The Zebulun Anointing of Kingdom Financiers LIVE WEBINAR

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The Zebulun Anointing of Kingdom Financiers | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

THIS Thursday, October 10, from 7:00 – 8:00 PM Eastern time, I will be teaching a live webinar to equip you to operate in the Zebulun Anointing.

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The Zebulun Anointing is the anointing in which Kingdom financiers operate.

It’s not an anointing you’re born with; it’s an anointing the Lord deposits in you as soon as you ask, and then it’s up to you to DEVELOP it. That’s good news–because:

  1. It means anybody can operate in this anointing; and
  2. You can start right where you are.

No special skills, experience, or bank account balance needed. 🙂

In this 1-hour equipping webinar, I’ll be teaching:

  • Where you see the Zebulun anointing operating in the Bible;
  • What its unique purpose is;
  • How to begin operating in it, no matter where you are today;
  • The one thing that would prevent God from giving you this anointing;
  • How to identify the right ways to use your Zebulun anointing–and what to stay away from; 
  • How to build your faith for God to make you a Kingdom financier; and
  • What unusual steps to take to become a Kingdom financier (and you might be surprised at the secrets I share regarding this)!

The ministry of the tribe of Zebulun was crucial in the Bible, but you never hear anything about it in the Church.

Why? Because the enemy has robbed the Church of this critical understanding of this powerful tribal anointing.

Nevertheless, through Christ we have been grafted into every blessing God gave the covenant children of Abraham (the Jewish people). So, YOU can HAVE AND OPERATE in this Zebulun anointing TODAY.

Cost for this powerful equipping class is $20.

Seating is limited to 100 registrations, so sign up quickly to reserve your spot! And, a video replay recording will be sent to all registrants about 2 hours after the class is over.

Click here to register:

As always, webinars work best when viewed on a desktop or laptop computer, and using Chrome browser. Your mileage may vary on other browsers or devices.

Thank you for helping support the ministry of From His Presence! I look forward to seeing you in class!

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