Prophetic Word: One Obstacle to Overcome Before MAJOR Breakthrough

Friend, have you been praying for major breakthrough? If so, I urge you to consider this word from the Lord which has deeply spoken to me today personally. I believe the Lord is showing us all something that He needs us to clear up before that major breakthrough comes.Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

I heard the Lord say:

“Beloved child, you have one obstacle that you need to clear up and overcome before the major breakthrough I have in mind for you can manifest.

For so long, you have labored and striven. You have been diligent and faithful in many things, but in the simpler things you have not been diligent. You have striven for those greater works, but you have let the lesser works go by you without paying attention to them.

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    O My beloved, I love your heart for Me. I love your BOLD faith for the Kingdom and My Word. I absolutely love everything about you!

    But I bring you this rod of correction today because you asked Me to.

    I am your Father, and it is My duty to correct you to help you grow. And My child, My beloved in whom I am well pleased, I want you to know today that it is the lesser things which are holding you back.

    I need you to pay attention to the lesser works today.

    The lesser works are the small things–the things it is easy to ignore. Things like:

    • Your diet and exercise;
    • Your budget;
    • Your level of organization;
    • The state of your house …

    … All these things are foundational to the success I want to bring you.

    The thing is that your success will be huge, but I have to have a foundation to rest it on.

    You cannot sustain even the level of success I am already bringing you without paying attention to these lesser works. Do you not feel the stress from ignoring them? Do you not sense the peace you receive from Me when you pay even slight attention to one of these lesser things?

    O My child, I need you to focus on these lesser things that are less in the eyes of the world, but which are essential to Me.Sometimes God prunes us all the way back to our rootstock. When He does, He's still GOOD--and He only does it because He's helping us bear MORE fruit in the future. | Jamie Rohrbaugh |

    I am trying so hard to bring you major breakthrough, but every time I try again, I am hindered by your lack of a foundation. I cannot set a big house down upon rocks and boulders! I need a steady foundation; a sure foundation; a foundation that will not be shaken and will not spill over when the least amount of shaking comes.

    My beloved, you have done a good job striving for those greater works, but striving is not of Me. Your diligence is from Me, but it is the striving that has kept you from paying attention to the lesser works I desire you to set up as your foundation. 

    Rest now and focus on lesser works.

    It is okay to work on the small things. The world will go on without your being deeply involved in every little thing. You can and will receive the major breakthrough I have promised you, but I need you to be diligent and faithful in small things right now.

    Love, Abba.”10 Best Prayers for Spiritual Growth that draw me closer to God than any other prayers |

    Beloved, the Lord has brought me so much conviction through this word about the one obstacle to overcome before major breakthrough. Is He doing the same for you? If so, please take a moment and leave a comment below! I’d love to hear what He is saying to the Body about this subject.

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    1. This word is for me as well, I have been neglecting my home my health and all of the list. I am over come with anxiety to the point I don’t do anything I get wrapped up in worry and I shake .Pray for me.

      1. Monica Henry says:

        I understand and feeling the same way!! I plead the Blood of Jesus over us to Help Us PRESS OUR WAY THROUGH!! Be encouraged Sis!! 🙏🏾💜

      2. Yes. Exactly what I need to do . I’m overwhelmed with knowing how and where to start

    2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is first ever post. You always nail it Jamie, I mean the Lord in you. I was going to throw in the towel regarding my exercises & diet this morning and I’ve been meaning to tidy up my bedroom, it’s the only room in the house that’s not organised. I’ve managed to keep on top of my budgeting, only just. I just finished eating what I’ve got no business in eating and thinking of a thousand reasons to cancel my gym session tomorrow when your email pinged. I do know all of the above is necessary and I believe the Lord has been prompting me for months, hence the others are done but I’ve been dragging my heels because life keeps happening. Now I’ve been turbo boosted by the Holy Spirit, thank You Lord for Your humour and all things You. Thanks Jamie for being obedient & May the Lord continue to bless you and all yours.

    3. Yes and amen 🙏🏼 I receive this admonition in Jesus’ name. We must go in Your peace and these lesser things need to be orderly so that we can take on more without being consumed by stress. Thank You Abba for knowing us better than we know ourselves and for timely words to guide our feet. All for You glory and honor in Jesus’ name – May it be so- amen 👑❤️‍🔥🙏🏼

    4. Thank you, that is a very good word. I have been doing and fighting so much, that I am so so tired I can´t do a lot at the moment. So, I will try and go back to the small things.

    5. This is confirmation of the instructions that Father God has given me for almost 3 years.
      I have struggled , I work from home and truly can readjust my routine.
      Thank you for speaking bold truth to me.

    6. Gils Delano says:

      This is definitely for me. Spot on! All 4 things. Just last night, I was convicted about too much sugar in my diet. And the Lord has been speaking to me about exercising, being more organised and the state of my house for some time. Thank You Father for this rod of correction. I pray for the grace and enablement to obey. Thank You Jamie.

      1. Sheray Damon says:

        I am in tears because I have just prayed about being corrected by the Lord and that he should do so and then reading this. Where do I start though?

    7. Oh Jamie, this is the Lord speak directly to me. I confess I have lost a huge amount of weight but now I am stuck. I need to get going again. So thank You Lord. And I have been neglecting my house lately so that is also something I need to get back on. The Lord has given me a prompting to start decluttering my house and getting stuff packed and I got boxes in but have not started doing it. So thank You Holy Spirit for this Word of Correction. Wishing all the best. God bless.

    8. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      Amen .I believe and receive. In Jesus name .Amen

    9. I’ve only read your emails, entries, and prophetic word. Haven’t once commented; until today. The instructions for me were that clear. Thanks, Jamie, for being obedient and sharing what the Lord put on your heart. You’re not alone…I, too, am convicted.
      “Rest now and focus on lesser works.

      It is okay to work on the small things. The world will go on without your being deeply involved in every little thing. You can and will receive the major breakthrough I have promised you, but I need you to be diligent and faithful in small things right now.”

      This blurb alone was like the gas light flashing in the store window, for me. I can taste and smell my breakthrough. Yes, I am home and resting after a frightening hospital stay. And I am healing wonderfully. I’ve slowed in all of my previous commitments. I’ve only been THIS still one other time in my life. One by one, in the last few months, I’ve closely monitored and tweaked my budget, nutrition
      & exercise and organization. I know it’s not just now, but “right now”. I heard late last week (Friday or Saturday) that I must finalize this project in my house to “give everything a home” in order to completely improve the “state of my house”. I heard “everything in every room”. I’ve seen so many miracles in the recent weeks, large and small. After my fast even more opened up. I’m confident once these small things are complete, the obstacle will vanish.

    10. Bantshang says:

      This word has come at the right time. I don’t take care of myself like before. I fear to look beautiful as a woman. My looks have been attacked including my body. A mirror monitors my looks. Immediately I try to look better, that mirror will come and crash my face. Even the society is against me to look like a lady. I don’t know what is going on. I can’t takencarenof my surrounding and my house like before. Am always in sorrow. When I try to clean my compound it’s like am preparing for a funeral of one of my children. Jamie I really need prayers. I am going through a situation where one of my son’s is calling me from the inside. His voices is going around my body, my chest, stomach, belly. Now is at the mouth. Is this some kind of evil initiation or dedication. I have gone from one church to aanother for deliverance from evil covenants to no avail. May God by His great mercy and faithfulness preserve our souls from this evil sacrifices. In Jesus name

    11. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Praise the Lord!I always ignored about all the list above.Just yesterday i started to buy food that will help my health,started to budget and thinking of buying new sneakers for training and so on so forth. The most important thing is to organise my house,my family,God will work within it if I make a new start.I WILL MAKE A NEW START TODAY.AMEN AMD AMEN Sis Jamie.Thank You Lord Jesus for Your Love You Have Showed Me.LOVE YOU SO MUCH ABBA.

    12. Thank you for this word. It definitely applies to me. I never thought these lesser things were so important to God.

    13. Gretchen Couch says:

      Jamie, your heart and works for the Lord have been such a blessing to me. I read all of your posts, but like so many of the other commenters, this is the first time I have commented. I, too, know this word is for me. I had chills all over the top of my head when I read this. I have felt His prompting to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle and I get so stressed when my house is a mess that sometimes I get too overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start. I am so thankful for this word and will definitely be changing my ways. Thanks again for all of your hard work and dedication to your ministry. 💛

    14. I receive it in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

    15. Anna Nichols says:

      Dear Jamie, Thank You for being obedient to God and the Holy Spirit. My Husband says when it comes to Kingdom stuff I’m on top of that, but natural stuff that You mentioned I’m off balance. So this crack My head to the white meat 😭😭😭

    16. Austin Dulen says:

      Very much thanks Jamie, I see this prophetic word as a direct word from the Lord to me, because the points listed above, are the ” little big things ” I have overlooked, and now my spirit bears witness that these are the spiritual fault lines holding back my breakthrough, Please lift me up in your prayers.
      God bless you.

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