Prophetic Word: Healing from Trauma

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Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Beloved, have you been dragged against your will through a season of loss, heartache, struggle, and trouble recently? If so, this encouraging word is for you today.

The Lord says to you today:

“I want to heal you from the trauma of the last seasons.

I am healing you right now from four kinds of trauma:

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    • The trauma of the unexpected;
    • The trauma of unwelcome events;
    • The trauma of sudden loss; and
    • The trauma of betrayal.

    Of course, I will always heal you from all kinds of trauma. But, My people have been suffering severely from these four kinds of trauma in this last season that has ended. But I want you to know:

    1. I was with you even in the unexpected.

    I knew what would happen, and I did not prevent it because I was honoring people’s life choices and preferences–all the while gathering you and them to Myself, to walk with Me in greater ways.

    2. I shielded you during these storms.

    Yes, I allowed you to be tested and tried, for I turned this season into your proverbial “shakedown cruise,” putting you through the paces, and testing and trying all your functioning, so you could be prepared for the MORE for which you have been asking Me. But I shielded you nevertheless, for the enemy tried to take you away from Me, and I did not let him. You are safe in My hands, and I have kept you safe and will continue doing so.

    3. The sudden loss to you was an opportunity for Me to demonstrate My glory in you and through you.

    I am not discounting the pain you endured, but:

    • I want you to know that I have been holding you close and showing you more about Myself, even in the most tragic of losses.
    • I want you to know that your pain did not go unseen; I was with you from the first moments of it, and even before it started, and I am still with you now.
    • I want you to know that I am nearer to you than ever, and that My grace is more active in you and for you than it ever was before.

    We have become closer than ever before, you and I; and that is one of the ways I have worked your tragic loss out for your good–for I am your shield, and your exceeding great reward.

    4. I want you to know that I am turning your trauma of betrayal into joy.

    For every person that went out from you, I am restoring to you fourfold. And this time, since it is My choice, I will bring to you people who will run with you hard after Me. I am bringing to you people who have an eternal perspective, and who will see things with the eyes of God, through the lens of My Word.

    Beloved child, I am for you even in the midst of these most difficult circumstances.

    My love for you has not faded even for a moment. My arms are wrapped more strongly around you than ever before, for you have had to cling more tightly to Me than ever before. You are hidden deeper in My bosom than ever before, for you have drawn near to Me with all your heart.

    You do please Me, beloved. You have wondered if I have abandoned you, but I tell you right now that this season will be the most fruitful season you have seen in your lifetime to this point. And you will look back at the horrible hardship you endured, and you will be happy you endured it for My sake and the Gospel’s.

    For I am restoring to you sevenfold what the locusts have eaten.

    I am bringing you back your joy and putting a song of freedom back in your heart. I am giving you rest for your stress. I am healing you and providing for you day by day, doing a work in your heart that will produce much more fruit even than ever before.

    The things that happened were not from Me, but I have used them for My glory, and to form My grace more tangibly in you. I have refined your heart and your attitude, showing you ways you can become more like Me–and helping you through them. I am giving you wisdom you did not have before, and now I am making you new.

    It is a sensational thing, this new thing I am doing in you.

    For I am taking you and elevating you to the four corners of the earth, giving you international influence for Myself, and for the sake of My great name. Many shall see and hear what you have to say, and will put their trust in Me. For you have been a faithful steward, and a faith-filled steward; and I am rewarding your faith and heart to serve Me and love Me.

    Look now for restoration, for it is coming,” says the Lord Most High. “I love you, My child. I have not abandoned you or forsaken you, and you are entrenched more firmly in abiding in Me than you ever were before. This will work out for your good, My beloved, for great is the love I have toward you–and we have never been closer,” says the Lord!

    Thank You, dear Lord Jesus. Thank You for sharing Your heart and Your love with us.

    Beloved friend, does this word speak to you today? If so, leave a comment below!


    1. Thank you, beautiful Jesus!
      Thank you Jamie.
      I cried and I felt His love as I read this.

      1. Yes and amen! Yes and amen! Happy Independence Day from worrying and from being betrayed! “Never will I leave you, and never will I forsake you.” GOD See Also John 10:10!
        Thank you, Sister Jamie! Philippians 4:6-7

    2. Amen and Amen and Amen!

    3. Glory to the Lord most high,his word stands firm, Amen and Amen

    4. This time last year I went through a horrible smear parental rights were one not even my church family stood with me in fact they turned on me as well.the attacks I know was all of the devil.he used these people for me to throw in the towel on my faith.i couldn’t.the court system school system CPS guardian ad lidem all corrupt.the devil used all of them with the same spirit.false accusations.they counted me out but God counted me in.I didn’t lose Him.

    5. Sheri Chitwood says:

      After a mini breakdown last night… I cried out to God, and was immediately filled with peace i have never experienced. Restoration is what I am praying for every single day. This word touched me DEEPLY!

    6. I cried the entire reading. This word from God is for me and a confirmation of things He has been revealing to me. I love you my heavenly father

    7. This message was very encouraging and loving ! I felt the Lord was speaking directly to me. Oh how I needed to hear those precious words from our Lord and Savior.All Glory to the Father !!

    8. Denise Arnold says:

      Once again God’s timing is always perfect for me. You connected me to this ministry at just the right time.
      With a grateful heart, I receive every Word given here as from you Lord for me in this season.
      My heart is rejoicing now as I wait to see your NEXT for me! I TRUST you Father!
      Thank you Jamie for being a faithful servant of Jesus Christ our Lord.

      With much Love in Jesus.

    9. Mama Moore says:

      Amen & Amen. Glory to God from Whom all blessings flow!
      Thanks for such timely restorative Words!!! Appreciated.
      Amen & Amen.

    10. This word was a Breath of clean, fresh air. I felt the Lord’s embrace as I read it. Thank you Jamie for being so yeilded to God. God bless you.

    11. Oh these words are from the fathers heart he saw it all… in December I was betrayed by my fiancé to marriage counsellors who we didn’t know and my entire household came against me, in January I suffered betrayal trauma with 2 people I know.. and in June my fiancé relapsed into drugs the same month my aunt passed away moment after I had left her room.. the pain has been beyond anything I have ever known… I still have dreams of those raw emotions and receive the healing of heaven in this trying time in Jesus name

    12. Yes!🙌🏻 Thank you so much! Amen ! Thank you for these words of encouragement!

    13. What a beautiful word Jamie, thanks so much! I have screenshotted it to remind myself that God saw it all – and that He used it for His purposes. I was often asking “why?” “why did this happen?” I was put through such a test with family turning on me when I was pregnant suddenly to homelessness to being misunderstood, persecuted, left alone, slandered. So many “friends” stopped talking to me suddenly that have been in my life for years.. betrayal from my parents after my wedding.. it’s all been so hard. BUT GOD.

    14. What a word. We thank Abba Father ,who is in the midst of us. Were never alone. Thank you Jesus .

    15. This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank You Lord!

    16. Amen most definitely spoke to me, thank you Jesus for being my shield and my comforter, through all the horrors I have endured, Amen and Amen

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