In a Tailspin? Here’s What GOD Is Doing Right Now

If you’re in a tailspin lately and you can’t figure out why, it will help you to know what GOD is doing right now in the Spirit realm.

Remember first that, when God moves, He moves seasonally.

He does the same thing at the same time across the entire Body of Christ. If one person gets purged, everybody gets purged. God is our Teacher, Father, and Instructor; He teaches the same class to everybody at the same time.

But if you don’t stop to listen to His instruction, you might get really discouraged–because sometimes He changes the class topic and you won’t realize it unless you’re listening.

What God is doing RIGHT NOW across the Body of Christ is:

We are in a season of purging and refining right now. The Lord is particularly dethroning idols that would interfere with people’s ability to operate in their highest spiritual gifts at the highest level. He is getting rid of emotional wounds and ties to things and people other than Him.

And He is teaching us to look at Him and praise and pray, no matter what is going on.

For many, the last time He dealt with you in this way was more than 10 years ago.

If you look back, many people will notice that the last time the Lord purged you like this was over 10 years ago–and you thought you were cured of your idolatry at that time. God did indeed do a great work in your heart back then, and you have done well since then.

However, the things for which you are praying now are such heavy and weighty responsibilities that the Lord is having to walk you through a fire, the likes of which you have never seen, in order to be able to bring you the answers to your prayers.

The Lord truly did grant you what you asked for at the moment you prayed (see Mark 11:22-24), and He’s getting you ready to receive it FAST.

The speed with which He is going to answer your prayer explains the depth of the heart surgery you are in with Him right now. The Lord is doing emergency surgery on your heart with joy, knowing that He has made you tough enough and strong enough in Him that you can endure this emergency surgery without anesthetic. He is stripping your emotions of dependence on outward forces, and He is teaching you again to lift your hands and bless Him even when you hurt so badly that you can barely breathe.

Twice lately, some people have been hit with emotions so difficult and so sudden that you cried and were discouraged for hours, out of nowhere.

God was digging in you during those times, lifting some of the putrid idolatry out of your spirit. You felt the nastiness that was in your soul even though you didn’t know it was there, but God got it out both times. The Lord wants you to be encouraged by that.

Both times, the spiritual breakthrough broke through when you decided to bless and thank the Lord despite your pain.

This is the highest praise: When you hurt so badly you can barely breathe, but you lift your hands and kiss the Son anyway.

It is this praise that makes you strong and teaches you to stand firm in Christ. It is this worship that reaches all the way down to your toes: when you stand in the midst of a maelstrom and cannot see which end is up …

… And you cannot tell the end from the beginning …

But all you do–all you choose to do–is look at He who is the Beginning and the End.

Christ is worthy of your worship, no matter what you are going through.

Right now, you’re undergoing emergency surgery so you can be ready for emergency answers. All of Heaven is unleashed on your behalf, and answers are barreling at you like an oncoming train. But the Lord is getting you dressed for the occasion by making sure to take out of you everything that would get in the way and crush you under the weight of this new responsibility.

I hope this helps you see what the Lord is doing today if you’re in a tailspin. If this brief word resonates with you, please leave a comment below.




  1. Brittne Epps says:

    Yes this Word definitely resonates with me!! Thank you!!

    1. Jovi Richter says:

      I am in one of the biggest tailspins of my life. It has been a year of tailspins and I thought that the last one in August was the worst but this one is. I stood on the living Word of God and my faith was strong only for God to bring not beauty for Ashes but Ashes to ashes to ashes.. For the first time in my life I question why pray if God will only do want HE wants.. why.. I feel like the scriptures lies to me… HE says if you believe you can move the mountains, that’s the faith I had but not no more… I feel like I can’t even pray as God will do the opposite… and this tailspin is the worst, it doesn’t let up. I have no hope. I’m at a really bad place…

      1. I understand how you feel, but remember that God IS faithful and he will respond on his timing. WE just have to endure and fight the good fight keeping our eyes on him (eventhough it is difficult). Praying for you and your situation.🙏

    2. This resonates with me. God bless you Jamie

    3. Cecily Clark says:

      Thanks so much Jamie. Your ministry is a blessing from God.

  2. Thank you for this encouraging word.

  3. The Lord sees all and knows all, He is watching over His remnant in this season to accomplish His promises, this word just described the entire past few months, oh Glory to God, He certainly confirmed it directly to someone thousands of miles away. He surely is a powerful, awesome and amazing God. Speechless…..

  4. Raven Tasker says:

    Since March your prophetic words have been so accurate and has drawn me even closer to the heart of God for my life. I went to see Sonic 2 which I had 0 interest in even as it began and let me say your words of “tail spin” has me shocked. Sonics friend who has 2 tails and “tailspin’! Let’s just say “Lord I’m listening and I’m going to praise you.”

  5. Deb Smith says:

    WOW. That. Is. All.

  6. Have you been reading my mail? This is exactly what is going on in me right now! Praise His holy name.

  7. Sharon Jane Cole says:

    Rehma word or rather you put a name to what I am going through!
    I will now be better able to now go through!

  8. Julie Lopez says:

    This word helped me to understand what the Lord is doing in this season. Thank you Jamie for releasing this word!

  9. Thank you for your message. I noticed that this is actually happening to our family right now. We have had a family prayer gathering seeking for a total deliverance from disunity and underdevelopment. And God has pointed where the problem is originating from. A neighbor of our made an evil covenant on the behalf of the natala family. We did not know this. We have been going through hell for quite awhile. Jamie prayer for us to get delivered.

  10. My heart has been just heavy out of nowhere. I remembered some pretty tough times in my past and yet I’m still here. On Saturday a day before my birthday 17.04 I cried out so much literally and gave thanks because crying is not my thing…

    1. This was a very timely much needed message. As I praised him through my tears I understood there was a purpose I couldn’t see. Thank you Jaime for clarity to see exactly what the Lord is doing. It all makes perfect sense . I can face today with a great expectation that the Lord is working things out for my good and for his Glory. Praise be to Jesus. May your ministry continue to prosper and be blessed .

    2. Thank you so much this hit my heart it’s what I’m exactly going through and feeling..And it was about 9 years ago I felt this same emotional pain..I praise God!

  11. THANK YOU, THANK YOU Jamie, for this word! I’ve been so discouraged, seeking Father as to whether I’m just not focused correctly or WHY we’re covering what I thought was healed ground- again. I’m one who received healing 10+ years ago and have experienced the deep tears and deep discouragement. Praise God for his deep, deep love!

  12. LaShaunda says:

    Oh! Jamie thank you ….You didn’t miss a beat!!! Now i know….Love you wog mauhhhh!!!!

  13. Thank you Jamie! This is the exact word I needed! I have been crying a lot at strange times for no apparent reason the last few weeks, and struggled with participating with some fasting for the Easter season my church was doing. I’ve also been attacked since October- my church had special meetings and I was able to make it to every meeting in person, but then I got sick, and had family issues come up, house issues, then covid, etc, and had not been to church in person (thankfully I could participate online!). And hallelujah, I finally made it in person to Easter service!!
    Thank you and bless you for your faithfulness and sacrifices you make to stay in tune with God and bring us timely words from Him. Love you!

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