Prophetic Word: Your Harvest Will Drop from the Air

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

I saw in the Spirit the Lord was highlighting the months of July through December of this year, and then also highlighting the months of July, August, and September separately.

I asked the Lord what He had in mind for these two overlapping, yet distinct, periods of time, and this is what He said:

“The months of July through December will be 180 days of ‘healthy, wealthy, and wise’ for My people.

It will all start with the three-month period of time from July through September. In this season, before the Feast of Tabernacles, I am building Myself a house. My house is in you, and I am building you up and rebuilding you; putting you back together in a new way.

During this three-month season, you are to focus on your health in every way. You are to let Me build you and remake you into a new spiritual house for Me; for My Spirit to dwell in. 

Think not that the former things are good enough. You have made great strides, but I have a whole new level of health and fulfillment for you in this season.

In this season of health from July through September, surround yourself with healthy things and make a healthy environment for yourself.

It is not My will for you to live in chaos or disarray. Again, you have made great progress. I am SO proud of you, My beloved child! But we have a long way to go together, and now is the time when we are going to go there.

If you will submit to My guidance and the instruction of My Spirit, at the end of these three months you will not recognize yourself and your environment compared to what you see before you now.

I am excited about what I desire to do in you, with you, and through you in this time,” says the Lord!

“I am going to partner with you to bring all things to light that you need to know. I am going to reveal things to you: strategies and blueprints; opportunities and surprises.

Happy surprises are coming to you right now; they are on their way to you today as we speak! Plead the blood of Jesus over them, that they may not be hindered or delayed.

You are in My womb; in My bosom; hidden in Me,” says the Lord. “Never forget that as My Son Jesus is in Heaven, so are you on the earth. You are My beloved child, in whom I am well pleased! I will never leave you nor forsake you; remember that!

After September is over, you will be in a preparing season.

The months of October, November, and December this year will be a season of gearing up for huge breakthroughs. The plowman will overtake the reaper in this season; harvest will drop from the air. I say it again: Your harvest will drop from the air!

Did you think you were finished receiving from what you call “thin air” when I stopped dropping manna on the ground?

No, I say; I am ready to do it again and again! The Israelites could have had more manna even in the Promised Land, but they stopped believing for it; they no longer thought they needed Me to provide for them in that way. BUT, they could still be eating manna to this day if they had wanted to and believed Me for it. 

My beloved one, YOU are not in the place where the Israelites were. YOU have learned to depend on Me, and I want you to know that your provision will fall from the air in the months of October, November, and December of this year. Your provision is coming! It is here now, but the breakthrough you have been praying for is on its way too!

This six-month period is a time when I want to do marvelous things for you.


In order to accomplish them, I need you to confess My Word out of your mouth in some way every day. Be sure to do this, for My Word is the catalyst that forms these miracles I am telling you about today!

Seek Me first in this season.

Of course that is a must for any season; it is always My command that you should seek first My Kingdom and My righteousness in order for all these things to be added to you.

But I want you to know the devil will try to overwhelm you with busyness in this next six months. Don’t let him! Be on guard and get all the rest you need, plus the rest I prescribe. You will actually get more done from the place of My rest than you would have otherwise. Trust Me!

My beloved one, I love you more than you know.

I have seen your cries and your tears. I know the burden of your heart. I am curing you; I am healing you; I am working on your behalf. I am rejuvenating you and refreshing you; I am bringing you ALL you desire. You are not alone and you have not been forgotten. You need to know that.

But My beloved, I work all things out for your good in time. Time is your friend, for I am working behind the scenes. Fret not yourself because of evildoers or because of those who prosper in their way (Psalm 37). You will receive your recompense and reward in time, and that time is sooner than you know.



Beloved, do you receive this word for yourself? If so, leave a comment below and publicly confess what the Lord is saying to you!

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  1. I receive every word of the Lord. I am so ready for this breakthrough because sone 2019 things have gone the other way for me. I have a friend that shared with me God is getting me ready for a blessing.. Lord knows I need it especially mentally and physically . I’m ready to get start on this journey right now. I claim it in the name of Jesus,Amen! Thank you

    1. What a powerful message indeed. I claim it in Jesus name,Amen.

      1. anastasia says:

        Thank you, God Bless you for this amazing encouragement

        1. Sandra P McCoy says:

          Thank you Pastor Jamie for your obedience in delivering this word from the Lord. I receive this Word. Thank you Jesus.🥰

    2. Charmaine Booker says:


    3. Diamond Hall says:

      Amazing how God respond directly to me of my situation and He knows exactly what am facing it is well!

  2. Angela Tocher says:

    Hu Jamie, what a powerful message, I claim it over my life in Jesus name, I have been praying waiting and hoping for renewal in my life, I have recieve unbelievable blessings from my Pridigal son finding his way back home, beating drug addiction, seeking God in his life, my youngest too has been seeking God, my prayer is that they will give their lives to God. I have been healed of my cancer and have been in remission for 6 months, I am in a beautiful life group which I know that God has lead me too. I look forward to his continued blessing in my life with regards to my health, my job and career, my finances and my desire to find my Boaz, God willing.
    Thank you Jamie I pray God continues to bless you and your family. LOTS of love and grace, Angie

    1. Naomi Adams says:

      I receive this powerful word from God. This was an on-time word for me today! This word encouraged me so much, Thank you for giving me the word that God sent to tell me, I receive it and I am going to do what God said for me to do. I decree and declare every word into manifestation in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen.

      1. Carolyn Griffin says:

        This is truly a confirmation. I receive this Word!!!!

      2. Michael Laney says:

        This is actually happening NOW! JULY 27 2021 , It was early in the morning. My wake up pattern is so much a Pattern that it could be called a rut. Nevertheless, with coffee in the cup,I sat down to start my ascent into devotion time. I read the Word that FaFather Spoke through you about a boatload of BLESSINGS and its flying through the air. My comment was Nothing is impossible for you Father. I went on Reading and preparing for my 2do list. I had no idea that this was the beginning of a Holy Spirit Setup.Bare in mind that on the edge of our property there’s a huge airstrip. It’s as rual as rual Tennessee can be, but it is a working Airstrip! Later that day, My Daughter that I had not seen since the start of covid,Her husband and my 2 grandsons landed about 4 pm! I can only believe that this is the start of PHENOMENAL PROVISION FROM FATHER!

  3. Tierashia says:

    What an ON TIME word for me! Truly Abba knows! YES, He knows, especially all of the acts of obedience, the sacrifices, the hurt, the MANY tears… I receive this word in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus. Hallelujah!

    Thank you, great Woman of God, for sharing with us.

    1. Christina Edwards says:

      I clam this in Jesus name

  4. Tiani Fuentes says:

    What an amazing prophetic word and encouragement!
    I began to read and instantly felt like the past and recent prophesies spoken over my life, revealed by the scriptures and imparted to me by a Rhema anointing; had come together to ‘bring it all home’, in this prophetic word of ‘my harvest dropping from the air’.

    God has promised to deliver everything He has prophesied over me, even from as far back as 27 years ago…. He has even told me that it will come ‘sooner than I think’…. I’m so excited….so excited…

    Thank you for this incredible prophetic word. Amen.

  5. Amen and amen.. I receive this prophetic words, I decree and declare the manifestation of every single words spoken in my life, destiny, business, finances, marital status, family, spiritual growth in Jesus Mighty name.. Hallelujah.

    1. I receive good health that the Lord is with me. Am do excited for this prophetic word as it just saved as a confirmation that the Lord will never forsake me. Am so expectant for his abundant blessings and Guatem guaranteed harvest in my way. Thank you for being obedient to the word of God and sharing with his children. Shalom

  6. The word is spot on! God spoke to me through you…God bless you

  7. Amen! I receive this prophetic word in the name of Jesus!!

  8. Thank You so much for this word! I receive it in Jesus name!!!! ❤️🌿🕊️

  9. I received this word! In Jesus name Amen.

  10. Tswelopele Pida says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for this prophetic word. I am so blessed beyond measure. I feel that it was like the Lord was looking deep into my heart when He gave you this prophetic word. Thank you so much, above all i thank the Lord for this revelation.

  11. Thomas Swartz says:

    Hi Jamie
    I receive the Word of the Lord and I believe in Jesus name!!!!!!!!This Word is on time in this season.
    God be the glory
    God bless you

  12. Lynn Eplee says:

    Yes Jamie I receive this Word. God has been dealing with me about this very thing. Praise God He is giving me courage to do things I never thought I would do. He is bringing about health in my body. I praise God and thank God for all that He is doing now and I accept and receive what He has in store for me for now and the remainder of 2021. Thank you Jamie for your sensitivity to Papa God.

  13. I receive this word! Please pray for me to have energy, strength, and courage to be totally obedient in this season and not worry about the opinions of men, and to have godly mentors help me!!

  14. Veronica Dorsey says:

    Thank you for bringing this encouraging word. I receive it and I’m believing God for health, wealth and wisdom in the next 6 months. I’m believing God for big breakthroughs and surprises, and total healing in body! Amen.

  15. I believe it and receive it in Jesus name. Amen

  16. linda harrison says:

    Yes yes yes thank you Lord, I believe & receive it, breakthroughs, happy surprises, answered prayers, thank you Jesus, thanks Jamie…..Praises to the Heavenly Father

  17. Yes I receive this word it’s confirmation. Bless you for blessings me

  18. I receive this word today for myself and my family. It was confirmation of what I have been feeling in my spirit and answer to prayer, as well. May the Lord help us to be sensitive to His Spirit as he leads us through this months ahead so we can be partakers of all He has for us.

  19. Ann Wilhoite says:

    Thank you dear Jamie. This morning I was given the word “One Hour” and waiting on the Lord to reveal its meaning. Reading your post in my inbox today brought further revelation. Hear the Lord is One. It’s His hour. His Time. Since we are His this means it’s our hour, our time too! Our finest hour! Yes, time is our friend and our God is working out everything for good in His perfect timing as we dwell with Him moment by moment in the land of Goshen (Hebrew “draw near”) in all circumstances. Light be, in Jesus’ name!😎 Amen

  20. Roshonda Cobb says:

    Good morning, Jamie I received this word today. It seemed like the lord was talking to me he was telling me to hold on things are going to get better. Thank you for this powerful message. God Bless!

  21. I believe this Word and I receive. The next 6 months of 2021 are going to he awesome. Thank you Lord.

  22. Jamie,
    Thank you for this word. I receive it in Jesus name. I too know I am battling witchcraft in my family and i thank God for your ministry, that has open my eyes to understanding what to do and what not to do. To God be the Glory! Great things He has done!


  23. Like many people here, I know in my heart this word is for me. I have been trusting and claiming He works everything out for my good. I wait eagerly for His promises. I know they are true!

    Thank you Jamie!

  24. Amen! I will confess Your Word, Lord, out of my mouth in some way every day. I receive and believe in Jesus name. All glory to God 🙌 ✝️

  25. Cecilia Lott Eteng says:

    Praise God Yes indeed woman of God I believe every word that came out of your mouth from God!! I have been waiting for these breakthroughs and I will trust God and rest in his word.

  26. I claim it over my life. My it come to pass in the name of Jesus.
    It’s really a powerful message.

    Jamie thank you for sharing it. My God bless you

  27. Hi Jamie,
    This is indeed a powerful message . I give God thanks for not giving up on me. As I read this message tears flowing, because in November 2019 God told me that better days are coming and I know He is not a God to lie. Thank you Lord for preparing me for this season of harvest. I received His blessings over my life. I decree and declare in Jesus name. Amen

  28. What a powerful word! Thank you Abba. Letting me know how much you love me and have not forgotten about me. I surly feel the Glory of your Word! I receive it. God Bless Jamie for her obedience to you. And speaking out what you have instructed her to do. I thank you for this encouraging Word Thank you Jesus! I love you ABBA daddy! Glory to God!

  29. As always, I confess and receive this Word today, in Jesus’ name! It’s so on time!! Thank you sis for your obedience to Him!

  30. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:


  31. Gladys Mutungu says:

    Thank you for this word. Confirming what I received earlier. Thank You Father God for You only do wondrous things. I am expectant.

    Love and blessings 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️🌈

  32. Rebecca Jones says:

    The title of my blog post today was Something To Depend On, and then I read that we have learned to depend on Him, I have had to for a long time and God is the one depend on.

  33. I receive this word for me, my parents and brothers too

  34. Maika Kamikamica says:

    Received it in Jesus name

  35. Milissa Gaither says:

    I receive in the name of Jesus for me and my family. Amen.

  36. I receive this in Jesus’ name! Amen!

  37. Thank-you,Jamie! you are a true blessing!

  38. Thank you Jamie for what the Lord is doing in and through you. I receive and believe this word. It resonates with what God has been doing in my life.

    Thank you and may God continue to bless and prosper you in all you do.

  39. Mujawo Fred says:

    Thank you JAMIE for those wonderful words… I declare and decree in YAHWES’ s name, AMEN

  40. Celestine Otieno says:

    Thank you Jamie: indeed God has spoken through you and I claim every word over my life in Jesus name. I await my provision as I have been praying for breakthroughs over my fianaces, my health, my children, my marriage and my job situation.
    amen, amen, amen.

  41. Carol Davis says:

    Hi Jamie, and thank you for your glorious work for the kindom of God. I receive this Word today as this has been my prayer. I receive all that you say but this time this is mine personally!! I thought that maybe my Father had forgotton me, but this word you have given me from Him reveals everything!
    So once again thank you and I receive it in Jesus Name!!!
    Love and blessings to you!!!

  42. Ma Cristina says:

    The word is for me and pray that GOD will fulfill His promises. We have a financial breakdown last year of 2020. My husband had a costly radiation done because of his compromising CA of Prostate last March 2020, i have been twice hospitalized last June 2020 due to heart problem and September 2020 because of infected gallbladder i undergone a Laparascopic Surgery. It had been a tough year for us because we almost spent P500k for both of us. Now we are recovering our financial losses last year of 2020. I am praying hard for a breakthrough, that what we lost to the trials we have be regained by God in His time. Thank you Jamie for inspiring me through your column here. More annointing for you. God bless always

  43. Charles Bropleh says:

    Oh, what a word from our Heavenly Father. Currently, I’m praying for divine health and recovery from wasted years. This prophetic Word is true and it agrees with my spirit. I accept and love it. Thanks Jamie.

  44. This is confirmation, Jamie. God told me the same thing only he said my three months will begin sooner. But for the next six months, I was told he is doing a new thing in my life. I am excited. Thank you for the confirmation. This means more to me than you can possibly imagine. 🙂

  45. Nadia Slater says:

    Good day Jamie, I have been feeling so conquered and beaten down, but thanks be to God Almighty, and you and your ministry, I have hope that God Almighty will help me and bless me if I just put all my trust in Him.thank you for your words of encouragement, thank you for letting me know what God Almighty has in-store for His children, thank you for your faithfulness to your God and your ministry,may God continue to bless you and your family richly.

  46. Cathy Williamson says:


    Thank you!
    I receive God’s Word for me and my family. Lord, lead guide and direct my every path. Thank you Lord for Your love and mercy! Use me Lord for will to be done!

  47. Thank you God and Jamie for this prophetic word. Father you know my heart desires and the persecution/attacks that I ‘very been dealing with these last couple of years. But I declare and decree I will have my victory in the name of Jesus. I come into agreement with this prophetic word and receive my breakthrough this year 2021 in the name of Jesus. Thank you God all glory to you 🙌🏿🙏🏾😭

  48. YES. I have felt in my spirit that July would begin a shift for me.
    It was like I had been put on hold for a while and then a significant event occured in late May and now after waiting it through I am feeling & seeing & hearing God moving life’s puzzle pieces around for a His Glory.

  49. I receive all of this is Jesus name. Amen

  50. Good morning saints. I just came to testify that l received and believed this prophetic word in the 29th of June and from that day l was so expectant and today it’s the 2nd of July just received an appointment letter to mark matric exams. And guess what we just started our school holidays today and next week on the 11th will start marking. Am so thankful and grateful that the prophetic word became alive to as we start the month if July. Lord l thank you that You still move in our daily lives. I give You all the glory and l know You will protect me during the marking session as we go thru this pandemic.

  51. This is definitely an on time Word for me. I find myself in the entire word, God has met me where I am right now. I have been seeking Him for a strategic plan for this current situation. Jamie, God bless you abundantly for your obedience to Him. I am so excited about what God is doing and is going to do. I receive every word that has been spoken. In Jesus’ name. Amen

  52. I plead the blood of Jesus over all my happy surprises for the rest of the year. Nothing will hinder them. This word is yea and Amen for me and my family in Jesus name, Amen.

  53. Amen! I receive this gift from the Lord!

  54. Brigitte Humphrey says:

    HI Jamie
    I LOVE this Word and I receive it from my beautiful and wonderful Daddy. I know who I am and whose I am. Thank you Father. Thank you my sweet Jesus. Thank you my Precious Holy Spirit.

  55. Pg Campbell says:

    I’m next and next is now!

    Thank you Father for vision, prophecy, and your faithfulness. Thank you Father for your servant Jamie whom you are well pleased.

  56. Kay Tucker says:

    Amen, I was in prayer and decided to check email and received this word, Glory to God

  57. Thank You, Father God! I receive Your word!

    1. All Glory to God! Yes, Jamie, I receive this prophetic word in the name of Jesus! This is interesting, but I never saw it when you first posted it, and this morning I’m reading it and accepting it with every ounce of my being, thank You Jesus! I really need to hear this because I’ve been under attack, and even though things have been tough, the word that keeps popping up is; the joy of the Lord is my strength! So, I keep smiling and know that God has a greater plan. It’s interesting that satan wants me to believe that my health is failing when indeed my lab tests came back fine…but satan knows that God is going to use me in a great way hence the attack of the devil, I say GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN, YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY OVER ME BECAUSE I BELONG TO GOD! Thank you Jamie!

  58. Denedriane says:

    So grateful Father God led me right to this this morning! A confirmation of what He has been stirring in my spirit. Thank you Jamie for the email today reminding this that God spoke earlier to you for us!


  60. Bantshang says:

    Dear lord cleanse me and prepare my heart and life to recieve the harvest that will bring a blessing without sorrow. In Jesus name

  61. Hello Reverend Jamie, I am so blessed to be in this group of subscribers..I pray you will always have more than enough for your ministry and family because I am out of work for now and believing to return to the country of my residence and people whom I’ve now I call my people once I step back in with my children to see the Father of our home now close to 2yrs of separation and asking God for favour for all travel expenses. I’m so blessed today and excited in my spirit even just reading the topic of the message today. God bless you Reverend for saying Yes to The Lord. We can be so used to ministering to others and it’s good to be ministers to by other members of the Body of Christ to.

  62. Hello Reverend Jamie, I am so blessed to be in this group of subscribers..I pray you will always have more than enough for your ministry and family because I am out of work for now and believing to return to the country of my residence and people whom I’ve now I call my people once I step back in with my children to see the Father of our home now close to 2yrs of separation and asking God for favour for all travel expenses. I’m so blessed today and excited in my spirit even just reading the topic of the message today. God bless you Reverend for saying Yes to The Lord. We can be so used to ministering to others and it’s good to be ministered to by other members of the Body of Christ to.

  63. I am claiming this Blessing in Jesus Holy name and Thanking in advance for the miracle I am about to receive.

  64. I’ve been dealing with trials for six years straight! The devil has been attacking me so deeply. He attacks my relationship with my future husband and now my future husband is letting everyone else and the enemy change him. The enemy sees the power and the anointing that so many people have told me that I stand out. The tears, so many tears. I have made myself to push through. I only have so much. Finances are needed. But I still have faith, limitlessly and this emails are literally touching my heart and given me clarity that my elevation is coming! I really need it.

  65. Jennifer Landry says:

    I declare and receive this prophetic word over myself, my husband and our children in Jesus’s previous and beautiful name. Amen


  67. Your reverend Jamie, thank you so much for including me in the words of God. I am crying so much lately I do not know what it is. I go to church and all I do in church is cry and pray in between the tears. I am going thru so much financial stress right now since I retired that I don’t know what to do. As a widower, I thought I had met the person that would marry me and do all the things we dream of after retirement. Not sure of this either. Your emails get me thru the day, every day. Thank you so much because now I am not crying just speaking out to you.
    Thank you for everything you bring to these emails.
    Love you,

  68. Angela Harrison says:

    Pastor Jamie I’m so appreciative of the word you brought forth. I receive the Lord’s word in the name of Jesus. The Lord has been tugging at my present back in May, believe me I have come against some battles and wicked dreams. Of course I kept seeking God, not understanding a lot and becoming frustrated I kept seeking God. It’s still Rocky but I know my Father(God) has something great in-store for me. I know great things are coming for many you trust and believe in the Power of the Almighty.

  69. Amen. I receive it. Thank You Jesus

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