OUR GOD HAS SHOWN HIMSELF MIGHTY ON OUR BEHALF and given me the strength, peace & patience to endure the current hardships while continuing to perform well at work under the pressure. We had a board meeting this weekend and I’ve only had nine hours of sleep the past two days BUT the Word tells us when we are weak HE IS STRONG! When I got home this evening, I started reading Priscilla Shirer’s book about strategic prayer, Fervent. One of the points she made led me to Luke 18:1 “Men ought always to pray and never cease.” The parable of the widow who persisted with the unjust judge until she obtained justice. My spirit leaped when I read in your prophetic word that God is my judge. His presence is truly overwhelming & I know it’s no coincidence that I have been introduced to you.

      I would love to participate in your upcoming retreat and pray there will be at least one space remaining by the end of July. I’m certain my life & the lives of my family & friends will be FOREVER transformed if I’m blessed to attend.

      Thank you for having an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying and being a blessing to the Kingdom by releasing the revelation of Heaven on Earth!

      I pray God exceeds your expectations in the coming year!!

      1. Hi Kimberly! It’s great to meet you. I am thrilled that you have joined our community! We would love to have you with us at the retreat. It’s going to be life-transforming for EVERYONE. Please do join us! And thank you for reading and sharing your tesitmony! I praise God with you!

        1. LEBI TEMITOPE says:

          This message is timely and a blessing to me, it is a pointer to my current experience. However i desire to meet you physically to share some things with you. God bless you.

    13. Pamela Prince says:

      The devil stole my two older children 25 years ago and my grandchildren two years ago! I am claiming the strongman door is unlocked! I am claiming to “reclaim our stuff from the strongman–and it’s going to be EASY”! “The strongman can’t defend anything. He took your stuff, but you can easily get it back. All you have to do is go in and take it. Exercise your God-given access to an open heaven. Take the practical steps necessary to get back whatever has been stolen from you. Heal those old situations. Enter into God’s rest”. (I am doing a lot of copying and pasting, but this is good)! In Jesus name, I will have my “stuff” back, children, grandchildren!! Devil be gone, in the Mighty name of Jesus!! Oh, also, get your hands OFF of my new job offer!! It’s my stuff!! In Jesus name!!

    14. AMEN!!! Thank you Jesus praise God!!!!! I receive this word in the name of Jesus name!!! God bless Jamie!!!

    15. Jamie, thank you for his prophetic word. I receive it in the name of Jesus!

    16. Dear Jamie
      Thanks so much for your words, May Almighty God, continues blessing you and your family. I feel joy in my hearts strengthening us, please, I ask in our Lord Jesus Christ, keep praying for me, and to any one can help me with pray, I will be thankful, for all, I am going through. Difficult time.
      God bless you All

    17. Emily Christine says:

      Amen am claiming everything in Jesus names ,blessings Jamie for the powerful word .

    18. Hi I have been waiting as well for God to respond as I’m waiting for a head hunted position. God bless word on time

    19. Jamie, this word is a confirmation of what God is saying to me also. Your words have blessed me tremendously. Keep on writing for God….you are doing a great work. May God continue to bless you abundantly!

    20. Ezelle Andrews says:

      I was really drawn to read this, Thank you Jamie – I believe I receive the word of the prophet that will cause me to prosper. God bless you

    21. Rebecca Carven says:

      Thank you Jamie, I believe this is a word from God for me! I am about to go through a divorce and property settlement. My daughter’s and I have been living in a draughty, unlined barn with not much income. I believe this is now God speaking to my daughters and I, the strongman is out and we can now get what we want! A warm, decent home which can’t be taken away from us!

    22. Hi Jamie this is a very good word and it really is on point and timely. Thank you. It really encourages me. I receive it. Praise the Lord. God bless you.

    23. Thank you, Jamie, for sharing this Word. I have felt the enemy has stolen from me for years including my health & always felt helpless but now I know that this was mine all along & I’m taking it back!! Even my extended family have suffered the oppression of the enemy for years – just when you think there’s a breakthrough defeat would follow. I forwarded this to them too & believe this will bring liberty.

    24. What a powerful confirming word. I will continue to War for the sake of my children and taking back everything the enemy has stolen from us. He is the god of the Breakthrough. Praying you had a very good rest I’m looking forward to all the things God has shown you. You are a blessing to the body of Christ dear Jamie.

    25. Amen! The Strongman’s door is open. Am recovering all the enemy stole , in the name of Jesus Christ.

    26. Amen!!!! This indeed is my word.I receive my deliverance now.Jesus has my keys to my deliverance from every demonic bondage.Am delivered and ushered into His presence

    27. Baby Semake says:

      Be Blessed my sister. Thank you so much for the word today. You really are a Blessing in the body of Christ

    28. I receive the word.i rented a place .my rent Landlord and her daughter is trampling on over me every night and day. ed this to be stopped.three women joined together against me but am looking for a place.waiting on God.

    29. I receive this word In Jesus Name

    30. Praise God! It is restoration time of everything I lost that the enemy stole. I am getting them all back in Jesus name Amen!

    31. Rebecca Jones says:

      What a great prophetic dream. I got the name Daniel before I even read the meaning, I like to study names. and how interesting beds of rest, queen sized. No more thorns, in Jesus name. May we rest in His love and get back what was stolen and more, Thanks, Jaime.

    32. Dear Sister this speaks volumes to my spirit. I have been waiting for the manifestation of the healing and restoration Papa told me He had givien. I receive this prophetic word in the Name of Jesus. I now take back those things the strong man stole from me. My health, my body, my mind, my happiness, my Children and Grand children, my business, my finances.
      I have found peace in the loss for I know that Papa has provided daily for me while I waited for knowledge and wisdom. Through your prophetic word shared here I feel I now have the green light to walk in and take it back in the Name of Jesus…Amen Hallelujah!!!

    33. How do I take it back what are the steps to do this?please let me know

    34. Robin Lewis says:

      Yes! Indeed. A prophetic word spoken in due season! To God who is our divine judge be the glory!
      Thank you Jamie for sharing!

    35. Hallelujah! Christ has won the victory for us. I reclaim everything the strongman has taken from me by the power in the name of Jesus.

    36. Thank you Jamie, I receive my restoration, health, rest and (finances) everything that was stolen from me now in the name of Jesus. I believe I receive by the blood of Jesus Christ.

    37. Hi Jamie, I am studying the Discipleship and today i was going through the Title “FAITH”. Your prophetic words have really hit home. Thank you very much and I am claiming what has been stolen from me. I have been going through tough times for the past 4 years. Today is really a turning point as i claim what is mine. Hebrew 11:1″Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for evidence of things not seen”. AMEN.

    38. I receive this timely word and choose to take back all the strongman had stolen from me in the name of Jesus and by His blood! Thank you Jamie! Glory be to God!!

    39. Jamie
      Thanks so much for this strong word of unbinding and loosing and reclaiming.
      Just not sure what the steps are? Spiritual?
      Guess I will just have to ask Daddy.

      1. Hi Lilian! To bind and loose, you speak out what you bind and you speak out what you loose. Verbally. For example: “I bind off every attack against me in Jesus’ name, and I loose God’s holy safety around me and my family, in Jesus’ name.”
        Be careful to bind things only if they are bound in Heaven, and loose things only if they are loosed in Heaven. And, if you bind something bad, ALWAYS remember to loose the good things in its place.

    40. Thanx for the wonderful prophetic word!
      Am also praying that i will be able to get back what belongs to me in this world with my 2 lovely sons.Love, Finances and Health. God bless the whole community of the Presence seeker!

    41. Ginika Love says:

      I’m richly blessed and encouraged by this prophetic word. May God bless you and your ministry in Jesus amen.. Today, i recover all that i have lost to the enemy in the past and nothing can by any means hinder me: for Christ has paid in full for them all

    42. Oh Jamie, This word came just when I needed it.

    43. Thank you so much for your diligence in seeking God, it is surely a blessing. As you know it so important to hear, learn and live truth. I became a christian as a young girl, but did not have a relationship until 18 years ago, I’m now 52. To get to the nuts and bolts, my marriage has not been the best, my husband I truly believe accepted Jesus around 7 years ago, but very little santification, however he spends zero time in the Word. I know with me, it took an entire year for any santification to show up and I was continuously in the Word through a bible study that Jesus orchestrated on my behalf, not my idea at all, thank God he did. Anyway, we’ve been married for 28 years, I’ve been praying for 18 years, and have seen some changes but alcohol and other substances seem to be a master of some sort. I’m continuing in this battle, but so much has been stolen and sometimes I just feel my hope drying up, but I know it’s there. The scripture “Hope deferred makes the heart sick” came into my mind recently and just not having the will to live and continue and then I saw your posting. Again thank you. I love my husband and my heart aches for him that he to has been robbed of the intended life that God has for him. God had spoken to me in 2007 to Hupomeno, long story but I felt like Father God wanted me to remain even though I did have a reason to leave. The mental and verbal abuse still remains a lot of the time, there are good moments in there sometimes though. I have two children out of college, and one is doing very well spiritually and career wise the other is not. Sister, I am asking for intercession, it is truly a hard road. Intercession for my husbands walk with Jesus, my son’s walk with Jesus, my peace, joy, and a new career for me that is also a necessity. Continue to strengthen my daughters walk with Jesus. There is so much that I could write a book on the things that God has done during these last eighteen years, amazing things, He is so good! I thank you with all of my heart!

    44. Amen Hallelujah In Jesus Christ Name I believe this prophecy and Hallelujah! Christ has won the victory for us. I reclaim everything the strongman has taken from me by the power in the name of Jesus Christ

    45. Thankyou Jamie, as usual a powerful and timely word God bless

    46. The part about warfare, the enemy’s attack being powerless, just smoke and mirrors really spoke to me. He has tried to rob me of my rest. Jesus has ALL AUTHORITY and He calls us to come and rest.

    47. This Word is FOR ME, Jamie! It is a confirmation of a vision the Lord showed me with keys and 2023! Thank you Jesus for using Minister Jamie to confirm your Word and give further revelation to it! In Jesus Name, I am walking into the houses that the enemy illegally stole from my bloodline and taking everything back by force!! Since the enemy has been caught, he has to pay 7 times! In Jesus Name! The door is open! My Jesus has given me the master key! Thank you Lord!!

    48. Dear Jamie,
      This word is for me as well. The enemy stole so much from me and my children. I am trusting in God for a complete healing and restoration of everything that was stolen from me. Thank you for the encouraging words. May God bless you and your ministry.

    49. Irma Nortje says:

      AMEN THANKU. We take back what the strongman has stolen from us and the family and receive Gods Grace and Provision and Redemption, in Jesus mighty name. Thank you Ps Jamie

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