Prayer: Lord, Give Me My Hope and Joy Back

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Prayer: Lord, Give Me My Hope and Joy Back | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Have you been struggling to survive lately? If so, the Lord gave me a prayer for you today to ask Him to give you your hope and joy back.

This morning, the Lord put deeply on my heart all the people in our community who have lost their hope and joy. That’s you if:

  • You’ve been just making it through every day;
  • You’ve been going to bed early just to check out of the stress and pressure of each day;
  • You’ve been crying out to the Lord for help, but it seems like the help you need comes only from the Lord and no one else comes to help you;
  • It’s been a long time since you’ve “had a good day”;
  • You feel like you’ve lost everything that gave you joy except the Lord, and now you just hate for each day to start;
  • You really do love God, and you know that feeling like this isn’t right–but you don’t know what else to do. Circumstances just feel too hard for you to bear.

If that’s you, I wrote a prayer for help from Zion below–a prayer asking the Lord to give you your hope and joy back.

He didn’t steal it, but He sure will give it back. Hope and joy come from God alone, so it’s always in His hand to give them back to you when you need them! Hallelujah! I’m so thankful for that; aren’t you? 🙂

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    So if you’ve been down and discouraged, struggling to survive …

    … Would you pray this prayer with me for yourself, as I also pray it for you? I’ve written it in the first person, so it will be easy for you to read and pray over for yourself. 

    Don’t just trust in reciting the words below to help you, though. Take your time and focus on the Lord as you read and pray the prayer below. Really mean these words from your heart, and add in your own words as needed in order to really share your own heart and situation with the Lord, okay? Pray in faith, for that’s what God responds to–FAITH. 🙂

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    If you need your hope and joy back, please pray this right now:

    “Dear Heavenly Father,

    I come to You in Jesus’ name. Father, I love You and thank You for hearing my prayer. Thank You for loving me and taking care of me. Thank You for providing all my needs according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

    Abba Father, I’ve been asking for help for a long time; and the help I need doesn’t seem to have shown up. You’ve been tiding me over every day, Lord; and You’ve been helping me get through each day. Somehow, I haven’t sunk yet–and I thank You for that, Father. I know You have been the help I need, and I glorify You for that.

    But Lord, I need more help than ever today; more help than I’ve ever received before. I need You, Lord–oh, how I need You.

    Father God, I’ve lost my joy. I used to enjoy my life, but now I really don’t. I just get through every day, and even that is a miracle from You. The pressure and stress is too much for me, Lord. I need You. So I’m asking that You would give me my hope and joy back today–right now, in Jesus’ name.

    Father, I ask right now that You would keep me as the apple of Your eye. Hide me under the shadow of Your wings. Please cover me and hide me from the world in Your place of rest. Quiet my soul. Make me to lie down in green pastures right now, Lord; heal and restore my soul.

    Father, I have been walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

    I have not feared evil, for You–with Your rod to protect and Your staff to guide–have been with me. I thank You for that, Lord, and I don’t negate anything You have done for me.

    But Father, I need Your help and I need You to manifest Yourself to me in a whole new way today–more than You ever have before. I can’t go on like this.

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    So Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ name, I ask:

    • Restore my hope and joy.
    • Help me to abide in Your presence today.
    • Help me to sense Your presence and affection.
    • Fill me with the joy that comes only from being with You; for in Your presence is fullness of joy, and at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.
    • Help me to enjoy my life again.
    • Let Your hope arise in my body, soul, and spirit right now, in Jesus’ name.
    • Help me to have a great day today–for the first time in a long time.
    • Help me to have another great day tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, and every day after that too.
    • Help me to “count it all joy” as I walk through various trials, and rejoice anyway; no matter how I feel. Help my feelings to line up with Your truth.
    • Produce Your perseverance in me.
    • Help me to abide under the shadow of Your wings.
    • Help me to look up and keep my eyes fixed on You, the Author and Finisher of my faith.
    • Help me to magnify You; to look at You bigger–not to magnify my problems or stresses.

    I bind my mind to You, Jesus.

    I bind my body, soul, and spirit to You, Lord Jesus my Savior. And I fall prostrate at Your feet right now.

    Father God, please fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Let Your precious Holy Spirit bear all of His fruit in me today:

    • love;
    • joy;
    • peace;
    • BIG fierceness;
    • kindness;
    • goodness;
    • faithfulness;
    • gentleness; and
    • self-control.

    Lord, let me be one of the violent ones who take Your Kingdom by force. 

    Abba Father, Your Word says that Your Kingdom is not meat nor drink, but righteousness, peace, and joy. Your Word also says that the Kingdom of God is not in word but in power. So Father God:

    • You have already made me Your righteousness in Christ; so let everything I do, think, and say today manifest that righteousness of Christ Jesus.
    • Fill me with Your soul peace: that everything about me, my life, and my thoughts would be in total harmony with You, Your Son Jesus, Your Spirit, and Your Word.
    • Fill me with Your shalom peace: let nothing be missing and nothing be broken in my life today, by the blood of Jesus.
    • Unite my heart to fear Your name.
    • Show me a sign for good today.
    • Bring gladness back into my soul by Your Holy Spirit.
    • Show me the answers to my prayers, and help me to praise You and thank You properly for every answer You send and everything You do–even before I see it.
    • Help me to give You the glory, honor, and praise that You’re so worthy of.

    Father, please help me to sense Your presence and affection again.

    Comfort me and fill me with Your comfort by Your Holy Spirit, and open my mind, heart, soul, spirit, and body to receive the comfort You give. Help me to meditate on Your Word today. 

    Father God, I yield myself to You completely today. 

    Please have me completely and totally for Yourself. Let Your faith, hope, and love arise in me right now. Let Your joy bubble over in me and my spirit, soul, and body right now. Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and take not Your generous spirit from me.

    And with Your servant David I say:

    ‘Incline Your ear, O Lord, and answer me, for I am poor and needy. Preserve my life, for I am godly; save Your servant, who trusts in You–You are my God. Be gracious to me, O Lord, for to You do I cry all the day.

    Gladden the soul of Your servant, for to You, O Lord, do I lift up my soul. For You, O Lord, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon You.

    Give ear, O Lord, to my prayer; listen to my plea for grace. In the day of my trouble I call upon You, for You answer me.

    There is none like You among the gods, O Lord, nor are there any works like Yours. All the nations You have made shall come and worship before You, O Lord, and shall glorify Your name. For You are great and do wondrous things; You alone are God.

    Teach me Your way, O Lord, that I may walk in Your truth; unite my heart to fear Your name.

    I give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with my whole heart, and I will glorify Your name forever. For great is Your steadfast love toward me; You have delivered my soul from the depths of Sheol.

    O God, insolent men have risen up against me; a band of ruthless men seeks my life, and they do not set You before them. But You, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.

    Turn to me and be gracious to me; give Your strength to Your servant, and save the son of Your maidservant.

    Show me a sign of Your favor, that those who hate me may see and be put to shame because You, Lord, have helped me and comforted me’ (Psalm 86:1-17 ESV).

    Thank You, Father.

    I receive what I have asked You for in faith, and I give thanks and praise to Your holy name. Thank You for restoring my faith, hope, and love today. Thank You for giving me my hope and joy back. I love You, Lord. I give everything to You right now, and I rest in You.

    In Jesus’ name, amen.”

    Did you pray the prayer above with me for yourself? If so, I believe the Lord is touching you and answering your prayer right now. Please leave a comment below and tell me what He’s doing!

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    1. Waiting for answers,as I face terrific hurdles in professional and social life.

      1. Believing in faith for a sign today from the Lord that he is working to reveal the wrong that others have done. I have been dealing with lies and manipulation from others and the Lord is fighting for me today. Praise his holy name! I will have my joy back again! Thank you, Jamie.

      2. Leticia Martinez says:

        Thank you Jamie!
        I need to get back in the game of finding people for the business that I have. The Lord gave me that business and I am now working on continuing education. Please, pray for me to be able to get back online and shake off doubt and faithlessness that so easily surrounds me in my family who haven’t seen someone thrive in business . But only stay above water instead of flying.
        And family thinks that witchcraft is a game to be played not stopped.

        1. Thank God and Jamie for this prayer. Father please restore your joy and peace back into my life. Father you’ve seen how long I’ve been persecuted and being attack by the enemy my victory comes from you God. I Thank you God 🙏🏾🙌🏿😭

      3. Powerful God be praised, King of Kings,Thank you Pastor Jamie God bless you.
        in Jesus name Amen


    2. Thanks so much I really needed that prayer today felt so alone as though nothing is happening and God has forgotten me. I love you Jesus.

      1. Thank you for this powerful prayer.
        May the good lord continue to increase you.

    3. Thank you very much for the lovely prayer Amen 🙏in Jesus name. It has lifted my spirit Jammie thank you God bless you

      1. Rachael Keith says:

        Thank you for this prayer Jamie, we wait patiently as God works out problems with my husbands recovery from a serious work injury and as we are currently homeless as we wait for SSDI to be processed. Living on workers comp pay is a life of losing all we worked for and our retirement plans are gone due to all this. We wish we knew God’s plan for all this.
        I wish we could contribute to your ministry, when we get an income we will.
        God Bless you as you teach us to pray.
        Rachael Keith

    4. Lucretia Wingate says:

      Hallelujah 🙌🏾.. Amen and Amen.. I felt that prayer speaking to me.. Thank you Jesus for all of your wonderful blessings.. I love you so much.. And thank you Jamie.. God bless you.. .*💗TAKE CARE💗*.

    5. Thank you Lord for always being there for me in the good times and the bad. For almost the last two years it has seemed like bad times have been the theme every day, just one thing after another. The worst time of our family’s life. Just one thing after another. My husband with a massive hemorrhagic stroke, our home in foreclosure, our ministry put on hold except for intercessory prayer, and our whole world turned upside down. We have held Your hand Lord, every step of the way, more like You carrying us because it has been so difficult. But You are faithful and we receive Your promises, Your deliverance, Your healing, Your provision, Your peace and Your joy. Thank you Lord, for there is no other who compares to You. We receive everything in Your covenant that You died and rose again to give us, Lord. We love You and praise Your name!
      Thank you Jamie for being such a messenger of The Lord’s love and His Heartbeat. God bless you!

    6. Lisa McClain says:

      The prayers you share have changed my life and the lives of those around me. Jamie, you are a blessed encouragement to all who encounter you. Father uses you to lift us all the time. Today I pray that you are lifted with a hundredfold wind that sweeps you off your feet. Coming out… leaning on your beloved. Fresh wind, fresh anointing is blowing your way today daughter. Renewed strength….renewed hope…renewed vision…renewed passion is coming upon you even now. Glory to Papa….he loves us so.

      1. Thank you Jamie,
        I just lost a dear spiritual son. His mother is shattered. Questioning God. I just needed to hear that. The prayer lifted my spirit and soul. Comforting my grieving heart.
        Thank you 🙏 Jamie for being so spot on to need the spiritual need.

    7. Thank you for this timely prayer, Lord Jesus! Thank you Jamie for being such an honorable, faithful servant and sister in Christ! This prayer is exactly what I needed …these have been blessed yet challenging times for me. I trust, ABBA Father to restore the joy of my salvation. In Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen!

    8. Thank you so much. May Abba continue to use you to lift all who have given up hope. This prayer has been very helpful to me. Amen!

    9. Lorna Murray says:

      I praise my God for you all the time, for He knows just what l need! A timely prayer indeed! I have been awake since 2:30 am from a terrible dream, where evil men are trying to take my life. My hope in Christ Jesus my Saviour is rekindled again in hope that He is fighting for my good!

      God you always!

    10. PRISCILLA says:

      I have been disobedient in my finances, borrowed money at a cash loan. I am in financial crises only depend on my salary,praying for destiny helper to locate me I have prayed for my destiny helper for a long time now. I need finances to buy a plot to built our retirement house.

    11. Sonja R Campbell says:

      Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength! He is keeping me each day and I am thankful.

    12. I cannot thank you enough Jamie for your prayers, anointing, and obedience to allow your gifts to be used for the glory of God. You have touched every dry place that has existed within me, and have helped me to awaken the Spirit of the Living God that lives and dwells inside of me. I praise God for you and your gift. You touched me right where I needed today. Thank you so very much. I will be praying for you as well my sister in Christ.

    13. Jamie thank you. This prayer is so spot on, that I know the Lord moved you to write it. It describes precisely how I feel, what my life has been like for the past several years now. I know that I cannot go on like this. I believe God will restore me and all of His children who believe in Him and trust Him. Thank you and God bless you.

      1. All is well with my soul now😊.Thanks Jamie

    14. Thank you for this prayer. I could barely through it because I was crying.

    15. Shelly Thigpen says:

      Praying this over myself and family today. Thank you, Jamie!

    16. Thank you Jamie. Every word of this resonates in my soul. Thank Father for this timely prayer. I receive your answers today in the light of a new day, may new peace manifest itself in Christ Jesus today. I know you’re here and I’m not alone. For just as you’ve said in your presence there is fullness of joy. Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy. In Jesus name, Amen.

    17. DAVID TETTEH DAMEH says:

      Because He lives I can face tomorrow, I believe Jesus Christ has adopted as his son so I assured after the said prayer my request for so many years has been answered. Amen

    18. Jamie,
      Your emails and words are always right on time. I have been in such a long wilderness season that seems to have no end. The Father has sustained me in the wilderness, but I want to fulfill the dreams he has placed in me and exit the toxic situation I have endured for many years.

    19. I have been blessed. My spirit is being lifted because my joy, hope and faith is surely coming back to me in Jesus name. Amen! Bless you Jamie.

    20. Dear Jamie, wow the Spirit of God directed me to your post today! Yes I have been feeling like hope is gone in specific area of my life, I have been praying for change and so desire to hear God’s voice guiding me but I can’t hear Him! Thank you for being there for us, you are such a blessing!

      Much love in Christ ❤️

    21. Amen & AMEN !!!!! As I travel on the train to work I prayed your prayer and feel FULL and encouraged ready to receive by faith from our Lord. Thank you for blessing my heart once again !! 😊 🙏🏻

    22. Weeping shall last for a night but joy cometh in the morning. Thank you for the powerful prayer. I have prayed it and I believe God is restoring my hope and my joy to me today.

      1. Glenda Keen says:

        THANK YOU. THANK YOU. I know it was the Holy Spirit directing you. Blessings.

    23. I come in total agreement with you in prayer,believing in faith that my hope and joy will be restored in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.Awesome ,prayer dear Jamie.God bless you,keep up the good work.

    24. Biakching says:

      God bless you… And Thank you , for I know that my prayer will be answer🙏🏻

    25. Oluwakemi says:

      I really bless the Lord for putting this prayer in your heart to share with us. I feel refreshed and renewed after praying it! I know deep down within me that God has answered my prayer. To you Pastor Jamie, you will continue to be a useful tool in God’s hands. Amen.

    26. Thank you for your prayer today. I need this one so much. I am hurting & can’t seem to go beyond it all. Please continue to pray for me as I believe for my circumstances to change. There is nothing to big for my God. Praise His Name

    27. Jamie since i found your site. Much has happened
      Thank you
      I am a believer for many years, however your help has taught me new insights to the presence of God.
      I am still believeing that the Lord is going to Bless me with a Godly husband
      Soon. I am 71 but that is just a number.
      I prayed your prayer for difficult situation and The Almighty answered and revealed what i needed to know. Their is more to it but i believe the truth will come out soon.
      Thank you.
      As soon as my finance get better. I will send you a love offering.

    28. Blessings to you Jamie. I Prayed this prayer and I am expecting a miracle from Abba My Heavenly Father to restore my Joy and happiness today. Jamie I need prayer to recover my finances from someone who stole it in Jesus Name amen. Father send me intercessors who would be willing to help me recovery my stolen finances in Jesus Name amen

    29. I really needed this. I opened up and told the Lord things I should have told him long ago, he knows it all anyway. I even cried, but I’m feeling more hopeful now and I thank you. Thank you so much for all you are doing and for your encouraging words and prayers that bless our hearts.

    30. Thank you, Jamie for this prayer, i had stopped praying to God for no good reason, recently i was down and i had lost my focus but after praying this pray of “Hope and Joy ” i feel much better and i even got energy to wake at night and warship God. Thank you for always encouraging me to remember God. And to restore my Faith In God.

    31. Phyllis Jones-Mejia says:

      Thank You For This Prayer,My Heart Has Been Broken.I Feel Peace At This Moment.

    32. Thank God. A day before I was woken up by the Lord early in the morning to just talk to Him, I was telling myself that I used to be happier; that I used to laugh more; and it felt it had just been all sucked away. But God in His faithfulness has sent and led me to this prayer. First it was the encouraging Word about seeing the light and then this. Thank you, Baba. Thank you. God bless you, Jamie.

    33. My name is, Francis Taye Johnson. The prayer really changed my present situations and I have been try to share with my friends about this extraordinary powerful prayer. I really thank God for the life of the man of God. God blessing rest on you and increase of more double anointing Amen.

    34. Johnetta Platt says:

      Thank you Jamie for that wonderful prayer. You prayed my heart. Thank you. I thank God I have found you. I come into agreement with you in this prayer and believe what we have prayed is done. Giving God all the praise, honor and glory in Jesus Mighty name. Amen.Amen.Amen.

    35. Hi Jamie,
      Thank you for the powerful prayer, I prayed in faith and believe that God will show me His answers in Jesus name. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in the shadow of His wings.


    36. Jamie ,please pray for animals ,our friends an our families.

    37. I prayed this prayer today. I really needed it, thank you so much. I haven’t felt God’s presence for a while and my heart feels cold and empty. I don’t like feeling this far from God, and I have been crying out to him to help me, but nothing has changed. I know he has a reason for this, but I’m scared and I’m sad and I need God.
      Thank you for your prayer and for all the wonderful articles on your blog and the emails you send out. You are really a blessing.

    38. caroline naidoo says:

      yes I needed this Jamie….

    39. Thank you for this prayer today. I am greatly troubled and my faith is being challenged.i prayed this prayer and I pray that my hope and joy will be restored soon and that the Lord will move on my behalf and answer my prayers.

    40. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Thank you Sister Jamie.I am going through this right now..i felt like all that you’ve shared today it happened to me right now.Whole day of tears,as i did my work today.

      Thank you beloved Jamie for sharing the good news we reviece bless you lots of love

    42. Wow I’ve prayed this with tears in my eyes. Let Hope and Joy arise. This is my daughters name Hope Joy Melody.

      Bless you in abundance Jamie!

    43. I am praying for my joy to come back! Single senior on a pension. Sold my house a few years ago, rented a place with my daughter and she moved out 2 years ago, Tried to find a roommate, never did and paying high rent. Prayed the prayers for a husband and a new home. God gave me a dream about husband too!
      Been lonely with the lockdowns and all summer events cancelled! See people going on vacations etc. and I am alone. Please pray for me to take the right steps. I need to move out of where I am now.
      Thank you for your ministry!

    44. What shall l say unto the Lord. Abba Father, You re a Merciful. God bless you Jamie for availing yourself to be used by Him.

    45. Crystal hill says:

      I believe and I receive this prayer in Jesus name amen God🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

      thank you so much Jamie love you

    46. This prayer is so powerful!! As I’m reading it tears began to fall.. thank u & may God continue to bless & keep u

    47. Thanks. Totally needed to see this today. I need to change my life but I am crying out to God for help.

    48. How did you know…my every day

    49. Thank-you, so much Jamie!

    50. Annanson John says:

      Hallelujah Amen! Thank you Prophetess Jamie.

    51. Thank you Jamie for everything ❤

    52. Maika Kamikamica says:

      Thank you for the word of encouragement.
      I believe I havei my joy back in serving the Lord in spite of all things happening around me.
      God bless Jamie and your ministry

    53. Thanks for this prayer. Praying the words felt like burdens lifted off of my shoulder. I inserted some of my own words and I felt like I am really communicating with my father. This prayer has helped me to pour out my heart to my father more accurately than I have done in the past few days. While on it, the Holy Spirit reminded of times when God came through beautifully for me. The memory of those times brought smiles to my face instantly, even though I still cried afterwards as I poured my heart out to God but, I am strengthened and encouraged that, if he did it before then He will do it again,


      I prayed this prayer I needed this prayer because I have been feeling like giving up lately feeling like I’ll never get it right I’ll never be what God wants I can’t pray like this on my own my prayers are weak and full of air I haven’t felt God lately I haven’t felt joy or peace I need to cry out but can’t I prayed but I feel nothing yet

    55. Thank you,I really needed this

    56. Thank you for sharing prayers that God has given you. This one is just what i need.
      I save many of the prayers you share in my notes. And studies on my screen. God is using you in a mighty way – thank You, Father in Heaven for anointing Jamie with a gift of pastoring.

    57. Amen…..Amen…..Amen

    58. Thank you for this prayer Jamie! I appreciate you.

    59. i needed this. I have been feeling left alone for along time. I thank God, you shared this prayer.

    60. God is faithful all the time, I was praying for God to help wWme in some of my needs today
      Thank you so much Jamie
      God really works in mysterious ways

    61. IRMA NORTJE says:


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