Prophetic Word: Dear Child, You’re So Weary

Beloved, are you feeling empty, weary, and apathetic today? Are you having a hard time even caring about anything? Have your motivation and inspiration flown away, and you don’t even know when or how they left you?

If so, I heard the Lord, our Father God, say this to you this morning:

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

“Dear child, you’re so weary. But I need you to know that I have not forsaken you, and life as you know it is not over.

I know you feel so tired you can barely think. I know you feel numb and uninterested in nearly everything, and I know you thought you were through this already.

But My child, your soul has been dealt a great injury over the years of doing too much, and the healing process is like physical therapy. It takes time, and you have to practice doing the thing you couldn’t do before–REST. Furthermore, if you do too much too soon, you can re-injure yourself and actually regress.

My beloved, you will be in the healing process for a long, long time.

It took years for you to injure yourself with overwork and stress, and it will take some time for you to learn the new ways. You will not be going back to the old ways; this is a lifestyle change that is permanent.

This doesn’t mean you will fail to make progress, but it means that I will help you along and you will stay in a state of rest.

You have reached the limits of your sufficiency, and you have found that all you were able to do on your own was wear yourself out. You are so weary now. You must still be diligent and faithful, but the time for weariness and for wearing yourself out is over.

You will no longer function in “drive and strive,” but in rest only. 

I have changed out your engine while you have been resting, and it no longer runs on the fuel of “drive and strive.” You now run on MY fuels of vision, hunger, LOVE, rest, and peace. So when you have tried to drive and strive, you have not even been able to get your engine into gear! My love fuels you now; My peace compels you. 

I told you that I was rebooting your love-walk, and I tell you today that you used to do it all for love. 

Somewhere along the way, your engine of love got replaced when the people you loved turned on you. When that happened, you were devastated and you closed your heart to loving people the way you used to. You began fearing people instead.

But now, My perfect love is casting out your fear. I am rebooting your love walk and replacing LOVE as your “drive shaft,” and giving you My peace to be your gears that makes things turn.

O My child, you are greatly beloved.

People have harmed you so badly, and your heart still has not recovered. I know it hurts. You wore yourself out because “strive and drive” are no substitute for My love. They cannot propel you forward like My love can. And although your heart was pure, you didn’t realize the depth of your injury.

My beloved child, you do not know how to help yourself–but I do know how to help you.

You do not know what’s going on with yourself. You can’t figure it out even though you have tried. But My love, I am with you. Daddy’s here. You can tell Me all about it, for I alone can help you. You do not need to figure things out; all you need to do is tell Me it hurts, and I will make it better.

Right now, I need you to relax in My arms. You are entering a deep process of healing–and yes, I did say “entering.” You have only begun to heal from the damage that two years of “strive and drive” have done to you. But I am applying the oil of My Spirit and filling you with My love for others again. I am filling you with the ability to receive love again; the ability to love and be loved.

Great damage has been done to you, but I am healing you.

I say it again: I am healing you. Rest in My arms. Wait patiently for Me. Allow Me to heal you with My love, for I will never hurt you nor forsake you.

I love you, My child. Rest in Me and wait patiently for Me as I help you. I am making the adjustments that need to be made, and I am helping you.


Your Dada.”

Beloved, if this word is for you, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Wow, this word was so needed for me I have been in the toughest battle I was surely losing hope and about to give up. Thank you so much for being so faithful.

    1. Nomusa Mabowe says:

      Woow this word is for Me, today I spent the whole day in bed, I really felt like it’s over for Me, I was so heart broken, dissappointed and I felt rejected and alone. Thank you so much for the encouraging word

    2. Definitely for me!! 🥲🥲🥲

  2. Amen. Thank you so much Father❤❤

  3. Stacy L Montgomery says:

    I needed this Divine Word, this morning. I am so weary in this season of my life. Thank you so much.

  4. Jessica A Surface says:

    Thank you so much Jamie. I needed this. It is uncanny how it has affected me to read this so true!
    I am dealing with a horrific case of Parental Alienation Syndrome my daughter has been so hateful and angry words me. This has been going on for a year. My ex-husband is not seeing the damage being done from this in fact he smiles evil when she screams words of hatred at me. I pray constantly for God to help me😢

  5. Sheryl Parker says:

    Prophetic Word: Dear Child, You’re So Weary
    My word, this spoke right to the depths of my spirit and being. I had to pause during each sentence and wipe the tears as the core of my insides erupted and trembled. As I tried to continue to read each line through wet blurry eyes, I paused and sucked the words right into my heart. Is spoke volumes to me as I broke down through every word. I so needed that it was spot on, and on time. Wow thank you so much for words of encouragement as well as heart felt relief from this. I feel speechless like I have no words to describe what this word meant in this very present moment. Wow, wow, wow… again thank you.

  6. T.G.B.A.T.G!! ON TIME instructions, encouragement and Teaching. ABBA Father I love You!

  7. Some of this was for me. I’m getting a back bone for what the enemy has done to me. I’m leaning more on who I am in Christ and less on who I was, in the world. Thank you Jamie for all you are doing. You are greatly appreciated.

  8. Oh my God my father my maker He really is talking about me, this message is directed to me all of those things are true to everything that has been happening right about 2 years ago. I couldn’t understand or place it to what is that made me so distance and so quick to want to defend myself and prove to be right all the time, I’ve been asking myself why am I being so shallow so cold and I no longer feel the strong desire to Love and Help as it was out Love not strife. Lord have Mercy on me, all I need is you and I need your life fire on me right now and take your time to heal and restore all I have lost I Jesus Christ Holy name. Thank you for using Jamie today for me.

  9. Thank you Jesus ,this is a confirmation of what Daddy told me.REST

  10. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

    I believe and receive. Amen .In Jesus name

  11. jacqualine riddle says:

    Wow Jamie so on time yes wanted to give up im absoultley exhausted and drained been pushing everyday people have hurt me so so much today i felt like i couldnt go on thank you for this thank you daddy

  12. Monica Moloto says:

    Oh Dear God, this is a word in season for me. The past two years have been tough for me. I have been rejected, lost friends, money and work and have been feeling defeated. I don’t even feel lovable but this word is giving me new hope. Thank you Lord for using Jamie to bring me hope 🙏

  13. Thomas Swartz says:

    Hi Jamie
    Thank you Lord a word in season
    I receive this word in Jesus name!!!

  14. Dineo Moseki says:

    Ooh my eyes are so teary now, I really needed this, I felt the presence of God, I must admit great damage has been done to me by the people I love & indeed I still feel devastated, I have the fear of trusting people people the way i used to, thank you so much for reminding me of the Promises of God🙏🤗

  15. This was absolutely unbelievable! I have been asking God for a sign of love because of how empty and alone I’ve felt after being hurt so badly by some family members in my life. It seemed that I didn’t know how to love people in my family (not even those who didn’t hurt me) at all anymore. I felt like even God had given up on me. I believed that. I believed that God had just stopped listening to me because I couldn’t even find that fire that I used to have, that desire I had to pray, to do what I know I ought to be doing, to even wake up. I’ve been so exhausted, I would fall asleep all during the day, even when I tried to read the Bible. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, I prayed seemed to work. I prayed for God to give me a breakthrough in loving Him since I know that He first loved us, but I was getting nothing, no fire, no love for Him, nothing. I am going to go back over this over and over because I know it’s for me (as well as all these other people on here who have commented) and I need to remember how deep God’s love goes and that He does see me here wishing I could get the motivation for God, His love for me, and love for others. Thank you for this Jamie! You are hearing from God and I thank you for being obedient.

  16. Amen. Thank you Abba.

  17. Lynn Eplee says:

    Father God I receive this Word from You to me through Jamie. Bless Jamie and her family for her obedience.

  18. Thank you Father for this message. I’ve been definitely been feeling all these things describe above. I am so ready for the breakthrough and deliverance in my life. But I have faith that things will get better in the name of Jesus. Thank you Jamie for this message today God bless you 🙏🏾

    1. Thank you Jamie. The word spoke volumes to me. I receive the love that our Father God is releasing. I thank you. God bless you in Jesus name. Amen

  19. Thank you Jesus. Thank you daddy God. This word spoke to me so strongly. Be Blessed abundantly Jamie

  20. What a WORD. How does GOD say JUST the RIGHT things each time and they all make sense. Thank you God for using Jamie. God bless this sister so much.

    I feel so empty and unloving. I was so guilty for not feeling love for anyone for a season now. When prayer requests came I was so cold. I would pray cold loveless prayers and feel more guilty. So apathetic 🙁

    But I was very deeply wounded by the very people I served with all my heart and effort and money,

    Thanks Jamie…Now I know….I believe I will be better soon by God’s help

  21. Jamie,
    Thank you for this word. I receive it in Jesus’ name. Thank you Abba for this continued blessing!

    1. Lorna Ahmed says:

      thank you for this word Lord I have been longing for rest and I’m glad you’ve got my back.I’ve just been given
      an extra class to teach so I was feeling a bit irritated but with God on my side I will rest through it all.Thank you Jesus and Jamie for your obedience .

  22. Thank you again Jamie, so very, very much. Our Father is able to touch me through your words…there have been quite a few lately describing how I feel/think .. exhausted totally, shockingly even! I’m encouraged again that he knows and is near .. always, though it may not seem to be so. I am really appreciative of you faithfulness to bring his restorative messages to me and others.
    Blessings & love. EL

  23. Akua Vera says:

    Thank you Jamie. Yes, it’s true much damage have been done to many part of my soul which could be felt in the body every moment of my living on this earth. But I have Jesus!!. Yes, I need this healing so much and I promise you, I shall tell it all to the Lord!!!. Amen!!.

  24. Good Morning
    That is for me so appropriate i just prayed last night telling God How tired I am . Thank you This is confirmation he heard me . Amen… god Bless you

  25. Peserverance says:

    Thank you so much. I needed this . I have been in the toughest battle I was surely losing hope and about to give up.
    Thank you

  26. Aloysius Okechukwu Ezeh says:

    Thank you lord for loving me

  27. Julia Rollins says:

    WOW! Yes, this is spot on for me as Abba always is! Thank you Abba!

  28. Christina McCrory says:

    Right On Time!!!
    Thank you again Minister Jamie!!

  29. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Amen and Amen!!!!
    The answer to my questions and my mountains that i am facing right now.
    Thank you so much My Abba.
    Love you My Lord

  30. I love you Dear Heavenly Father, o wait upon you always and thank you LORD for all the Heavenly grace, strength, wisdom and understanding you gave unto me, may your Name be praise now and forever..amen..
    Thanks Jamie for this beautiful message from GOD it’s beautiful and very encouraging. GOD bless you sister.

  31. I needed this. I want to rest in God’s arms. I felt His presence. Thank you!

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