Prayer: Lord, Deliver Me Out of the Mire

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Prayer: Lord, Deliver Me Out of the Mire | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Beloved, are you struggling with depression today? Have you sunk down into a pit, even without meaning to? If so, this prayer is specifically for you: “Lord, deliver me out of the mire!”

If this prayer is for you today, then I am praying and believing that the Lord will minister deeply to your heart and turn things around for you, even now as you read this prayer.

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    The prayer “Lord, deliver me out of the mire!” come from the Psalms.

    Specifically, it is found in Psalm 69:13-15, which says:

    “But as for me, my prayer is to You, O Lord, in the acceptable time; O God, in the multitude of Your mercy, hear me in the truth of Your salvation.

    Deliver me out of the mire, and let me not sink; let me be delivered from those who hate me, and out of the deep waters.

    Let not the floodwater overflow me, nor let the deep swallow me up; and let not the pit shut its mouth on me” (Psalm 69:13-15 NKJV).

    If this Scripture resonates with you today, let’s go directly into prayer.

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    Pray this with me today if you need the Lord to deliver you out of the mire:

    “Dear Heavenly Father, 

    I come before You in Jesus’ name.

    Oh Father, I love You so much. Abba Father, You have always been there for me. You have always kept me safe and sustained me, even when I didn’t know how You could.

    Thank You, Heavenly Father. Thank You for seeing me and for being so faithful. Thank You for always answering my prayers.

    But Father God, I need You now–yet again, and more than ever before.

    I don’t even know how I got here, Father. I was doing so well, but suddenly things happened and suddenly things became too much.

    I took my eyes off You, Abba, and off Jesus; and I guess that’s what did me in for these past weeks.

    Oh Father God, I come to You right now and I ask for Your help.

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    Lord, I don’t know what to do, but my eyes are on You. I know You are hearing my prayer right now; it is always Your acceptable time to help. And God my Father, You are always merciful.

    So Father God, even though I got myself into this situation by taking my eyes off Jesus, I ask right now for Your help:

    Lord, deliver me out of the mire!

    Oh Father, please deliver me out of this mud and this pit. Show Yourself to me as my glory, and as the Lifter of my head. Deliver me out of the mire, and let me not sink; let me be delivered from the enemy who hates me, and out of the deep waters.

    Father God, I ask in Jesus’ name that You would shine Your light of joy into my heart again. Restore unto me to the joy of my salvation, and uphold me by Your generous Spirit. Help me to receive everything that I need from You right now.

    Oh Lord, I pray right now that You would comfort me in my deep affliction.

    Comfort me, Holy Spirit! O mighty Holy Spirit of God who endues me with power, comfort me now, I pray:

    Right now, Abba Father, I turn my sorrows over to You, to Your Spirit, and to Jesus, for Your Word says that Jesus bore my sorrows on the tree. 

    Oh Jesus, My Father God, and Holy Spirit, I need You so much. I lift my eyes to You right now, from whence comes my help. And I confess that my help comes from the Lord, Maker of Heaven and earth. 

    So today, in Jesus’ name, I pray that You would make my feet like a deer’s feet in high places.

    Let me not stumble nor slip. Show Yourself to me as my Keeper today, I pray; hold me up and keep me as the apple of Your eye:

    Father God, I need You to take care of me today.

    Like a little child I come to You, and I believe that You will in no wise cast me out or reject me. Father God, in Jesus’ name, I ask that You would care for me today as a parent cares for a child–and more specifically, that You would allow me to sense and feel You caring for me.

    Father, I know You always care for me, for I am always Your child.

    But today, I am in such a tender place and I cannot see out. All I can see is You; You are truly all I have and all I need.

    So today, I ask that You would take the place of mother and father and sister and brother and spouse in my life and that You would take care of me:

    Oh Abba Father, Lord Jesus, I ask in Jesus’ name: Please, give me rest.

    Your Word says that if I come to You, Jesus, when I am weary and heavy-laden, You will give me rest. I claim this promise today for myself.

    Oh Father God, I ask in Jesus’ name that You would give me rest:

    I choose to rest in You, Abba Father. I choose to commit myself to Your arms today as if You were a hospital bed, Lord.

    I choose to rest in You. Only in You can I find healing, health, and recovery. Only in You can I receive healing and REST, precious rest, for my soul. Only in You do I feel safe, and like I can breathe again.

    Father, please help me. Help me even in my failings. Help me even as I do not know what to do, for my eyes are on you.

    Abba Father, my precious Daddy God, I claim Your promise that says “The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their cry” (Psalm 34:15).

    I am crying like a child, Abba Father, for I cannot exist without Your help right now.

    But Your Word also says “The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles” (Psalm 34:17), Lord; and Your Word further says “The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, and saves such as have a contrite spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all” (Psalm 34:18-19). 

    So, my precious Abba Father, I commit myself to You right now. Into Your hands I commit my body, soul, and spirit; and I choose to rest in Your bosom while You perfect all things that concern me.

    Thank You for giving me rest, for You said that You would.

    Thank You for healing my soul and spirit, for You said that You would. And thank You for delivering me out of the miry clay, setting my feet upon a rock, and establishing my comings and my goings, Abba Father; for You said You would.

    I receive from You today, Abba Father. I can do nothing without You, but I can do everything with you, for Christ in me is my hope of glory. Thank You for saving me, healing me, caring for me, comforting me, and lifting me up today, Lord.

    Thank You, Abba Father. Thank You, precious Holy Spirit. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Thank You so much for ministering to me in my deepest need, as only You can and as only You know. I love You, and I give You all the praise.

    In Jesus’ name I pray, amen and amen.”

    Beloved, did you pray “Lord, deliver me out of the mire” today? Do you sense God’s precious Holy Spirit ministering to you and giving you rest for your soul right now? Please leave a comment below if you prayed this prayer and choose to RECEIVE healing and help from the Lord today!


    1. Jessencio says:

      Last weekend I found out that my daughters father secretly had a baby with someone who has 4 kids. The baby is 9 months.
      We have not been together for 2 years but
      I had always hoped that one day he would straighten out and come home to our daughter. The lies & betrayal are a pain i’ve never known before. BUT God has heard my cry. Thank you Father & Jamie. 💛

      1. Adeleye Lufadeju says:

        i prayed the confessions and i choose to receive healing and help from the Lord today IMNJ AMEN

      2. Dear Ptr Jamie,
        I am so overwwhelm with a lot of burdens left and right of my way. Everything happens consecutively. I am so weary and heavily laden. I am glad i found this prayer and hope that God the Father in Jesus name with the Holy Spirit will notice and can hear my cry. Thank you Jesus

    2. linda harrison says:

      Yes thank you dear Lord, thank you for all u do for me, thank you for loving me so much & helping me dear Lord, thanks Jamie

    3. Thank you for this. It definitely came in a time of need. I am raising 2 children in my own as my husband left us a year ago. It’s starting to get to me taking everything on.

    4. Hi, thanks to this prayer, i have been down all weekend because of all the stressors in my life but thus prayer has lifted me up this morning and feeling safe again.

    5. Carla Y Lane says:

      Thank you for praying for mem, and sending this prayer to me. It speaks directly to me. Received Bad news of a loss of a loved one due to Covid/Pneumonia. Dealing with the stresses of working in office/and at home. Thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ, who knows all our needs,infirmities, etc.

    6. Erica Relaford says:

      This prayer was EXACTLY what I needed! Thank you Abba and thank Jamie for allowing Father God to use you.

    7. Christina McCrory says:

      Thank you so much Minister Jamie, this was definitely needed!
      Blessings to you!

    8. God is always right on time.
      I have been suffering from a form of PTSD acquired by a critical angry husband and past self destructive behavior. I prayed this and agree whole heartily, I feel his presence, I will cling to our loving father, he loves us all so much, thank you for this prayer God is always right on time.
      God bless and keep you all.

    9. Debra Drake says:

      I have this Tab open today is November 13th 2021, everyday I pray it because every day my husband talks about what the vaccine is doing to people, my mom got the vaccine, so since he reads and listens to researches about the medicine, he believes my mom is shedding a spike protean which makes others sick, for example he heard that after people got the shot their dogs are dying, my moms dog did in fact die, also that women who are pregnant and spend a lot of time around a vaccinated person are having miscarriage’s, well my bosses daughter had a misarrange 3 days ago, and also if someone who has not been vaccinated spends a lot of time in close proximity with one who has had they are experiencing a period constantly well my boss is still bleeding. These events have confirmed to me that something is going on. I always take everything to the lord in prayer we are to be wise as serpent’s and harmless as doves. I try not to let it get to me but the writing is on the wall, this vaccine is a bioweapon unleashed by the enemy. Pray for me and my husband we need peace in our home and fear to leave.

    10. Debra Drake says:

      I keep this tab open and I pray it almost everyday. Have a blessed week and thank you for sharing the truth in love.

    11. I am so grateful that God has blessed me with a sister in Christ like yourself 🙏🏼♥️This is sooo timely and I just give God all the glory because His timing is perfect 🙏🏼🙌🏻🙌🏻Praise be to You most high 🙏🏼♥️🙌🏻Thank you Jesus 🙏🏼♥️🙌🏻Thank You Holy Spirit 🙏🏼♥️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    12. I prayed this prayer and I felt the Lord I felt Jesus presence. Amen

    13. Veronica A Cerro says:

      Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer. Difficult times are happening in my life. My husband of 22 years is trying to leave me and my son in a financial situation which is completely unfair to us. The man I loved and married has turned out to be everything he said he would never do to me. I’m over being heartbroken, now i feel like I’m going to have to fight for my son and I. I need you strength Lord and I need a miracle to get me through this situation- In Jesus mighty name I pray you see and hear my prayers.

    14. I needed this prayer as my situation is desperate thankyou Abba Father for hearing me I need you to step in right now to comfort me and reassure me in Jesus name, I have cried so much this evening Lord i know you can see my heart and feel my fears and worries so Father please manifest your blessings in Jesus name

    15. I thank God for supenatural healing, i give thanks for the gift of life, family and all he has provided for me. I pray for his mercy of protection from those plotting evil over me and my family. I pray this trusting and believing through in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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