Prophetic Word for 2024, Part 1: The Year of Slow

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Beloved, do you need 2024 to be a BETTER YEAR? If so, you are going to love the encouraging prophetic words for 2024 that the Lord spoke to me for you.

Today, I am releasing Part 1 of these prophetic words for 2024. Additional segments will follow, as there is too much to include in just one blog post!

So here’s the first tidbit the Lord has spoken to me for 2024–and I will tell you that it contains encouragement, promise, AND words of warning, all at once:

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    2024 is ‘The Year of Slow.’

    I heard the Lord say:


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    “I want you to slow down and savor My goodness. Savor what I am doing for you. You cannot do this if you are in a rush. You cannot do this in a hurry. You cannot savor My goodness when you are always rushing to get somewhere else.

    Savoring My goodness is best done in a place of rest.

    I have been teaching you about My rest for years, and it is time for you to experience it in a whole new way. I challenge you to slow down in 2024. I need you to slow down in order to accomplish all My good and perfect will for your life.

    I know you think that fast is good, but I assure you that I can grow you much more, and propel you forward much more, in a place of slowness than I can in the place of speed that you have conjured up. It is she who tarries at home who divides the spoil (see Psalm 68), and it is to My messengers who wait on Me that I give the best words.

    I have hope and a future for you.

    However, you cannot receive all that I have for you if you are not resting. Failure to rest is abject disobedience, and I want you to know that I am going to insist that you rest in 2024–or face My discipline.

    Know this: I am going to compel you to slow down if you do not choose to obey Me voluntarily.

    But if you will slow down, you will find a place of beauty which you have never before seen.

    I have a beautiful life for you to enjoy that you cannot even fathom yet. I have prosperity for you this year that you cannot even imagine. And I will do it–but it is all based on your intimacy with Me.

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    Let Me tell you this, My darling child: As much as you do not like to hear it, you cannot be as intimate with Me as I want you to be when you are in a place of speed and rushing.

    I have been quite clear on this, and now I am pushing the issue because I want you to walk in ALL that I have for you.

    Do you want all that I have for you? You will see gifts I have for you that you cannot fathom now–and yet, you will, if you will obey Me. All that I have done for others, I can and will do for you too.

    The miracles you have been asking for? They are found in My rest. The prosperity you are requesting from Me? It is found in the place of waiting on Me–attending to Me in the slowness and stillness.

    I have dreams for you to dream that you have not dreamed yet.

    I have visions to speak to you that will set you free from things you do not know are binding you. I will use those dreams and visions to reach the whole world for Myself, and with My love. These are dreams of all kinds–both tangible and symbolic. But the question is, will you slow down enough to receive them?

    2024 is The Year of Slow.

    It is your time to receive. Yet, you cannot receive from a place of rushing. Do the pruning it takes to slow down and receive from Me, or I will do it for you. I tell you this not because I am angry with you, for I am not angry. But I tell you this because I love you so much, and I desire all that is best for you.

    Choose you this day whom you will serve. If you will serve Me, then you must rest in Me. There are no other choices.

    Love, your Abba Father.”

    Beloved, the Lord doesn’t usually talk to me like this.

    This section of the word is both encouragement, promise, and a stern warning at the same time. But I am listening to Him, for this word pertains to nearly all that I have been praying about and asking the Lord to do. And I am choosing to obey, slowing down and taking stock of what keeps me from resting.

    I choose to rest in Him. I choose to take Him up on His promises about what He will do for me if I rest.

    Do you? Or do you choose to keep living beside the fires of hurry that you have conjured up for yourself, despising His blessing of rest in favor of your prideful preferences?

    I have done both, but I desire to be more humble now than I have ever been. And humility requires us to rest. I choose to embrace that. Will you embrace it with me?

    Leave a comment below if you will!


    1. Shanterol Baker says:

      Yes I will Rest in God

    2. Oyenmwen Omoregie says:

      Wow!! Every year I come here because I know what happened in 2019 and I am grateful God reveals himself but this is very serious. I will wait for part two. Thank you Pastor Jamie!!

    3. Wow this is beautiful and scarey,at the same time the Lord is really putting his foot down, i will be obeying because I want what the Lord has for me

      1. This word was definitely for me because I’m always on the go doing things for others and not getting the proper rest and for the last 3 days I haven’t been able to get around so all I can do is be still.

    4. I definitely want to obey, I just really struggle. I don’t think I know how to rest or what that looks like in my life.

    5. Lorenza Passarella says:

      Yes Amen!
      I will receive and obey!

    6. I receive this prophetic word from Abba Father. I take it for me by faith. Amen

    7. Francie Robertson says:

      Yes Abba Lord,
      I also choose Your Rest!

      Let us therefore be DILIGENT to enter that rest, lest anyone fall according to the same example of disobedience.
      Hebrews 4:11

      This is such a relevant word for me.
      The Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about Divine rest and I have been obedient to HIM telling me what to prune from my life.
      This word is also aligned to a vision I was given some time ago and I have been praying about recently.

    9. Amen Lord I believe in Jesus Christ name Holy spirit teach me to rest.

    10. I don’t know how to rest! I need to relearn everything and REST like a child. Praise the Lord , that he loads us with benefits as we rest. Who is like the Lord. The world tells us to do more to achieve more but here is our Father telling us to rest in order to do more, praise the Lord oh my soul. I receive this word with every breathe of my life.

    11. I will obey Lord. In Jesus’ name.

    12. Yes and amen! More of your good plans and purposes…less of this world and it’s busy-ness. I wait on my Lord.

    13. Jodee Schrlau says:

      Great word! I’d been waiting for my One Word for the Year when I received your email. As soon as I started reading it, I knew Savor was my One Word.
      Since then, He has shown me it is not just Him and His Word I am to savor this year, but times with family and friends, my home, my job, etc. Thanks for this timely word.

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