Prophetic Word: Deluge from Above

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I heard the Father say:

“I want you to know how much I love you, and how proud I am of you.

You have been following Me and seeking Me with all your heart. You don’t execute it perfectly every single day, but your heart is right toward Me. You have given Me something to work with, for you must meet the conditions of My promises and seek Me first in order to receive My blessings from Me.

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    You have things coming to you that you know not of. My will for you is exceedingly broad and abundant; and, the more you study My Word, you will realize more and more each day how very wild and healing ALL of My plans for you are!

    You have not been exposed to very much of My blessing in comparison to what I DESIRE to do for you. But, you are about to be deluged with a flood from above!

    You also have not known Me nearly at all in comparison to how much I desire you to know Me. This is not to dismiss or disregard how much you DO know Me, for we are quite close indeed. But I am telling you that you can get that much closer to Me, such that it will feel like you know Me not at all now—in comparison to how I want you to know Me, and how you will know Me.


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    I am your Great Adventure—the Greatest Adventure of them all.

    And as you continue to seek Me with all your heart over the next days and months and years, I want you not to get bored or believe that you know all there is to know about Me. I am infinite and eternal, so you will never finish getting to know Me while you are here on this earth. Please, continue seeking Me with this in mind—for I am about to deluge you from above.

    Love, Abba.”

    Friend, is this word ministering to your heart today? If so, leave a comment below!


    1. Wow this is so powerful, i need to start getting to know God more so that he can fo all he has promised, Amen and Amen

      1. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

        Amen. I receive this prophetic word by the grace of God.

        1. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

          Thank you Lord.I praise you Lord for your magnificence for your power,Authority , sovereignty ,and righteousness. No one can ever match your love your mercy your righteousness that you have for us.In Jesus name.Amen

      2. CYNTHIA KUNENE says:

        Good day to the Author who has also wrote this message. I am blessed and received the message which I believe God has sent to me.I woke up given the message or the title to minister on by my pastor, I was guided to preach on the theme: deluge in the kingdom of God. I was not given time to prepare and was worried was appointed to preach. While on that vision, the service was about to start I started researching on internet. Then I woke up and straight do it physical, the research. I believe God has a purpose with this message surely I have to seek him even more

        1. Jacqueline says:

          Thank you Jamie,
          This word is very encouraging. Father, thank You for speaking through Jamie. Continue to bless her life and ministry, in Jesus Name, Amen

    2. Deborah Van Voorhis says:

      Thanks, Jamie! Your ministry is such a blessing. This does resonate with me! I receive it in Jesus’ name.

    3. Yes and amen Thank you

    4. wow! this just spoke directly to my heart.. Thank you Abba i will work harder and get to know you more..

    5. Amen and Amen and Amen!

      1. Antonietta says:

        Amen and Amen indeed. I need to learn more and more about who my God is. I understand truly that He only wants what is best for me and for all of us. It is good to know that I am not an outcast, I am not forgotten, but that I am loved by the most high God. His love is eternal and everlasting. I am very much inspired by this word and I receive it for myself.

    6. This is right on point – exactly what I’ve been thinking, truth of what it says, and goes along with a Prophecy I received last night!
      He is faithful!

    7. Marianela says:

      Amen, Right on time! Thank you Abba

    8. We just got 5 1/2 inches of rain yesterday afternoon! Never saw rain come down like that. So what is in the physical is also in the spiritual? God is up to something BIG! 🙂 Getting ready…

    9. I am Your humble servant. May it be done to me according to Your will Father. Amen.

    10. I receive, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

    11. “Great Adventure” that was for me. For years I see my breakthrough & the place where it happens is the entrance gate to (Six Flags great adventure park here in NJ..) No coincidence. Wow..Jamie..Only the Father knows this.

    12. Ray Smith says:

      That message is hitting me with eyes, ears and heart wide open for the windows of heaven to pour out so much I will not be able to contain it. This comes at a time that I truly needed to hear it in my soul. Thanks for being the messager of the Lord. Praise the Lord for your minitry and keep us all connected from his presence.

    13. I give thanks to God for remembering me Amen

    14. Kim A.Hill says:

      Kim A.Hill says Wow!This message truly spoke to me so profoundly.I was told that the Lord wants to blow my mind.I have been seeking Him more & asking Him to give me His wisdom & to chase for the things of God.This right here is awesome! Thank u Jamie & I thank u Father. I’m in awe!

    15. Thank you, Papa! I can’t wait!

    16. Jackie Bentley says:

      Yes, this word was a conformation of what I hear in the spirit last night in prayer
      Thank you for your obedience to the Holy Spirit

    17. Thank You God for this on time word! Confirmation indeed, as I’ve been reading on desire and knowing You more! And thank you Jamie for your obedience! I welcome and receive it all Lord!

    18. Irma Nortje says:


    19. I receive this word in Jesus name .

    20. I thank God for this word. It’s has given me hope in the fact that my Father has so much for me. That I will have into eternity to know and learn of him. I’m excited about our God.

      Thank you for sharing his heart toward me today and how he desires for us to continue to seek him out.

    21. Amen I believe and I receive In Jesus Christ Name

    22. Cassie Woods says:

      Thank you. Amen. I receive this word. I am currently on a journey of seeking God. Manifold Blessings to you Minister Jamie

    23. There is always MORE… to knowing our Father. 💘

    24. That was an on time word thank you for sharing 💜

    25. Shareene Miller says:

      Good Morning I Concur With Every Bit Of The Words Of Encouragement, Written Here Today , Thank You For Being A Vessel God Can Trust And Use For His Honor And Glory.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    26. message well received.I thank you.

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