Prophetic Word for June 2021

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Beloved, are you curious about what is going on in the Spirit realm in June?

Here is what I heard the Lord say about June 2021:

“In June, get out your spiritual birth Scriptures!

You have two spiritual birth Scripture passages: one that describes the message I used to draw you to Myself, and one more that I used to describe your calling to you. You remember how I lit up those two messages in your heart?

Well, in June, it is time for Me to birth these things again in you!

When I called you to Myself, I used a specific message to do it because I wanted to show you My goodness in a way that would resonate with your DNA–the DNA with which I created you.

I made My goodness pass before you, and you could not resist Me! Your life has been changed since then because I chose you, and I used My Word to awaken your spirit and save you by the blood of My Son Jesus.

When I explained your calling to you, I also lit you ablaze with My Word. I gave you promises great and mighty, and I showed you what things would look like after the fullness of My promises come to pass. 

Those promises I gave you have not all come to fruition yet, but you have abandoned them for too long!

The words I spoke to you were Spirit and life to you, and they still are. You have been feeling a lack of Spirit and life because you have not been filling up on My rhema Word to you–the message I divinely ordained for you.

 In June, I want to reboot your love for My Word; specifically My Word over your life.

It’s time to get out those spiritual birth passages from My Word and speak them over yourself again. It’s time to remember the basics about who you are: not the outward appearance of who you are, but getting back to those things that make you weep and whisper.

I love you with an everlasting love, and with great mercies I have borne you.

I am full of so many wonderful things for your life, and I want you to pull them out of Me by your spoken word. I am eager to dump so many blessings on you, but the conduit of these blessings is your faith expressed by your words. Both are required: that deep, inner belief in Me and your outward, verbal confession of what you believe.

When you speak My Word out, My Word flies on wings of the wind back to Me and births something! 

There is a disturbance in the atmosphere immediately as soon as you proclaim My Word out of My mouth! Things change and new things are formed immediately when My Word is released. O beloved, you have no concept of the power of My Word! You think you do, but you do not! 

Would you let me show you this month what I want to do?

Would you partner with Me and carry out My plans for you–My plans to bless you and not to harm you? This is your one assignment: get My Word proceeding forth out of your mouth! Allow My Word to perform its function and CREATE in your life, which it can only do if it is spoken and believed! 

My friend and beloved child, find a Word-speaking friend this month and hold yourself accountable to them. Craft declarations of My Word about everything that concerns you, even if all you come up with is one sentence! If it’s My Word, that one sentence has power–more power than you could ever dream.

This is your assignment this month: Speak My Word out of your mouth.

Get out your spiritual birth Scriptures and speak them out. Confess them over yourself. June is the month of birthing, and My Word is My birthing clinic! Do this every day to the extent you can, whether small or large–and I will do the rest.

Love, Papa God.”

Beloved, do you accept this assignment for the month of June to speak the Word of God from your spiritual birth Scriptures out of your mouth? If so, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Vickie Marsh says:

    Thank you, for your obedience. GOD bless you and yours.

    1. Awesome. I am in agreement Jamie. And I will speak the words of faith over my life. The living Word. Also, the birthing scriptures! God bless you and thank you! What a blessing you are to us. So grateful and I will seek from the Lord the accountability partner I shall need for the journey. So excited!!

    2. Thank you Jamie for delivering this message from God to me I will fulfill my assignment and speak God’s word out of my mouth I will also take the scriptures that he gave me when he brought me out of darkness back into the light thank you for delivering this and may God continue to bless you and keep you and strengthen you as well you strengthen others in Jesus Christ’s name I pray amen

  2. Woweee! Glory to God! So on point with what God has been teaching me this past month! Thank You Father!! As always, thank you sis for your obedience! Blessings to you Jamie!

    1. shantellie baca says:

      Amen ,God is so good ,he always Amazes me ,his Word is a lamp into my feet ,I’m so excited for Gods word to come to pass.Amen

    2. Sibuyile Sibanda says:

      This is indeed a word in season,thank you very much for your obedience and commitment Jamie.May it be unto me according to your prophetic word.I had already started declaring the word of God over my life in prayer this past week,but now that I’ve heard that I’m actually in sync with God’s prophetic calendar I will rededicate myself to these prayers.Thankyou once again

  3. Fosen Grace says:

    My assignment is to speak the word , regards the promises and the prophesies that have gone ahead of me. Lord help me and I receive the grace and power I need to continually speak the word

  4. Janice J Baker says:

    Thank you for this word. .I purpose to do this this month.

  5. Jamie. Thank you for sharing. I am taking on the assignment. However, I did not understand you on the birth day scriptures,! Does the birthday Scripture apply to all the books in the Bible or there are specific books? E.g. my birthday is 20th September. So now the scripture is 20:9 of which book?

  6. Doreen Tukezibwa says:

    Thank you Sister Jamie for this prophetic word for the month of June, 2021. I’m gonna ask my husband to be my accountability partner for speaking out loud and confessing Spiritual Birth scriptures every day of this month. God Bless you Woman of God!

  7. Lynn Eplee says:

    I take in this assignment on. Thank you!

  8. I conquer with this prophetic word from jemmy. Today I confessed psalm 16.8-11 over my life. I will continue with confession every day. May God help me

  9. Thank you this is written my name on it,lately iv been looking at my outward appearance due to my illness but God is about to do a new thing in my life,I’m giving birth in June month.

    Thank you.

  10. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    I received it and i was praying over myself this morning to be DOERS of His Word but not just HEARERS.
    Today is the 4th of June in my country and a beautuful cold morning.His Word is never too late…this message is RIGHT ON TIME…Amen and Amen.
    May our wonderful Lord bless you,your family n your Ministry Sis Jamie.🙏🙏🙏

  11. Thank you Jamie for this prophetic word for the month of June! This is a timely word, & I accept the assignment to release God’s word out of my mouth! God bless you for your obedience!

  12. I did not understand about birthday scriptures. Can you please explain? Thanks Jamie for your all the things you do for the kingdom.
    Be blessed…Claudia

  13. This is so spot-on with the teachings I’ve been privileged to receive at #TheGatheringOfKINGS.

    Where the word of a king is there is power and what better words to declare than that of the King of Kings. I will seek out scriptures in alignment with my situation and begin to see the creative power of God in action.

    I’m blessed to have seen this today. Thank you, Jamie!

  14. Hello Jamie,
    Thank God for using you to do his mighty work. May God’s blessings be upon you and your family. Please explain the birth scripture. My birthday is May 7th, please get back to me because I want to obedient to God’s instructions.

  15. Jerome Cowell says:

    Hello Jamie,
    Thanks again for your Prayers and Support. You are Awesome and God sent. You lift me up when I’m down. You encourage me to not give up. You Bless me with Motivation to keep going on. You mean a lot to and everyone involved with your Ministry. I Plead The Blood of Jesus over every assignment of the enemy. In Jesus Name I Pray 🙏. Amen

  16. Tswelopele Pida says:

    Hi Jamie
    Thank you so much for this Revelation, this is what l have been looking forward to. To rekindle my spiritual life again and l can only do that through the word of God and His Holy spirit that leads me. God bless you.
    From Tswelopele Pida

  17. Milissa Gaither says:

    I accept this assignment in Jesus name. Thank you for your obedience. May God forever bless you. Amen.

  18. I haven’t been speaking the Word of God in my life. Thanks for the message from Papa. I’ll begin doing so this month.

  19. Christina says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Thank you for this wonderful encouragement! Yes i would like to participate in this challenge. This morning I was on a zoom teaching about praying scripture and the Rhema word. Please tell me how can i get a Rhema word from God everyday and speak it back to Him? My husband and I are praying for a new house (for rental first and purchase later). What scriptures can I pray back to God in this area. We are sure about the type of house we want and we have been praying about this and also we have a certain budget. We are scheduled to see a house on the 15th June which is on the outskirts but the type of house we’ve been praying and looking for.
    Will you stand with us in prayer?

  20. I will speak the Word of God out of my mouth daily this month. Glory be to God

  21. Jamie,
    I receive this assignment with gladness of heart. In Jesus’ Mighty Name..Amen

  22. Nancy Dunnahoo says:

    Thank you for this word I receive it in Jesus name. amen

  23. Thank you sister Jaimie. I accept this new assignment this month of June. How prophetic as Ju e is my birth month and I am waiting on the promise of God to settle a long standing business settlement!

  24. Steve Haag says:

    My birthday was last week, so I can relate to June being the month of birthing. I’ll have to think a bit but will look at how those verses still affect my life and write some declarations. Thanks!

  25. Christina says:

    On/in-time Word!!
    It is so in my life and I accept the/my assignment to speak God’s Word out of my mouth!!!

  26. Thank you Jamie! I have been praying the word of God and He has been answering me! Praise God for an on time word! Blessings

  27. Hi Jaime,
    May God’s blessings be upon you and your family. Please explain the birth scripture. My birthday is August 28th, please get back to me because I want to obedient to God’s instructions.And can you please teach me how to pray to the Lord,I,m a new beginners in walking with the Lord.

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