Prophetic Word: I Am Inviting You to Slow Down

Beloved, are you starting to find healing in your life–and you find yourself enjoying it so much that you’ve sped your life back up again? If so, then today’s prophetic word is for you.

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

I heard the Father say:

“I am inviting you to slow down.

I am inviting you to take it slow; to marinate in My goodness in this season. I know you’ve been feeling better lately and so you are tempted to speed back up again, but going fast is a trick from the enemy and it will wear you out.

I say to you again: I am inviting you to slow down.

The years you’ve been pushing have not been good for you. You have done many things out of fear of man and many other things out of fear that you had to perform to be loved. But you didn’t have to fear man OR perform to be loved.

Now you are in a place where you can rest; I have provided such a place for you.

Remember when I said “I go to prepare a place for you”? Well, I was not referring only to the mansion in Heaven I am building for you. I was actually revealing something of My nature, and that is that I am always preparing places for you based on whatever needs you have at any given time.

I am making a nest for you right now, but I need you to sit in it and rest.

It’s time to take up the dream life that you thought you could never have–TODAY. Today is the time to begin doing the things that rested people do; that organized people do; that wealthy people do. Today is the day and no other; there is no better day to begin than today.

I said it like that–“what rested people do,” etc.–because you have been watching others for so long and wishing you could be like them. Today I tell you, however, that you can be better than trying to be like them; you can be like Me.

I am the Most Organized One in the universe. I am the Preparer of all the places you need. I am rested! I am wealthier than the richest trillionaire on earth; all wealth and riches in the universe belong to Me. So trust Me when I say that being like Me will get you where you want to go FASTER than trying to imitate any of the people you admire around you.

The point is: Depend on My Spirit. 

Look at Me. Depend on Me to lead you and guide you. Rest. Slow down! Pause in the middle of all you are doing and ask Me what I want you to do next. Stay abiding in Me moment to moment; that is still My prescription for your life–and in that place you will have great success.

Love, your Dad.”

Beloved, does this word of encouragement from the Father speak directly to your heart today? If so, please leave a comment below and share how the Father is touching your life!


  1. Dear Jamie,
    This is what I woke up this morning feeling in my spirit. God knows exactly what he is doing and i say HALLELUIAH!!! He is teaching me to rest, his peace is incredible!

    Be blessed today my friend, God is soooooo GOOD!!

  2. Doreen Tukezibwa says:

    Thank you sis Jamie for this encouraging and re-assuring prophetic word from father God. I believe it is my word, I receive it in my spirit – by Faith, Amen! Glory to God.

  3. Rhema word thank you Jesus!

  4. Yes! I needed to hear this so much. Thank you ❣️ I have been falling for the performance trap in more subtle ways. Lord, help me rest and walk in what you have for me today. Amen.

  5. Nancy Sires says:

    This word is spot-on and right on time. Thank you for encouraging me AGAIN! You are so in tune with Holy Spirit! Blessings to you and yours, Jaimie.

  6. Brenda L Payton says:

    Oh wow this is so right on! God has been healing me and I have been feeling better than I have for a long time. And yes, I have been gearing up to speed back up. I can clearly hear Papa Yah say, “Slow down, take it slow, & trust Me by depending & waiting on Me.” I hear you Papa Yah & I choose to get into the nest You have made for me & marinate in Your Goodness!!! Praise God!!!

  7. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Abba Father,you know me better than anyone else- even my husband,my children,my bosses etc.
    I received your MESSAGE LORD.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH.I will slow down my Father.You help me Lord.Amen!

  8. Gladys Mutungu says:

    Thank you Jamie. This speaks to me. Thank You LORD ABBA FATHER for this word to me. I submit. Let Your will prevail.

    God bless you Jamie and your family and ministry. Deeply appreciated.


  9. JohnScott says:

    yes Jamie, This word is so in-line with where i am right now.
    though, i have one link of the chain which used to hold me in shackles
    it to is weakening
    and will soon be broken
    when it falls to the ground
    useless ineffective
    i raise up my head
    from between my knees
    to look upon that pile of rusted metal so many broken links adorn
    just beneath His feet
    lifting my chin high
    i look my redeemer in His eye
    tears strown across my face
    as i embrace His heart with mine
    i go free now into confidence
    faith of the miraculous and wonderous joy overflowing
    love which casts out all fear
    pursuing and holding peace
    beyond understanding
    perfect harmony with all creation
    for the God of all grace
    who called me to His own
    eternal glory in Christ
    has Himself completed
    confirmed, strengthened
    and established me
    making me who i ought to be….
    Amen and Shaloam
    nothing missing nothing broken

  10. Oluwatobi says:

    Thanks so much Jamie, this is the word in season for me. I will rest in You my darling Jesus and trust the process. I will rest and await Your instructions

  11. Kedibone Celia Magooa says:

    Thank you Jammie for this prophecy, i believe that God is talking to me, i should take my time and rest as God is in control of my life, i don’t need to stress myself anymore. Thank you Jesus for this ministry Amen

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