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The Father spoke this word of encouragement to me for one of our readers recently, during a prophetic word and book signing event. I thought this word would encourage you too. And if it ministers to you, it is FOR you, according to 2 Corinthians 1.

Here is what the Father says to you today:

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“I am helping you put some issues to rest that have been plaguing you and giving you unrest. I am God who brings peace out of chaos; and, slowly but surely, I am calming your storm and bringing you into your desired haven.

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    Trust that I know what I’m about, and that I’ve got you–even if you feel like a complete and utter failure sometimes. You are not a failure! You are My precious and beloved child, and I am very defensive of you and protective of you.

    You are My workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works which I have prepared for you from the foundation of the world. I have not abandoned you or neglected your need, and I do not beat you up for your need. I know your heart and it is pure,” says the Father who loves you, “and you will be rewarded!”

    Is this short word speaking to your heart today? If so, leave a comment below!


      1. Richie Dorris says:

        This prophetic word spoke to my soul and thank you Jamie for being a child of God who shares the wisdom and prayers for the whole church. Your prayers,ministry and words bring light to our path thru this life,thank you very much. God bless you,your family and ministry by the Lord Jesus Christ. May your ministry receive a prophet reward this year!!!

      2. Teresa Falconer says:

        Yes and Amen!

        Thank you,


      3. Thank you for this encouragement, I gave up in my period of waiting and to be honest have been clouded in alot doubt, but today my mindset has shifted just to go back to my Lord’s, so thank you so much for this

      4. Collins Davis mwesigwa says:

        Amen and Amen.
        I receive what this word of God carries for me

        This word is mine from our heavenly father in the mighty powerful name of Jesus Christ.

    1. Adrain Cunningham says:

      Thank you for this word of encouragement.

    2. Thanks be to God my Father, and to His Son, and the Holy Spirit. My personal prayer has been about my physical pressure. God is with me and I have been praying in the Spirit and reading things sent to me. God bless your ministry and you and yours personally.

      1. WOW!!! It’s an answer to prayer. I was praying and surrendering in worship to God all of my burdens, needs, desires, wants, and everything that has weighed me down, telling Him that I trust Him to weave the tapestry of my life even when I don’t understand why I am in the place that I am. And here He brings this word of comfort to encourage and assure that He is still the God who not only sees but works all things meant for our harm sent by the enemy to be used for our good – nothing is ever wasted!!! Thank you God for Your glorious ways of reaching out to us to let us know that we are not only seen by You but loved immensely by You!!!

      2. Amen thank you Jamie this was definitely for me.

    3. Yup. That’s for me. Not a fan of the “slowly” part because this is awful but it will be ok because daddy loves me. Thank you.

    4. OMG, this word has totally blown me away, and left me speechless ❤️. My Father loves me so much beyond measure. Thanks Jamie.

    5. Lewis-Robison Family says:

      Yes,I claim it. It’s been a rough month of February but I am Thankful God has got a hold of it and has got me and my family. Thank You God for being faithful ❤️

    6. After messing up so much at my workplace today ,this Word is for me!Ms.J I’m even ashamed of myself..Thank you so much for this wonderful
      word of encouragement …God bless

    7. Delia Gonzales says:

      Amen yes it’s an encouraging word for me because sometimes I do feel like iam a failure and he is letting me know that he is still with me that I am pure and he is going to reward me I am
      So blessed that Gid speaks to me actually what I am going through thank you Abba for who you are in Jesus name amen

    8. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      Amen. This prophetic words resonate with me.I receive this prophetic word in the name of Jesus. Amen

    9. Demetria King says:

      Received by Faith, Amen!

    10. Carol-Ann says:

      Thank you for this prophetic word. I couldn’t help but cried as I read through. I felt like God was talking directly to me

    11. Thank you so much for delivering this word. It feels like a weight has been lifted off of my heart.

    12. Definitely on point and a RIGHT NOW WORD for me.

    13. This is a blessing and comfort. The LORD bless you, Woman of GOD.🙏🏽🛐

      1. Amen! This word is for me too. Thank you JESUS

    14. Eva Zuaznabar says:

      Yes, this word came at the exact moment that I needed it. It is truly confirmation that God heard my prayer and saw my anguish. I feel like Job. But I know that I am being tested and I will not curse my Heavenly Father. I love Him too much and He’s brought me too far.

    15. Natasha Lynch says:

      I am currently in a season of testing. It is certainly trying my faith and patience. I am not a fan of the “wait” but I have learned to trust God and believe his word, he never breaks his promise, he is a faithful father. It’s my marriage, finances and work. So I know something good is coming out of this season!!!

    16. Catherine says:

      Thank you for Sharing this word it definitely speaks to me and what I am dealing with at the moment. I have an expectation that God will get me through it. Thanks again. Blessing to you Jamie and your ministry staff.

    17. A very timely word for me after a very rough night. Thank you for sharing this, it was a blessing. I feel I can breathe a little easier today.

    18. Amen. Thank you Jesus. I receive this prophetic word from the Lord and take it to my bosom.

    19. Tanya Herbst says:

      In last week and this week I told the Lord I feel like a failure. I felt alone and forgotten. I felt that the Lord was punishing me for some reason and nothing I did too pursue for a work helped.
      I know this word is for me. Thank you for sharing

    20. I was feeling so beaten. Good word at the right time.

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