My Testimony of a Paid-For House

Beloved, do you know that God wants YOU to have a paid-for house? It’s true. You can read more about how and why here, in this prayer for a paid-for house. But today, I want to share with you a testimony.

My testimony.

Testimony of a Paid-For House | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comSee this door in the photo above?
This door.

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    The house behind this door.

    It’s ours.
    All of it.

    Which really means it’s the Lord’s.

    And it’s paid for, in full, as of today.

    When we bought this house many years ago, we only had a little revelation about debt.

    We wanted to pay off all consumer debt like credit cards and student loans and car notes, but we didn’t have a revelation about ALL debt going against God’s will for us.

    So we bought the house. Zero down, actually, with a nice fat mortgage.

    With the help of the Lord, over several years, we paid off all our other debt and began to get more revelation from the Word of God as we studied His financial principles. And what we found in there surprised us: It is God’s will for us to keep out of debt COMPLETELY.

    Including the house.

    What a strange idea.

    So we prayed.

    My husband, Bruce, had an easier time understanding this than I did at first. I struggled with it. I thought it was too big a project to tackle. Funny thing: When we started paying off our smaller consumer debts, I was the one who wanted to do that most. But when it came to the house, my husband was the one who wanted to pay the house off and I didn’t really want to. I thought we’d never get there.

    But the Lord kept working. He gave us more understanding and conviction. I finally got on board several years ago. And although I have wanted to sell this house and move to a bigger, nicer, GLORY-BE-TO-GOD TIMBER FRAME HOME, or any home that would be a little bigger and meet the needs of our growing family, we couldn’t.

    Our conscience wouldn’t let us.

    Because Romans 13:8 says to keep out of debt and owe no man anything, except to love others. The Bible says the borrower is slave to the lender. And God’s Word teaches us that it is not His will for us to sign on a dotted line for a bank to be our Provider. HE ALONE is our Provider and our Source.

    And we wanted to honor Him.

    Sometimes we “wanted” to honor Him, that is; just being honest. Other times, we **chose** to honor Him—even though **I** was kicking and screaming.

    But, the Lord is gracious. He is merciful.

    Some months, we made progress. Other months, not so much. But in His grace and mercy, the Lord helped us get back on track each time we fell off. And we knew the payoff would be worth it—literally.

    So we prayed. We fasted. We sowed.

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    We tithed and paid advance tithe on money we were praying for, even when we had no idea where it would come from. We delved deeply into Proverbs and other books of the Bible so we could learn God’s ways about how to handle money and how to bring in income.

    My husband started working two jobs and has kept working two jobs for years, often staying up until midnight or later working at his second job. I worked two jobs for years. And we got serious about paying off this house.

    We began to throw every penny we could find at the mortgage.

    $100, $200, $1,000. Raises and bonuses from my husband’s job. We learned to travel with points so we wouldn’t have to spend much money on vacations. We cut back on expenses except for the things that mattered most to us. We decided to love our 2008 and 2011-model cars, instead of replacing them with newer models. We said “later” to the burning desire to buy a travel trailer, which my son and I really want.

    And we prayed. And tithed, first and foremost. And sowed seed offerings. And sowed some more. And worked.

    And worked.

    And worked some more.

    And believed God.

    And the balance went down and down. Sometimes crawling down, sometimes inching down, sometimes bounding down.

    And then came the day when it was time to call the bank for the payoff amount.

    That day was yesterday. The amount was going to be tight, but we could swing it.

    That day led to this day: This day, when we gathered around the phone with our son and explained to him that we have been paying someone else money to live in our house, but Jesus sent us the money so that now we could stop paying them and own the house completely, and it will be just Jesus’ house. And so, with little ears listening to the phone call that would change his life forever, we made the call.

    Made the payment.

    Paid off the house.


    Because GOD IS FAITHFUL.

    If you’ve read this story this far, let our story be a witness to you.

    What God has done for us, He will do for you if you follow the same path: Seek Him for His will. Pray and believe and sow and tithe like it depends only on God, and work like it depends on you.

    The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. What God does for one, He will do for another. What God has done for me, He will do for you too.

    Believe Him today!

    “For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified” (1 Corinthians 2:2, NKJV).

    This is my testimony. I pray it encourages you today.



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    1. Gwindolyn swearington says:

      JAMIE, I’m very happy to recieve this awesome news. Thank you for sharing. I never owned my own home. I’ve lived in apartments and rooms. I now live with my parents until I move back to Texas. I’m believing in my dream home, my Mediterranean home. Big mansion to be built on new land in Texas. I have the builders. But I’m believing in the impossible. God said in his word he will give you a house filled with good things.
      He want us to believe for it. Not pay for it. So now I’m following the principles. Have sown seeds and tithing continuously. Actually I’m stepping out on faith and will be going to visit the model home next month.

      Thank you so much for you being you and bringing much encouragement to us.

      I love you and I’m praying God with you

    2. I receive it! I receive it! I receive it in Jesus name. Father, have mercy on me and my husband and help us. We need our own mortgage free home and we just can’t do it without you. Help us through Your Spirit. As you did it for Jamie and Bruce and helped them work in unity, I pray for unity in my home so we can get what You have promised. I receive it again in Jesus name Amen.
      God bless you Jamie. I celebrate with you and your family. More abundance in Jesus name Amen.

    3. HALLELUJAH! Glory to God!!!
      Do it again for my family, Lord!!!
      We believe and receive it, in Jesus’ name!

    4. Hallelujah. Glory and honour to God. I partake that anointing in the name of Jesus

    5. Kimberly Kelly says:

      Jamie I was so blessed by your testimony…just wow….I am believing God for this very thing and your testimony has truly given me the confidence in knowing and believing that God is true to his word. I am believing God for the very house I am living in and to me at first I was feeling crazy to think that God could do such a big thing for little ole me. But He loves me and I believe in my heart that he can very well do the same for me. I know it, I speak it, I believe I will not allow anything to shake my faith in this. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless you!!!!!!

      1. He can do it! Speak it out; pray into it; create your reality with your faith! GOD’S WORD IS TRUE!!!! He is not a man that He should lie!

    6. Jamie, this is a wonderful testimony. Praise God you are no longer indebted to anyone and you fully own your house! What a great feeling! This is inspiration for me to do the same. I am just now in the process of buying a house, which in itself is a miracle from God, but my heart’s desire is to get it fully paid in as short a time as possible. Thank you so much for your encouragement and for sharing with us your journey with God. You are my #1 inspiration!

      Much love to you!

      1. Thank you! What God has done for me, He will most definitely do for you too!
        Love, Jamie

    7. Congratulations . Im so happy for you.
      I am trusting God for a house for so many years now.
      Thanks for sharing your testimony.

    8. Wow! praise God! Jamie that’s awesome news! I’m believing the Lord for my Paid for home thank you for sharing and encouraging us that nothing is impossible with GOD.!!

    9. Thank you so much for sharing this delightful testimony. I believe that the Lord will do the same for my hubster and me. In His name, Memarge:)

    10. Dear Jamie
      Several months ago I read about your prayer for a paid house. I remembered smiling because I never thought to pray like this. As I have,according to this world, a small income so it is actually impossible. I thought my route would be to save first and knew it might take years. My kids and I have been renting for years. Yet I started praying for a paid house. About 3 months ago I inherited a sum of money to buy a house. The exterior needs a lot of TLC. But the interior is beautiful. I paid it off a few days ago. On the 13th, to be accurate. Praise the name of Jesus. Once again, God is showing that He alone can do the impossible!! Please ladies on this blog praise and thank God with me.😁❤

      1. Shaam, I PRAISE GOD WITH YOU! Wow! He is ABLE to do exceedingly abundantly ABOVE all we could ever DARE to ask, hope, or think!
        Hallelujah to His name!!!!!
        Thank you for sharing!!!

    11. God be praised. To him that is able to do more than we can ever ask or think.
      Thank you for this testimony.
      I am also believing God for paid house too and I believe he that has done it before is able to do it again even for me.

    12. salee kimonyi says:

      God is faithful. i tap in the grace in jesus’ name

    13. I’m so very happy for you! I rejoice with you for your own owned Home!!!i Its so hard for me, I’m 67 and my working years are over, my years are not there to do this. I’m praying for a place at a mutual home. I own part, they own part. I struggle. Praying to grow in faith.

    14. Rejoicing with you and believing the same for myself and all who received this testimony as a prophetic word for themselves. Thank you Jesus.

    15. Thank you for this encouragement Jamie. My husband and I are believing for the very same thing. A nice big 5 bedroom house on beautiful land. I partake this annointing. Believing for the impossible. Be blessed Jamie

    16. Doreen Tukezibwa says:

      Many Congrats Sis Jamie on your fully paid for house. Praise God, Halleluiah! Thanks for sharing your testimony with us. I believe that God has also given me and my husband a fully paid for house to the glory of His name. Amen!

    17. Matshepo Seletswane says:

      Congratulations Jamie on your home! I receive mine in Jesus Name!

    18. Karen Secrest says:

      The thing that struck me most was being diligent in working. I know so many who want the zoo”gifts” without working or cutting back and tithing and giving and gaining Wisdom thru study.
      Kenneth Copeland first taught me this out of debt years ago. I am now doing debt free again and it takes discipline. It is hard many times when “I want” and the answer is NO.
      My Father knows what is best. A want was given after a. time at Half Price. We had a wonderful picnic in the mountains for Mothers Day.. a he as rt felt, joyful time.

    19. Glory and honour be to God.
      I partake this anointing in the name of Jesus. May the holy spirit give me a Paid for house in the name of Jesus Christ of the Nazareth

    20. I too am fasting, praying, tithing, sowing seed, praising, and believing GOD for our paid for house! Thank You, Father! Hallelujah!

    21. Joyce Birmingham says:

      I’m trusting for a complete miracle since I have no mortgage or substantial resources as a starting point. God is able.

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