Prophetic Word: I Want to Speak Words of Love to You

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comBeloved, do you long to hear directly from the Lord about everything that concerns you? If so, the Lord wants to encourage you today to listen to Him closely, for He DOES speak to you!

Here is what the Father says to you today:

“O My beloved child, do you not know that I am speaking to you all the time?

You wear yourself out with worry and fear and anxiety, but My voice is the solution to all these things. For My voice carries perfect love to you, which casts out fear. My voice carries perfect peace to you, for when you hear Me, you know that I am perfecting all things that concern you.

My voice carries light to you when things are dark, for My voice created the light and still does. Every word that I speak to you is Spirit and life, for that is who I am.

But you do not think you hear My voice.

O My child, My heart grieves for you who believe the lie that you do not hear My voice. For My voice thunders to you in every display of nature. My voice shines down upon you from the lights of the heavens. And My voice is resonating inside you, for I dwell inside you.

O My beloved, I am speaking to you right now if you will only listen.

Will you quiet the noise of the world and get away with Me, to hear My voice? You can hear Me in your bedroom, in your office, in your den, in your cave, in your vehicle, in your office–but you must turn off the noisy distractions that confuse you, in order to hear and distinguish My voice properly.

As My Son said to you, ‘My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me’ (John 10:27). You do hear Me, for I said it is so, and I assure you I do not and cannot lie to you. And I will talk to you about anything you want to talk about! Do you not know that I long for conversation partners?

The great men and women of the Bible went down in history because they were My conversation partners.

Abraham communed with Me alone, away from his camp; and thus I visited him at camp, for I longed for his conversation. Moses and I talked face to face, as men speak with their friends. Ruth was My conversation partner as well–and David–and Solomon, for a little while. 

I have had so many conversation partners, and that is why each one went down in the record books of history: because I loved them and they listened to Me. They desired My voice. They yearned to hear from Me, and so they placed utmost priority upon stopping to listen.

My beloved child, do you place utmost priority upon stopping to listen?

I fear you do not, for you are in many cases too busy. But beloved one, I urge you once again to slow down. Make listening to My voice a priority. Let Me teach you My ways and My words, for no other person can do it like I can. 

You need My voice, My beloved. And I am speaking to you right now, but am I shouting at the wind or are you listening? Are My efforts to speak to you futile in your life? Or, are you paying attention?

I will speak to you the words of love that you long to hear. I will give you wisdom you know not of. Everything that is in Me I desire to communicate to you–but are you listening?

You will have to slow down to listen to Me, My friend and companion. 

I am speaking right now, but the pace of life to which you are accustomed prevents you from focusing on Me, receiving from Me, and speaking with Me the way you want to speak with Me and commune with Me. Even worse, your current pace of life exhausts you and dulls your senses, making you hard of spiritual hearing.

But I am still with you to guide you. If you will ask Me for help, I will show you what to do. I will lead you, guide you, and direct you; and if you will obey Me in all your doings, I will help you stop what you are doing and listen to My voice.

I love you, My child. Never forget it.

With all My love,

Your doting Abba – your Daddy God.”

Beloved, is the Lord speaking to you through this word? If so, leave a comment below!

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  1. I have been asking God to talk to me and I want to hear his voice for about a week. I asked with so much faith. This message is such a blessing and I know I should wait more in his presence. God bless you😇

  2. WOW This message, along with what I read earlier from a book I am reading, is so Awesome! I hear God in my spirit. But my distraction is my phone. I’m going to make time to hear Abba. I can’t keep ignoring Him. He’s coming with his glory very soon and I want to know him when he comes. Thank you Jamie for your obedience to the Father, by giving His words to us/me. You are loved. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you so much. And thank you for this word.

  3. Samantha Sankar says:

    This word of Daddy God is speaking to me as I am going through the exact thing right now. I’m always exhausted, busy and always on the move. I struggle to listen to God and what he is saying to me. I accept Jesus and my savior and I will like help in getting closer to God and listening to his calling voice.

  4. linda harrison says:

    Thank you Father for your love & your help, may I listen always, lead me, guide me & direct me, in your name I pray. Amen

  5. Whew! This is certainly an on time message that spoke directly to me. Thank you 🙏🏾

  6. Christina says:

    Jamie, you won’t believe it! I’ve been struggling with communicating with God for so long and this morning I had a dream and in that dream I received something in writing that God was telling me to listen! the note said, ‘not read, but listen’ or something like that! and silly me, i woke up late so i rushed thru my quiet time.
    Tomorrow morning I am just going to sit still with my Bible open and just listen!

  7. Tswelopele Pida says:

    Dear Jammie,
    What an awesome prophetic word you shared. I’m really enlightened and I pray that I I listen to God God every time when He speaks. May His sweet Holy spirit of love direct me and guide me to the outermost deep secret of God.

  8. Thank God for using you to bring this word to us. God is so Good! His love is unmeasurable! This blessed me. I do feel that I am so unworthy that the Father can’t talk to me. I know He is not that mean spirited, but because we are so busy and caught up, we can’t hear, but He is speaking through nature, through the breezes, through that hush. I do long to have communion with the Father. I say I speak to Him all during the day, but am I listening back. Thank you God bless you🙏🏽

    1. Hi S, I understand feeling unworthy (and only HE is worthy), but He is speaking to us. Learn to settle yourself, quiet your busy thoughts and ask Holy Spirit what He has to say to you. If you are His (you’ve submitted yourself to Him), He will speak to you.
      – Michael Itson, co-minister/manager for From His Presence

  9. Thank you Jamie for making yourself available to hear from PAPA. I hear Him and I’m going to make more time available to Hear SWEET PAPA!

  10. Thomas Swartz says:

    Hi Jamie
    What a awesome word !!! ABBA Father help me to listen always to Your voice,lead me,direct me and give me a attentive. ear to hear Your voice when You speak to me.

  11. Bewaji ADEYINKA says:

    God bless you for this wonderful message ma.

    God bless you ma

    I now know I need to listen.

  12. gail rawlings says:

    yes sometimes we forget to stop and listen or even ask for help

  13. Thank you my sweet DADDY, I love you so much, I seek your face in my life and ask for the grace to know you more and do your will always PAPA..thanks jamie

  14. Powerful messege. Yes, I have been praying and yearning to hear God’s voice.
    Thank you for sharing.

  15. Peter Akinlawon says:

    Dear Jamie,

    Thank you for this powerful message!!! It really speaks to me!!! Yes I need to stop and listen. Social media is a huge distraction amongst other things. I so desire to commune with the Father in the Secret Place and I really want to know Him deeply and intimately. God bless you Jamie for being obedient to God. I am really grateful to you for sharing.

  16. Gladys Mutungu says:

    Yes and Amen. Thank You ABBA FATHER.
    Thank you Jamie.

    Love and blessings!

  17. Thank you DADDY for everything and I love you so dearly..thanks Jamie and GOD bless You. Helen ijanue

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