Prayer for a Paid-For House

Is your housing situation less than adequate? Do you dream of a better, safer, more spacious, and most importantly of all, PAID-FOR house? If so, I want to help you build your faith today for the Lord’s provision in your housing. So, pray this prayer for a paid-for house (below) with me, and believe God’s promises!

First, should you really believe for something so big as a paid-for house?

Answer: YES.

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    Why? For many reasons, but here’s one that came as a HUGE revelation to me a few months ago:

    Jesus said we are to pray “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

    And you know what? In Heaven, you have a great, big MANSION. Not just a little cabin or a tiny she-shed. Not just a little man-cave shed to live in. No, you have a golden mansion encrusted with jewels. Everything in your mansion in Heaven is the finest of the fine …

    … and it’s paid-for.

    Your house in Heaven is paid for by the blood of Jesus. It’s paid for by His grace.

    You didn’t have to earn it. (There’s nothing you could have done that would even be good enough to earn it anyway.) You didn’t have to labor or sweat for it. You didn’t have to save for years to get it. You didn’t have to do anything awful or hard, and it didn’t take you twenty-five years to receive it.

    You received your paid-for MANSION in Heaven in one moment: at the moment you gave your life to Jesus. In that very moment, everything God has–including a mansion just for you in Heaven–became yours.

    All by the blood of Jesus.

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    If you’re to pray that EVERYTHING on earth is supposed to look like Heaven …

    … and if you have a beautiful, paid-for home in Heaven …

    … and if you didn’t have to do anything to get that home except receive Jesus as your Savior, and it’s all provided by His grace …

    … then doesn’t that mean that you should, very literally, have a totally paid-for, beautiful house here on the earth–also provided by grace? Also bought and provided to you–PAID FOR–by the blood of Jesus?

    Of course it does!

    So you need to believe God for a paid-for house.

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    I don’t know what kind of house you dream of; but whatever that is, you need to believe God for it. Also, you need to pray for it often. Your prayers give the Lord permission to operate on your behalf on the earth.

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    God uses this ministry every day to change the lives of readers like you. Click here to sow a financial seed into today’s word, and be sure to pray over your seed–and then speak to your seed and tell it what to come up as–when you do! All glory be to God Most High!

    So are you ready to pray and believe? If so, pray this prayer for a paid-for house with me:

    “Father God, I come before You in Jesus’ name.

    Father, I’m so thankful for where I live now. Thank you for providing for me and keeping me alive. Thank You for granting me shelter, clothes to wear, and food to eat. You are so good to me, and it’s all by Your grace; I certainly don’t deserve it. But You saved me, made me right with You by the blood of Jesus, and filled me with Your Spirit. You provide for all my needs, and I can’t thank You enough.

    Abba Father, Your Word says that I have not because I ask not. You also said that we should not ask wrongly, but that we should ask for the right reasons, not so we can consume things in lust.

    Father, I am thankful for where You’ve already given me to live. However, I also have a special request to make of You today, and I know that You’ll listen.

    Father, my prayer today is for a beautiful, paid-for house to live in.

    Abba, before I tell You about my request–even though I know You already know it–I want to tell You why I’m asking for this today.

    Lord, I’m asking You for a paid-for house today because Your Word says that he who comes to God must believe that You exist, and that You are the rewarder of them that diligently seek You (Hebrews 11:6). I do believe You exist, and I am seeking You diligently; and I believe You will reward me.

    I’m asking because Your Word says that, if I delight myself in You, You will give me the desires of my heart (Psalm 37:4) … and a paid-for house is the desire of my heart.

    I’m asking because You said I have not because I ask not (James 4:2-3).

    I definitely don’t want to go without for the sake of not asking! I’m going to be bold and ask, Father!

    I’m asking because Your Word says that I should come BOLDLY before the throne of grace, where I may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need (Hebrews 4:16).

    I’m asking because You said that I should ask, and I will receive. I should seek, and I will find. I should knock, and the doors will be opened to me (Matthew 7:7-8). You said that anyone who asks receives; and he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. So I’m definitely asking!

    Father, Your Word also says that Jesus purchased the right for me to live in a PERFECT state of shalom: “nothing missing, nothing broken.”

    Your Word says that You will keep me in perfect shalom peace if my mind is stayed on You. My mind IS stayed on You, Lord, for I trust in You.

    Your Word says that You, Jesus, are my Prince of Peace. You provide peace everywhere You go. So I believe You can and will bring me into a place of shalom–nothing missing, nothing broken–right now.

    Your Word also says that the chastisement that gives me peace was upon YOU.

    That means the punishment and chastising I deserve for buying this house, renting this house, or arriving in this place through my own bad decisions has already been paid for. Yes, I deserve to be punished. I shouldn’t have made the decisions I did, and I deserve to suffer the consequences.

    But Jesus, the chastisement that gives me peace was upon You.

    That’s what Your Word says. So even though, yes, I deserve to suffer long enough and try to work my way out of this mess, Your Word says that You are so good–and You love me SO much–that You went ahead and took those penalties for me, too, Jesus.

    So Jesus, I repent for those decisions that I made that were against Your will.

    I confess that I made the mistakes that got me into this mess (insert mistakes here as needed). I confess my disobedience and bad stewardship to You.

    Forgive me, Abba Father. Cover me with the blood of Jesus, and fill me with Your Holy Spirit where that was. Change my heart, Lord, and help me to make every decision for You–and with Your wisdom–from now on.

    Thank You, Lord God Almighty, for forgiving me by Your grace. Thank You for washing away these decisions from me–and the need for me to be punished and chastised for them–as far as the east is from the west. Thank You for covering me and my bad decisions with the blood of Jesus.

    Thank You for forgiving me, Lord.

    Father, I know Your promise of shalom peace applies to me because my living situation is broken right now.

    Shalom peace means “nothing missing and nothing broken.” And I’m thankful for the shelter You have provided for me, Lord, but it’s broken and I can’t work my way out of it. It doesn’t meet my family’s needs. It doesn’t meet our needs for:

    • space of our own;
    • privacy;
    • orderliness and organization;
    • space to grow and play;
    • space to cook and prepare my family’s meals;
    • warmth in the winter and cool refreshment in the summer;
    • safety; or
    •    (insert any other area in which your current housing situation is broken)    .

    So because this house doesn’t meet my family’s needs, and because (even though I’m grateful for it) this place is not a place of peace and shalom, I claim Your promises for a place of peace and shalom. I lift this prayer for a paid-for house up to You today.

    Lord, I believe that You paid the price for us to have a paid-for home that does meet our needs.

    You said that You are my Shepherd, and that I shall not lack. I believe You desire to provide my family and I with a place that does allow us to live in a perfect state of shalom. And I thank You for our paid-for house, Lord.

    So Father God, here’s what I desire in my paid-for house–and here’s what I’m asking You for today:

    (Describe your paid-for house to the Lord here. What’s the vision in your heart and spirit? Tell Him all about it.)

    Father, I thank You that You are alive and hearing my prayer. You are God from everlasting to everlasting. You are He who is, and who was, and who is to come. Nothing is too big for You, and nothing is a surprise for you.

    So Abba Father, I want to thank You for my paid-for house right now. 

    Thank You for providing me with a place to live, debt-free:

    • Thank You for providing me with a place of perfect peace and shalom.
    • Thank You for providing all I need, according to your RICHES in glory in Christ Jesus.
    • Thank You for my new house, or for making the changes I need made to THIS house and paying it off completely (whatever You want, Lord).
    • Thank You for giving me houses I did not build, vineyards I did not plant, and wells I did not dig.

    Lord, You are more than enough for me.

    I’m content in You, for all my fountains are in You. You have and ARE everything I need. But Father, You commanded that I should ask You for the desires of my heart. These desires aren’t idols, Lord; YOU are the only One I worship. But they are desires, so I believe You will give them to me because Your Word says You will.

    Thank You, Father. I believe You; I believe Your Word; I receive Your promises; and I receive. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.”

    Did you pray this prayer for a paid-for house with me? Did you feel your faith rising up as you prayed? If so, leave a comment below–and print this prayer out and pray it often!

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    1. I can’t wait to see the totally paid for house God is giving me! Thank You Lord!!

      1. Thank you God for my paid for home.

        1. Thank you God for my fully paid for home.

          1. Thank you Lord for the chance to have a debt or rent free home which will be near all family…thank you eternally…

            1. Von Johnson says:

              Thanks for praying with me for my debt free paid off house. I believe and thank God for it even though I can’t see it right now I know it’s on the way. In Jesus Name Amen

            2. Thank you for my paid home

        2. Cleopatra says:

          Thank you Jesus for my paid for house and my hearts desire 🙏

          1. MarYvonne says:

            Yes I RECEIVE THIS!!! I have opportunity to now receive a paid for home. The prayer came at the perfect time. I believe this is Gods home and will for me and my little one

            1. This has been my prayer since this year started. I believe i receive in Jesus name.

            2. Love Fountain says:

              Thank you for this prayer! My family and I have have been believing for a home debt free and I will be mindful to come back and share our testimony once we receive it. I am claiming it now, receiving it now in Jesus name!🙏❤

            3. Thank you Lord for our paid for home that meets all of our needs for our growing family! We will use this home to not only raise our children, but to minister and spend time with the people you place on our path. Thank you for new doors opening and that we will be seeing the work of your hands putting this together for us over the next few months. We will use this experience as a testimony of who You are. Amen 🙏

            4. Thank you for my paid house and heart desires

          2. Cicily Karreem FOUSE says:


            1. Thank you for my paid for home God! AMEN!

        3. Thank you Lord for my totally paid for house ! We love you Abba ! You are our way maker and provider .
          Thank you for giving us the desires of our heart ! We bless you and pray in Jesus sweet name !
          Thank you for this amazing prayer !

          1. valarie sherrill says:

            Thank you Father, you are a on time God always giving me the desires of my heart. A paid for house is a desire I am. believe you for with no sorry added, I think you and praise you you in advance in Jesus mighty name. Amen

        4. Stephanie Wilson says:

          Thank you Lord for me and my husband’s brand new paid for home and the desires of our heart.

      2. Oneita Turner says:

        Thank u Father God for my paid for house 🏠 I claim n receive it in Jesus name Amen

        1. Thank you Father for blessing us all with the desires of our hearts. Thank you Holy Spirit for speaking to us through Jamie encouraging us to continue to pray with faith and complete trust that you will always provide our needs. May God bless us and keep us all, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

          1. Amen. God is Good and His words never fail us. He is Jehovah Jireh and the Great I Am. He is the God of abundance and freely He gives and freely we receive by His grace. Amen

            1. Thank you God for my PAID FOR HOME!

          2. I’m expecting a move of God and I’m going to be in that move. I need this paid for house to house and minister to lost souls in Jesus Name.

            1. I’m so glad I’ve found this blog! I didn’t know how to pray and now I know – thank you God for increasing my Faith! Thank You for our paid for houses in Jesus Name 🙏🏽❤ I cannot wait to share this huge testimony – thank you for Your Love and Grace.

      3. Swahili Jackson says:

        I can not tell you how on time the word from God is for me right now! Lord I love you so much I thank you so much Jamie for this word. I don’t just believe I KNOW that I have a paid for house. Thank you Jesus I praise you holy father God.
        In great expectations,
        Swahili Jackson

      4. EDLA KANDJAVERA says:

        I thank God for paid house in advance believing its done in Jesus mighty name Amen SHALOM

      5. Edla Kandjavera says:

        I thank God for a paid House I am moving into it in the name of Jesus Is paid by the blood of Jesus Christ Amen I claim it I believe it It is done In Jesus mighty

      6. Thank you Lord for my paid-up home. God bless you Jamie

        1. Thank you father that the current uncertain, insecure situation with my home is going to be resolved and you are giving me and my family peace and safety and security in your arms. You are good. God bless you Jamie for your precious heart. You ministry is such a blessing to me. Praying that The Lord will bless your going out and your coming in forever.

        2. Sharon Grimstead says:

          Thank you Jesus for my Paid In Full house this Month 2021 !

      7. I am atbsokuteky shocked!
        Jamie you are a Woman of God!
        I am currently praying for a home; I live in a bachelor apartment on the first floor without a balcony so all I gave to move in during this lockdown in South Africa is my room and I long for a home with a lounge and a dining room and a garden to plant stuff work in the garden especially now during this lock down being locked in confined.
        I prayed this prayer with you and I started tearing as I felt the Spirit touch me.
        I just know Father God heard my otter and I will show my happiness and joy when I am in my home.

        1. Thank you lord for my fully paid for house in advance I claim it right now in the name of jesus christ. I pray that you will continue bless Jamie and her family and ministry.

      8. Latishia Rawls says:

        Thank You ABBA Father for my beautiful amazing fully paid home!…

        1. Thank you LORD GOD for my fully paid house/home debt to be freed soon. I am truthfully believing that GOD is so good and provide is with all we need and giving us a fully paid house. Shalom

      9. Laura Michelle OMalley says:

        I’m thankful for this prayer I’m thankful that my Lord has given us shelter and provided so much for us even in our hard sometimes even when we felt we didn’t deserve it. I’m thankful that this house will be ours that it will be paid for and it will have no worries if paying it off I am thankful and I thank you Lord for this house that we will receive and I can’t wait to see my children grow up in our paid for house and my husband and I grow old in our paid for house it Jesus precious name amen

      10. Felecia van says:

        Amen thankyou lord I receive my paid for home in Jesus name I receive it and amen and amen

      11. I receive this blessing in the name of Jesus Christ.

      12. Praise be to the Most High God. Indeed my faith has been lifted after I prayed this prayer. I believe and trust God for my new paid in full house which is filled with perfect peace and love. I have already went and view the house more than one and trust in God that He will provide and supply my needs to pay the house and live a debt free life with my beautiful and blessed family. Thank you Father, I believe and I receive the blessings of God in Jesus name, Amen 🙏🏽

      13. Monica F. Walters-WolfeHart says:

        What do we do when we know we need to change something about our lives but we already have been doing it. I am just going to come right out and say this because I know I am not the ONLY one struggling with this… So it has been put upon me that Halloween is an evil holiday for us, and that we should no longer celebrate it. I am struggling with this concept, because it is so innocent seeming and because as far as escapes go it is one of my favorite things to dress up, and to celebrate Halloween. It is easily my favorite holiday. And YES I KNOW where it came from and it’s history and everything. That is classic Lucifer deception that it is such a fun and silly thing yet we are celebrating and worshipping him, and in so doing saying we are agreeing that we are okay with the evil parts of this holiday that we easily ignore… Because we don’t do that. But as we know the more we know we have to change to suit that knowledge. But one of the things I have recently discovered from my studies is that in celebration of Halloween we forfit our birthright in the kingdom of heaven. That’s some serious trickery. What I can’t figure out is how to recover that birthright. Is it the same as others, or is it like Jacob and Esau? I am concerned for my soul and my childrens souls… I need some guidance on how to recover from this mistake.

      14. New Era GREEN blessings and beyond be upon you. Jamie, I cannot convey HOW much you have been in the vein of Abba😭‼️ Thank you for your sensitivity in the spirit. I BELIEVE GOD IN YOU THROUGH THIS WORD‼️I am IN THE PRESENT MOMENT TRUSTING ABBA FOR WHAT HAS BEEN RELEASED!! I PRAYED THAT BOLD PRAYER🔥🔥🔥 Not only that Jamie, before 2019 Abba spoke to me about it being a New Era. So ever since that time I greet people with “NEW ERA GREEN BLESSINGS AND BEYOND!”

        Then back on Jan 3, while driving home Abba spoke the word “green” to me. I said Abba what are you saying?! He then begin to unfold what He meant by it and STILL unfolding! One of the things was pertaining to land!!!!!! When you started releasing these words my mind was totally blown🤯🤯! So much so, I sowed into that release to your Cashapp from $MyKloset. SUCH CONFIRMATION!! I have been weeping at every word that you release because I know for sure that you are in the heart of Abba!!

        Thank you for planting beautiful seeds into the Kingdom of God!
        I love you with the love of Abba

        May He continue to bless you and multiply you and everything that you do for Him.

        In His Love,

      15. Judith Wright says:

        This is so on time! Thank you Jamie for your obedience in so many ways! I’m encouraged because my faith is strengthened. I’m awaiting a call for an interview with the Housing Trust’ , I turned them down 3 years ago, because I didn’t like the area and now the price has doubled in that same area. I want my paid for house in my current community which is better, but more costly. Thank you for this encouragement. Be forever blessed!

      16. Shalonda Elder says:

        Lord I believe you!!! Thank you for my paid in full house. My debt free house!!

        1. Thank you for this revelation. Thank You Lord for bringing this. My all time prayer! I believe and I know that we have received. God bless you Jamie!

      17. Cassandra says:

        Thank you for this prayer and all the other prayers that are helping me to increase my vocabulary in prayer. Blessings to you.

      18. Latishia Rawls says:

        Thank You Dad for my paid for House! I receive it by faith🙌🏽👏🏽 Glory to God!!! Hallelujah… Glory Glory Glory🙌🏽👏🏽 Thank You Thank You Thank You 😊

      19. Claudette Turner says:

        Thank you God for my paid for house and income properties.

      20. Depree Pounds says:

        Hallelujah !!! I am believing God for a paid for house!!! Hallelujah!!!! I have made poor choices in the past. My family and I were evicted in 2013, then lived at my parent’s house. We soon found out the demonic present that resided there. We fled. We lived in the camp ground. We squatted. We slept in our van. Then we lived in a house that should have been condemned. Glory to God . We repented for our poor stewardship. Then we were part of a program and we were able to move into a 644 square foot apartment with our five children. God called me to homeschool. I had asked myself what if we could live in a place that was already provided for. I felt ashamed for asking. But God kept that seed in my heart. Today, I saw this email and I was so surprised. I am not saying “what if” anymore. I am truly believing God for a a paid for 🏠 house!!!!! Thank you Lord Jesus!!!!

      21. Bridgette Houston says:

        I’m so excited for the house that I will be moving into. This was a on time Word, I was talking to God about this very concern. Thank you Jesus. My hands are highly lifted to receive this long time promise that I have been waiting to see, touch and feel.

      22. Kerisha Sumpter says:

        Sister Jamie outstanding prayer I felt the anointing and most of all I know that II know He was listening and received this word base prayer because He honor His word above His Name-Ps 138. Now I only rejoice because it is already done. Sister you taught me something great, you asked and prayed from a stance of victory and It is Finished Word from The Cross-Wow. Thank You. I will give a $ seed just to recognize and Honor God. Thank You again.

      23. The best prayer I could’ve prayed. Thank you so much. My faith was and still is rising as I type. To God be the Glory and may He continue to bless you and keep you. 🙏🏿 Thank you Father for my fully paid house! Amen

      24. I thank God for my paid for house

      25. Lorenza Passarella says:

        I’ve been believing and praying 🙏 for my house I’m living in for 20 years to be Paid in Full!! Now!! In Jesus name!!
        I pray for the manifestation of my prayer to come to pass Now suddenly!!
        The devil stole from me
        Put me lidigation with my father over this house years
        God receives The Glory for saving my house I Won!!
        God is not finished yet with this house my home He has graciously Saved fir me!!
        Now House be Paid in Full !! Today!!
        The thief has been caught
        he owes me 7 folds and double portion!! Monies time etc!!
        Glory be to God!! Amen 🙏

      26. Mpumelelo says:

        Thank you Father for my house, a discent home for my children, where we live a dignified life and have enough space.Amen.

      27. Yolanda Wright says:

        I am so glad I prayed for a paid for house.

      28. Connie Anderson says:

        I Believe and Receive my big beautiful Paid For House in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen

      29. MARIA HLABANE says:

        Thank you very much for the prayer for the house and all prayers you send to Maria is so good.
        Please keep on praying for Maria.

    2. Glory to God. Thank you Lord for the beautiful new d re eam home paid in full in Jesua name. Thank you you are restoring to my loved ones and aI all we lost including our home,townhome,businesses,jobs. career,lost time,finances,opportunities,all,one hundred million times over increase,favor,blessings protection,opportunities,breakthrough,provision,wisdom,protectio,no weapon form against us shall prosper, you will rebuke every tongue that comes Gainst us,all we lost is restored in this now season to your glory in Jesua name. Amen. Hallelujah. Show yourself might on our behalf make a way where there seems no way. Amen.Thank you for your fervent prayers. XO

      1. CHARMAINE BOOKER says:


    3. I am thankful for my beautiful-paid for home!!!

      1. This is definitely the spirt of God. Today I’ve been fasting and this is one of my prayer point. For a bigger house for me and my family, it’s 7 of us living in a 2 bedroom. And I been praying for a bigger house for so long now. I know this is for me I receive it by the blood of Jesus I will have my new how paid for thank you Elohim. 🙏🏼

    4. Thank you Jamie for this powerful prayer. For the last 7 months I’ve been declaring that “my home mortgages are supernaturally paid off”and your prayer is another key tool to make it happen.

    5. God bless you Jamie. I have been praying for a while now for a mortgage free beautiful house. I even looked for the kind of house that I want in the market. And everyday, I pray and claim it as mine.
      This prayer has given me more guidance on how to keep praying for that. Thank you so much

    6. I have been praying and believing God for a home to raise our children and freely worship God and serve him. My faith has been strengthened by this prayer.
      Thank you

      1. ABBA FATHER, thank you for placing this powerful, faith-filled prayer upon Jamie’s heart. And thank you for our debt-free dream home that you have built and designed for us and will reign over.
        Jamie, GOD took the desires of my husband and I hearts and used our desires to design and built our dream home in August of 2020. FATHER GOD revealed it to us November of 2020 as it will still be completed. FATHER GOD even allowed us to express to our builder how we desired for some rooms, doors, fixtures, landscaping, walkway, and driveway to look. I was blessed to choose the back splash for our kitchen and the paint and stain for our stairway ( 1.5 story, 5 bedrooms 3.5 baths). Furthermore, we have laid hands on the walls and grounds to claim what is ours in JESUS NAME. My husband and I are now waiting for FATHER GOD to release the finances we need to buy our dream home debt-free and to finally, Officially receive our keys and “Go in and possess the land.” We are praying it is our FATHER’S will to close on our dream home he built for us before July 4, 2021…this is the day we desire to have our housewarming/home blessed/family cook-out to reveal our blessing to our family and associates.

    7. Thank you for this prayer. I have been believing God for this miraculous blessing.

    8. CHRISTINE says:

      precious Jamie, thank you so so much for this wonderful prayer, because of this prayer i believe actually really more again, for my supenatural miracle house .i actually have given it over to God & said well what He wants,have given up on believing for a house with a lovely garden,where we can have cats i & my son so love.but faith came back for this again . this we r in now wwill be pulled down , & i m a single mum, i need a really a supernatural miracle paid house.i couldnt work also til now because of what i went trough. i trust Abba Father for a far brighter future,& the supenatural miracle beautiful house.
      love you & all of your prayers are so helpful to me, even tough i cant print them out , but the give me comfort.thank you for what your doing for Jesus.

    9. This Word is right for the season. I have been praying for a paid for house for me and my family for some time now. I thank the Lord who delights in the prosperity of His servants. Thank you LORD for the paid for 4 bedroom house with furniture and fixtures with a guest suite. Thank you Lord that it is in a good neighborhood with a good church home where the name of Jesus is exalted and a good kids ministry led by Spirit. Thank for good christain schools and good convenant Christian friends for me and my family. Thank you Lord for providing for us also to pay all the monthly house bills. Thank you for new better jobs that bless our family. Thank you for hearing and answering in Jesus name, Amen.

    10. This is so timely I started crying praying it because it’s confirmation I will be blessed with a home. I have been in a domestic violence safe house for 6 months and I’m so thankful but my desire is to have my own for my four kids and I. Thank you God for blessing us!

    11. Steven James says:

      I have already been praying for a paid-up house so this is a further move towards it. I know beyond doubt that we will get the house of our dreams from God. We are His children and serve Him in ministry.

      God bless you

      Steven James

    12. Yes, This is a good and timely word and prayer. My living arrangement has been extremely volatile for a very long time. 2 years volatile. The only way …the absolute only way for me to have a paid for home of my own is the Sovereign Act of God. Nobody has a clue as to how I live. Or what I have had to endure. I’ve been crying out for a home of my own for a long time. So, this post today is so encouraging. It’s spot on. And when I prayed it I could feel His manifest presence. The desire of my heart is a home and land of my own. Where I have my own bedroom and am not sleeping on a twin mattress on a living room floor. Where I can sit on the porch looking out at the pond, and can have my grandchildren come for visits, and have friends over to worship Jesus. Where I can have a kitchen that always stays clean, as well as the rest of the home. Where there’s not one pine tree surrounding my house but maples and oaks. Where I can have a garden, and have private land. Where there’s a min 3 bdrms, 2.5 baths, finished basement, etc… and if I wanted to have a cat I could. Where I could decorate it and not be living in a constant mess of others debris. And it to be an inheritance for my children. A place called home. No more homelessness. Thank You Papa God.

      1. Donna, I believe with you. So be it in Jesus name.

    13. Hi Jamie
      Thank you for speaking into my life. i firmly believe this revelation
      “And when that faith wells up in you, you need to sow a seed. And going forward, when any revelation strikes you from any ministry or from the Word itself through the power of Holy Spirit, know this: sow a seed.” AMEN

    14. Cecilia Ramirez says:

      Amen! Thank You for your on time Word! I’ve been believing for my paid for house a year now. Thank You for standing with me! I am standing with You also. He will do it! We give You all the glory Father! Hallelujah! Amen & Amen!

      1. Lakesha Braxton says:

        Thank you. I believe and accept that my newly constructed house will be paid off before I move into it. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


    15. I have been praying this for along time and more diligently here lately so I am thankful To connect with you in faith and agree in prayer for my family and yours a debt free paid for house in Jesus name Amen

    16. Thank you so much for this prayer. I’m living in a place I don’t want to be in. It’s not my home and there are just many things that have turned my life where I didn’t think I’d be. I receive and believe this prayer and I believe God will move. Life is very hard for me right now. I pray for your ministry and God blesses you abundantly!

    17. A paid off home has been on my mind for as long as I can remember. I’m currently renting a townhome that I so want to be mine. I have had this on my mind for months and suddenly you post a prayer about it. I will say this prayer daily and stand on Gods word that this home already belongs to me.

      Thank you Jamie and God Bless,

      1. Thank you Father for my paid for house.

    18. We serve an all powerful GOD amen!!

    19. When I opened up my email and saw this my heart leaped. This is what I have prayed for quite a few times before, a paid for home. Wow! I believe God is speaking to me, and I receive it in Jesus name, Amen! Thank you for this prayer, for the word from the Lord. God bless!

    20. Tess White says:

      We agree and receive EVERYTHING that You have for us, Lord Jesus. Thank You Father God for Your mercy, grace, kindness, and LOVE. Our dream house is on the way and we walk in Your Promises Lord, with wisdom to be used by You and for You, for Your Kingdom and for Your Glory!
      Thank you, Jamie. We pray that you and your family receive your heart’s desires from The Lord as well. We thank The Lord for leading us to the ministry that He has entrusted to you. You serve Him so well and represent His Kingdom amazingly. God bless you! Amen.

    21. Jowanda Lucas says:

      Thank You Father for a paid for house. In Jesus name amen

      1. Katie Cuff says:

        Thank you Lord Gid Jesus, I know I have to follow your guidance and listen to your signs thank you everybody for the comments it makes my faith stronger

    22. Patricia McNeil says:

      Thanks Jamie for this powerful word. I am tired of paying rent. Truly, God word says, he will give us houses we did not build. People think I am crazy for believing this. God gave me a nice car in 2004. I didn’t even know the young lady. She ministered at my church. God had her to inquire of me. She was retiring from the Pentagon. God is awesome. We have to sow into where we want to go.

      1. Carlyn-Blossom Dixon says:

        Thank you Lord we believe your word and celebrate the victory for a paid off home in Jesus’s mighty name!

    23. Thank you Jesus for a home that is totally paid for in the area I need to be. It’s been along time & I’m ready to receive it now in Jesus name. I also thank you that I can pay any expenses that I need to maintain it. Praise the Lord that I can have fellowship with like minded people in my new home.

    24. Shailaja Abraham. says:

      Thank you Father God for the paid for house already been prepared and yet to occupy For a long time we were discussing about the whole family Who are staying away in different ditricts and states wanted to Stay together under one roof.
      Thank you Jamie for the timely word of God 🙏. Definitely we pray for it in Jesus mighty name.Amen.
      God bless you and your family.

    25. This is my birthday word and what I originally asked God for as a gift! I remember and I receive it!! A paid for house in mine and my mom’s name perfect SHALOM
      Thank you Father

    26. April Brown says:

      Thank you woman of God, for sharing what the Word of thd Lord. This prayer has ignited my faith and really resonated with my spirit. It forced me to look at my lack of wisdom and the bad decisions I made around my finances. It brought so much confirmation as my Pastors have been praying and teaching on finances debt and using wisdom and God’s intellect in navigating them. I believe God for what man thinks is impossible. I believe God for the provision for my paid for house and I thank and trust that He can do it. I will print out this prayer and continue to pray over it. Thank you Prophetess for your obedience.

    27. Vicki G Reinhardt says:

      Jesus, I thank you thank I’m debt free from my current mortgage. And I receive the blessing that can only come from you.And for my new home that I’m about to receive. Thank you Lord!

    28. Georgekutty P.A says:

      I thank the Lord for my paid house. I believe the Lord is guiding us for the New house and we are praying for it.
      The Lord is changing our present broken situation and believing for nothing missing nothing broken.
      Amen .

    29. Heavenly Father, I thank you in advance for giving me a paid for home and blessing me in a mighty way with the best of the best. I love you Abba YAH. Thank you sister, for this article and this lovely prayer.

    30. Dan Mbugua says:

      Thank you Jesus for my paid for faith has been lifted and i know God Is The Great I AM and He Will Surely Give me the desires of my heart.I take this Rhema Word and believe in my heart that my house is on the way.Thank you Woman of God for all that you are doing for the Kingdom.May Jehovah Reward you in Jesus Mighty Name.

    31. Sharon Schlabach says:

      Just what I needed! I believe I receive it! In Jesus name amen!

    32. Beverly Richardson says:

      Thank you Jesus for this on time prayer. I already visited my new house and had been praying and anointing it in the name of Jesus. By faith in Jesus I have received it.

      It is awesome when you can go to your DADDY and ask for your desires and He will give you those desires because of his great love for you.

      By faith I received and thank you in advance. Love you Jesus


    34. Thank you Abba Father for my beautiful paid for craftsman style house, with beautiful lighting, big open windows that allow me to see your creation around me, where I can fill the rooms and walls with music and prayers that worship you, where guests can come and feel the shalom of your presence. My paid for house will bring glory and honor to you Father and I praise you for it!! Amen!

    35. Isabel B Reyes says:

      I am amazed by how God is constantly giving me ways and people to provide me answers from God about my concerns. This “paid for house” prayer is just what I really need to pray for my family. It has been hard and very stressful for everyone of my family and it’s time to move and have our own place. God knows what everyone of us is going through right now and God is good.I know that He will provide us this need for the right reasons most especially His Love for me and my family. God is a God of order and not a God of confusion. I believe his ways are better than ours and will provide one that we will all share the peace we all need.

    36. I believe and receive the answer to the above-prayer for my ‘paid for house’ in Jesus name. Amen!!

    37. BRIDGETTE HENRY says:

      This pray is just what God led me to. I have been praying for my dream home and believing God for it. I started to cry when reading this prayer because it is just God speaking to me letting me know and confirming that it on the way my child. I am so thankful for you obedience to God for writing my prayer. I will be reading this prayer everyday. It truly was God that I ran across this prayer today . ITS HIS WAY OF ASSURANCE. THANK YOU MY Heavenly Father !!


      1. I Receive our Paid Family Home!. Thank You Lord!

    38. Georgekutty P.A says:

      Thank you Lord for my paid for my house. We are already praying for a new house to complete this year and praising God in the new house. This prayer is very helpful for us .I request you too stand with us in your prayer .Thank you.

    39. I believe God that he will give us cities we did not build, houses full of good things our hands did not provide, wells we did not dig and vineyards we did not plant. Be it unto us according to your word…Amen.

    40. we need this thank-you,Jamie!

    41. K Christian says:

      I am praying for paid for house for my kids and me.

    42. Georgekutty P.A says:

      Thank you Jamie for this meaningful prayer for the paid for house.

    43. Rev. Sophia Snyder says:

      I thank God for a paid in full present home, and for a church building and for totally paid for by God’s provision for seminary and where ever that is and to have all details known to me and my husband in Jesus name Amen

    44. Thank you Lord for clearing all debt to my property and removing the foreclosure that’s in process with the bank. I thank you Father God for your blessing of perfect peace Shalom.

    45. IRMA NORTJE says:

      Amen, thank you for the paid for house for me and my family to Glorify the Lord, for a safe haven.
      Thank you Jamie, God bless you and your family in abundance

    46. Rashidat Kassim says:

      I receive this prayer by faith in Jesus Christ and I claim it all of its peomisiss for me and my seeds. This prayer popped up just at the right perfect time as I have been believing God for a paid house for me and my seeds as a single mum. The enemy has lost this battle and my Redeemer has won victoriously for us. May the Lord continue to use you Jamie for the glory of His Kingdom. May He continue to bless your ministry and be of obedient to Him in Jesus Name amen. Thank You Lord for prayers answered. I will be back to give my testimony in Jesus Name amen

    47. Jamie your so precious; This is literally been on my heart especially during the last few days; The Lord knows everything! thank you, father, for my new paid- dream home. I’m believing you for my family and myself were there’s your shalom peace, space, and protection. Nothing is impossible for those who believe; Thank you lord and thank you, Jamie, for her obedience, in Jesus name amen.

    48. Dear Jamie
      Thank you for this prayer. We are very near to retirement but we do not own a house. We have been praying for it.We are renting at the moment. It is not easy to hold cell group meetings in this house.Please continue standing with us in prayer for a paid-for house.May the Lord bless you

    49. Pray for this blessing and restoration. Narcissistic and abusive husband left me and daughter in trailer that needs repairs. He moved in with another woman. The trailer has a mortgage even though he lies and tells people he gave it to us. Struggling to pay and may lose since in his name.
      I prayed the prayer for cheating husband and to reverse unjust situations. Also have asked God to build hedge of thorns around husband. He is manipulative and having people support him in his lies. He recently delayed child support. Abba Father protect us from the evil one, expose the lies, reverse the situations, and restore what was stolen from us. Blessings and miracles to all who ask. Amen

    50. Jamie I had unsubscribed from your emails because they are so many and I can’t keep up reading them. When I come home at the end of a long day, work in surgeons office, the last thing I want to do is check my personal email. Somehow I received this prayer for a “prayer for a paid for house” and I opened it. Can I tell you what a blessing this is? I have been praying for a house and am very specific in my prayer. Your bullet points that speak of the current home not meeting our needs and what I’m looking for are my specific needs. I sat here in total awe and wonder of how He moves in our lives. I had to repent for unsubscribing from your emails. Thank you for your faithfulness and hard work for the kingdom and I pray the Lord provide your needs for the paid for Retreat log cabin you are believing for. May God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and give you peace Shalom.

      1. Hi, sweet friend, thanks for reading! Thanks for reading today’s email. 🙂 I send the emails I do because I disciple people through relationship. I completely understand if my particular style isn’t your cup of tea, but I’d love to have you in our active community if it is!
        Love and blessings,

    51. Matshepo Seletswane says:

      OH Jamie truly God sent me to your ministry. You won’t believe that I have believing God for a paid house for years now and in this season the fire in me has been too much that I have started viewing houses with no money to buy them and houses I cannot even afford with my salary but the houses that I truly desire. When I saw your email about this I was in awe at how God hears and answered our prayers. I truly believe God wanted me to pray this prayer with you as He is working on my paid house. Thank you for being obedient to God. Stay blessed and God is going to reward your obedience.

    52. Thank you ABBA, for the beautiful and spacious paid-for house you have giving me. I thank you for the peace that you bestowed upon our new house, allow us to enjoy our new house without any worries. Thank you for being a loving and just God. Thank you for always making a way for my family and I. I receive this prayer on today. I am God’s delight, so I will not settle for less. My family and I will live a blessed and prosperous life. We will never be defeated because God is on our side. Lord, I thank you!

    53. Nikki Marrow says:

      This was so on point for me. I have been believing for a single family home and this is so timely because I have been envisioning it lately. I love that God said a paid in full home and I am believing. He has heard my cry and I am so glad He sent this prayer my way by you. Your always a blessing and it’s always a blessing to read what God has given you. I am encourage and i did feel my vision for my home leap in my belly. I’m excited and cant wait to see it.

    54. Anonymous says:

      Thank you God For who you are. Thank you for my pre paid house. Thank you Lord for debt free status. Thank you God. This will allow me to freely assist others.

    55. Shannon Sims says:

      I noticed that this was post was dated from last year, but showed up in my inbox today. It couldn’t be anymore on time for me!! I don’t know about your situation Jamie, but that prayer was written for me, all of it – bad decisions, disobedience , my now broken house, etc and I was crying as I was praying it. I have been believing for a debt free house for awhile but have had a hard time finding any other Christian personally who believes that is possible! Thank you for your ministry and for this word and prayer today! I receive my debt free house today in Jesus’s name.

    56. Hello I am a mother of six beautiful children 11 and under and a wife to my wonderful husband. Last year he quit his job to spend more time with us and the children because his job took him away so much. We had to sell our house and move in with my mother. There’s not enough space in the house but my kids are still so happy everyday. I have not been at peace in this house and I have been praying since last year for my free house paid for house that God will give to me. I believe He promised this to me. Lately I have been so uneasy and so frustrated and angry because I want to move so bad. I tried to do everything on my own and figure out a way to get out and find a place for my family and I so I can be more efficient in taking care of my family. When I saw your email I know it was speaking to me. This morning I asked God to forgive me for trying to do it on my own for not trusting him. Now I am casting all my cares to Him and I prayed the prayer and I will continue until the day I am living with my family in our paid for house. I praise Him and thank Him now for it. My son who is 4 prayed for our new new house almost every night. Thank God for you and your obedience.

    57. Glory to God for this prayer
      It’s a confirmation as this I always pray that I will have a debt free house I just pay for the Bill’s that I use. Thank you Lord and thank you Jamie. I am decreeing and declaring this prayer and I will definitely print it out and pray it daily in Jesus mighty name. Amen

    58. Jamie, thank you for this prayer in my in-box today. I have been praying that the Lord would provide me with a house. It is the desire of my heart. This morning while in prayer I again asked and thanked Him for a house. A couple of hours later i received this prayer for a house from you. Hallelujah!! Doesn’t the word say ” where two or more are gathered in my name and ask for a thing according to my will this thing will be done? ” Thank you, Jamie. May God continue to bless you and your ministry. All Honor and Glory to God.

    59. Thank you Jaime for this on time word….and THANK YOU LORD for my new home on meadowland circle…..I thank you for hearing every prayer and for all your promises, but most of all for the price that you paid that makes everything possible, and obtainable by FAITH….I love you ABBA

    60. Wow! This prayer is an eye opener to all the privileges we can enjoy from God. I bless God alway for opening my eyes to your blog. God bless you ma’am

    61. Sister I thank Abba Father because I am contempt with the paid in full house but some one else included themselves in my legal papers in the court for $19.00 things that I didn’t know people could do it but they did the Lord blessed me and I already made a decision whom I am leaving it to I do need to make a will I pray with you for you. To get your hearts desire I am a living testimony that the house I prayed for God gave it to me and no one is going to take it away. It’s just material things we do have a mansion promised in heaven what I need is a car paid for because I want to get out of debt so I pray for it and he already gave it to me by faith where someone is going to bless me with the keys paid in full May the bless all our brothers and sister that are asking for a house have a blessed afternoon I want to donate some funds I just pray I don’t have any problems submitting my donation

    62. Gail rawlings says:

      thank you for my paid house

    63. Janice Spraggins says:

      Hello, I believe in the Lord’s Prayer. I pray God’s Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. However, I was told today by a bible scholar/pastor that the Lord’s Prayer is not for Christians. The Lord’s pray is for the Jews only. I was heart broken and disturbed. What is your understanding regarding the Lord’s Prayer.
      Thank you,

      1. Hi Janice,
        Have you searched this out in the Scriptures for yourself? What does the Bible say that ALL Scripture is to be used for? “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for …” what? The only way to overcome doubt in your heart is to search it out for yourself.

    64. Cicily Fouse says:

      In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Lord of lords and King of kings so be it amen

    65. karen Gray says:


    66. Thank you for partnering with me in Christ to be bold asking for my paid for home. I have been asking for this for some time already and I know that 2 or more are gathered in His name, there He shall also be.

    67. Thank you Lord for Jamie Gods been revealing this to me for the last 3 years and I am so convicted that this is what God wants for me and yes when I prayed this prayer it came from my heart with great sincerity and conviction. I believe God has shown me my mansion it’s so beautiful on top of the mountains in Queensland Australia I even see a church on the property it’s a huge house huge property big enough for a church and a Christian retreat. Thank you I love this prayer it’s awesome like our God blessings to you Jamie shalom. William J Martin

    68. Vanessa Deberry says:

      I thank and praise Jesus and in the wonderful matchless name of Jeshua I receive my home paid for in full and fully furnished with new furniture by God Almighty and Holy Spirit. Angels in position and power for yes and amen thank you Jesus

    69. Thank You Lord for my paid-for house. I claim it and receive it now in Jesus’ name!! Amen!! Thank You Lord!! I love You and praise You for it!!

    70. Hi, Jamie I know this is from God because, I’m believing God for a new house for me and my family also new vehicles! I’m declaring and decreeing in the name of Jesus that my prayers have been answered and that we have our new house and new vehicles and it is sealed under the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST

    71. Thank you for this prayer. This has been one of my hear desires for a long time. I know this was posted for me. Thank you. I’m gonna still be trusting and believing the Lordfor my heart desire.

    72. Thank you for this prayer. This has been one of my heart desires for a long time. I know this was posted for me. Thank you

    73. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Amen and Amen!!!!!i can’t just wait to receive it..My prayer of Faith in Him alone. HAVE FAITH IN YOU MY GOD.

    74. Shamiso Abuka says:

      Wow! This is SO timely I’m in shock. I’ve prayed this and believe with my whole heart!
      Thank you Jamie and God bless you always
      And thank you Abba Father, you love me too much!

    75. Francie Robertson says:


    76. Jerome Cowell says:

      Jamie, I want to Thank you for that well needed Prayer. Yes I am asking for a Beautiful Paid Off house of my On. One that my Family can enjoy. To Live, Learn, Grow and most of all Share the Love of Christ Jesus. Amen Shalom
      Jamie I also want to Thank you for all the hard work you put in building God Kingdom on earth and in Heaven. God Bless you and everyone that make it happen.

    77. Nadia Slater says:

      Good night, miss Jamie, I have been seeking a house to live in for a while now, I am a single mother of 6 children even though my 2 oldest boys can afford to pay for us to live in a better house, they are dragging their feet, I am not able to pay for the house, I know that God is answering my prayers, because He is allowing you to agree with me in prayer, I am going through so much in the house I live in seeing the house belongs to someone else I am Trusting God for this house, I am going to pray this prayer everyday, pray with me.thank you, may God bless you always.

    78. Josephine Leong says:

      yes , I am very much in need of a fully “paid for’ house. I am tired of living in charity and rented premises. I do believe Father God has a place in mind for me, coz His Word said He will give me a “place of my own and no one will or can take me out of it”!
      I stand upon His Promises and Faithfulness, I believe God will not fail me.
      I am waiting expectantly for my “paid for house” in this season. God will come through for me, in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.
      Thank you Jamie, you are a blessing, Amen.

    79. Fire & Ice says:

      Thank you so much Jamie for this blessing, I received it with great joy, thanks & by the power of the Holy Spirit to reclaim that which the Lord has stored up in heaven for me, to inherit upon the earth by His infallible WORD OF GOD, which tells me no weapon forged against me shall prosper, that I can do all things through Christ Jesus which strengthens me, that me and my house shall serve the Lord all our days, that I am the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, that upon His Rock of Ages I stand and the gates of hades shall not prevail, but I will prevail, because I am the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus. HALLELUJAH! My cup overflows, I place my fear in God alone, I fear no evil and no man, I am my Beloved’s and He is Mine and His banner over me is Love. Therefore I shall abide in Him and He with me, and He shall give me comfort, He always leads me to triumph in every circumstance. We have overcome the world thru the Blood of the Lamb and our testimonies, He has put a new song in my mouth and I shall give Him praise. In Him I have life, because I died in Christ Jesus and was raised by His Holy Ghost, none but the Name of Jesus can save, make us whole, call things that be not as though they are, Who performs miracles, signs, wonders, in our favour, none is Righteous but He alone, Who died to give us life abundantly, therefore it is no longer I that lives, but Christ that lives in me, and my life is hid with Jesus Christ of Nazareth, our King of kings & Lord of lords, therefore I look for His coming, the new Jerusalem our new home in the new city and heaven and earth hallelujah. Everything I am and have and will have is committed into His hands for such a time as this, the set time to show me favour, for my favour, along with the power to receive wealth according to His riches in Glory, to You belongs the glory, praise, blessings in His hallowed Name above all names, to God be the victory, great exploits we will do in His power and Name, we shall receive the nations for our inheritance in Jesus Mighty Name it is written, I receive His Word, that in Him all things belong to me, all things He has given to me, for my benefit that I may benefit others and give Him praise constantly, my sins are washed away for the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world Lord Jesus declared me righteous when I repented and believed He came in the flesh, He died on the cross as a result of my sinfulness, He rose that I might be washed in His Blood and made whiter than snow. To Him be all the Glory He reigns forever more and is coming back for a spotless bride without wrinkle or stain, she has made herself ready, even so come Lord Jesus. Holy Spirit fill our lamps to overflowing with Your oil, thank You heavenly Father, may our lamps never go dim, Your perfect will be done on earth as in heaven. Thank You Lord Jesus, thank You Holy Ghost. Let it be unto me, Your lowly handmaiden, as You have said and authorised for it to be, according to the Word and the Words You wrote in Your Book of Life in my account, and on my behalf, we shall baptise the nations in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, to You the King of Glory, if God be for us, who can be against us, none of these things move me, for You Almighty God are unchangeable, unstoppable, immovable, and we are planted in Christ, our Redeemer, Who has given us Love beyond measure, power and authority beyond borders, gifts and a calling that is irreversible, and life with You that is infinitely eternal Amen, Amen and amen.

      Your sister in Christ,


    80. Swahili Jackson says:

      Lord I know that this is you that is speaking to me at my NEW HOME. I hear you Lord loud and clear. This is my heart desire Lord. I am so super excited in walking in to the MANIFESTATION of your word of MY DEBT FREE HOME!!!! THIS IS MY MIRACLE, BREAKTHROUGH, MANIFESTATION WEEK. God’s word will NOT return unto him void. Thank you Jesus. I claim it and it is so right NOW! Amen.

    81. Alison Lusted says:

      Thank you for reminding us that our prayers bring heaven to earth! And we have a paid for mansion in heaven, so I am believing God for a paid for house on the earth! We have been doing Selah retreats for five years now. People come to our home To encounter the love of God in a personal powerful and profound way! They receive refreshing, rest, healing, deliverance, the baptism of the Holy Spirit and some even receive salvation! God has taken us to the nations for 21 years, and now he is bringing the nations to us! It has been prophesied over us more than once that God was going to give us houses and land! I am making a list of exactly what we need! Please join with me in agreement that God will provide this house for us before May 1, 2021. Jamie, may God multiply back to you all that you do for others! Love you! ❤️

    82. Danielle Albury-Elliott says:

      Just what the DOCTOR ordered. This is exactly what I’m believing god for. I believe and I receive.
      I touch and agree. (Matthew 18:19)

    83. Thank you Lord God Almighty for my fully paid for house. I receive it in Jesus’s mighty name. Amen.

    84. Travantè Taylor says:

      I’m grateful to God that I found this page today and I’m even more grateful that this prayer was in the page!

      I’m believing God for the very same for my family and I! This came at exactly the right time!

      Thank you for your obedience! It certainly is an encouragement and my faith has been restored as a result of it!

      God bless your ministry!

    85. Thank You Jesus; I receive and I take it!

    86. Tapiwa Tawonezvi says:

      Thank you very much Jamie, this really adresses me and my family directly. We really need a new home and after praying this prayer l am really happy and know that it is done. Thank you Jesus for my new home

    87. Kathy Buck says:

      Thank you Jaime for your obedience, to reach out to help us all, to receive a paid for house from Abba Father. Me and my 2 children had to move out of our apartment nearly 5 years ago. My daughter isn’t with me and my son. She went to live with my younger sister in another state. My son went to live with his father and then I needed a place to stay. I am living where my son is living and at first, it was like living in hell. I got yelled at for not having rent money. And accused of so many things that were unbelievable. I have to sleep on an airbed in the living room. These people are hoarders. I can’t cook on the stove, only cook food in the microwave. The place is unbelievableive filthy! I Want my paid for house Now! God knows my heart. I have Never been treated this bad, anywhere! I thank God for you Jamie! Thank you for your prayer and letting all of us know, we can receive here as we will have, what’s waiting us in heaven, here on earth. May God bless emensly, in Jesus Mighty Name!

      1. Kathy, I am praying for you right now!!!! God, bring Kathy her paid-for house fast, please, by Your grace and love and goodness. Thank You, Father. In Jesus’ name.

    88. thank you ABBA father for loving us this much that u have to use other means to speak to us when we don’t seem to understand your will and promises for us. thank u Jamie for the good spirit and heart, God bless u more and provide you with that paid for house before any one of us. Thank u my Father for that paid for house I have been desiring for. in Jesus name, amen 🙏

    89. Lisa Bolden says:

      Lord I thank you with everything in me, for my brand new paid for in full house. I am standing on your Promises that it is done for me and my family. I have seen this house in my imagination many many times before, In Jesus Name!!! ANEN

      1. Love Fountain says:

        Amen. I touch and agree in Jesus mighty name🙌🙌🙌

    90. Gerald & Vincia says:

      Jamie, This prayer for a Paid For Home is so on time for us as we are currently building our home from the ground up! We visit the property often and pray on the land and in the house! This week we are going to pray thru every room in the House and continue to decree and declare that when we are handed the Keys on Aug 31st, it will be PAID IN FULL! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for this WORD based Prayer! I’ve copied it and will paste it to our vision board! HALLELUJAH!

      1. Love Fountain says:

        Amen🙌🙌🙌 Glory be to God! I am believing for my debt free house as well. Believing for keys and deed in hand by September 1, 2021.

    91. Bridget Higgenbotham says:

      Hi Jamie!
      My husband and I are still speaking aloud our faith in GOD and claiming four debt-free dream home. It is 98% completed and we have stepped out in faith and paid for some of our needed furniture and decor. We are asking and thanking him for the release of our keys. Thank you ABBA FATHER for our totally debt-free dream home you have already built for us and allowed my husband and I to add our ideas to. Thank you FATHER for hearing and manifesting our hearts desires and petitions. In JESUS name which is above all names, I praise and glorify you. AMEN!

      1. Love Lee Fountain says:

        I stand in agreement with you concerning your dream home, debt free, paid for by the blood of Christ. I too am awaiting the keys and deed to my debt free house. Looking forward to sharing my testimony with you all, and hearing your testimony! It’s already done, and we call the things on earth to align with the fact that it’s finished. Keys in hand now! In the mighty and matchless name of Jesus Christ🙌🙌🙌

    92. Love Fountain says:

      God spoke to me about my debt free house. He told me to pick the house, to speak to it and to blow my shofar on the property. I have picked the house out, followed His instructions and received it by faith. I am awaiting the keys and deed in hand by September 1, 2021. I have been praying that whatever needs to be done to get the house out of the name of the previous owners and into my family’s name will be done and I decree that there will be no hindrance or delay. I thank God for the money to maintain the home including property taxes, insurance and money for all expenses and personalization. If you see this prayer please touch and agree concerning our house. It’s located on Grays Ln. Thank you Father that it is finished! I praise you Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit 🙌 🙌🙌

    93. Mary Cooper says:

      I thank you God for my new paid for house of my desire in Jesus name and I touch and agree in everyone who says this prayer in Jesus name I believe and I receive🙌🏾

    94. Chris White Jr. says:

      wow, thank you Jamie for receiving this from the Lord for us to be able to receive it likewise! It has been such a blessing. Just renewing my mind to the truths of God’s Word, placed just so, was helpful enough. And while my soul is not entirely prospering, I know that my spirit is as perfect as Jesus, and so these truths helped bring me back to Faith in Christ. Right now, the Spirit revealed to me that my areas of need are three-fold.
      Firstly, Health in this body – brought about because He wants me well, and desires above all else that I would be in good health.
      Secondly, that my soul would prosper. I am the dearly beloved whose mind, will, and emotions are in need of being made successful as it aligns with my spirit and the Word.
      Thirdly, my finances/prosperity. 3 cents to my account. bills n things coming in still.
      Fourthly – though it kinda goes with body, and house, those it follows suit likewise too.
      Fifthly – A Bible College 5 minutes away from my house. The building is there, but the vision is not. Resources to go back to school, and the perspective of faith for my authority in Christ to be revealed to me that I would see these things as a part of me and my relationship with God. Andrew Wommack – you’ve already got it!
      I saw at least my finances initially being spoken, in a whisper, by God in the way only He can, by His Spirit, minister to me what I really need. Peace in my finances. Obedience. Which is BETTER than sacrifice. All I have to do is receive as a part of the blessing of Abraham that God can now bestow to us because of Jesus’ sacrifice.
      I’ve been working SOOOOO hard. Laboring really. I kinda feel like, if you’re really my Father, I want to relish the fact that You made me for the purpose of knowing me and sharing all with me as You lavish this crazy love on me. Provide all my needs in Christ, and help me experience all You are, not as a slave, servant, or steward, but a Son. That I wouldn’t exist to work FOR things, but to use all things to feed His sheep and preach this good news to the poor. Mindsets are sick and need to be washed in the Word.
      From the perspective of a 1998 Honda Accord – the analogy of my life, Honda represents to me my identity in Christ. It exists as a part of Honda with that logo. Or like the USMC pin, flag, etc. identifies that this soldier is first and foremost a rifleman in the United States Marine Corps. Second I am Accord. It’s who I am inside the company. And so, I wish to be in agreement (as the word means) with the way He sees me and made me for. To drive on regular roads and highways having been made by the Dealer as His workmanship. As though Mr. Honda himself made the car. And through the salesman, I get to know him. The Almighty Technician has been sent out to change the way I think about my car in light of the salesman restoring my voided warranty by taking it on and removing it from me. Exchanging His own car (which has a flawless and immaculate record) in my place. The A.T. also creates in me the willingness and ability to drive with and know personally this Dealer I can’t see. To do His will. More than transporting people on regular roads and highways – His will is to be known by and to know us. This is Eternal Life. This has been, my life as a Honda Accord. Tune in next time to hear… how I wish to reflect Him through this new house I’m receiving for which I have this article to thank! God bless you Jamie in all you do!
      (P.S. – thank you Grammarly! I would have looked like I was still in grade school had you not jumped in to save the day!!)

    95. Patricia McNeil says:

      Father, I thank you for our new
      4 bedroom debt free home with library, office, and prayer room
      3 -car garage . In your word you said you will give us houses we did not build. Hallelujah! Glory to God!
      I ask this In Jesus name! Amen

    96. Moira Shole says:

      Father I thank You for my new home because I lost the one that I bought at the right time I was supposed to but due to my mistakes of not being a good steward I lost it. The one I am staying in right now belongs to someone. My new home will cater for us as we are heading for retirement. Thank You Father that in my old age I will be debt-free and fulfilling the promise of owning houses and lands I did not build. Thank You Father that all your promises are yes and they are amen. HALELUJAH.

    97. Thank You Father God for the home that i am currently renting that will belong to me and my family in Jesus Name Amen 🙏🏼 The owner ha s offered the home to me for 1.7 million that I don’t have any way to get BUT You can make a way for me and I just want to thank you for my beautiful home 🙏🏼Thank You for granting me the desires of ny heart ♥️🙏🏼Thank you Jesus 🙏🏼♥️In Jesus Name Amen

    98. I can’t wait to move into my dream home in Jesus’ name! Amen!

    99. Veronica Dorsey says:

      Amen! I did feel my faith start to rise, and saw visions of not only 1 but 2 houses the first being an event center and the second being our family’s home. Thank you lord, I receive this 🙌🏾🙏🏾 in Jesus name.

    100. Annanson John says:

      Thank You Lord God Almighty. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
      Thank you Lord for a paid-for-house…in Jesus Christ’s name.
      Most very grateful, Prophetess Jamie.

      “Therefore, you shall keep all the commandments which I am commanding you today, so that you may be strong and go in and take possession of the land which you are crossing over [the Jordan] to possess; so that you may live long on the land which the Lord swore (solemnly promised) to your fathers to give to them and to their descendants, a land [of great abundance,] flowing with milk and honey. For the land which you are entering to possess is not like the land of Egypt from which you have come, where you sowed your seed and watered it with your foot like a garden of vegetables. But the land into which you are about to cross to possess, a land of hills and valleys, drinks water from the rain of heaven, a land for which the Lord your God cares; the eyes of the Lord your God are always on it, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.”
      ‭‭ AMEN

    102. Grace Akinyi Mackonya says:

      Thank you Jesus for holding my faith to believe for a fully paid for house..I receive it in Jesus name

    103. Maria Cristina says:

      Thank you Jamie for this prayer, with strong faith in GOD i do believe that the house we live now for 35 years was taken by a private firm now we are about to be evicted immediately. I do believe and trust GOD for a divine intervention and trust for His miracle to payback this house for us in which we grow old now in Jesus mighty name! I hereby decree and agree that GOD paid back this house for us now in Jesus mighty name. And de shall received a miracle for the intervention for this that He will paid back this house for us. Thank you Father GOD in Jesus mighty name and His Holy Spirit. Amen

    104. i am looking forward to my paid-for house. amen

    105. God is so good. Thank you Father for going threw Jamie to get this message to me. I am so grateful for all you have done for me.

    106. Moira Shole says:

      Thank You Lord for the house that I am living in, the only biggest problem is that it is not mine, I am renting it. As soon as I go for retirement I won’t be able to pay for it, the owner will look for someone who will pay for it. As soon as I took the decision Of believing You for it I started sowing into the ministry that is local who is also agreeing and praying with me towards this house, because it was not easy with paypal.I identified this house that I like in the nice area so Father I am waiting for Your Go Ahead to move into it, I am ready. I will start praying everyday again.

    107. Kathy Buck says:

      Thank you Abba Father for the paid for house you told me last year, that you were going to give me. And I didn’t have to do anything to receive it. Because, even though my walk with you wasn’t good, you said, there is one thing I haven’t done and that’s denied me. I haven’t denied you and nor will I ever. I’m thanking you Father for your endless love for me and because you love me so much, I’m thanking you for ALL things and my paid for house, that you promised me. I live you endlessly. Thank you Abba Father for this reminder, that I’m going to get what you said I am going to get. I thank you and praise you, in your Son’s precious Holy Name. Amen

    108. Moira Shole says:

      I thank You Father that the punishment and chastising I deserve for renting this house through my own bad decisions has already been paid for. Yes, I deserve to be punished. I shouldn’t have made the decisions I did, and I deserve to suffer the consequences, but I thank You Father for your mercy and grace to forgive me and give me another chance. You said that You are my Shepherd, and that I shall not lack. I believe You desire to provide my family and I with a place that does allow us to live in a perfect state of shalom. And I thank You for our paid-for house, Lord .Father, I thank You that You are alive and hearing my prayer. You are God from everlasting to everlasting. You are He who is, and who was, and who is to come. Nothing is too big for You, and nothing is a surprise for you and nothing is impossible with you.

    109. Thank you, Amen 🧡✨🧡🙏🏼

    110. Hallelujah and amen! I receive it! In Jesus’ name 🥰🙏🏼🙌🏻 Thank you Jamie for these crafted prayers, it so fun to dream with the Lord and know that it is His pleasure to give us the Kingdom 🙏🏼🤗 I needed this prayer and encouragement to ask and dream again with our generous Father. Won’t He do it!? Can’t wait to testify when this manifest 👑🙌🏻 Glory to God in the Highest.

    111. Thank you Lord for my paid for house! Thank you Jamie for the encouragement 🌸♥️🌸♥️🌸

    112. Sharyn Bay says:

      Thank you, father god, for all my blessings. I especially thank you for the blessing of a paid-for house. I give you all the glory, amen

    113. Moira Shole says:

      Thank You Father for my paid-for house for me and my family. Thank You Father for being such a good, loving, faithful Father who knows and give us the desires of our hearts. I shall remember the deeds of the LORD; Surely I will remember Your wonders of old. I will meditate on all Your work and muse on Your deeds. Your way, O God, is holy; What god is great like our God? You are the God who works wonders; You have made known Your strength among us your people. I give You all the honor and all the praise. I am so excited about my new house, I cannot wait o move into my own house that I am not renting.

    114. Stella J. Noel says:

      There isn’t a prayer that hadn’t been priceless. The messages are massive. My prayer is that every living soul take the time to read/ reflect on how priceless we are to God. God puts the right people in the right place, at the right time ALWAYS. There hasn’t been a time the prayers sent to me from this website/ supplier gone empty. The muse, works are bound to elevate anyone wanting to live for God/please Jesus. I absolutely adore the emails. They are powerful, because it’s ALWAYS filled with God.

      Thank you so much! For I’ve been through a massive storm. God deserves the honor/ glory and nonstop praise.

      Thank you all for attending to me. As this journey has been harsh. The hand of God has been over me, and working on my behalf nonstop.

      Thank you, Have a safe and Happy Holiday filled with God!

    115. This has been a desire of my heart for a long time and a prayer I have been continually praying. I confess that I often feel selfish praying this prayer, because I know I am so undeserving and because I most likely am of little faith.. However, Lord I still bring this desire before you today and ask that if it is your will that you would provide every dollar and cent to pay off our mortgage in full. If others are willing to join me in this prayer I would be so grateful to you. Lord, I know you can do all things and I ask for your provision in paying off our mortgage. Thank you Lord!

    116. Bridget Higgenbotham says:

      I have an update: GOD blessed my husband and I with our dream home. We will be closing on our beautiful/blessed home next month and we are grateful for everything GOD did to get us to this point on the journey to our dream home. The journey was not easy at all, but it is worth! Now, we are believing GOD to pay it off, because he is more than capable of doing so. To everyone still in the “waiting,” don’t lose heart and please don’t lose faith in GOD, because he is always faithful and he knows what is best for all of us…just trust him and trust his timing; his timing is PERFECT. Continue to claim your Debt-free dream home and never settle for less, GOD only sends his best!

    117. Hi Jamie. thank you for this encouragement and prayer. i really felt my faith rising as I prayed this prayer because I am trusting God for my paid for house. I believe that I will receive it in Jesus Name. I believe that by January 2023 I will be in my paid for house celebrating my 50th birthday.
      I will surely come back and testify.
      All your encouragements is so powerful and I receive it in Jesus Name

    118. AntonellaC says:

      Praise the Lord for my paid for house and furnishings. 🙏 Don’t know how Don’t know when but God has it all sorted to deliver on time ecru time. Thank you Jesus. ✝️

    119. I prayed this and I receive it my house is already being prepared and ready for me to move into in Jesus mighty name
      Thankyou Lord for giving Jamie insight, I feel so blessed to have the house I have always wanted in Jesus name

    120. Thank you god for blessings upon me for my paid home am renting things is difficult financially

    121. April McCullough says:

      I believe I receive my paid for house, in Jesus name!

    122. Eunice Nkiruka says:

      I receive in the name of Jesus Christ which is the name above everyother name.
      I prayer is God’s sent .
      I claim it all

    123. Au Pangilinan says:

      I receive and claim it by faith, in Jesus name amen

    124. Juliet Eriyamu says:

      Thank you for being used by God for filfilling my paid off house l am receiving right now. Thank u Jesus

    125. Thank you for this prayer. It vocalizes my hearts desires and Vision better than I have previously been able to articulate. Glory to God as He does what only He can do and blesses my family and I with a paid for home and a car ❤️ Shalom

    126. THANK YOU LORD FOR MY PAID FOR HOUSE!! I thank you Lord for hearing my prayer! Amen!!

    127. Gladys Mutungu says:

      Thank You FATHER God for my fully paid for house. I continue to trust You for this. I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.
      Thank you Jamie. God bless you and your family always.

      Love and blessings.

    128. I’m praying this every morning so God can do what he says he will do, this is a deep desire of mine to have my own house and I need this to be fulfilled in Jesus name

    129. Claudene Collins says:

      Woke this more and my AC unit has stop working. I said Lord I have been through for three years. Today please hear my prayers and I got on the computer and the God of my salvation guided to this site to the prays about a paid off and fixed home. I prayed I receive and believe that God heard my prayer of faith. I an on disability and he is my only source. Thank you following God to use you.

    130. Im praying this everyday I know my paid for house is on the way, very soon, thankyou Abba Father I love you

    131. Thank you Lord for my paid for house.

    132. thank you god for a paid in full house and all my desires I seek. Make my faith strong and strong each and every day, amen

    133. Lord I believe in your promise for my Totally paid for house! I receive it in the name of our Lord Jesus christ!
      I will be back to confirm with a huge testimony. Lord I believe Amen!
      I thank You for it in advance!!!! Amen.
      Thanks prophet Jamie.

    134. Dan Mbugua says:

      Lord i believe in Your promises.Your Word is yes and Amen.i believe in my heart that this desire of my heart shall be fulfilled in Jesus Mighty Name.

    135. Thank you Jamie, for this message. I am not only asking for a fully paid house but I am also asking for my family back. I left my family and my home and I want it back. I want my family back!!! I cried the whole time reading this message and this prayer is really brought tears and this is not only asking for a paid house, for me is to have my family back. Yes, I want a mansion just like our mansion in heaven. Home is where your heart is, where you have your family, with full of love, harmony, joy, a complete family with a beautiful, comfortable paid house. Thank you, Lord for you are so merciful and forgiving God.

    136. Amoabeng Castro says:


    137. Famikia Savage says:

      I am believing God for a paid for house exactly what I want in a good neighborhood for my baby and I. I am standing on God’s word that says he’s able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all I could ask or think according to the power that works in me. I believe that this is what God desires for me or I wouldn’t have the unction to desire it for myself. I stand on this prayer and God’s word.

    138. Sally Ormond says:

      I have been wanting this for years! Thank you, Jamie, for this timely word. Blessings.

    139. Natasha Jugger says:

      I thank the Lord God for gifting me a brand-new debt-free home paid in full. I give him ALL the praise, glory, and honor that I walked into large, bustling cities I didn’t build, I possessed well-furnished houses I didn’t buy, I came upon wells I didn’t dig, vineyards and olive orchards I didn’t plant (Deuteronomy 6:10-11, MSG). As I take it all in and settle down, pleased and content, I am coming back to share my testimony in how I got here because I will never forget how I got there through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit leading and guiding me the whole way, and Our Father God cheering me on every step of the way as I walked in faith throughout this journey. Thank you Jamie for your willingness to hear Holy Spirit and speak with boldness the Word of God. The promises of God are YES and AMEN!

    140. Palesa Katsane says:

      Lord, thank you for our debt free home. I am believing God for the current home that I am renting. I pray that the Lord will touch the owner to sell, and when she does, the Lord will provide the resources to pay for it in full.
      The Lord said to me, He will give me houses I did not build, I trust Him to give me this home, in Jesus Mighty Name. This is a season of “suddenly” for me and my family. Suddenly we will own this home, debt free.

    141. Thank you for this prayer. I have been praying and now believing Abba for a paid for house and land. Can’t wait to testify. God you are so faithful in everything. Amen.

    142. Thank you Abba for a fully paid house and for a debt free life .

    143. Thank you. I receive this by faith. I touch and agree with you, Jamie and everyone believing foe a Paid For home. Thank you Papa God for my Paid For, Debt free, Shalom Home and property. Amen.

    144. Desmond Agbo says:

      Thanks you for this prayers. Lord I have asked as you have because I have not aske.

    145. Lord I am so thankful and grateful for all you have given me and I declare and receive a debt free life, a paid for home for my family & I by faith.
      A small 4 bedroom home with a large kitchen and living area and a deck/balcony
      I also declare and receive our current home situation completely repaired and restored for the trafficking ministry you are putting into place on our property and provision to plant a vineyard by faith in Jesus name amen

    146. Coach T. Yvonne says:

      Abba Father, I thank You for my paid-for house now, in Jesus’ name.

    147. Mary Ann Woodard says:

      Abba Father I thank you for the blood of Jesus Christ I received from your son and my lord and savior.
      I believe and receive by faith what you promised me back in 2008 regarding the loss of our home during that time. You gave me through a dream (a vision) of a completely paid for property with two houses on it so that our family would be able to be joined together in your peace and love and without stress and worry.
      I Thank You My Abba Father in the precious and mighty name of your son and my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

    148. Lord I thank You for my paid for home. I thank You for blessing our paid for home and I believe I receive this promise in the name of Jesus Amen

    149. Thank you Father for fixing and paying off the mortgage,taxes, all bills and repairs needed to be paid for, food,clothing,smallvacation in your spirit, restoring my eyesight, and loving me always. Thank you Jesus for healing me. Thank you Abba Father for paying of my home. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
      In Jesus name. Amen! 💕 🌟 🙏 ✝

    150. Irma Nortje says:

      AMEN THANKU Jamie for this prayer. we and my daughter and grand child receive the paid for house and blessings abundantly to Honor and Glorify our Lord God Almighty to spread the Gospel.

    151. SUDANE BLESSED says:

      Glory HALLELUJAH Amen Thank You JEHOVAH GOD for my paid for house 🏠 I Receive it by faith as I come in agreement 🤝 with this prayer for a paid for house 🏠 This prayer also confirms my prayers as I was praying and asking the Lord God for a house convenient for my family and I.. Thank You Lord God Almighty I believe I Receive it Amen 🙏


      I can feel the Holy Spirit as I said and believed every word the Lord said to me. Everything is paid for in Yeshua’s mighty name!!! I will be coming back with a testimony because its already done.

    153. Nobuhle Kwanda says:

      I am believing in my God for perfect Shalom and settlement of the bond of the house I stay in in my full names on the title deed. I thank you Abba, for blessing me with this permanent shelter that we live in currently with The twins, Reign and Royal, Mali and James and myself. I pray for fully paid ownership ownership. In Jesus Christ Name, Amen🙏

    154. Josphine Kaburu says:

      Iam here to give my testimony for a Paid-For House. I had really desired to buid a magnificent house for my parents. In 2020 when Covid had just hit, i prayed this prayer earnestly to God, trusting and claiming his promises for a paid for house. Iam so delighted to testify that God provided everything i needed to start and end the construction without stopping, with no lack or stress and with very miraculous continuos provisions. Within six months the house was complete, my parents got into the house and up to date they are super excited with the house and even neighbors are still in awe of how this happened. Thank You jesus! Praise You Jesus! You are such a miracle worker and a promise keeper. Glory to your name forever and ever!

      Additionally, at the moment, iam once again trusting God for my dream house for my family, and i have details of all what i need it to look like. The house we are in currently doesn’t meet our family needs! I am hence on the same prayers, with even a greater faith to the very same unchanging God! It’s my great believe that very very soon, He will bless me once again and again and again!
      Glory be to His Name forever. Jesus i Love You, Jesus i Trust in You! Amen.

    155. GERALDINE GOODIN says:


    156. Jonathan Wilson says:

      AMEN I CLAIM IT AND RECEIVE THIS PRAYER OVER MY LIFE IN JESUS NAME HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    157. Denise Moore says:

      YES and Amen, I standing in the Gap for my daughter’s and my Niece, she looking for a House now, I described the House For All of them, in the side of town… SO I’m so grateful, that I can Stand in for All, in Jesus name, I Love you Jesus for honoring my Prayers in Jesus name Amen 🙏

    158. Denise Moore says:

      YES and Amen, I standing in the Gap for my daughter’s and my Niece, she looking for a House now, I described the House For All of them, in the side of town… SO I’m so grateful, that I can Stand in for All, in Jesus name, I Love you Jesus for honoring my Prayers in Jesus name Amen

    159. Thank you, Jesus, for the timing of finding this prayer. I am open to receive Your will. Amen.

    160. Paul Israel says:

      Yes Lord. I claim my houses in Naguru Bukoto crescent no 32,30,28. And 2 houses in kamokya, kooki tower and houses in Ntinda, Old Kampala, Kabalagala and Nakasero in Jesus name. Amen.

    161. He has done this for me many times in rentals and ownership now praying for my perfect forever home and that it will be protected from all storms and all enemies and all envy. I know my current rental is not ideal for my health and privacy and productivity and i know a time is coming for the home where i can work peacefully live healthy and welcome friends and family to bless them too.

    162. DeLores P Sears says:

      Thank you, God, for a paid for house. Brand new never lived in. Thank you for giving me my heart’s desire.

    163. Emilia Fernandes says:

      Jamie, thank you for giving me the right words below to pray, yes I have made bad decisions, and that is the reason why I am languishing in this current house, which has no peace. I used to feel guilty and God is justified in punishing me for this. I loose faith and belief based on the bad decisions. Thank you that I can now pray in the new light of the chastisement that gives me peace was upon You. I did not think in this realm.
      Thanks so much for giving me a new direction to pray.
      Your Word also says that the chastisement that gives me peace was upon YOU.That means the punishment and chastising I deserve for buying this house, renting this house, or arriving in this place through my own bad decisions has already been paid for. Yes, I deserve to be punished. I shouldn’t have made the decisions I did, and I deserve to suffer the consequences.
      But Jesus, the chastisement that gives me peace was upon You.
      That’s what Your Word says. So even though, yes, I deserve to suffer long enough and try to work my way out of this mess, Your Word says that You are so good–and You love me SO much–that You went ahead and took those penalties for me, too, Jesus.

    164. Thank you for this prayer
      It is finished it is done in Jesus Name . I Am debt free and the new house I desire will be debt free as well .
      I see myself walking around in it , seeing the Glory and splendor of GOD All through it , every room. the ceiling, the floors, the walls. GLORY TO GOD, and PEACE 💯 Nothing missing Nothing Broken.
      Thank You Father

    165. Irma Nortje says:


    166. I thank you God for my paid for home, I receive it! in Jesus’ Name, Amen

    167. elrica sakoor says:

      Thank you Lord, I believe and trust you for a fully paid for home in November 2023.

    168. that is such a beautiful prayer. I prayed and the tears started flowing. I felt as if everything in my body sprouted wings. Such an uplifting feeling, I cannot explain it.I will keep praying this many times a day to keep this feeling alive in my soul. Thank you father jesus, amen and amen. Thank you Jamie for bring this prayer to my lips and heart

    169. Patrick Banda says:

      You are Glorious God because of all these provisions

    170. Sandy Faison says:

      Amen!!! I receive in the name of Jesus!!! Thank You Lord!!! Glory to Your powerful name! I love You Lord!

    171. April Dawn Strong says:

      I believe receive and declare this in Kesyz mighty name, amen!

    172. Irma Nortje says:

      Amen thanku 7.1.24 We receive our paid for family houses for us, our sister, our children and grandchildren, we will serve the Lord with gladness.

    173. Thank you father for my new home. I praise you. Amen

    174. Jesse Maduakor says:

      I believe I received My paid house and open doors in the name of Jesus The Christ .
      Thanks you very much Pastor may the Abba Father continue to bless you and your Ministry in Jesus name.

    175. Wow, I know this is God that led me to this prayer! I’ve been preparing to buy a home but I believe that God will bless me with a paid for house and that I’ll be able to come back to share my testimony!! 🙏🏾🙌🏾🔥

    176. Marie Carmichael says:

      Thank you, dear Lord and almighty God, who is from generation to generation and forever. Thank you, in advance, for this prosperity to our family and our new house which shall be full of peace, shalom, safety and your presence for our family and future generations to come, Amen! Praise be to you forever and ever!! We love you!!

    177. Thank you Father fir giving me Faith to pray for our mortgaged house to be fully prayed and also renovated. In Jesus Name Amen.

    178. Thank you Lord for providing me and my family the dreams and the desires of our hearts PAID IN FULL HOUSE ! DEBT FREE !!

      We receive it in Jesus name !

    179. Now is the time to receive my paid for house in Jesus’ Name. Thank you Father. Amen.

    180. Thank you Abba for my paid in full,rent free house this spring in Jesus name. We have to move out of our home soon so I thank you that you are able to work expeditiously. Thank you that you are an on time God. Amen.

    181. Amen Father, I believe. I praise you.!!!!

    182. Thank you God I’m believing you for my paid-for house in a safe, family friendly, gated community this month. I love you.

    183. Kholo Selala says:

      Lord God Almighty, I thank you for blessing my family and I with the paid for house at **redacted by admin**. Thank You, Amen.

    184. LEONORA** says:

      I receive it in JESUS Mighty name for my brand new paid debt free house!!!!! Thank you JESUS!

    185. Thank you Jamie for this prayer as I wasn’t for my paid up house that will be my home and a home for my family and where I can host friends. I receive it in Jesus mighty name. Amen. May God continue to strengthen and keep you.

    186. Dear Lord I am trusting in you for a house paid in full…thank you Lord almighty.

    187. michele dean says:

      Thank you lord for my paid up house, I received it in Jesus name . Amen

    188. Semilore Grace says:

      I thank you dear Father for this beautiful apartment that you’ve given to me and my family.
      I’m so happy that I have finally received it

    189. Thank you soo much, I pray that you are blessed for blessing us.

      As I was praying I could feel the Lord paying for the house we desire for in Pretoria East Silver lakes,

      His word says when 2 or 3 are gathered in his name He is there, I know all these prayers are answered and now we wait upon you Lord.

      I am excited to come back and give testimony in Jesus Christ.
      Thank you

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