How to Start Building Your Business or Ministry Brand

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How to Start Building Your Business or Ministry Brand | | by Jamie Rohrbaugh

If you’re ready to start your ministry or online business, the first step is to brainstorm about the problems you are called to help solve. Business and money come from relentlessly helping people to solve real needs and problems they have.

After you have determined what problems you are called to solve, it’s time to tackle the next steps.

And the next step is to determine what your brand and strategy will be.

You need a brand and strategy when you start building your business, whether you are a for-profit or non-profit.

Being in ministry doesn’t exclude you from needing to make a profit. Money is required for ministry, just like it’s required for for-profit business. It’s just that non-profit ministries don’t KEEP the profit; they put it back into their charitable purpose. 

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    In order to make the money you need, you have to do business and build a brand.

    So here are the things you need to consider first and foremost when you start building your business or ministry:

    First: In what area do you have expertise?


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    Every person is an expert at something. You may not feel like an expert, but you are one. Even if you don’t know it yet, you ARE an expert!

    Your message may be about:

    • parenting;
    • Bible study;
    • DIY;
    • art;
    • health and fitness;
    • encouragement; 
    • travel; or anything else.

    But no matter what, you have a message that you, and only you, can convey to the world. YOU see something unique that the world needs. And YOU have the perfect combination of experience and words to convey that message to the world.

    Deciding what that message of your life is, focusing on it, and presenting it to the world in an attractive way is called branding; and good branding results in:

    • increased sales;
    • increased reach; and
    • stronger influence.

    So. 🙂

    If you are beginning to launch your business or ministry, I’m giving you homework. 🙂

    Your homework project is to “Think About It” in three different areas. Here are the questions to ask yourself:

    success tools

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    1. Most important: If you could spend the rest of your life doing or talking about one thing, what would it be? What would be your message to the world?

    Another way to ask yourself this is:

    If you could tell people anything and have them listen to you and receive your message, what’s the one thing you would want them to know? And if they got that one message, what are several other sub-points you’d want them to really get as well?

    Write down your thoughts. The ideas you just had are very likely the areas in which you are an expert–whether you ever thought of yourself as an expert or not. 🙂 They are the ideas that you will be able to communicate most powerfully in your writing and products, and they are the messages people will clamor to hear.


    2. What short caption could you write that over-arches and summarizes the points that you thought of above?

    Write down some ideas for captions/umbrella phrases that summarize your message. Then pick your favorite. That caption is called your tagline.

    I had to do this first a couple of years ago when I went to design a business card. I needed business cards for a particular reason, but when I went online to have some printed, I had no idea what to write on them! I suddenly realized that if people asked me “What do you write/preach about?” I would have no idea how to answer them.

    So I thought about my truest passions and identified my main messages as being the manifest presence of God. Then I realized that prayer, supernatural lifestyle, encouragement, and prophetic ministry are my primary passions under that over-arching umbrella of “the manifest presence of God.”

    The tagline I came up with after that was “Living in the power, purpose, and presence of Jesus.” Later on, I refined it again to the tagline we currently use: “Your life can be Heaven on earth.”

    When you identify your core message and expertise, not only will it boost your confidence, but it will also boost your customer’s confidence in you!

    People don’t flock to people who have no clue. People flock to writers, products, etc because that writer or product has a solution to a problem they are facing! And when you know exactly what you can help your reader with, they will become a devoted part of your tribe. People everywhere are looking for the answers you possess. 🙂 You just have to know that you possess those answers!

    And now…

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    3. You MUST have a website, so think about the overall look and feel you want your brand and website to have.

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    If you’re thinking you can get away with launching your business or ministry without a website, think again. The world does business on the Internet.

    Thinking you can show up and expect anybody to think you’re credible, without a website, is ludicrous. A website is necessary in this day and time, more than it ever has been before. NOT just a social media account; never build your castle on someone else’s land. A social media account can go up in flames in a day–or be deleted in a day by your social media platform. Always own and control your own stuff when it comes to business.

    So you have to build yourself a website.

    And I do mean “build yourself a website,” too. DON’T delegate this. If you start delegating stuff, you’ll never get anything done. You have to be agile and safe. And in order to be agile–and in order for your business to be safe and secure–you MUST learn how to do every single piece of it yourself.

    So about that website:

    Web design has changed A LOT over the last few years. Mobile-optimization standards have also changed a lot. Current web trends are all about telling a story and offering solutions at first glance. People are looking to connect with people; business has become personal. Your would-be customers want to know you, your story, and what you can offer them–and they want all of it to look pretty and attractive at first glance.

    So. You need to make a website that fits the bill. You need to use an attractive, modern, mobile-optimized theme.

    In order to decide what your site should look like, find several other people’s sites that you like.

    Look for:

    • white backgrounds only;
    • clean, modern, attractive design;
    • NO FLASH;
    • websites where the solutions you offer the customer are front and center.

    You will find sites by both men and women, in all niches, using a variety of colors and site designs. Don’t worry about the niche. Instead, pay attention to the look and feel of the sites. Write down what you like and what you don’t like. Pay attention to how each person has branded and presented themselves.

    Pay special attention to:

    • how modern or old each site looks;
    • the colors they use;
    • the fonts they use;
    • what buttons each site has on their menu; and
    • what calls to action and/or solutions to reader problems do you see right at first glance on their pages?

    As you’re looking at these sites, begin to think about how you’d like your site and branding to look.

    Just get a picture in your head of how your material, your newly-focused topics, and your name, logo, and tagline could look. 


    This week, take the next steps toward launching your business or ministry. Don’t jump into things without going through this crucial step. So, think about:

    1. What is your unique message to the world?
    2. What catchphrase or tagline sums up your unique message? and
    3. What do you want your modern, appealing website to look like?

    Please leave your comments and thoughts below as you think about these things! Are you ready? GO!


    1. You are giving me strength.

      1. Thanks I don’t have idea how to do a online ministry thanks for this idea. Godbless. I try to do

    2. Sonja R Campbell says:

      Super helpful! Thank you Jamie.

    3. Jamie, you never cease to encourage and inspire me! Thank you for all that you do to expand the kingdom and empower those walking with you!

    4. Thank you for reminding me of the practical steps! Giving me clarity.

    5. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! This is right on time. Thank you Jamie, sometimes it’s hard it’s like I sit thinking and nothing comes up but with an outline that makes you consider and evaluate you stance it flows. I absolutely love it, I will be doing this homework eagerly and happily!!

    6. Tonya Watson says:

      Thank you !! This is so Timely!!!
      God led me to this in search of something else. You have inspired and directed me in great ways. So thank you my sister in the Lord!!! Tonya Watson – St. Peter, Minnesota
      May the Lord pour out new oil unto you!!! In Jesus name!!!

    7. Angela webb says:

      Thank you!
      This is exactly what i need at this point in time. May God continue to give you the strategies and wisdom as you minister.

    8. Elizabeth Pratt says:

      Thank you for sharing this and helping me to focus my mind, thoughts, and prayers in this area.

    9. Vickie Sherrill says:

      Thank you for sharing this prayer. I needed it very much today. God bless you and may God continue to give you wisdom to guide and encourage us.

    10. Thelma Curry says:

      This is right on time. Thank you for the guidance!!

    11. Corina Kostreba says:

      This was exactly what I was looking for and needed. Very encouraging. I need to purchase your teaching/webinar on this subject.
      God bless you for kickstarting me on my journey.


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