Prophetic Word: The Enemy Is Attacking In the Area of Your Calling; Here’s What to Do

Beloved, the Lord showed me today that, right now, the enemy is attacking people in the biggest area of their calling. The attacks have been so bad that you have, on occasion, actually asked the Lord, “Am I really called in this area? Or did I just make it up? Because things aren’t working.”

Prophetic word from Jamie Rohrbaugh

If that’s you, the Lord says to you today:

“Don’t let the enemy mock you. You ARE anointed in this area, and you know it.

I know things have been hard. I know you have been frustrated, discouraged, and disappointed in many things. I know that you have felt like quitting in this past season more than you have ever felt like quitting.

But, My child, look up! Look to the rock from which you were hewn, and to the hole of the pit from which you were dug! Look to Abraham your father, and to Sarah who bore you! For I called him when he was but one, and blessed and increased him.

My beloved child, you are more than a conqueror through My Son Jesus, who gives you strength.

Seek Him. Cling to Him. Pester Him with your love and prayers and trust and affection. Pester Him with your requests; pester ME with your requests!

I know it feels like everyone has left you, even though you know it’s not true and there are many who stand beside you–but it feels that way. My child, I know how that feels. Remember what I wrote about My Son–about how they all forsook Him, and fled? And they really did ALL flee. My Son was alone, except for Me!

But as I was with My Son Jesus, so I am with you too. 

You’re hurting and frustrated, but I am with you. I am with you to comfort you, and I see you.

You need to know that today: I SEE YOU.

I see you and I love you and I cherish you. You are not alone, for I am fighting for you. I am with you to help you, for I am your ever-present Help in time of trouble.

Let Me take away your burden today. Ask Me to take away your burden, then LET Me do it.

Come and rest awhile in Me. Come and sit at My feet and curl up next to Me and rest. I will watch over you. I always do anyway. Come to this place of absolute stillness and peace, for in this place where I am you will find rest for your soul.

Give Me your heavy burdens today, and let Me give you My light one.

My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Come to Me, and I will give you rest.



Beloved friend, is this word for you today? If so, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Lisa Kirkwood says:

    A beautiful , timely .comforting , word of truth – as I have been up most the night just speaking truth snd listening ,…. this word was the sweet sweet voice of the Lord saying He has heard my every cry snd declaration and I was immediately taken to the place “my yoke is easy and my burden is light “ I felt in my chest a release of heaviness …. it was so intimate and so kind …… I am changed !!!!! Thank you Jamie for truth and timing ….-Lisa

    1. Saundra Box says:

      What a timely word! I am blessed to be in a Christian leadership academy and we have seven weeks left and a lot of us have been under attack. At the end of this academy some will be hired and some will receive internships. Things have been rough for some of the people in our group; I shared this with them!
      God bless you and yours,

  2. John Shomade says:

    That spoke to me in a BIG way, although I’m beginning to step out and confident of my calling, at times delays can be frustrating. I’m suitably encouraged to move onwards to fulfil destiny. Thank you Jamie & we give God all the glory.

  3. Yes. this is really for me. I have gone through hero lately.

  4. Gladys Mutungu says:

    Yes this is for me. Can’t wait for that time to be in His Presence without rushing out. Thank you Jamie.

  5. Yea that word was for my thank you God and Jaimie 🙏🏾🙌🏿😭

  6. Thank you God for your love

  7. Thank you for this beautiful word.

  8. Just what I needed to hear from the Lord. The frustrations, attacks have been a daily affair, because we need to step into our future. A new country. Praying that the Lord leads us and guides us every step of the way!

  9. I sit here reading this word with tears streaming down my face because this is the EXACT place that I am. I’m about to be promoted to a new position in ministry and up to this point I have been frustrated, disappointed, angry, sad, none of which is my portion or the Father’s will for me, but I take this word as a place of peace to replace the misinformation. Father you say I am equipped, chosen, and ready for this assignment for just such a time as this. My answer is yes as I rest and trust your process for me. To God be the Glory!

  10. Hi Ms Jamie
    I had asked those questions on my calling a few days prior and also on the morning you sent this Word. i told myself these words to cover up ‘quit’ which was ‘ slow down and take a break’ maybe it was all in my head to pursue Ministry work and maybe not my calling either……then i read your email. Yes ..its been financial issues..I’m at a church which i believe is good ground….. I’m pressured by time and also I’m without work and dependent children. a pledge was made to us to have our fares paid to return to the resident island but a family member of the one who pledged wanted a loan urgently so that was used. And amongst many other issues that have come…. it seemed like it was just too much.
    Thank you for The Word.

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